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Part 33: Mission 9 (Space Route) - The Worst Calamitous Decision - Part 1

Quick note before we start: if you missed the post a few days ago,this mission marks the switch from those slideshow GIFs into full videos of the attacks (only important ones, mind - there'll be no Vulcan videos! ).

Finally, this IS Youtube we're talking about. If you wish to avoid spoilers of the game or the series, you might want to avoid looking into related videos.

Mission 9 (Space Route) - The Worst Calamitous Decision

As the enemy approach, Jun gets a bit intimidated that the Lizards have gotten so close to Earth and Yurika exhorts the troops to fight hard enough for Fukube, Gai Daigouji and the people of Mars too.

Akito is acting quite lethargic, and when pressed by Ryouko and Hikaru demands to know why everyone loves fighting so damn much.
No time for that right now, and Kogane wants to pass through here so they can once again look at their home-planet.

Oh, boy. Akito’s morale is down and this’ll translate into less damage dealt and more damage taken…Nevertheless, he’s using the Aestivalis Long-Range frame so he can sit back and pelt the enemies from afar.

: Even after Gai and Admiral Fukube died, I'm still fighting...
: Eventually, I'll have been fighting so long and hard I won't even remember Gai...I...

Less damage, see?

Ruri detects the lack of efficiency and power in Akito’s moves.
The crew soon realizes that his gloomy outlook about all this seemingly pointless fighting is sapping his ability to fight – it’ll get him killed.
Akito even knows this, but as he cries out to the Nadesico, he can't go on fighting feeling like this!
He wants to know why the hell everyone keeps going on fighting, despite them not being professional soldiers and despite the deaths of Fukube and Gai Daigouji.
Ryouko tells him that it's kill or be killed.

This is about to get put to the test, as a Jovian Batta sneaks up on Akito.

When suddenly…! (Click either of the images below to see the event)

The ambush gets disrupted by someone calling himself "Gai" in a Zaft Mobile Suit.
Yes Zaft, as in, the Coordinator army; Ruri tags the mech as a customized GINN, lacking a military IFF - which would be because it's a merc working for Nergal.

A second mech, this time an Aestivalis piloted by Akatsuki Nagare, joins in the fray (Damn it, Akatsuki! Why did you take away Gai’s awesome theme?!).
He IDs himself as a Nergal pilot, sent here with Gai to make sure the Nadesico returns in one piece.

The other pilot is Gai Gai Murakumo, of the "Serpent’s Tail".
A famous mercenary, he tells Akito to get back to the ship and let him protect him if he doesn't plan to fight – that is his mission.
Akito finds this rather selfish, telling him to fight one moment and then telling him to retreat the next, but Akatsuki tells him that Mr. Serpent’s Tail has got it right.
Akito plans to at least defend his own hide, and won't take orders from others, and Akatsuki sneeringly tells him to do his best.

Suitably consumed with existential rage, Akito figures he's go no choice but to kick everyone's ass.

Very nice. These reinforcements will turn an already easy fight into a complete cakewalk.

Let’s have a look at Akatsuki first:

Good stats overall and easily on par with all our other Aestis. He’s in OG form which means he’s made to fight up close but, sadly, Akatsuki doesn’t have Focus.

He can still dodge well enough and the Distortion Field is there in case he does get hit but it’s best to keep him either near Yurika, Ryouko or Gai to benefit from the command auras.

Now, let’s look over the BETTER reinforcement:

Gai Murakumo (a.k.a. Serpent’s Tail) is pretty damn good. His stats are on par with Akito (who’s one of the better pilots in the game) but with a focus on ranged.
Mind you, his melee stat is still pretty good so he’s an all-rounder attacker.
The only thing holding him back from wrecking everything in sight is that his Custom GINN is on the weak side. Nevertheless, it’s the dodgiest unit on the field and these aren’t strong enemies.

One thing that should be noted: Gai is the first Coordinator we’re meeting in the game. This is a unique Pilot Skill that works similarly to the IFS (Image Feedback System) of the Aestivalis pilots but it’s more powerful.

The IFS skill works like this:
Yeah, it’s confusing as hell. Still, if I’m reading this right, at 150 morale, an Aestis pilot will get +10 to Melee/Shooting/Defense/Skill and +13 to Accuracy/Dodge.

Now, the Coordinator skill works like this:
This’ll result in +11 to Melee/Shooting/Defense/Skill and +15 to Accuracy/Dodge when a Coordinator’s at 150 morale.

This is what’ll give Gai an edge over Akito in the long run.

With all that fancy theorycrafting out of the way, let’s get back to work. Ryouko steps up to tag the closest Batta.

You go, girl!

Golion is up next. Should be no problem if Ryouko can oneshot them.

: I often dreamt of the Earth when I was captured by the Galra...
: And I can't go down now when it's right in front of me!


It’s been way too long since Gai’s BGM played. Let’s fix that with some stabbing action.

Hell, yeah.

Izumi could kill the mook that Akito weakened but he’ll die anyway when he attacks, so let’s have her weaken another.
HIkaru takes a Batta down in one go, though.

Enemy Phase!

Son, are you crazy? You’re not gonna hit him.

See? The only thing stopping Gai is his subpar GINN.

Golion is out of range to pull a powerful hit but damage is damage.

Ah, I had Suzuishi cast Alert beforehand.
That’s the thing with Golion: Kogane may not be the better pilot but having 5 spirit pools to choose from evens it out a bit when compared with the other Super Robots (mind you, it’s still the weakest one but it’s not that far behind).

Come on now.

Three Battas gun for Golion.

I neglected to check Akatsuki’s support defend but it’s still fine – all mooks are killed off by Golion’s Laser Magnum.

The Nadesico crew needs morale too, ya know?

Player Phase!

Akatsuki will command the opening salvo on the right ship.


Better things are possible with Hikaru: she’s in range of Distortion Attack but can be assisted.
Izumi follows it up with a Distortion Attack of her own.

Let’s have Gai soften it up some more before moving in for the kill with Ryouko.

Gai is badass enough to shank a frigate.

All’s clear for Ryouko to finish this.

Now, there isn’t much left that can be done but Golion can still soften the other Katonbo.

Enemy Phase!

I half expected this and it’ll be just fine.

Very nice.

Player Phase!

Golion goes in to finish the job.

No problem.

After the initial enemies are wiped out, Gai Murakumo asks Akito why he fights: is someone forcing him?
He tells Akito that hesitation in the midst of battle is a good recipe for death.
Akito stammers that he wanted to become a cook before his trip to Mars, and Gai tells him that he's a mercenary: someone who knows no other life than engaging the enemy.

He says that if Akito has some other way to live besides fighting, he should clearly choose it - then apologizes obliquely for turning their conversation to such topics.
He doubts Akito will ever see him again, though Akatsuki says he may well hire him again in the future.

He asks Gai to give his regards to Reed and Loretta.
With his mission complete, Gai quickly leaves the area and Akito ponders his words…they’re interrupted as Shirogane detects a battleship approaching.

It’s the Valstork, with the crew happy to see the Nadesico again and wondering how popular lions seem to be galaxy-wide.
Bless explains how concerned Taiga is with Nergal's handiwork falling into Federation hands and requests that we're allowed to escort them.
Akatsuki muses how the Nadesico being in the GGG's position could well upset the balance in the Security Council between the Intelligence bureau and the military.
Before Akatsuki can describe himself to Bless as any more than a well-informed Aestivalis pilot, Carret detects enemy troops approaching.

It’s the Galra, the mysterious aliens that Kazuma and the others heard were on Mars – Mihiro asks what reason they have for attacking Earth, though.

: Hyehehehe…Hear me, humans.
: I am the right-hand woman of the Great Emperor Dai Bazaal, of the Galra Empire: Honerva.
: Hyehehehe…I am Blessfield Ardygun of the Valstork Family.
: F-father…?
: Easy, Shihomi…When communicating with unknown civilizations, it’s important to match their stride.
: I think she was only laughing at that time…

Bless wants to celebrate these aliens' visit to Earth, and asks what they're after, which causes Honerva to order us to hand over the Golion, unless we want to see what she's got planned next.
Kogane and Raibul warn us not to trust the Galra – the only reason they came to the Solar System was to conquer it as well – this inter-species communication seems to be going badly, for Kazuma.
Bless asks for Yurika's opinion, since she fought these guys at Golion's side on Mars.
She clearly sees the Galra as the enemy, impending interstellar war or no - after all, these bastards didn't hesitate a moment before attacking the people of Mars.

Akatsuki allows that, by Earth logic at least, Honerva certainly isn't acting the way someone should when asking a favor.
Kogane says that he’s right – the Galra don’t care for diplomacy and, once we’re out of the way, they’ll certainly switch their focus to Earth itself.
Honerva yells at him to shut up but Bless says he doesn't trust her either, and mildly suggests she withdraw and reconsider.
Honerva sees no need to do this, though.

The warning shot she fires once again reminds Bless of his choice: commit the Earth to war with the Galra here and now, or hand the Golion over and hope they go away.
The answer is easy for Kazuma, who mistrusts the Galra he sees even if the military or government might take a brighter view.
The old crone before your eyes is clearly evil, and Bless is glad to see Kazuma's resolve, given that he's reached the same conclusion.

Bless tells everyone that he's neither the Earth's representative, nor any kind of Ally of Justice but since it seems the Galra are not to be his friends, he'll befriend the Golion instead!!
Kogane praises the words of a true spaceman, and the Tekkaman folks figure that these Galra are every bit enemies of life as the Radam, and need to be taught a lesson.
Honerva is of course infuriated, and vows to slaughter you all here as the first step in the invasion of Earth.

She orders Commander Sadak to make this planet the Golion's grave, and the battle is on.

That’s all for today. Next update, we’ll wrap up this mess and add the Galra to our “problem needs solving” pile.