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Part 116: Mission 31 (Setsuko) - What Comes Of Our Bonds

Chapter 31: What Comes Of Our Bonds

Setsuko flies the Virgola out to the point where Asakim demanded to meet her. His looming threat is what's holding her back; to move forward, she needs to take him out herself, right here!

But instead of Asakim, the Chiram arrive! Atena led her squad out to follow a Singularity ping and, from her perspective, it appears it was the Virgola they detected.

It's not the first time Asakim's led her into the Chiram, though. What's his deal with them? But they're trying to capture Setsuko, and she's not going down without a fight!

OK then. Or objective is simple enough. Shoot down Atena. However, if we want the Battle Mastery we have to shoot down the rest of the Chiram, and then her, within three turns.

Thanks to all those SP-Ups, Setsuko has SP to burn. I can cast Focus every round no problem.

So time to start the blasting!

He'll go next phase.

Enemy phase is a lot of this. None of the enemies can even touch Setsuko.

: Are you all right, Setsuko?
: Cap. Löwen! What are you doing here?
: I know you want to face your own fears on your own...
: But you don't have to!
: However weak we may be alone, we draw strength from our bonds with others!
: Our bonds with others…
: Setsuko, let's do this together! I will support you!
: Thank you, Cap. Löwen!
: You think a single reinforcement will save you?
: Do not underestimate my Chaos Leo...
: You're about to learn the power of all of Chimera's expertise!

Reinforcements! Now we have two whole units to use for this mission.

Lowen would normally have accuracy issues with this. But, again, SP to burn. Setsuko casts Attune.

Lowen then uses his SP to cast a spirit command.

* Drive(50) - Increases the Will of all pilots in the caster's mech by 30


Good job there.

Got to focus on the full health ones for the player phase.

Enemy phase comes... this is the quality of the Chiram pilots. They, being at half or less HP, get blown up afterwords.

The third turn comes and there's only one Chiram and Atena left.

And now there's just Atena left.

: The pilot's really good!
: My uncle taught me all he knew about combat!
: No one will best me in a duel!

I, uh, think Setsuko's besting you Atena.

Then the enemy phase comes and she's blasted.

Atena knows she can’t face Olson with another failure but her Singularity sensor starts pinging. Ziene and her Federation and Breaker mechs arrive right then and it seems she's the signal Atena was chasing, and not the Virgola. Does this mean there's a third Singularity?

Rage flashes across Ziene's face: "Don't you dare ever call me that again, Chiram.”; Atena pulls out, though, to deliver her report to an Orson and that leaves us with Ziene.

: Ah…aaah…
: That mech…it’s Asakim’s ally, isn’t it!
: You found yourself a new guy already, Setsuko?
: You know that if he sticks with you, he'll just meet an unfortunate end, right?
: Please, don't...

: Stay with me, Setsuko!
: I can't... my body won't... move...
: Save your breath, loverboy. Her fear of Asakim goes all the way to the depths of her soul.
: Just seeing me reminds her of him. There's nothing on her mind but despair.
: Who are you?!
: Me? I'm Ziene Espio. Asakim's girl.
: Now, Setsuko! You're going to cry for him!
: They're coming, Setsuko! We have to attack!
: Chief, Toby... I'm... I'm sorry...
: Dammit! I'll have to defend her!

*Löwen tags into Setsuko’s squad.*

: I'll cover you, Setsuko! Just don't give up!
: You're getting on my nerves, loverboy... your white knight act is a joke!

Since it's the enemy phase, the enemies immediately start targeting Löwen.

Setsuko's been hit with a bad Will drop. Thankfully Will doesn't effect evasion, so she's not likely to get hit.

Uh... ow.

Thankfully Löwen's Prevail is kicking in now.

He does do a nice chunk of damage to these things.

Though, the reason I let him get smacked and didn't just defend is because I thought reinforcements would be coming this turn.


So I move him back to the forest for the defense boost and hope I can survive the next round.

Only one gets in, and it does piddling damage thankfully.

: No one likes someone who can't take a hint. Surrender and beg for mercy...
: And I might just let you live.
: How dare you! I would never owe my life to a villain like you!
: Shut it, loverboy. You're going the same way no matter what happens.
: What’s that supposed to mean?!
: You’ll be ripped to shreds while Setsuko watches.
: That'll get a good cry out of her, don't you think?

: Did Asakim... were Chief and Toby...
: Did you just figure it out?
: That's right. Those two were killed just to get those tears shed.
: Nothing else mattered about their lives. Just sacrifices for your tears.
: But why? Why would you do that?
: I can't tell you that. There'd be no point anyway, though.

: What's going on?
: Calm down, Setsuko! It wasn't your fault! I know it wasn't!
: But...!
: Don't let her get to you! You can still fight! You have to fight!
: But someone's going to die again... for me!
: I'm still right here! And 1st. Lt. Toby is still out there too!
: You're right. Toby's still alive...

: You're not alone! Toby's there for you too! And...

: Everyone…
: Oi, you can’t just go on ahead of everyone, Cap. Löwen!
: Yeah! We’re all aboard when it comes to helping her!
: Eiji…Kouji…
: But, how did you…
: BrigGen. Edel ordered me to tell them.
: Schlan…
: I’m just glad we got here on time.
: Setsuko, you can’t just mope by yourself.
: We can never replace Toby and Denzel but we will at least be your friends!
: Don’t push yourself so much! We’re here for you, through the good and the bad!
: Everyone knows how hard you’ve been working.
: And that’s why we’ll help you out!
: We’re all ZEUTH members, after all!
: We all want to do this, so you don’t even need to thank us, sis!
: Guys…
: Shinn, don't you have something to say too?
: Setsuko, uh... I don't really know what to say, but, well...
: Good luck!
: Thank you…!

: I will go on…! As a member of the Glory Star and…
: As a member of ZEUTH!
: Setsuko…!
: All units, support the Virgola and intercept the enemy troops!
: That unit seems to be the leader, to focus on it. Bring her down and we might get some answers.
: Roger!
: What now, bitch, you've got the power of friendship or something?
: You think that'll help you stand a chance against Asakim and me?
: I will win….! I'll defeat you and I'll overcome my own sorrow!
: Consider this my declaration of war to Asakim!

First things first. Maria heals up Setsuko and Löwen.

Then he wipes out some of these Walker Machines, in prime position for Setsuko to be Resupplied.

Continuing on the blasting...

Good enough job.

Darn, was hoping for a KO. Lousy bulky Walker Machines.

As usual, Center is the best way to handle these things.

This is all basically a Will building exersize for when I take on the boss.

Just a reminder that Quattro's Squad Leader Bonus is cool.

Katz gets another level of Newtype.

Loran clears out some A.I Squad mooks.

And there we go, everybody's gotten some hits in. Time for the enemy phase.

Of course they think the TFO is a good target.

Kind of sad really.

I swear 30% is actually the most likely time you are to get hit.

And of course once Loran is hit, every single enemy onward tries to hit it. He has to evade and costs me so much fun enemy phase action.

Ziene starts moving.

Player phase comes and I resupply Setsuko.

It works out well enough, blasting away some more W.Ms.

Focus Loran. Focus.

Got to get rid of all of these things.
I just noticed there's a lack of Gravion videos. This will be fixed.

The Supers weaken up some mooks.

Wiping out Squad Leaders.

This gives Amuro his sixth level of Newtype.

Just blow them all up Quattro.

And finally Kamille removes most of a LFO Squad. They are petty much neutured for the enemy phase now.

Except for when they snipe out of our range!

Shinn's SEED gets going this next turn.

With Accel I show why Focused Attack is a wise investment for at least one of the Mazinger pilots.

I missed you Talia.

Show them who's boss Setsuko!

Somehow these ones are still functioning, mainly because they've been away fromt he main charge.

I start fixing that.

Kamille reaches Newtype Level 5.

Another Squad beaten and Roberto learns Level 3 Support Attack and his final Spirit Command, Invincible(15).

This starts up Kouji's Mazin Power.

Then the last two mooks are removed. Just going to let Ziene move forward for taking her down next player phase!

Sure enough, she targets Setsuko. Of course, I had been ready for that and cast Alert.

: Pathetic, really. Your friendship act is going to make me hurl.
: You only say that because you don't believe people can work together!
: Yeah? How did that work out for your squadmates, huh?
: You can't get to me anymore! I'll overcome my sorrow to overcome you!

Well that was a waste of time for all involved.

Now, she's nicely set up to start behing shot at. A lot of people talk to her this stage, so let's start!

: I'm not usually the type to hit a girl, but since you've been bullying Setsuko, I'll have to make an exception!
: Well, aren't you a real man. Just the type to wring some real tears out of Setsuko when you die.
: Thanks for being such a good sport. Join your friends and make Setsuko cry!

: It's such an honor to cross swords with the AEUG's legendary Lt. Quattro!
: What does she know about me?
: Well, your other name, for starters. So, Red Comet, let's turn you into a shooting star!

: No one cares about you! Let us talk to Asakim!
: I'll get revenge for old Denzel and for Setsuko!
: Noisy little brat. I'll nip you in the bud before you turn into a thorn in Asakim's side.
: You're already a thorn in Setsuko's side, so I'll just cut you out!

: With those maneuvers... she's been trained in an army!
: Amuro Ray, did no one teach you how rude it is to pry into a lady's history?
: Or is that just how you Newtypes are? You really are natural weapons.
: She's trying to knock me off balance with those taunts...

: All you men are just wrapped around her finger.
: Setsuko's one of our own. And in particular, she's my student in the arts of war!
: Anyone who wants to put her effort down has to answer to me!

: Come on, Touga! We can't let her get away - for Setsuko!
: You cause sorrow... that makes you an enemy!
: You have no idea what her tears are for.
: Not that it matters. All you have to do is draw them out!

: Thanks for all you've done for Setsuko! How about I return the favor?
: Now you're her knight too? She's going to be the death of you!
: That's enough! You're not going to threaten any of my teammates again!

: Setsuko's been with me all the time as we both try to get stronger!
: I won't see either of us lose to the likes of you!
: Perfect. The sweetest despair comes from the instant that kind of confidence breaks.
: I know what it's like to hate yourself for being weak. I've tasted it myself!

: What do you want from Setsuko? Are you our enemy?
: This isn't your business, kiddo. Go cry to your mommy.
: Or stick with her and get seriously burned!

OK Setsuko, take her down! Löwen uses up the last of his SP on Gain and Emma casts Bless.

This gets Setsuko another level, getting her a new Spirit Command.

* Zeal(70) - Grants the caster's squad an extra action.

Yup. It's freaking Zeal. Zeal is, perhaps, the single most powerful Spirit Command in the game. A second turn is absurdly good. It does have a high cost for such a powerful effect though. This baby is the reason Setsuko's been learning SP-Up. So good job there, I'm going to enjoy using this.

Setsuko demands to know what Ziene's objective is, why she’s targeting her and what the point of her being sad is.
Ziene just says she'll find out soon enough - "you’ll understand just how accursed you are."

Of course, she escapes, but Setsuko knows they'll meet again; and when that time comes, she’ll get revenge for Denzel.
Amuro knows she’ll get there with her newfound resolve – today’s victory was a victory of both her spirit and her training and worthy of one bearing the Glory Star name.
She inwardly thinks to Toby that she’s gotten a bit stronger and, when next they meet, she’ll greet him with pride in her heart.

Theeh is VERY happy that Setsuko came back, not knowing what he’d do if she hadn’t and, if anything, Setsuko’s thankful for his concern.
Granted, his concerned stemmed from his fancies ("How could I ever forget the sting of that smack?"), but that seems beside the point; This is the first time the rest of ZEUTH, other than Setsuko, has met him and Kouji quickly asks what’s up with the crazy grandpa.
Edel apologizes for her scientist, saying he’s brilliant once you get past his other quirks; either way, almost none of our grunts have met her, so she takes the time to introduce herself properly.
Boss immediately cries out that she really IS beautiful and it falls on Sayaka to stop him from further embarrassing us but Löwen says that’s the standard reaction for those who see Edel’s visage; hell, even he isn’t fidgeting when next to her, proud to say that he’s dedicated all that he is for Edel’s ideals.
It's the first time in a while they've seen Schlan, too; with his duties in Japan cleaned up, he's off to his next mission but, unfortunately, it's so secret he can't tell ZEUTH what or where it is (Kiraken sighs that this guy’s as cool-headed as Julie).

Edel pulls Setsuko aside, having seen that she’s capable of overcoming her sorrow – truth be told, the girl still isn’t sure but, thanks to everyone in ZEUTH, she believes she’s now capable of doing so.
Edel shares her pain, having lost something very dear to the fires of war but she also steeled herself to overcome that and find find the resolve to keep fighting for the future of the whole world.
Shinn's also impressed by the General's dream of a future without war but his train of thought’s interrupted:

: You'll let an old man offer you a congratulations present, right? I can supe up your Virgola but good!
: Huh?
: Got all the data right here. Can't wait to get my fingers in that beauty!
: That's enough, Prof. Theeh. That mech holds a lot of memories for Setsuko. You won’t--
: I love you! Can't you give me this one teensy weensy thing, Miss Edel?
: ...fine. I authorize the alteration of the Virgola.
: Ah?
: Woohoo! And what about you, Setsuko?
: I... well...
: (I wouldn't, Setsuko. Not with this creep.)
: (He's probably going to put octopus tentacles on it or something.)
: (Just say no, Setsuko!)
: I need an answer!
: Professor Theeh... please take care of the Virgola.
: What a shocking twist! What a happy ending!
: Are you sure, Setsuko?! It's your Virgola, right?
: The Glory Star's mission was to bring the Virgola project to completion.
: I think anything that makes it stronger is what Toby and the Chief would want.
: You don't need to worry.
: Prof. Theeh may have bizarre character, habits, opinions, genetics, backgrounds, and speech, but he also has talent.
: You’re not helping!
: Then you won't mind if we send Astonage and Prof. Kazami to work with you, right, Professor?
: No prob! All the new parts are done, though.
: Prof. Theeh, did you already take the Virgola's data before you even asked?
: Well... yeah, but... it's all right, right? All all right? Righty-tighty? Right as rain?
: Prof. Theeh, the Virgola gave me a reason to live.
: When I give it to you, it's in the Chief's and Toby's names as well.
: All over it!
: I'm not sure about this...

Anyway, let's forget about creepy Prof. Theeh and get out of here! Luna and the other girls are hungry for something sweet and Runa wants to go and bake a cake with Rie.
Eina wonders why she didn’t ask her to bake it, considering she’s the resident maid but Runa knows cooking isn’t one of her main talents; the maid’s dejected but Setsuko cheers her on, saying the Virgola’s upgrade will take a while so they can spend it trying to make some pastries.
Luna runs off to call Meyrin, Maria and the other girls and Runa’s excited for a huge party just for them.
Setsuko’s finally feeling better, wondering how long it’s been since she’s been this happy…

*Later that day, in Setsuko’s room.*

: (So much happened in just one day…)
: (But it WAS a good day…I met BrigGen. Edel and…)
: (Most importantly, I found my own strength with everyone’s help...)

*Beep, beep.*

: Hm? A call on my phone? Who is it…
: This ID’s…the Glory Star’s code…?!
: Toby... is that you?