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Part 32: Mission 9 (Space Route) - Prologue

Another day, another ship's log.
Taiga's sent word that the hijacking was eventually solved, though several serious problems remain that Kazuma thinks are none of the Valstork's affair.
Kazuma is glad that Bless chose to rescue the Nadesico as he prefers the vastness of space, both as a Spaceman and as a Trailer, and supposes that his sisters do too (especially Akane, who's been jazzed ever since Okinawa).

Kazuma is planning to return to the Trailer lifestyle, not the tyranny of the GGG, once this mission to escort the Nadesico is over - more of the Trailer maxims about freedom at work.

Aboard the Nadesico, Yurika appears to have gotten over the tragedy on Mars, and leaves it up to Prospector to find out more about the Golion folks.
This is more than can be said for Akito, who's still moping for all he's worth over the shock of losing both Gai Daigouji and Fukube.
Hikaru tells Ryouko that now's her chance to swipe Akito's vulnerable heart out from under Yurika and Megumi's noses, which the blustering and blushing Ryouko denies (unconvincingly) any interest in.
Gort furiously tells the pilots to shut up as Prospector begins.

Raibul introduces himself as a strategist and vassal of the Altea royal family.
He explains that the Galra Empire is the vast dominion of the emperor Dai Bazaal, which has brought its terror and violence to Altea's doorstep.
Altea has already been poisoned by the Galra's evil onslaught, and now teeters on the brink of ruin.
Ines finds this interstellar war little different from events closer to home, and her casual tone towards Fahra causes Hys to get snippy at her lack of respect for Altea’s royalty.

Raibul is in especially high dudgeon, saying that the noble Princess has come to this system with the divine mission of gathering warpower to facilitate their homeland's revival.
In other words, they’re here to get help to fight the Galra, a prospect that doesn’t make Minato very enthusiastic considering all the problems we already have to deal with.
Raibul furiously derides Earthlings for their lack of guts, but Prospector points out that the Go-Lion pilots seem to be Earthlings as well.

Speaking of, Ines would like to know how Earthlings ended up on a planet so distant its name isn't even known on Earth? Kogane, the Black Lion's pilot (and Go-Lion's main pilot) will explain that.
He used to be a trainee space pilot, as did the Blue Lion's pilot Shirogane Takashi. The Red Lion's pilot is Kurogane Isamu, the Yellow Lion's is Seidou Tsuyoshi, and the Green Lion's is Suzuishi Hiroshi.

A pretty impressive crew all things considered, and Uribatake is wondering if he should figure out how to make the Aestivalises combine.
Ryouko doesn't want to be part of some Gekigan-whatchamacallit that Akito drools over, but when Akito doesn't even react it becomes even clearer how badly he's been hurt.
Apparently, the GoLion pilots all ended up on Altea thanks to the Galra kidnapping them a year ago when they were training in space.
Kogane figures it must have been an advance recon group that got them, and the kidnapping a stereotypical Earthling sample collection by aliens.

Megumi tries to sympathize, but Kurogane tells her she's got no idea what this other world is like.
Kogane apologizes for Kurogane's sarcastic tone and Seidou explains that his capricious speech patterns has earned him the nickname “Moody" but Kurogane will not take that sitting down, as he reminds Seidou of his “Hothead” nickname.
They also mentioned Kogane’s ("Chief") and Suzuishi’s ("Shrimp") nicknames.

Anyway, Kogane met many people the Galra gathered from across the galaxy, including beast-men who Dai Bazaal made to fight the hominids for his own amusement.
The five managed to seize the chance to escape and ended up on Altea... but it had been attacked by the Galra ten years before, and the surviving populace were living in hiding.
Of course the Galra attacked again, and at Raibul's urging, the five agreed to pilot the legendary GoLion to fend them off.
Why then did they end up in the Solar System? Fahra hesitates to say, so Kogane prepares to continue.

Unfortunately, the bad guys have shown up: Jovian Lizards, right in the Nadesico's path and barely inside the Federation's sphere of control.
As Akito wonders if he's gotta fight again, Yurika cranks up the Nadesico's battered defenses in anticipation for the reinforcements that Prospector says Nergal is sending.

Raibul is opposed to Kogane's wish to help with Go-Lion, but Fahra reminds him that had it not been for these people's help, their lives would have ended on the red planet.
It's only fair to return the favor, and with the Princess' word, Shirogane tells everyone to get their butts in gear.
Hikaru asks Shirogane’s nickname, seeing how he didn’t care to say much during their conversation and he tersely reveals it: "Quiet".

That’s all for today. Next mission, we’ll be meeting one of my favorite characters in this game and I’ll be crazily creating videos to show off the most important attacks of the units. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to use Double Gekigan Flare...(Thanks to Vilkacis for the awesome smilie)