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Part 100: Mission 28 (Setsuko) - The Silver Fang - Part 1

Chapter 28: The Silver Fang

Unfortunately, Leele tells him that everyone misses him and wants him to come back, including Touga. "He probably just wants me to make God Gravion work. Or maybe he's bored because there's no one to play with him!" Sorry they couldn't be as tight-knit as the Glory Star, Setsuko.

Shinn gives up, but he points out to Eiji that he's the one who gave up first. "I have to deal with all kinds of stuff I hate, stuff that bugs me, stuff I can't handle. But you don't see me running away! I'm staying and fight! But you..."

"We're not asking you to accept Touga as he is," says Setsuko. "But if you still want to fight our enemies, fight Touga, too."

Fight Touga? Toshiya and Kiraken agree, better to deal with him than to avoid him. Eiji is in the middle of saying he's totally not avoiding him, but--

Surprise! Gaizock (and also the Vegans)! That puts a stop to everything - the hunt for Eiji as well as Teteth's assassination plot - as everyone scrambles back to the King Beal. The guys with Eiji have to get back too, but Eiji's not budging.

: Eiji, Touga's not here, so I'll tell you for him.
: We need you. We need you, the person, not to make God Gravion go.
: Me...
: And if nothing else, you're the only one in the world who can stop that blockhead.
: You can run if you want, but if you do, then I'll really give up on you.
: Leele, we'll go back now...
: Okay.

ZEUTH arrives just as the space jellyfish move in over the town. Toshiya's just about ready to show Eiji how it's done. Brigitta complains that they should have dragged him back, but of course, if we brought him against his well, there'd be no point.

Athrun gives Shinn the power and responsibility lecture one more time... and then asks him to call him "Athrun." He doesn't feel like he's worthy of "Captain" just yet, and also, it's his way of showing he really does respect Shinn. He even makes Shinn say "aye aye, Athrun."

So it's time to take down the enemy, but the Gran Knights are to stand by in the ship. Tetsuya calls Touga with a quick message: "Always remember how you feel right now... and why Eiji was angry. If you come to understand that, you'll grow even stronger."

The battle starts, but Heizaemon wants an eye kept on those jellyfish mechs. Somethings not right about their behavior...

The battle starts without the Battle Mastery being revealed.

Like Heizamon hinted, those jellyfish things are to be watched out for. So rather then charge the Vegans, I head straight for those things.

Since Touga's in time out, he's trying to figure out what he's "missing" that keeps him from being a complete person. He's been trained to think only of destroying the enemy, but seeing Loran, Eiji, Kamille and Shinn, he's starting to realize that there's something more to fighting. Something everyone else in ZEUTH has, but he doesn't. And if Eiji hadn't been there in Hong Kong...

"It's great just that you realize that," says Mizuki. The Knights agree; whatever it is, Touga can find it. And Runa's sure Eiji and Leele will come for them too.

Since we're not approaching the Gaizock and Vegans, they come to us!

Jun pulls off a miracle dodge at a 20% chance.

Still moving towards the Jellyfish, but I still take shots at the other enemies in passing.

And it turns out that even with the upgrade the Gundam Hammer still only has a B in air. Darn it.

Still I can clear out the few that have managed to get close. Kamille gets another level of Counter and learns Snipe(20)

Good job softening them up.

: How the mighty have fallen! The Vegans are the Gaizock's flunkies now!
: We don't even need Duke Fleed! I'll take you down right here!

Rocket Punch!!

Everybody else keeps moving towards those things and ends the turn.

Not very action packed, really. A few enemies get close, but by and large since I'm tilting away from the main group they're not getting many pot-shots in.

Kouji's Mazin Power starts up though.

Kamille blows up some UFO mooks

While Amuro softens the main leader up for easy picking later.

Might as well clear out one of the Vegan squads.

Athrun moving here is actually pretty important.

Maria gets another level of ESP.

: So you've come, Gaizock! Well, you're gonna have to go through us now!
: You're all fired up, Kappei!
: Of course I am! I'm finally back in Japan and I'm bursting with rage!
: This is for all the people they drove out of Japan!

Ichitaro just realized what those jellyfish are doing - kidnapping people en masse! They're carrying boxes that the Gaizock are stuffing humans into; there's a scene of a mother and her young daughter being taken to drive home that they're not leaving anyone behind.

The jellyfish take off, and Heizaemon orders ZEUTH to intercept them and take them all down!

Eiji and Leele aren't back, but Touga deploys anyway, determined to fight.

Plus, Teral's come to pick a fight with Godsigma, and he's not in the mood to get distracted dealing with Butcher. Toshiya's fine with that; besides, if the Eldar are focused on Godsigma, it leaves the others free to handle the Gaizock. Touga reflects that not long ago, he would have objected that trying to save those people would only interfere with the operation. But now he's starting to understand. "We don't just fight to destroy the enemy. We fight to protect something precious!"

Eiji can tell what's going on with Touga, and gets up. He and Leele are getting back in there to defend those civilians!

And the Battle Mastery reveals itself. The jellyfish are going to start running to the edge of the map to escape. The Battle Mastery is to defeat four of them before they can achive this.

Which is why I ran down that way, they're all much closeer to me now. So this will be a million times easier.

So let's get to work dismantling them.

Just start blasting away at any in range.

Sadly, not everybody can reach them.

That's one down!

: (I don't know what I'm missing...)
: (But I have to fight... it's my duty...)

Can't really afford to send Toga into the thick of it, I just feed him a easy kill for the end of the turn.

Shinn failed to dodge on a 40% hit rate, but I can't really find myself to care.

Especially since it starts SEED up.

The Blobs move up...

Thankfully they will attack your units if they're in range, so you can get some counter damage off them.

Come my turn it's time to get some guys over to the farther end of the stage fast, so Accel time!

Oh, and Athrun who can without Accel most as far as most people can with it... and then he casts Boost.

Good job Athrun!

Wow. Double Burning Fire is hilarious.

Shinn continues to soften up the closest one.

Followed by Quattro finishing it off.

Can Amuro wipe out this big thing's 6403 HP in one round, let's find out!
Yes. Yes he can.

Talia clears out some enemy squaddies and learns another level of Support Attack.

And then Setsuko just wipes out another enemy squad, giving Gavane another level of Prevail.

Move Toga up, clear things out, get people places and end the turn.

One of the blogs gets away, darn.

Toshiya ends up pretty much soloing the bottom half of the stage.

It starts to take its toll by the end.

: Godsigma! I will strike you down and secure the future of the Eldar!
: I don't know what that's about, but we've got our own future to worry about!
: Godsigma is how I secure that future, and I won't let you have it!

Luckily Godsigma can take a hit.

OK my turn and for the last bit of punching the Jellyfish is...

Done thanks to Boss!

The rest will hopefully come by next week.