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Part 172: Mission 47 - The End of the Black-Clad Avenger - Part 2

Mission 47 - The End of the Black-Clad Avenger

Word of the surrender and disarmament of the attack squad has reached the Successors' base.
Kusakabe doesn’t understand how the same thing that happened a year ago is unfolding again before his eyes, while Lacus and Kaname are celebrating Rose’s peaceful statement towards the Successors and Plant.
Yamasaki sees that they’ve underestimated the Secretary General but Tessa is happy to point out to him that this is his natural comeuppance for his people’s overconfidence in their technology and ideals.
And there's another factor: the more the Successors heightened their synchro rate with Yurika, the more her feedback would affect them, making the advance battalion that much more susceptible to our people's overtures for peace.
This was why Tessa encouraged Lacus to cooperate and sing for peace; Yamasaki can’t do much but to admit that he’s been beaten by Tessa – her genius extends beyond her own powers as a Whispered.

Proper battle music!

As that happens, the Successors detect the Nadesico Boson Jumping into their airspace.
Kusakabe quickly orders the base's defenses to shoot the ship down.

Too bad for him Ruri has infiltrated his systems, using the Nadesico C's radically advanced electronic warfare capabilities.
Ruri’s connected with Omoikane via the IFS Ring on her chair, allowing her to control any systems in and around the entire planet; Ines is so happy to do her explanation that she seemingly forgets about how exhausted she should be feeling after Jumping everyone here.
Ruri contacts the Successors over their systems, introduces herself and asks for their surrender (and to arrest Kusakabe); Kusakabe will not take any lip from the “electric fairy” and wants to fight for as long as there’s chance of victory – in which case, Ruri orders our people to sortie.

Our people are very pumped to rescue Yurika, especially her friends.
Kurz figures it’s our duty as Yurika and Akito’s teammates to put an end to the Successors’ schemes and get them back together; Sousuke says that those that interfere with others’ love should be kicked by a horse straight into hell!
This is Izumi and Hikaru’s punchline to start wondering, if anyone here can be said “horse”, would Saburouta be the one that Ryouko would actually “ride” on...?
Ryouko is not amused but Saburouta decides to discuss who would ride whom later – Gai Daigouji proclaims that today will be the day where Ryouko’s own romance will bloom, which only makes the girl more uncomfortable.
Kazuma figures that if Ryouko is still shopping around, he needs to put up a good show to impress her, then!

It seems like the reason why the Successors didn’t bring many Super Robots to their assault on Earth is because they left them all guarding the ruins...remember the first Nadesico finale?
This is pretty much a repeat but with higher level enemies, meaning that this’ll be another one of those sluggish missions.

Most of our units don’t get into attack range but Mike gets singing right away.

Youko CAN get in range, though.

Ah, these damn Jovian robots…

Enemy Phase!

Here they come and this Sekishiki goes straight for the Valstork.

By the by, the RNG was especially spiteful today.

This is probably being influenced by Kusakabe’s large Command Aura that hits a big bunch of his units.

Hanging by Lowe, Gai Murakumo has no issues with the surprisingly dodgy mooks, though.

Let’s see if Golion has better luck than Shihomi.

Not bad.

Youko gets pestered by three mooks, including this asshole that gets a lucky hit on her.
Mind you, she has Prevail L5 so there’s no issue letting her stay that low.

Tetsuya also grabs the attention of a couple of Sekishikis but they aren’t strong enough to be dangerous; mind you, the first one was out regular attack range (and Thunder Break has piss for accuracy).

Ah, this works better.

Slow and steady against these things…

Player Phase!

Gimme a hand here, Hayato.

Thanks, bud (yeah, the flashy effect of his Drill Tempest screwed the image).

The RNG gods screw Tetsuya again but Hayato guarantees the kill with a critical hit.

Time to get a kill of your own.

At least someone around here can reliably hit!

Volfogg takes an assist from Kazuma to take a Sekishiki down in one go.

Gai Daigouji weakens this one a bit…

Which allows Youko to bust out the EDF Solid Armor’s strongest attack: Delta Formation.
Click the image above to see it.

Gaofighgar chains a couple of Sekishikis, killing one and leave the second barely alive.

This gives Gai a level and maxes out his Hero skill – ULTIMATE HERO!

His leftovers will go towards Mike’s morale.

His MAP Disc P will be very useful to compensate for the relatively small amount of mooks.

Bonta-kun and Izumi bring the next target down a bit.

Ryouko is struggling with both morale and levels, so I’ll try to give her some help.

Damn it, this only works if you help me help you!

Fine, Hikaru takes the kill while Golion finishes his old friend.

Lowe will make use of his Support Request and have Genichirou lend a hand against this Majin.

The Alstromelia’s Claw attack has surprising power behind it.

Gai Murakumo easily finishes the job.

With that last kill, Kouji gets his Mazin Power running.

For the last move, Kazuma combines Valguard and takes a shot at the Tetsujin.

Enemy Phase!

Kazuma is getting pestered by those two Jovian Battleships.

Luckily, he dodges both attacks and hits them back nicely.
The Denjin on the right also tries to take a potshot at him but gets blasted instead.

Both Daitetsujin and Daimajin go after our Supers but only Golion is able to hit back.

Oh? Someone’s being clever…


The remaining Sekishiki guns for Hikaru.

What I wouldn’t give for my Field Lancer now…

Here comes Kusakabe, aiming straight for the Nadesico.

: Nadesico…! Once again, you stand in our way?!
: That’s not our intention but…
: If you plan on hurting other people, then we’ll always fight you.
: You’re just a watchdog of those weak-willed rulers of Earth…!
: …Nevertheless, the anger I feel is my own and that’s why I won’t go easy on you.

Eh, even damage.

Player Phase!

Better throw a MAP in there to speed this up a little.

Only the Sekishiki gets killed but everything else is damaged a decent bit.

Gai uses his support request to call for Athrun.

Kazuma and Youko get working on weakening the Denjin a bit more.

Youko also profits a level and learns Prevail L6 – more power from that unlucky hit!

And Tetsuya should be able to kill it with some help from Hayato.

We’re slowly getting there…

Kouji starts weakening the Daimajin while Ryouko finishes the Tetsujin.

I’ll go ahead and have Benkei cast Valor because I’m starting to run out of patience.

Now we’re cooking with gas!

Volfogg joins the attack on the Daimajin while Gai Daigouji gets Bonta-kun’s support against one of the Battleships.

Golion is close enough to take a shot against it.

Nearly there.

Bonta-kun and Mike wrap things up.

Izumi needs to stick by her friends but she can still help a little.

“Little” being the operative word here.

While that happens, Lowe is putting the hurt on the Daitetsujin.

Gai Murakumo also has enough morale to start blasting things.

We should get these things killed by our next turn.

Hikaru also takes the chance to further damage the Daimajin.

Enemy Phase!

An Iron Wall’d Ruri pushes back against the battleship and Golion is protected by his buddy Gaofighgar.

The Daimajin and Kusakabe try MAPing and accomplish little outside of slightly denting Mazinkaiser and Valstork.

Player phase!

Time to get rid of the remaining mooks.

Good man.

Youko and Kouji both pick a target and do their thing (one more than the other but…).

Tetsuya needs a wee bit more morale, so he can take this kill.


I have Volfogg do a bit more damage just to play it safe.

Ryouma should have to problem finishing the Daimajin now.


The Daitetsujin also falls, under the attacks of Gai Murakumo and Golion.

Fahra, at last, learns her final spirit command: Love.

Now, before we wrap things up for now, let’s get everyone set up for when we go after Kusakabe.

There, now nearly everyone has 130 morale.

Those that don’t (Ryouko) are hanging by Shihomi and she helps them out with Rouse.

I think this has gone on for long enough. Come next update, we’ll quickly deal with Kusakabe and see what else will get tossed our way as we finish the Prince of Darkness finale.

Hopefully it'll go faster than this...

See you all then!