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Part 111: Mission 30 (Setsuko) - Where Sins Lie - Part 2

Setsuko Route Chapter 30 Part 2

Most of the small fry is gone, only the Mobile Armors and named pilots remain relevant.

I actually use Snipe.

Shinn's going to have to head down to Stella soon, so I want to kill that thing from as far away as possible.

Boss casts Faith to heal up Kamille from the RNG's spite.

Quattro's strong enough to punch through those barriers with his Beam Rifle.

I want that thing gone.

I think that's enough.

There we go. Finally gone.

With Real Bosses, always cast Strike.

Counter! VPS!

You know, this isn't near as good on Shinn.

Let's try this again!

At.. at least it didn't get stopped by VPS.

And that's with a crit.

Enemy turn comes up, the remaining enemies move up, a little.

This is what I want to see more of game.

Stella can't do much to Quattro.

OK. How on earth did the weaker Giant Swing Rocket Punch do so much more damage then Double Burning Fire.

Testsuya gets Mazin Power up.

Neo starts moving forward. Thank goodness I cast Strike for King Beal last round.

: I'm the bait. Make the catch, Yuna Roma.
: Because if we fail again, I'm the one on the line!

The King Beal's taken a beating

He actually dodged!

Right. Time to take down the Psyco Gundam. Shouldn't take too long. It only has 30K HP or so, and a fair bit's been chipped away already.

Oh no Toshiya is out of energy.

Time to break in Kouji's new Spirit command.
Look at all that damage. It's beautiful.

And there we go. Now it's in range for Kamille to finish the job to get the secret.

First thing first bye Auel! Your mother probably didn't love you.

: Mother... I... I'll protect...

: That didn’t happen…right, Auel? This isn't funny...
: Auel... AUEL!!
: Ah...aah...Auel...! AUEL!!
: (Auel...I'll keep your memories safe...)
: (I'm so sorry, Auel... but we will avenge you...)

But enough about that bit of Pathos, I got a boss to beat

: Ugh…Aah!
: The pressure emanating from the Psyco Gundam has stopped!
: Four! It’s me, Kamille! Can you hear me?!
: Uuurgh…!
: Keep calling out to her, Kamille! Free her mind!
: Hang in there, Four! You have to remember! It’s me, Kamille!
: FOUR!!

: Kamille...
: You recognize me, Four?
: Yeah...
: Then get out of here! I can't let you fight any more!
: But...
: I'll help you get your memories back! And I'll make new ones with you!
: Just know you don't have to fight anymore!
: But...
: Four, go.
: Sting?
: I'll cover the lab. I've got memories there, too.
: You should go. Find some new memories for yourself.
: Thank you, Four... for protecting me.
: It's okay. Go.
: Thank you, Stella...
: Come on, Four...
: Kamille...
: I'll be waiting for you to come see me.

The Psyco is gone, but the fight continues. But as Amuro says, now Kamille has another reason to survive and win.

Well now that we've done that touching moment, it's time to get back to shooting people.

There we go.

Not that Neo really ever uses those squadmates of his, still nice to have them gone.

Another Mobile Armor gone.

And on the enemy phase this one vanishes too.

Stella is finally able to target Shinn.

: Stella, don't you recognize me? Stop it!
: ZEUTH! You're my enemies! I'll destroy you!
: Shinn, she's agitated! Disable her mech and take her out of the fight!
: But...
: We just have to get her out of the suit! Keep your mind on that!
: You're right... I don't have a choice!

Sting actually moves forward.

My Battleship's been taking a beating this stage.

More Analysis! Setlla's going down next.

Well that was fast.

Get going Shinn.

: Aah!

: Stella!
: Relax, Shinn. The cockpit block is undamaged. Most likely, she simply passed out.
: Vino. Yoran. I've identified the pilot of that mech. Please take her in.
: Rey...
: Let them take care of her. We still have a battle to fight.
: You're right... thanks, Rey.

With that problem solved Kouji and Tetsuya oneshot a pair of Daggers.

God Sigma continues to own.

Setsuko now really outdamages Amuro when he can't trigger Attack Again.

: DAMMIT! Is this all I've got?!
: Being driven out before I can avenge Auel?!

Now that that's done time to take care of Neo.

: Damn! I have to pass it on to Yuna Roma and Lt. Wooder now...
: (Though I suspect I was done for, whether we won this one or not...)

Our victory’s short-lived as, now that Neo's group is taken out, Ben's Garuda swoops in with Yuna on board. Yuna is gleeful that Neo handed him the battlefield, but Ben and Todaka are focused on executing.
They're going to charge through ZEUTH with their Murasame guard, get revenge for Buran (there's a lot of revenge going around today), and break through to the lab!
We can’t allow the enemy’s charge the break in our perimeter and Athrun suggests we focus on stopping the Garuda; Yuna, meanwhile, is busy daydreaming as If he can defeat ZEUTH here, he'll rocket ORB up through the Federation for sure.
He tells everyone to give this everything they have – for ORB and for the world (Todaka is not amused).

So yeah, reinforcements! Ben will rush towards the edge and is a slight threat with his Battleship level HP. Anyways, everybody's moved so... end the turn!

Oh yeah, Ben will also cast Invincible at the start of the enemy phase. Dick move.

Nothing happens other then them all moving forward.

Soon, Leele gets a ping on the radar:

The Archangel is here; once again, Cagalli gets in touch with the ORB troops and says they mustn’t fight like this.
Shinn doesn’t appreciate them coming into the battle, with no idea what’s going on, and just doing whatever they want but Cagalli isn’t stopping: she says ORB’s troops aren’t protecting anything, that they shouldn’t become pawns of the Federation and exhorts them to remember their nation’s founding principle.
Shinn’s had enough of her empty words and opens fire, meanwhile Yuna is quick to dismiss Cagalli; that said, he tells Ben and troops to push harder now that ZEUTH is distracted with the Archangel (though Todaka seems slightly moved).
Without a choice, Murrue orders her two suits to engage ZAFT.

Miriallia has taken over ship handling on the Archangel, for some reason; when Chandra asks what happened with her and Dearka, she casually mentions that she dumped him.
Chandra can only sigh that Dearka can’t catch a break.

Anyway, it's obvious to ZEUTH that the Archangel is going to harass them in their short-sighted aim to protect ORB citizens; Athrun sees that they won't see reason, and steels himself to fight!
Quattro does remind everyone that our first priority is to sink the Federation's Garuda - the Archangel and Freedom are just distractions.

: You don’t get it, do you, Kira?! You’re only making the battlefield even more chaotic!
: Athrun!

: Damn it, how much longer are they gonna keep bothering us?!
: But if they insist on attacking…then we’ve no choice but to fight back!
: The enemy’s a hero of the last war! Keep your heads on a swivel, everyone!
: …

Things can never be simple can they? We've got a third faction in Archangel and company. Now, you can just ignore them but...

SECRET ALERT: Shoot down the Freedom and the Archangel

Why do that when the game rewards you for shooting at them.

Might as well start up with a bang. Hey there Baba.

: Archangel! M'lady Cagalli! Behold our battle!
: This is the duty of a soldier of ORB... this is our very lives!

It gives Athrun his final level of Support Attack. Four, for understandable reasons, is the cap on Support Attack.

I pull out Jun and have her repair the King Beal.

I have Misashey Resupply Shinn.

Maria heals Setsuko's Squad.

This gets her another level of Prevail.

Bye Baba. You did absolutely squat.

Baba finds the will to keep going after being shot down; Cagalli orders him and co. to cease fire and retreat again – this isn’t one of ORB’s enemies or its battle to fight.
Baba says retreat is unacceptable as Rep. Yuna's will is the will of ORB and his duty, as a soldier, is to protect and carry out will with his very life, even if it's wrong; from the moment he left his country to fight, he was prepared to lay down his life in the battlefield!
Now, he commands everyone to behold the tears and the spirit of an ORB soldier as he charges his battered Murasame into the King Beal.

The ship’s fine-ish after the attack and the Jin family proceeds to do their checks but Cagalli is aghast at this senseless death.
Kira isn’t pleased, though…

: Athrun!
: The Federation attacked us! Do you want ZEUTH to lie down and be destroyed?
: What's your point?
: Didn't I tell you to leave? You said you didn't want to kill, but look!

: I know... I know what you're trying to say...
: But Cagalli... is crying, right now!
: ...!
: She's crying because she can't stand to see this happen! Why don't you understand?
: Why do you say this had to happen, that we couldn't avoid this loss...
: Are you prepared to blame Cagalli and ORB for all this, and destroy everything she's fought to protect?
: Kira...
: If you are, then I'll destroy you first!
: !
“Kira, this is your answer...?!”


: Commander!
: All free hands, go and recover Athrun immediately! Hurry!
: That Kira guy…he shot down his own friend!
: What’s wrong with him...?!
: …

So yeah... That was a thing. I like to imagine that Athrun's thoughts were along this once he started screaming about Cagalli crying was somewhere along the lines of "Good Grief he finally snapped." Because seriously.

On to taking down these guys. Darn it Boss, Reccoa. I expected better of you.

Quattro shows them how it's done.

So I end the turn on this note.

Of course Kira casts Focus on the start of Enemy phase.

Aahahah of course some start trying to hit the TFO.

These guys are basically killing themselves against my High Will units.

The Archangel crew moves up, but doesn't quite get in range.


Oh will you look at that. Ben can't move anywhere! Now with the time limit removed, I can leisurely kill everything.

Like so.

And just like that I leave nothing but a few stragglers behind, who will inevitably die on the enemy phase. Good job everybody.

Ben tries his best to escape a bad situation.

: I fight to avenge Cmdr. Buran! And I will win, on the pride of the Phantom Pain!
: I like your enthusiasm, Lt. Wooder. Keep it up.
: (I thought he came to the battle personally to raise his soldiers' morale...)
: (But he was only thinking of his own glory...)
: Soldiers of ORB, follow me! We'll push through to that lab!

Kira will target people. But fortunately he is also under the effect of Mercy. So he won't kill anybody. Nope. He'll leave that to the other two units on his side.

Like Waltfeld.

32% Hit odds Shinn. You disapointed me. At least you did more damage then he did with a crit.

Next turn I just move everybody down here. Taking my time now because why not?

They're in range now. So the Archangel targets my battleship. Doesn't do a lot of damage, but the King Beal is completely out of energy!

Next turn with them near, I take out Watfeld. Didn't have to. It just made me feel good inside.

He just regenerates it though. Darn.

Bye Archangel!

Murrue recovers just the same, refusing to let her ship be sunk just yet.
Gengoroh’s surprised by this but Heizaemon sees that they’re as determined as us to keep going.

Well that's just not fair. Well, I guess that just leaves Kira to beat.

Time to start the Kira Beat Down! T.M Revolution Start Up!

: He's very good... but I'm not scared...
: I'm not sure how to put it, but... in a way, he... fights like me...?

: Those are far beyond the maneuvers of an ordinary pilot...
: This is no time to be a chicken, Toga! If we don't take out this idiot now, he'll just hurt more people later!
: Come on! We'll take him down ourselves!
: Right!

: Do you even know what you're doing?
: Well, if this is how you're trying to stop the war, then I'll do battle with you!
: I have no mercy for people who don't understand the weight of spilt blood!

: He may be fast... but he's not shooting to kill, so he's no threat!
: I don't have time to argue with your naive ideals! Get out of my way!

: Are you holding back because you're so confident in your own technique?
: Then show me how you fight when you meet your equal!

: What are you trying to do? If you're trying to take out our combat force, why don't you fight us and the Federation individually?
: You're waiting until a battle starts so you can interfere! Do you think this is some kind of game?

: Seriously! I'm gonna stop your buzzing around today!
: I'll pull off your wings and make you tell everyone you were wrong!

: I understand what you're trying to do, but you're going about it all wrong!
: Are you trying to take out the Federation and ZAFT and set yourself up to rule the whole universe?

:This kid... he's missing the cockpit and generator blocks on purpose?!
:I don't care what your game is, but if you're going to half-ass it, I'm not playing!

: He's fast... I guess he really is the ace of the last war!
: But I can't let you keep doing this, or more people will die for no reason!

: Who do you think you are? Heine died because you couldn't just butt out!
: !
: I wish I could say his death was just a product of war! But it was just plain your fault!

Take Kira down and he recovers to full, yelling that he has a reason why he can’t step aside.
Athrun (if he hasn't been shot down by this point) asks again if he STILL doesn’t understand what’s going on and Kira says we’re the ones who don’t understand.

Oh yeah I need to kill Ben. Honestly that's kind of an afterthought now.

Pound on it with all my units until...

I use a Gain and Luck boosted Gravion to finish it off.

Miashey learns another level of Prevail from it.

Ben’s ship is still good to go despite the pummeling but Yuna insists they turn the ship around as it's obvously sinking; Ben won’t take lip from someone who doesn’t understand a soldier’s spirit and pride and intends to see the attack to the bitter end.
Yuna doesn’t appreciate his tone when addressing Orb’s Representative and orders Todaka to take control and turn the ship around; he refuses, saying Yuna can bail alone if he wants to do so.
Todaka adds that he, as a soldier of both Orb and the Federation, he’ll follow his orders to defeat ZEUTH until the end – this is how they’ll show the entire world the valor of Orb; since Yuna’s sold that which they should’ve protected above all else, all they’ve left is to lay their lives on the line for their mission!
Yuna certainly isn’t willing to play along with this plan and let it all end here and quickly runs off.
Todaka turns to Ben and tells him that he may not agree with the Federation's war, nor ORB's for that matter, but he knows his duty. With that, the Garuda blasts off towards the lab and our friends are still in there.

But Four returns and stands in his way - she won't let them destroy it, not with Auel's memories still inside.

: Stop, Four! Even the Psyco Gundam can’t pull that off!

: I’ll destroy the bridge! If I can do that, then…!
: !

: Did we get it?
: No, the Garuda isn’t stopping!
: !
: No, Four! STOP!!
: Goodbye, Kamille. I'm glad my last memories could be with you...

*Four drags the ship away just before it explodes*

: FOUR!!
: Why...
: And, so, history repeats itself...

Miriallia confirms all Federation soldiers either shot down or retreating and, with that, Murrue calls Kira and Waltfeld back to do the same.
Kira's team really did it today and our people are downright pissed, but again, Heizaemon finds he can't pass judgment on them; we all believe that what we do is justified.
If we want to stop the Archangel, we'll have to meet them again and do it the only sure way; amidst Kamille’s tears, Amuro wonders what’ll become of us and the world if this battle continues.
Quattro knows we’ve no choice but to keep going, though…

Bright sends a message, saying that that Chimera's Captain Löwen is at that lab.
What does he want?

With a whole lot of indignation in the air, our people take stock of what we know about the Archangel: they're mostly fighting - well, lashing out at - people who make ORB do battle; that includes us, since we fight ORB every so often in the course of our other goals, but the reason for that is the Federation, who the Archangel also attacks.
Loran concedes that their hearts are kind of in the right place, since at some level they want to stop the war; BUT, they have no idea what they're actually accomplishing, just attacking anyone who starts a fight without care for the context or consequences.
And like Tetsuya says - they don't just attack people they disagree with, they attack battles, and those battles then become even longer and more chaotic than they have to be.

As for Kira, he may disable mechs instead of destroying them, but in a battlefield like one touched by the Archangel, a disabled mech is dead meat regardless (just like Heine); Kira just apparently feels like not firing the killing shot himself keeps his own hands clean, Tetsuya sniffs.

On the other hand, Julie says whether we're in the objective right - and whether they're unilaterally in the wrong for attacking us - is a matter of perspective; after all, didn't the Freeden and Gekkostate team leave because they disagreed with us?
Wait, asks Toshiya - they're not going to come to blows with us over a difference like that, right? Julie assures him he was just using them as an example.
Anyway, even if they believe they're in the right, we're fighting for our own convictions as well. Maybe ZEUTH's been holding back on them since Kira's a war hero - not to mention Athrun's friend - but if it's a battle of principles, we can start giving it our all.
Even Loran agrees, thinking we can no longer ignore their transgressions.

Runa wonders if Athrun will be alright and Eina says Luna’s with him right now and the prospect is good; meanwhile, Shinn and Rey have gone to check out the prisoner from the Phantom Pain personally.
Eiji wonders why they’re doing that and Mizuki seems to be the only one who noticed those two boys were conspiring during the battle...

Anyway, Kappei's still mad as hell about Julie’s example of right and wrong being a matter of perspective: "What kinda perspective does he think puts making Cyber-Newtypes and Extended in the right?!"
So Keiko and Uchuuta finally tell him that they're pretty much like the Cyber-Newtypes, what with all their conditioning to pilot the Zambot against the Gaizock; Uchuuta's not going to just leave this responsibility behind, but he has to admit he's carrying a little seed of doubt after hearing about the inside of that lab.
Kappei explodes and tells him to leave if he wants to - "I'll just put Chiyonishiki in the Zambull!" – he yells at them both that none of them are mere anti-Gaizock weapons.

Kamille agrees with Kappei’s statement and the kid asks if he’s alright.
Indeed, he feels a little better - enough to have made Four's sacrifice a reason to fight: he'll fight the Titans and the Blue Cosmos and whoever else to keep her story, and the Extendeds' story, from being repeated.
Kappei agrees; no matter why he got into his robot to begin with, he won't stop until he's got payback from the aliens for ruining the lives of Aki and Michi and all of his friends.
"As long as you feel that," says Kamille, "you're no weapon. Four fought for herself at the very end. She fought for what she valued, what she believed in, just like only a person can."
He asks if Uchuuta is only fighting because of his family – is there nothing within him that drives him to do so? The kid concedes that’s not the case and, likewise, Keiko admits that she wants to fight to protect other people’s happiness.
Indeed, Old Heizaemon didn't force them to fight. "He just gave you the power to."; things don’t sound too bad to the Zambot kids now and Uchuuta thanks Kamille for the advice.
Kamille, inwardly, says that while he couldn’t save Four, she helped him find his path in her final moments – thus, he’ll also fight for what he feels is right.

: (Kamille is so strong…despite all his sorrow, he keeps facing onward…)
: (I can’t...I’m paralyzed by fear…and I can’t move on…)
: (Someone like me isn’t fit to fight...)
: Ms. Setsuko…
: Captain Löwen…
: By the looks of things, it appears you’ve yet to overcome your obstacles.
: …
: Ms. Setsuko, there’s someone who’d like to meet you.
: Huh…
: BrigGen. Edel Bernal…would you meet with the Chimera squad’s commander?
: I…


Extra Dialogue

Athrun Vs. Kira

: Why don't you understand, Kira? If you're resolved to fight, at least know who you should fight!
: ...
: All you're doing is making the battle messier!
: You say you want to stop the fighting, but all you're doing is causing unnecessary death and destruction!
: Then what are you fighting for? For Chairman Durandal?
: For the world he's fighting to create!
: Not for some abstract ideal, like you! For the Chairman, who is trying to make real changes to the real world!
: And if I have to, Kira... I'll even fight you and Cagalli!