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Part 47: Mission 12 - Unprintable Warcry

Mission 12 - Unprintable Warcry

The weather is perfect on the day of the Festival; Sousuke, Kouji and the crew have been camping out at the Photon Power Lab with the rest of the rugby team for the last several days, training hard and cloistered from prying eyes, even those of people on your own team.
Sousuke's also had a lot of equipment sent to the scene, which now has Kaname worried about what he's up to.
More interesting yet is this giant devil "statue" helping decorate the Festival.

More of the crew are on hand as Festival visitors, including Fahra and her entourage.
Just keeping her alien origins secret is a bit tricky; still, Fahra is having a grand time mingling with the common folk and sampling all the fascinating new foods (such as takoyaki), to the consternation of Raibul.

Lurking in the bushes for all this is Ashura, gleefully looking forward to converting this peaceful scene into some bloody incarnation of Hell.
The festivities start as (s)he orders an assault on the big devil statue.

In fact, mecha-beasts are fanning out across Japan, and Ashura plans to reduce the school to rubble before the Wärter can react.
Kaname knows she's got to get the crowds to safety, but how?

Just then Sousuke calls her up, telling her to follow his instructions and to playback the disc he's left in the PA room.
Ashura meanwhile yells at Kouji to curse his powerlessness as the classmates he tried to learn alongside are all slaughtered.
But before everyone can riot, Kaname kicks off the music, and out comes...

With some trepidation, Kaname reads the narration that a special attraction is about to start: "Bonta-kun vs. the Mecha-Beasts".

This calms the crowd, and Mamoru's dad comments on just how innovative these festivals are getting nowadays.
All guests are advised to stay away from the field, and to cheer on Bonta-kun.

In fact, there's more than one Bonta-kun for Ashura's befuddled troops to deal with, and they emerge formation.
Kaname is somehow able to translate Sousuke's suit's garbled speech, which is more salty exhortation to the troops.
Ashura is getting especially pissed at this quizzical show of bravado, but Kazama for one appreciates Bonta-kun swearing like a sailor at Ashura's troops.
He seems to be the only one, though, as Mihiro and Fahra ask the meaning of the words, much to the annoyance of Shihomi and Raibul.

God bless you, Sousuke. We’ve an army of Bonta-kuns are our disposal and they kick all sorts of ass:

The Mass-Produced Bonta-kuns are pretty much the same as the original one but slightly worse on all stats. Nevertheless, they’re still Bonta-kun!

Also, if you look up there, you’ll see that they all have a full list of Spirit Commands (the first units in the game to do so!):

Sadly, Banpresto decided to tease us with it because none of the Bonta-kuns have over 85 SP.

Secret Alert!
The Bonta-kun secret is still in effect and, if you haven’t gotten him 10 kills, this is your second chance to do so (there’ll be one more chance, in the future).
HOWEVER, do remember that even if you do have him over that threshold, you still need to nab 3 kills with the main Bonta-kun by the end of the stage.

This mission is purely here for the fun of it and thank god for that! All the Bonta-kuns are capable of Supporting each other so let’s get going.

Very good, indeed.

This Garada will be fed to the main Bonta-kun.

Let’s take him out in style.

: Fumofu! Mofu, fumofu, fumo!
: Fumofumo, fumo, fumoffu, fumo, fumo, fumo!
: Go Bonta-kun!
: Get those bad guys!
: (Oh wow... even I won't say what that actually meant!)

Next up to be tenderized is the Doublas.

Mind you, Main Bonta still needs 2 more kills to keep satisfying the secret.
As such, all other Bontas move up and save this one for next turn.

Enemy Phase!

The Doublas attacks the wrong unit and wastes his attack.

Player Phase!

Let’s get rid of him quick-like.

Good, good. One more kill to go.[/i]

Take out the initial bad guys and a furious Ashura, who simply cannot keep the name "Bonta-kun" straight, will mount his offensive
(”Ashura: Damn you, Donta-kun!”; “Mook: It’s Bonta-kun, sir.”; “Ashura: Shut up, YOU SHUT UP!”).

Sadak shows up to help, but is immediately warned off by Honerva, who seems terrified of the gigantic Earth rats that are savaging her forces.

Sadak thinks Bonta-kun is a tanuki (Raccoon), not a rat, but whatever it is he hastily retreats as per Honerva's hysterical orders.

Kaname's worried that things are getting out of hand, but Sousuke calmly explains his crazy plan to her and says reinforcements are on the way.

Said reinforcements consist of the full lion brigade, in all their numerous colors.
The only way to avoid panic is to keep up the act (Even though Gai, Kogane and the others don’t know what Sousuke has planned), so Kaname tells the crowds to watch how easily the Bonta-kuns can control the giant lions.

Next up is the "illusion" that the lions can transform into giant robots, helped by a flash grenade.

Thus transformed, the pilots can get back to fighting normally, so long as the school and the spectators don't get damaged.

Everyone’s out of range so they all move forward.

Enemy Phase!

A Galra fighter decides to tangle with Golion and gets punished (especially since I had Suzuishi cast Alert beforehand).
Another three Fighters go after Golion and two get close enough to be punched into oblivion.

Everyone gains a level: Kogane learns Prevail L4 and Suzuishi learns Strike.

This one Fighter sets his sights on a different lion.


This one has the better idea of sniping. Gai can’t hit him but it’s not like he’s in danger.

Player Phase!

Main Bonta-kun waltzes over to a weakened Galra fighter and grabs his 3rd kill.
We’re still good for the secret.

The Death Hell beastman will quickly fall before the might of Bonta-kun.


This Bonta-kun is too far to support or to grab a support, so he just finishes off another fighter.

Now, this Garushia will have the undivided attention of two other Bonta-kun.

Gai will finish it off.

No problem.

Weaken the Death Hell a wee bit more and…

Golion time.

I had Kurogane cast Lucky beforehand but it didn’t help much as the Galra Beastmen drop very little cash.

Enemy Phase!

There’s one…

…and here’s two.


The danger is past, amidst the cheers of the croud, Gaogaigar and Golion are “released” by the Bonta-kuns.
And while the student council president can't quite figure out how she did it, he has to hand it to Kaname

The only damage seems to be to Hana-chan's illusions of a kinder, gentler Bonta-kun, thanks to Kaname's faithful rendition of the Bonta-kun army's salty speech.

Nearby, Ashura is fuming at his newest failure when he gets interrupted.

Ashura is now duly terrified of Bonta-kun, and flees summarily under a hail of bullets.
Kaname can't believe Sousuke could pull a stunt like this, but he tells her it lived up perfectly to his mission: defend the school *and* entertain the guests.

As for the foul language, it seems the rugby team picked it up from Mao's strict drilling - and are about to use it as motivation to pulverize the visiting team in the exhibition game...

Gung-ho! Gung-ho! Gung-ho!

Akito hears about all this later, with understandable amazement - including the part about how the rugby team are now a bunch of cutthroat mercenary types instead of the crybabies they started as.
The result of the opening scrum: ten casualties and a forfeit by the opposing side, after which the rugby team won't be competing for a while.
At least they're not disbanded, after Kaname's fervent apologies to the faculty.

All's well that ends well, except for Akito's ramen, which isn't getting any better with Yurika's initial round of assistance...