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Part 49: Mission 13 - 'The Secret Part-Time Job' Smells Like Danger - Part 1

Mission 13 - 'The Secret Part-Time Job' Smells Like Danger

It’s dangerous to do this virtual mission alone. Use this!

Our troops are seated in special chairs, which quickly begin to project images of space: Virtual Space, all computer-generated - including all our mecha.
In fact, we all are "inside" said computer – this makes some of our folk worry about the fact that the Crimson Group is able to perfectly replicate the cockpits of our units..

Yes, Aqua knew your people were all from Wärter, and claims that she's been waiting so long for someone to save her and bring her out into the light.
That's right up Akito's alley, though the rest of our people are far from convinced.

Apparently the goal of the video game is assaulting the Evil Battleship Nadesico and its army of Aestivalises.
Given that Crimson Group and Nergal are business rivals, this game is in especially poor taste.

Still, some of the "real men" among our crew are starting to relish the challenge of confronting the supposedly invincible battleship.
It seems the bugs are preventing people from completing the game - and those bugs have actually manifested as the Nadesico squadron you see before you.
It now becomes clear why only our people could do this job, though not everyone is equally enthused about it…

It should be noted that, even though this is a VR mission, the terrain is still counted as Space. So change Akito’s frames accordingly.

The Enemy’s consisted of the Nadesico, 6x 0G Aestivalis and 2x Gunner Aestis.
Sousuke will lead the charge on the upper group since, do to his Thruster Module, he has an S rating in Space!

Hmm, not bad. Keep in mind that, all enemies have their Distortion field so the usual reductions apply (Damage will be blocked if it's below a treshold: Gravity = under 2500, Beam = under 1500, Everything else has damage REDUCED by 1000. Thanks to Caphi for clarifying).

Duo goes down and softens another 0G Aesti.

It leaves him wide open to be punched by Mazinkaiser.

Very good.

Akito steps up to show that the original one is always better!

With Accelerate from Kurogane and Alert from Suzuishi, Golion goes for a new Aesti up north.

Kazuma then goes for the Northern-most one.

That Learning OS helps from the get-go.

Enemy Phase!

Kazuma’s target decides to go for Golion, who’s unprotected.

Don’t sass me, Kogane…
Thankfully, the second attacking Aesti takes the hit and gets blown up; the third, however, was a full-HP one that barely survived.

Down below, Mazinkaiser is the target of choice for both 0G Aestis – it works out well for us but they both hang on.

The Gunner decides to attack from afar which is perfect for me to show off CROTCH MISSILES!

It’s not powerful but it has 99 (!) ammo.

Seeing the weakened unit, the Nadesico decides to go for Golion.

: I... this is wrong... I can't...
: There's no room for hesitation on the battlefield.
: This isn't a battlefield, though!
: Fight hard, Akito! My dreams and my whole future are on you!
: O-okay, Aqua...
: Isn't that exaggerating a little bit?
: Maybe if she meant the future of her company...


Player Phase!

Golion took quite the beating so let’s have Seidou use Guts to restore all that.

And have Boss come closer to heal Kouji a bit.

Time to get back to work and everything’s weakened for a cleanup. Kurz will have the first shot.


Duo hasn’t had a chance to show off in a while, so let’s remedy that.

Golion has revenge on that Gunner Aesti.

Akito finishes off another fake.

Kouji finishes off the last southern Aesti.

And Sousuke takes out the last northern Aesti.

Time to work on the Nadesico and Kazuma’s in range to slice at it some.

Not a crit, sadly…

Enemy Phase!

The Nadesico goes for Golion, which gives him a chance to kick the ship around.

Hee hee hee. Suzuishi had cast Alert.

Player Phase!

Sousuke comes over to introduce the Nadesico to his Shotgun, with some help from Kazuma.

Golion weakens it a wee bit more.

Hrrrm, maybe not enough. Kouji will also lend a hand.

Whew…that was very close.

Nevertheless, Kouji’s actions bump his morale over 130!

Now, as I said before, Kazuma was getting behind on levels; as such, I had Mucha cast Cheer on him just before sending him in to finish the Nadesico.

Kazuma and Mihiro get 2 levels and the Nadesico drops a Thruster Module, a Cartridge, an Infight +1 and Gunfight +1.

Kazuma seems almost too happy at the fake Nadesico's demise.
Aqua points out that the Nadesico isn't entirely destroyed yet - and tells our people to finish the job and bring about her glorious future.
Mihiro has the good sense to be frightened by this, but Kazuma is looking forward to finishing their job.

Meanwhile, the real Nadesico seems to be in dire straits, with Omoikane completely offline.
It seems that *somebody* has infiltrated, and used some kind of attack programs to defeat the Nadesico's defensive programs.
Even the accomplished hacker Freeman has never seen offensive code this destructive, and warns that at this rate the Nadesico might have to be completely reinitialized - that is, all its memories to date will be gone.
There is a way to counter this, but not with Omoikane close to defunct.

It's a unique irony that the invincible Nadesico is about to fall silent without even firing a shot. Just where are Akito and Kurz at a time like this, anyway?

In virtual reality, where Akito urges everyone to stop at the last moment.
He can't bring himself to destroy the Nadesico, even in a game; with Kogane's blessing, he tells Aqua to finish the Nadesico off herself.
She tells him that this will reduce your people's payout to a mere 50G, which prods Kazuma and Boss, still interested in the cash, to take matters onto their hands.
Akito even vows to feed such folks all the ramen they can eat if it's really about the money to them.

Aqua pleads with Akito to assure her future, to thoroughly destroy the Nadesico's COMPUTER - which goes over Akito's head.
All Akito knows is that he's pulled too thin between his loyalties to Yurika and to “his Aquaramine”, and apparently coming apart at the seams.

Just then, a familiar broadcast reaches everyone's ears: it's Ruri's trademark denunciation of them as nothing but a bunch of idiots.
It came from the "sim"-Nadesico's Omoikane, and since no one outside our team could know Ruri's speech patterns, it stands to reason that that's the *real* Nadesico.
Aqua of course doesn't have a good explanation for her deception, except to say that the Nadesico genuinely does stand in the way of her future.

Now it becomes clear that all these high-quality replicas were made by hacking into the Nadesico's databases, with our people lured in by the promise of a part-time job's extra pay.

Kazuma, at long last realizing he's been had, yells that Trailers get 1.5 times as angry when offenses involve money.
He starts attacking the environment (which everyone reckons is Aqua's own computer system) and the others join in.

Akito tells the panicking Aqua to turn herself in but she resists, lamenting that she seems not fated to join with him after all.
Love between him, a former member of Nadesico's crew, and her, one of its defeaters, could never be (Oi…).
In any case, Akito won't consent to playing a role in whatever deranged scenario Aqua has in mind.

Neither will the crew of the Nadesico, who used the opening Akito created to send in a bunch of counter programs which just happen to look like the rest of our units.

Thank god, they finally saw through that paper-thin smokescreen. Our main group is back and we’ve several deployment options, which means it’s voting time!

As before, the “3N – No Noins and Noals” and “Original” clause are in effect but, aside from that, you’re all free to deploy anything - even the Blue Earth which has received Milly as a subpilot (and she’s a useful supporter).

There are 10 (11 total but the Valstork has dibs on one) spots available and the units to choose from are:

Be sure to bold out your votes to make it easier to tally.
Voting will remain open until Monday evening, when I’ll post the results.