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Part 101: Mission 28 (Setsuko) - The Silver Fang - Part 2

Quick heads-up before we begin: since I was playing alongside on my own, I went a whole lot crazier with upgrades on my units compared to Rand’s route.
So, things will certainly move quicker than it would for Doc’s units – that said, I’ll still outline a general strategy as, upgrades notwithstanding, it’s not so easy that you can just plow through everything blindly.

Now, for a quick reminder of the plot thus far: while our people were trying to get Eiji to make nice with Touga, the Gaizock and Vega attack, forcing an emergency scramble; our people soon notice that the Gaizock troopers are kidnapping people from this town and shoving them into boxes carried by the Kuragens (them jellyfish).
As Heizaemon orders the intercept, Touga deploys to help (despite Eiji’s absence) and Teral also joins the fight, gunning for God Sigma.

Touga starts to understand that the point of his job is less to destroy the enemy and more to protect what’s important – seeing this, Eiji gets off his ass and sets off into town with Leele to do whatever he can to keep the populace safe.

Mission Objective:Shoot down Teral or the Kuragens
Mission Failure:Any allied battleship, Toshiya or Touga shot down
Skill Point:Destroy at least 4 Kuragens before they escape or shoot down Teral before ANY of them escape

When you start this mission, you’ve the majority of mooks to the east while the Kuragens are to the south – they’ll run a bit south and then turn eastward to escape after a few turns pass or someone attacks them.
The skill point either requires us to focus on either them or Teral and while going for Teral is better for experience and cash, but there’s a reason to focus on the Kuragens:

Secret Alert!

So, if you want that point towards the secret, you’ll need to ignore Teral and take down all Gaizock mooks, not allowing any to escape.
Mind, if you’ve done most of the other Zambot points thus far (don’t even need to kill Butcher on mission 15 or take the Galia route), you’re already in the clear for this secret and shouldn’t worry about rushing the Kuragens outside of the ones you need for the Skill Point.

We’re in the middle of the second phase’s enemy turn and I’m going for the secret, so I’m splitting my troops a wee bit to handle all Mechaboosts; that said, I’ll also try to kill as many Eldars as I can to get some of that money.

: The Vegans and the Gaizock... I see birds of an evil feather flock together.
: Fine! I'll take you all on at once!

Both Eldar and Vega squads have those crummy planes as squaddies, so they’re easily dispatched.
Tetsuya’s also attacked by another Cosmosaurus and, to save on ammo, merely rocket punches it.

And Jun learns Accelerate from her level up!

Camille also conserves his last TRI shot, merely surfing into the enemy.

Of course, the Eldar will go for God Sigma whenever possible.

God String isn’t all that…

Player Phase!

Heizaemon wrecks a couple of mooks and moves by Kouji to spread that damage boost, which Shinn makes use of to kill a Kumoganira and Domilar.

This gets SEED going.

Touga, lacking both his ALL and TRI attack will have the job of hunting whichever jellyfishes he can find and the closest is the one who previously attacked Kouji and triggered the plot.

He takes a small hit before finishing the job.

Setsuko makes use of Double Attack (she had a lot of spare PP to boost her Skill) and leaves a distant Gaizock group quite damaged.
Athrun does big damage on another but manages to eat a 20% hit attack…thankfully, VPS covered most of that.

Gonna have Loran and co. deal with Setsuko’s pack.

Aah…Boss and Joseph couldn’t do it but those Domilars will die easily enough.

Joseph also learns Trust.

These folk have positioned themselves nicely for a MAP, so Camille gets out of Bright’s way (killing what was left of Heizaemon’s target) and we’re clear.

There’s some good damage on the Kuragen and two dead Eldar.

Toshiya makes a stop by Heizaemon to attack another Kuragen.

Amuro’s gonna clean up after Bright’s MAP.

And there it goes.

Kouji takes another Kuragen while Talia nabs two Eldar kills, learning Iron Wall in the process.
Tetsuya finishes Talia’s weakened Cosmosaurus.

Only one more space left beside Heizaemon and Kappei’s just in range to attack.
Insert tentacle quip in here.

Enemy Phase!

The RNG continues to give me sass while Vegan mooks hit low accuracy attacks (at least Tetsuya gets Mazin Power going from a kill)…

Loran also ate some damage in a previous attack and I guess Setsuko’s Domilars figured they could finish the job.

Looks like the RNGs only on the Vegan’s side today and Loran takes both these down and Athrun’s weak Kumogira.

Tetsuya, Athrun and Amuro are the chosen Eldar targets but, sadly, only Athrun’s was weak enough to be killed.

Teral will always make a beeline for God Sigma.

Of course, it’s more than well-equipped to handle that sort of attention.

Player Phase!

The last Gaizock are running off (one will bail next turn if we don’ take him down now), so Heizaemon blasts some Eldar and uses Hit & Away to get closer.
Kappei, meanwhile, rushes to the other side of the city and starts working on the farthest Kuragen.

Also, I just noticed this. The Eldar really didn’t learn anything from the last time they bunched up in front of Bright.

That’s 7 kills for him.

Shinn can’t quite reach the Gaizock, so he lets Roberto down a Vegan Guragura.

Kouji, however, can swing right over by Heizaemon.

Only the one left.

A quick Faith cast from Boss and Loran’s healed up – Gavane switches over to TRI the other Guragura squad.
Amuro’s group is sent to deal with that there Gerogiras…and leaves it alive with 17 HP!

…Fine, Tetsuya’s right there to take it out. We’ll have Setsuko wrap up Loran’s target in the meantime.

So there.

Also, from Tetsuya’s kill, Reccoa learns Cheer.

Nothing left to do but keep Toshiya away from Teral and wait to kill the last Kuragen.

Enemy Phase!

Said Kuragen keeps running away and Teral, lacking post-movement weapons, slowly drags his ship closer to Toshiya.

Player Phase!

Alright, off ya go.

Damn, son! Heizaemon’s leader bonus is so good…

We didn’t get a chance to have Teral attack anyone other than Toshiya but he does have lines for them:

: Just as the reports said. Even without Godsigma, the Earthlings' military might as fearsome.
: In time, they will fill the universe with death and destruction... I will nip that history in the bud!

Unfortunately, the box the last Kuragen is carrying conveniently starts to fall and Toshiya rushes to catch it.
Thinking he's turning its back on them, Leets opens fire on him; Teral orders him to cease fire while Toshiya pulls Godsigma between the Eldar and the cargo to prevent harm from befalling the hostages.
Teral sees he's covering for the civilians and, as the attack stops, opens communication to ZEUTH; he introduces himself and apologizes for the attack, and as a show of good faith, even wipes out the remaining Gaizock without damaging the container (despite them being allies, Teral’s following his heart in this).

He asks Toshiya's name and, once given, wants to make one thing clear: he's still going to defeat Godsigma - to secure the Eldar's future.
"Our next meeting will be our last!" he says, as he orders his troops to retreat; no one’s sure what just happened but Julie, at least, admits that their enemy’s a splendid man.

Eiji and Leele have been running interference on the Gaizock infantrymen in town and the aliens have just realized that their allies have bailed – with no choice, they also run off.
When Eiji asks, Leele says she’s unharmed and thanks him for protecting both her and the people of this town; she’s now only surer that the strength he showed is what can change Touga.

: Touga's lived his whole life in the castle...he'd lost his family, and didn't have any friends...
: So that makes it okay for him to make a few mistakes, huh?
: I don't have time to keep track of that dumbass empty-headed moron!
: ...but I... know what it's like for him. I'm empty too... just like Touga...
: (Oh yeah, Leele lost all her memories.)
: So...
: You and Runa are both too soft!
: If you let him keep on fighting, he's going to do something we'll all regret.
: But you can stop him.
: ...
: Just like you did in Hong Kong...
: Oh, come on. I'm not going to babysit him!
: But no one else can do it...
: ...
: I’m detecting new unidentified objects above us! That’s—

: The Zeravire!
: Eyes open, everyone! That vanguard Zeravire is emitting incredible amounts of energy!
: So, he’s the crux of the enemy force?
: Wait, Touga! Don’t be hasty!

*Touga charges after the lead Zeravire*

: Argh!
: Touga!
: Gran Kaiser’s weapons had no effect!
: The hell?! Is that thing a ghost or something?!
: That Zeravire’s distorting the space around it…it deflected our attack’s energy!
: Back off, Touga! God Gravion might have a chance, but the Gran Kaiser's useless!
: I will not retreat!
: You don't have to go crazy just because we've got Zeravire!
: That's not why!
: Godsigma, and the rest of you, put your lives on the line to protect the people of this city...
: I…I’ll fight like that too!
: Master Touga...
: Eiji and Leele are down there as well! I will not let them past me!
: All right! Let's do it, Touga!
: Wow...
: That's the first time we've ever heard Touga yell.
: To protect people... so he's not just a battle machine, huh?
: All units, follow the Gran Kaiser's lead and focus on that new Zeravire!
: Roger that! We're not gonna let you die, Touga!

Alright, let’s see what we’re up against:

Duel Zeravire
Pilot Skills:

Believe it or not, this is the “final boss” of the first season of Gravion and it’s not really all that: aside from the HP pool, decent power and accuracy, it’s pretty much as dangerous as the Patulia on Rand’s route.
The Barrier Field will block any damage below 2000 but, despite what the cutscene says, we can easily break that.

The Zeravire all come with their own squaddies, so let’s focus on them before worrying about the big guy.

Sayaka earns a boost to both her Support skills from this level up.

Touga still won’t do much as he is, so we might as well have him worry about the smaller mooks.


Setsuko and Camille join forces to TRI another squad to near-death.

And Loran’ll handle the rest.


Next, Bright and Athrun cut this group down to size.

Have we ever seen Tetsuya’s Mazinger Blade?

Jun learns Support Attack L2 from this.

There are also a few batches of Recon Zeravire around, so Amuro, Shinn and Toshiya do their best to soften those up.

Last one up is Talia, targeting Amuro’s group.

There go its two squaddies and, since it was trying for a TRI attack, his move got cancelled!

Talia also learns Support Attack L3.

Enemy Phase!

Tetsuya, Shinn and Bright are attacked and respond in kind, Tetsuya taking two kills.

Toshiya’s surviving Zeravire and the Duel Zeravire go after Athrun.
Well, that was incredibly pointless. At least he killed the other Zeravire.

Player Phase!

: Prof. Kazami, we won’t be able to damage that Zeravire like this...!
: Hrrrmm…! If only we could use the Gravion against it…!
: You leave that to me, Prof. Kazami!

: The G-Attacker and G-Shadow!
: It’s Master Eiji and Mistress Leele!
: You’re back with us, eh, Eiji?
: Aah, what can I say?
: Welcome back, Eiji.
: Y-yeah, thanks.
: If you've got time to be sappy, combine already!
: Wow, way to ruin the reunion mood... but that was the plan!
: We still need authorization...
: I'm sorry for the delay, fellows.

: Uncle!
: Fellows of the Gran Knights...
: Combine!
: He came to give the go-ahead in person, Touga!
: Then let us obey!
: Okay!

: En guarde, Zeravire!

*Touga charges after the Duel Zeravire again*

: Ugh!
: Even God Gravion can't touch it!
: B-but we're finally back together... we still can't win?
: Stay with me, Runa!
: Huh?
: Gravion is... WE are not out of the fight yet!
: Yes! Let's keep going!
: Right.
: Isn't this strange? I feel like we can't lose now.
: All right! Let's do this thing!
: Of course!
: It seems they are ready to wield... the Silver Fang.
: Sandman!
: Something is falling towards this area at high speed!
: It's... it's coming from the moon! It's breaking through the Rivalry Zone!
: At last...
: Now grasp the beautiful blade that shines in defense of the people!

: A sword? A new weapon for Gravion...
: It's beautiful...
: That is the Silver Fang... the SUPER GRAVITY SWORD!
: The Super Gravity Sword…?
: All right, Touga! Cut that Zeravire clean in half with it!
: Here we go!

The celebration is cut short as the Zeravire quickly regenerates.
It can't regenerate its barrier, though, which means our attacks will now hit it and Eiji quickly tells Touga to keep beating on the thing as long as it keeps coming back; as Touga calls all his friends to action, Setsuko inwardly notes that the Gran Knights have now truly combined as one.
Sandman, his one job done, leaves while wishing the warriors to soar beautifully; “we'll take care of this, Sandman," mutters Heizaemon. "Go and fight your own battle."

: Come, Zeravire! The Gravion will not lose – and neither will us, the Gran Knights!

Yeeaaaaah, boy! By the power of Sandman’s awesomeness, Gravion’s finally got his BIG sword finisher and, best of all, there’s no more of that “Graviton Limit” nonsense – they can stay in this form for as long as it takes from here on out!

Let’s not waste money, though, and quickly dispatch the remaining weak Zeravire: Talia takes one, Heizaemon and Loran take one, Athrun takes one…

And Shinn, switching to the Blaster frame, takes the last.

Boom, done!

Let’s switch our attention to the Duel Zeravire and, before anything, I want you to see his Sword attack:
The guy literally takes his head off to use as a weapon!

Now, off we go.

: Eiji! Gran Knights! Please help me! I want to defend this world!
: That sounds a little better, Touga, but not quite!
: Don't forget you're not the only one who wants to protect it! All of us do!
: Right!
: So let's go! If that Zeravire wants to do this, we're all in!
Did we ever see the Graviton Tornado Punch’s dynamic kill? Also, it was only on this playthrough that I noticed Gravion actually bolts itself into the ground before it rocket punches.

We get a new Barrier Field as a prize, FYI.

The Zeravire's down and the Gran Knights are back together; Runa does quip that, for a moment, she was worried about what they’d do because of a CERTAIN someone but Touga intervenes before Eiji bristles (they are friends, after all).
The Jin family are happy for the new-and-improved Gran Knights but Gengoroh is worried that the Gaizock got away with some of those civilians - they've probably kidnapped people from other places, too.
What's their goal, anyway?

Sandman explains to this oddly familiar-looking woman that the Gran Knights' newly tempered bond has also strengthened their G-Factors, enabling them to operate beyond the gravitational point of collapse.
This means God Gravion can operate as long as it has to.

"Sin and regret... sorrow... people in any world will always make these mistakes. But I believe those young people have the potential to transcend our mistakes. I don't expect them to atone for our sins, but... if you'll wait... when it's all over, I'll come to join you."

"I will," says... Ayaka.

Location: Skull Moon Base – Bandock, Bridge

Butcher wants to know what Teral was thinking interfering with his operations; Teral wants to know what Butcher was thinking carrying out that kind of operation.
Butcher asks what the big deal is - they're just monkeys, right? Teral isn’t impressed, yelling at him to quit playing around and reminding Butcher that neither he nor the proud Eldar army condones that sort of cowardly tactic.
Teral doesn't yet know what Butcher’s up to but promises to take suitable action as soon as he figures out.
"OHOHOHO. You're so repressed, Sir Teral. Why don't you enjoy the game? I'd almost think you were a woman.", Butcher quips (much to Teral’s surprise).
Anyway, Butcher doesn't care that much; he's collected as many humans as he needs already. And as much as it bothers Teral, he still has to conquer the planet, so he can't afford to pick fights willy-nilly.

As Teral leaves, Emperor Vega says he’s concerned that he may turn on them, but Butcher isn't worried.
He can just destroy the Eldar whenever he pleases, and he'll humor them long enough for the Eldar to "pay" for today.
"Now call Gizzer and Baretta. It's about time to set up for our little game..."

Location: Teral’s room

It's already time for Teral to explain his backstory!
Or her backstory, as she tells the mirror - the only time she feels like herself because she's looking into Teral's face again.
The real Teral was one of the soldiers who made the first battle against the earthlings, together with his lover Lira, and one of those who lost his life in the operation.
Lira transferred herself into Teral's body to continue his fight; now, it's Teral's form but Lira's mind and soul. "I am no longer Lira... I am Teral, and I have traveled across time itself to carry on Teral's work. Godsigma, you use your Trinity Energy against the Eldar... no, the whole universe... and I, Teral, commander of the Eldar forces, will destroy you!"

(Caphi’s notes: Wikipedia says she transferred herself into a robot likeness of Teral, which makes way more sense. I guess Z wanted to be poetic about it?)

Baretta and his cronies are shoving some human captives from Io into holding cells - including Taichiro Dan, Toshiya’s father, and Jane Nishino.
It sounds like the Gaizock troops bribed the Eldar guards to steal them away – call it a bit of retribution for interfering with Butcher’s fun in the last battle.
When Taichiro asks, Baretta announces that they are to have the honor of serving as Butcher's new soldiers.
What exactly that means, they can look forward to finding out.

As Taichiro fumes over the Gaizock’s disregard for human life, Kouzuki steps up to ask if he’s ok.
Him, Hamamoto (Yay!), Aki and Michi (Damn it…) were captured as well and Taichiro introduces himself; he explains that they were taken by the Eldar from Io before the Gaizock took them and while no one knows what the Gaizock plan to do with them, the kids know it can't be good.
The escape prospects look bleak, but neither Kouzuki nor Taichiro are giving up yet; inwardly, Jane calls Julie, her brother, and asks if there’s any hope for them and Aki only wants to meet Kappei one more time…

Location: Lunar surface, the town of Genganam – Ghingnham Fleet, Commander’s Office

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

The magnificently coiffed Gym Ghingnham is being informed by his chubby subordinate, Swesson, that something punched a hole through the Rivalry Zone from the moon to Gallia.
His other helper, Merribell is quite interested in what kind of weapon could actually do that but Ghingnham himself has his sights set on the hole left behind.
Diana seems to be ignoring him and bowing to Durandal and, while Agrippa seems to be also be up to something, Ghingnham figures he may as well take the chance to remind the little girl of his fleet's might.

Swesson is moving in first, and he'll be glad to fight something besides moon aliens.
Ghingnham agrees: "Good practice they were, but wholly lacking in the art of war. To truly test our strength, we must challenge ourselves against humans.", he says.
Merribell would love to go too, but Ghingnham needs her to help dig something up; she'll get her chance, though, as the dig won't take long, and then...


This guy…if you thought you were safe from Koyasu hamming it up on Setsuko’s path, you’ve NO idea how wrong you were!