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Part 115: Mission 31 (Setsuko) - Prologue

Setsuko's Route Chapter 31 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: We told off Kira, with guns. Now we're ready to meet up with the Chimera people again. Hooray.

Current Top Aces

1. Setsuko - 85 Kills
2. Amuro - 76 Kills
3. Quattro - 71 Kills
4. Shinn - 71 Kills
5. Kouji - 64 Kills

Kouji joins up as the first Super Pilot in the Top Aces for a while. Bye Talia.

Setsuko is given another level of SP-Up. Shinn is handed two new abilties, Will Limit Break and Ignore Size Penalty. I teach Kamille E Save, that'll come in handy later. Tetsuya is taught Focused Attack. Miashey learns Backup Attack. Finally, I pump Sayaka and Boss with SP-Ups.

The King Beal gets a Chobham Armor, with the Zambot 3 being handed a shiny new Solar Panel.

The Venus A gets a Strategy Manual. I have 8 of them now. It's great. Personally I prefer this to how Alpha 2 and 3 did it, with the Learning skill taking up a Skill Slot. Squadmate mechs typically have part slots to spare, after all.

Then I go buy a 9th! It goes on a Kapool that Katz is currently using.

Another set of Chobham Armor goes to Great Mazinger and Boss Borot.

The Virgola gets some more money poured into it.

The Squadmate Mobile Suits get some upgrades as well.

The Battleships get a point of Energy, and so on. Everything I'm using now has 16% upgrades minimum. Squads are mostly unchanged from the last mission. I put Athrun in Loran's squad, switch Quattro to Setsuko's and put Kamille in his old one..

Location: Western Galia – Inside the Minerva

Stella's awake and Shinn eagerly greets her, saying there’s nothing for her to fear anymore but, to his horror, she won't stop trembling and crying for Neo; Rie says she’s been like that ever since she woke up.
The good Professor Kazami theorizes that she's been given medication and hypnotherapy as part of her “weaponization”, and if they're not maintained regularly, her mind could collapse for good.
The Chimera's team is investigating the facility so, hopefully, they can find something that'll let us help her.
As Stella keeps calling out to Neo, Shinn tries in vain to calm her down by saying he’s here and he’ll keep her safe; inwardly, he starts to wonder if there isn’t anything we can do for her…

Meanwhile, it looks like ZEUTH is headed to Tampagounda Base to meet the head honcho of Chimera: Brigadier General Edel Bernal.
Luna's looked her up on the UN and she's already a fan: not only is she ludicrously young for her rank, she's also beautiful - and despite being a high-ranking officer of the New Federation, she's extended a hand to help out ZAFT as part of both our squads’ cooperation. No one can blame her, and Kouji and Boss start trying to dig up pics on the UN.

Speaking of the UN and ZAFT's bipartisan supporters, how are the Freeden and Gekko, asks Löwen? No one's quite sure as it doesn’t look like our messages are going through; it's hard to contact them with any reliability over the jury-rigged patchwork of the UN.
On that subject, Julie adds that the UN we have now was apparently spearheaded by the General herself. Löwen proudly explains that she wanted to use freedom and centralization of information to help the newborn multiworld's society become as stable as quickly as possible.
The result was the Universal Network we know, a project that crosses boundaries of nations and cultures.

Emma points out that one of the biggest factors in worldwide instability was confusion, the feeling of being lost and in the dark. Löwen loses his composure instantly, though he makes it through his speech about the noble work of Brigadier General Edel. Looks like that's still happening with him, all right.
He still has to introduce Captain Gladys to Edel, so he scurries off to "prepare", but before he goes, he suggests we follow up on the other ZEUTH through the UN itself. They must be all over the news, after all.

Let's get on that! Julie, noted resident computer expert, starts throwing around search terms like Gekko State, Landship, and Factory, and the results come up pretty quickly -

Gekko State investigating a giant cloud phenomenon. Alongside the Federation.
Has Holland gotten over his hatred of the military, or are they just that desperate?

A call for test pilots for the Federation's latest Mobile Suit. Taken up by Garrod and Jamil?
Julie sees that the machine in question is a new version of the GX - Jamil and co. are lending their expertise with the suit to our enemies, Emma wonders?
Luna finds it strange, considering fighting the Feds is our main objective but Emma quickly corrects her: they don't have any particular bone to pick with the Federation like we do, having members from AEUG and ZAFT
While we don’t know what they’re getting paid, working for the Federation seems real low to Uchuuta. And Gekko State, too? What are they now, common mercenaries who'll sell their might of arms for a G?
Jun even points out that they've been spotted fighting against ZAFT forces themselves.

The list keeps going - this time, they kidnapped a Vodarac priest and killed him.
Mizuki knows there are anti-Vodarac extremists out there, but it's hard to believe ZEUTH is among them. Or did they do this on the Federation's payroll, too?!
Luna thought that they were easygoing but reasonable people but, alas, Kappei sees we were wrong – those guys are just thugs! Indeed, Tetsuya sees that they’re less our other half and now more of a completely different group.

It's a bitter pill to swallow for ZEUTH. Kouji can’t believe people like Ryouma would do such things but it's hard to argue with the footage and as Mizuki says, a world like this can change even the noblest.
It’s a shame but Emma says they’ve chosen a wrong path to trail and, if we ever run into them again, Eiji’s ready to give them what for; in the meantime, we can keep using the UN to see what they're up to.
Maybe with more information, we'll understand just what they're thinking and, if we don’t like what we find out, we might have to take matters into our own hands – Toshiya really hopes it doesn’t come to that, though…

Amuro and Quattro visit Athrun to check up on him; he says he’s all healed up but Amuro wasn’t all that worried about his physical injuries.
Quattro agrees and says the problem is often the psychological damage that would come from being shot down by your former friend; truth be told, Athrun admits that he can't say he's not still rattled by what Kira did to him.
Amuro, tactful negotiator, says that Athrun is going to have to face up to the truth that the Freedom attacked him (regardless whether Kira actually wanted to kill him); Athrun understands that quite well, especially after seeing Heine’s death, but his doubts still remain.
Quattro asks Amuro to leave them be for a bit and does so, quickly adding that the Saviour’s repairs are nearly finished – it’ll be waiting for Athrun’s return.

: …
: We've traveled together since before Break the World, but this is the first time the two of us have been alone.
: Ah…yes…
: What do you know about the man named Char Aznable?
: I've only heard of him.
: A legendary combat ace from your universe. Called the Red Comet, he was Lt. Amuro's nemesis.
: I suppose that's what everyone is told.
: But in reality, he was a petty man who waged a long, pointless war to avenge his father.
: Eh…
: When he looks back on those days, he thinks of himself as a mere fool.
: Lt. Quattro, are you...

*Quattro takes off his glasses! *

: But as time passed, he began to see for himself...
: And even reached the point where he could fight beside his nemesis for what he believes in.
: …
: Time is a powerful force. Powerful enough to change a man.
: Are you talking about Kira now?
: Take it however you like. I just don't want to see your doubts take you to your grave.
: ...
: It would be a great blow to the world to lose such a promising young man at this age.
: ...I'm sorry, I should be honest. I'm ashamed to see you reminding me so much of how I was.
: Lt. Quattro...
: I want you to serve as an example for Shinn and Kamille. Is that too much to ask?
: That sounds like something the Chairman would say.
: I would like that too. To be able to advise them the way you Lieutenants do for me.
: Good. If you want that so badly, you should know what you yourself have to do.
: Yes…
: We'll arrive at Tampagounda soon for our meeting with Brigadier General Edel.
: After we speak with her, we'll head to Gibraltar. Just relax until then.
: Thank you.

Location: Galia – The New Earth Federation’s Tampagounda base – Meeting Room

Edel’s brought into the room by Löwen and, after excusing him, she politely introduces herself; she’s heard much of our exploits and invites our leaders to sit with her.
Heizaemon quickly asks if this is really alright, considering where our respective organizations stand, but she assures us of is that there's no danger in our ZAFT or AEUG soldiers being here.
Not here, at Tampagounda, a base known by a very few, and run by and for her personal task force Chimera exclusively. Even so, she must be taking a risk and Talia would like to know why she’s doing all this.

Well, she says, she wants to know if we would join her, in a sense. As Löwen so passionately informed us, Edel's primary concern is the stable, peaceful future of the multi-dimensional world.
Some growing pains were inevitable when a variety of disparate countries and cultures were smashed together as they are, but the New Federation is not exactly what she hoped for; when Quattro points the contradiction, she admits that, yes, she's an officer of that very Federation, but even she can see that rather than being a force for unity and order, it's become the private muscle of a greedy few.
And so she works tirelessly to fix it from the inside, while she already has plans to meet with Chairman Durandal and Queen Diana Soleil after they've had their own conference. Now is a good time - and may be the only time. She bows her head and begs for our aid in order to help the world.
Gwen says she didn't need to, though as we all agree with her ideals are happy to help her out; inwardly, Bright finds it reassuring that there are people around that can speak like that with conviction and even Quattro thinks her words are truthful an unwavering.
This woman might just be the real deal…

Meanwhile, at the base’s hangar, we find Setsuko being approached by old Professor Theeh; she somberly introduces herself and says Löwen asked her to wait here but the guy seems distracted, sniffing around.
His sniffing starts getting a bit too close for comfort and Setsuko asks him to back off; Theeh is rather insulted now as, and I quote, he was just BREATHING the air around here and she happened to be close. OR ISN’T HE ALLOWED TO BREATHE?!
Setsuko starts stammering and apologizes, saying she didn’t mean it like that but, no, Theeh keeps yelling that this girl is trying to take away a poor, old man’s right to breathe and that’s UNNACEPTABLE!

: I’m sorry…I’m really, really sorry…
: If you really are…
: Then lemme smell your ears!


: You hit me...?
: I-I’m so sorry! My hand just sort of…acted on impulse…
: More…
: Huh?

Thankfully, Löwen shows up right then and tells him to cut it out, much to the old man’s chagrin as he was just about to invite her to some candle-lit bar; it falls on Löwen to explain that there’s no way Theeh’s getting any romance going the way things are.
When Setsuko asks, he quickly introduces the doc as Chimera’s scientist extraordinaire; “Pleasure to meet you, baby!” the guy says which elicits Setsuko to whimper out a “Help me”.
Löwen apologizes for asking her to wait in a place like this and Theeh quickly notices that he’s rather calm with her, despite his well-known gynophobia; seems like not even the guy noticed but the professor’s mind is already at work.
If Löwen, with his fear, is so friendly with Setsuko…why, that must mean Setsuko’s actually a man!
Setsuko yells a negatory but, scientist that he is, Theeh will not believe such outlandish claims without empirical evidence – he must see it with his own scientist eyes! Setsuko will not take this harassment and yells at him to get away from her skirt.

: Are you angry? Very angry?!
: Of course I am!
: Then hit me! Hit this old man with everything you have! Punish me! Discipline me!
: Please...stop...!

THANKFULLY, Edel shows up and tells him to stop this shameful display; she approaches Setsuko and introduces herself, having heard much about the girl from Löwen.
Setsuko very formally introduces herself back but Edel says she’s here as her own person to meet the girl, not a military, so Setsuko needn’t do so; Setsuko’s surprised that she wanted to meet her but Edel says she reminds her of herself at one time - "a time when sorrow haunted my every step..."

Their talk is interrupted when Schlan arrives looking for Setsuko: seems that someone unauthorized sent a message to this base - someone who shouldn't even know about this incredibly secret base.
It's one Asakim Dowin, and he wants to talk to her, Setsuko Ohara...