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Part 137: Post-mission 37 Intermission and Mission 38 (Paris Route) - Prologue

We got a lot of old people back but I’ll try to keep this short. First off, let’s have a look at the top aces:

All those MAP shenanigans have greatly increased Kazuma’s lead over Gai, I see.

BP upgrades:

All of the weaker Mazinger pilots came LOADED with points to spend; they all follow the same melee-focused, high defense Archetype; they all take around 20 points in Melee and an even-ish spread of the remaining ones across everything that isn’t Evasion and Skill.

Tetsuya has a smaller-but-still-huge pile to spend. He keeps building his Melee with 10 points, 5 more in Defense and 3 in Accuracy.

The Getter Team also follow their craft: an even-ish spread across Melee, Evasion, Skill and Accuracy (Benkei doesn’t take Evasion but Defense, instead).

The four dragon brothers also spread their points evenly across Melee, Defense and Evasion.

Shihomi and Kazuma stick to their usual builds and invest a whole lot of points thanks to those MAPs.

Unit Parts:

Getter has so much EN now that I don’t think he needs a EN Chip too much; as such, he takes a Hybrid Armor and High Performance Thruster (高性能スラスター) for extra +15 Mobility.

I’m thorn between giving Tetsuya more movement range or an EN Chip…
For now, he takes a Booster and Hybrid Armro.

Each half of Chouryujin and Gekiryujin take a Cobham Armor for when they inevitably combine.

Unit Upgrades:

Boss is lagging a bit behind, so he takes a boost in weapons, HP and Armor.

Considering that I’ve enough room to deploy everyone, I give the Mazinger girls some extra couple points in HP and Armor.

The Dragon Brothers take a boost in EN and Weapons.

While, finally, Shin Getter gets a point in HP, EN and Armor.

That’s all there is to it, so let’s get to the mission prologue:

It's dawn, two hours to go until the operation to retake Paris.
Once Kazuma finishes the log entry, he's going to go make final preparations for launch. Though it’s sure to be a hard battle, everyone retains hope, and he plans to record a victory in tomorrow's entry.

Kouji meanwhile is busy acquainting himself with the Volfogg’s Gundober, which he'll be riding into battle.
The bike mecha's tall gears suit Kouji well, though Hayato warns him that it's radically more powerful than any normal motorcycle; Kouji figures that if Gai and Hyuuma can do it, so can he.
Besides, he's got unfinished business - and he knows his role just as well as Tetsuya knows his, which is why he hasn't gone and talked Tetsuya before the battle, as it’d just mess with his concentration.

Reneé adds her voice to give it his best shot, since everything is riding on the Mazinger pilots, and Gai gives him a "key to victory" to protect him: a "Hero's Sword" in Kouji's parlance.
Whatever happens, Kouji , his friends and everyone else are ready to give their all to make this rescue operation a massive success.