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Part 73: Mission 21 - An Assassin Dispatched - Part 1

Mission 21 - An Assassin Dispatched

Eye notes that Arm has been badly damaged, though Liver figures he can fix him right up with his power.
Problem is, Eye sees something approaching.

”That machine…it’s them!” Primeval Tongue exclaims, as our mystery ally from before shows up and starts blasting, determined to stop them from destroying the Orbit Base.
Arm arrives and tells them that "that man" is among the humans: they've got to combine their powers and fight back immediately!
They flee to the moon to be able to combine in peace.

The mystery ally instructs our onrushing troops to follow suit.
Considering that she’s helped us before, Yurika and Bless decide to take her on her offer as a way to, hopefully, deal with the 7 Primevals before they cause any more trouble.
Mamoru takes a quick look at the J-Ark parked nearby – Kaidou is probably aboard.
No time for that, though, as we head to the moon.

As we race off in pursuit, Hyuuma gets to the command center and asks where we’re going; when Entouji tells him, Hyuuma asks what about the enemy Tekkaman that got left behind?!

Axe deploys outside but, as our people scramble to raise the Protect Shades, says that he's not out to shoot down Orbit Base, only Takaya.

D-Boy luckily stayed around to have his duel with Axe.
Blade says that it’s his mission to defeat all of the Radam but that’s not all today – he’ll make Axe spill the information he has on the Primevals.
Axe is glad to hear that but wonders if Takaya really hopes to defeat him, considering that it was Goddard that served as the fighting instructor to both him and his brother, Shinya.
Blade tells him to shut up, saying that he’s not Goddard – he’s a hateful Radam!

Secret Alert!
If you’ve failed to kill Evil in either mission 10 or 17, this is your LAST CHANCE to get back on board with the Tekkaman Blade secret.
There’ll still be a couple other steps to this secret but the very first one involves doing one of the above.[/b]

Killing Axe is rather simple if you’ve been using Blade and kept him decently upgraded.
If you haven’t (why…?), you can always park him onto Orbit Base and wait until turn 5 and the battle will end with an event (this will, of course, not count towards the secret and make you lose out on some goodies that Axe carries).

The easiest way to kill Axe is to simply go all out with your spirits: if Blade has learnt Valor, like on this game, you can get him down by turn 2.
First off, on turn 1 use Valor and Strike (Axe is rather dodgy even with focus and you need to save SP for 2 Valors) before blasting him with a Voltekka.

: This takes me back, Takaya, my boy! It's like I'm training you all over again!
: Shut up, Axe! You can't distract me by reminding me of when we were human!
: Heh... you pick up fast. Well done, my boy.
: You keep your head cool and your skills sharp, and you're popular to boot. There's a reason Dr. Aiba always liked you.
: You're bringing up my dad now?!
: But Takaya, don't forget how hard Shinya's been pushing himself just to beat you!
: You may beat me, but you can't beat Shinya... Tekkaman Evil!
: I said enough, Axe! I'll destroy every Radam, including you and including Evil!

Very nice, he’ll regen a bit on his turn but we should still be good.

Enemy Phase!

Unlike Blade, Axe doesn’t start with high morale which means he’ll zoom in on you but that’s fine.

: Not bad, Takaya! You've been getting better!
: Just shut up, Axe! You aren't Goddard, and I'm not the man I was back then either!
: But you still aren't good enough to beat Shinya! You don't know how driven he is!
: Besides, it's my job to protect him! That's what the old you would have wanted!
: Gh...
: Give me your best shot, Takaya, my boy! Give me everything you've got in you!
: I will! My anger, my sorrow, my hate... I'll give you all of it, Axe!!

This was a lucky dodge seeing how I couldn’t spend the SP to use Focus but don’t worry if he gets tagged – Blade has enough HP to survive a melee hit (and even if, for whatever reason, he dies, Pegas will take the fall and Blade will keep going).

Player Phase!

Time to end it. Blade should have just enough SP for one cast of Valor and Pegas should, as before, cast Strike.
The regular High Coat Voltekka can only hit past range 3 but, thankfully, the MAP has no such limitations.


Axe is worth a Hyper Sensor and a Hit&Away.

Axe has to hand it to Takaya: he's grown strong, strong enough to keep fighting even at the verge of death.
As his teacher, he’s quite proud.

That said, Goddard will keep the promise he made inside the base, to tell about the Primevals.
They are the core of an ancient mechanical culture, the originators of the Zondar, and the Master Program that controls it all (just as Miyuki had feared).
Though the Tek System may armor certain life forms against the Zondar's advance, the Zondar will never cease their assault until all organic life in the universe is gone.
The reason behind their mechanization of all these worlds is a surprisingly altruistic one: to save those life forms from the Minus Energy - stress - that they are victim to.

That explains how the Zondar Metal bonds with the human heart.
The Master Program is supposed to relieve the stress of all organic life, but it has run amok, and, figuring that only by total mechanization can a living being truly be free of stress, it has become the most terrible enemy of all life.

The good news is that if we can somehow destroy the Master Program, all the other Zondar in the universe will halt.
He tells Takaya that he cannot lose to them.

D-boy quickly realizes that Goddard has freed himself from the Radam’s control; a shame that it had to wait until the end of his life to happen, Goddard thinks.
Still, he’ll take solace on the fact that he’ll face his last moments as a human.
Blade cries out for him not to die but Axe tells Takaya not to act like that – he has defeated Tekkaman Axe of the Radam; as such, he deserves a reward and gives Takaya his crystal, saying that it’ll be useful.
Reverting to his human form, Goddard tells Takaya not to lose – not to the Zondar, Shinya or the Radam.

As Goddard slips away, D-Boy now holds what remains of his life in his hands - and promises not to waste such a gift.

Down on the moon, the rest of the group is preparing to fight against the 7 Primevals and we’ve surprisingly little room to deploy, which calls for voting time!

Keep in mind that Gai and Kazuma have already deployed as event units, which gives you folks a full 12 slots to choose from among these units:

Be sure to bold out your votes; the poll will remain open until Wednesday/Thursday.

See you all then!