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Part 118: Mission 32 (Rand) - So I Can Be Myself - Part 2

Player Phase!

: Mel Beater must also be in the area...
: So, how about I go and say hello.

*Asakim moves over next to the Iron Gear!*

: He’s coming…!
: Now, Shurouga… Give them a taste of your power!

: Urgh! The guy wasn’t all smug for nothing!
: This one’ll be a really tough nut to crack…!
: Asakim Dowin…!

: Damn it! I can’t just sit on my ass with all this going on! I’m getting out there with the Gunleon!
: No!
: Mel…you—
: The Gunleon’s the property of the Beater Services… it belongs to me and my daddy!
: I won’t just let you take it like that, Rand!
: It’s been a very long time since you called me by name…
: This isn’t a joke! You destroyed mine and my father’s life!
: …
: Our home would still be in one piece if daddy hadn’t picked up a thug like you!
: You really are The Crusher!
: …That all you wanted to say?
: !
: Listen, I was wrong for keeping quiet about what happened…
: It was a damn stupid decision and, in the end, it just backfired. I really am sorry...
: But, still, I…we have to get out there…!
: What, you’re asking me to get in the Gunleon with you?!
: Yes. Right now, the two of us ARE the Beater Services…! Let’s do this, Mel!
: I’ll pulverize that creep Asakim but I need your help to do it!
: …

: Rand?!
: And Mel’s in there, too?
: …
: Ah. Rand Travis, Mel Beater and the Gunleon…
: All pieces are in play…

*Asakim moves over to Rand.*

: Now, Rand, let me hear you scream in agony!

: URK!
: HAHAHAHA! Can you feel it - that unbearable pain, welling up in your heart?!
: The Sphere will react to it and the Scarred Lion will awaken! You two are the ultimate sacrifice!!
: Shut up...! You damn coward...!
: I ain’t giving in to this pain again…! And that’s a promise!
: AHAHAHAHAHA! And what can a broken man like you possibly do?!
: It’s true… Something real important inside me got trashed…that’s why I screamed back then…
: But, I am a repairman! THE HEAT, OF THE BEATER SERVICES!!

: A repairman fixes anything that’s broken – be it a machine, person or spirit!
: !
: What’s done is done… and nothing'll change that…
: But a repairman’s job is to put it all back together, just as it, better than what it was!
: That’s…what daddy used to say…
: So, I ain't gonna try to sugar-coat what I did! I’ll do something about it with my own hands...! That’s how I--
: That's how THE HEAT rolls!!

: Whoa! Rand and the Gunleon…it’s like they’re on fire!
: He...he really wasn’t sad at all!
: You’re wrong!
: Rand has hurting, too…but he—
: Save the analysis for later, boy! I’m itching to get started!
: Uurgh, stifling!!
: Mel…
: …A lot happened since daddy disappeared…so many painful and sad things…
: But you pulled us through everything...always with that Heat Smile on your sweet, stifling, Darling…
: I wouldn’t be myself if I lost that inner fire. That’s what I was always going for.
: And, no matter what happens, you’re you, Mel!
: Right!
: Now…I reckon it’s time for a world premier! This here’s ours and the Gunleon’s Super-Serious Mode!

: The Gunleon and I are bursting with power…!
: Let’s go, Mel! Now’s the time!!
Captions are available.

: !
: How d'ya like them apples, Asakim! That's all our power for ya!
: You managed to tap into the Scarred Lion, did you?
: You’re everything I expected and more, THE HEAT.

As Asakim recovers, Rand ponders this new “GunGun Mode” – Mel quickly yells that name’s super lame and tells him to call it Magna Mode (and she won’t hear any back-talk).
Either way, it's time to give Asakim what-for and Rand wants to punch him until he cries and begs forgiveness!
Chil’s very happy that they reconciled but Jiron and Gain didn’t think they need to worry that much as no couple likes to stay mad at each other.
As he said, Rand’s mechanical prowess allowed him to repair his bond with Mel but Asakim still thinks he can inflict pain on him by leveraging his sinful past. Mel tells him to give it a try, as the good Rand has done outweighs the bad 1000 to 1!
Furthermore, Rand says anyone feels pain when they’re hit and it’s high time Asakim also learned that.

Here it is, folks: Rand’s “mid-season” upgrade. Sadly, as you saw in the Pain Shouter attack, he’s in constant pain when using the GunGun Magna Mode so he can’t keep it going 24/7.
That said, it does give him two massively powerful attacks to use, 10 mobility (huh?), 30 EN and an EN module, which’ll greatly boost his longevity.
Pain Shouter is an ammo-based, pre-movement ALL attack and a very welcome addition to his arsenal; the other attack…you’ll have to wait a lil bit to see it!

Finally, Rand will be at 200(!) morale for the rest of this mission because !

All this hot blood got Gainer to play seriously.

Either way, we’re still on the clock and it’d do us good to draw Asakim closer to our group.
Considering he’ll focus on Rand whenever possible, we’ll have him play bait.

Nice and easy.

The Freeden and Gekko quickly dispatch some weak mooks.

Apollo needs to start double-attacking stuff, so he casts Spirit.

Meanwhile, Gain starts working on the farthest batch of birds.

This other group’s for Apollo.

Yup, the leader gets torn a new one.

Once again remembering that I have Analyze, I send Holland to help Gain out which nets him a kill.
All bird troops are analyze’d, which leads Ryouma to just oneshot one of the damn things.

Can you do the same, Gainer?

Good kid!

Jiron barely misses the kill mark but Kei, as always, stomps all over the birds.

Switching over to Jamil to bust out some ALL attacks.

That’s good – both Cornicus in this squad are rather weak now.

Enemy Phase!

Some weak Daggers decide to attack our new Rand and he quickly shows what a bad choice they made; Apollo, meanwhile, punches the second-to-last Gells-Ghe into the Moon.
The actual last Gells gets blown away by the Freeden.

You. I like you.

Because this kill was exactly what Gain needed to level up and take Oversense L3!

Which means he can now use his awesome OverSkill (auto-cast Accelerate every turn and give the Photon Mat +200 extra damage reduction)!

Gainer takes the last Cornicus on the north side and Adette also gets an Oversense boost – L2.
Gain also takes another two kills.

Oh? I didn’t expect her to go for Jiron with Rand and Kei right there.

Eh, fine.

And, as expected…

: You might’ve helped us only as part of your plan but I still owe ya!
: So, as payback for all that, I’ll make this quick!
: You’re quite the dutiful man. And that’s precisely why my trap was so effective.
: Ya got that right and I’m the first to admit it!
: But right now I’m just pissed the hell off! My HEAT’s gonna melt that cool head of yours!
: You are truly impressive, Rand Travis…

Rand Vs. Asakim #1: “Yo, Asakim! I’ve got a truckload of things I wanna ask ya about!”
Surprisingly, Rand managed to get a 24% hit to stick.

Player Phase!

The last two Cornicus are killed by Gain and Garrod offscreen; first things first, we need to deal with Ziene quick-like.

Following Jiron, Marin is just in range to snipe at her.

And that’s good enough.

In reality, Gainer’s the one who got this kill but…

: You’re quite the tough man...I just might’ve fallen for you if we hadn’t met like this.
: Thanks but I’m not into the “bad girl”-types!
: Yeah, he doesn’t need a two-faced hussy like you!
: My, my…you might not be human but you, at least, cuss like one.
: B-big words coming from someone with those inhuman breasts!
: Easy, Mel! We both know that's your jealousy speaking!
: Aaack, shut up! Damn it!
: Thanks for the compliment, girl. To show my appreciation, I’ll make your beloved Rand scream some more!


Ziene’s rather miffed that we’ve driven her into a corner and Asakim quickly tells her to stand down and let him handle the rest. She figures he should be fine but, blushing, still tells him to be careful.
Löwen notices that Ziene seems to have pledged her heart and soul to Asakim…scary, even for Kei.

And now, for the main event.

: Singularity…are you aware of your mission?
: I don’t need a reminder! It's to save this world from the dimensional collapse!
: However, saving my soul is beyond you, yes?
: What’s that supposed to mean?!
: Heh, I wonder…

Asakim attacking Kei #1: “Kei Katsuragi, yours is quite the unfortunate fate… We might even be alike.”

: What is this mech…?! It even rivals the Getter in power!
: My Shurouga and your machine are worlds apart…
: You would understand if you wandered around for an eternity.

Asakim Vs. Getter (and God Sigma): “If that power grows, sooner or later you’ll…”

: You’re not getting away today! We’re bringing you in and making you apologize to Rand and Mel!
: I needn’t apologize to anyone.
: What I did was just and you, too, will understand…after you reach the afterlife.
: Your chicanery only proves you’re a real bad guy!
: And I’m not about to let a coward like you off the hook!

: Tell me, why did you go through the trouble of tricking us just to pull that stunt?!
: Even if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t be able to do anything with it.
: Quit with that high-and-mighty attitude! What’s wrong with you?!
: Hmm…what, indeed…

Asakim vs. Gainer (might be a generic line): “We’re both prisoners, you and I…”

: Impressive movements…befitting a trained soldier.
: Even as a pilot, this man’s no slouch…! And that mech of his…what the hell are they?!

Asakim damaged by Newtypes #1: “As long as humans remain human, true innovation won’t come…!”
Asakim attacking Newtypes #1: “It’s impossible for a soul to be unbound.”

: For you to patiently put together such a complex plan, all for one objective…I’m impressed.
: Time is but an infinite prison to me… This made for a good distraction.
: Your get your jollies out of bothering people, eh? But keep in mind that playing around with us might cost you your life!

: Taking advantage of others…you make me wanna puke!
: Oh? Are you sure you’ve the right to criticize me on that?
: Grr… Sassing me is only making things worse for you, freak!

: The hell…You ain’t got any smell at all!
: …
: Are you really there? You’re not a ghost, right?
: A ghost…? No, I am a prisoner of time and fate.

Asakim taking damage from Apollo (and two others ) #1: “Creation is destruction…destruction is creation. Hmhmhm…”
Asakim attacking Apollo (and two others) #1: “Will you walk the same path as me…?”

: You manipulating creep! After I’m done beating you up, Imma make you come clean about everything!
: That’s assuming you CAN beat me, no?
: Well, why don’t I give it a shot and then we’ll talk about what I can and can’t do!
: Hmhmhm…I’ll be waiting.

: Ah, your heart’s such a sad tone of blue…a very nice color.
: And anyone with a heart would call what you’ve done unforgivable! It’s as simple as that!
: “Anyone with a heart”, huh? However, those who bear the weight of a grave sin…they are fated to be prisoners for eternity, to wander across the dimensions.

Asakim taking damage from Baldios #1: “Hah…can you actually save your tomorrow?” (takes a special kind of jerk to taunt a mech with his own theme song!)
Asakimg attacking Baldios (and two others) #1: “Ah, I can see that your past has been stained by sorrow.”

And now we come to an end. Here’s the other, badass, attack Rand’s unlocked:
Captions are also available.

Asakim drops an ever-useful Megabooster and Rand takes two levels, maxing out Prevail at L9.

Asakim concedes that he’s underestimated Rand and sees that the Scarred Lion was just as surprised – it remembered the days of old and, thus, the Gunleon cried.
It’s pretty obvious to Rand that Asakim knows a whole lot about the mech and demands to know what it is and what’s it done to Cielo and Mel. Asakim won’t say anything for now, though, but he assures Rand they’ll meet again as fate will bring them together.
Asakim bids farewell to THE HEAT and leaves, Löwen pondering how it seems that Rand’s the sole focus of the guy’s attention.

Mel is a bit miffed that her one-time prince turned out like that but she says everything’ll be fine – she has her darling with her! Rand’s glad to hear that he’s “darling” again but Mel confesses that it felt really weird to call him by name.
Truth be told, Rand says it also doesn’t feel right for him to be called anything else.

Looks like their quarrel is settled, Jamil knowing their relationship won’t be broken easily after all they’ve went through. And, even if it does, Gain remembers Rand can just put it all back together as a repairman.
Rand knows he wouldn’t have been able to pull this off if they weren’t here to bail him out and calls everyone back to base.

At an undisclosed location, Asakim is grinning from ear to ear – this strikes Ziene as odd, considering their failure with Rand. Still, Asakim says there’s no rush as he’s decided to enjoy his time with Rand a bit more.
Ziene now understands that the power displayed by the Scarred Lion is what Asakim’s after. Indeed, it’s the key to free his cursed existence from the chains of fate and Asakim finds it ironic that, to do so, he has to wield precisely the power that binds him.
He asks Ziene if she’s going to relate this development to her master and, once again blushing, she says Asakim’s her only master – in body, soul and fate.

She remembers the day when the world was destroyed, when she became bound by those same chains of fate and lost everything… He’s the only one who knows the same pain and the only one who can save her soul.
Asakim seems thankful and, with that in mind, Ziene asks permission to hunt Rand down again, promising to make him scream. He realizes that Ziene’s also become fascinated with Rand but admits that THE HEAT’s truly is quite a magnificent man and worthy of wielding the Scarred Lion.

Either way, while Asakim makes preparations, Ziene has one other mission to attend to: the Chiram, who foolishly insist on trying to open the path to the Taiji through human hands.
She tells him not to worry, since even the Federation has laid its plans to oppose them. All she has to do is tell the Feds what the Project D actually entails, and they should start moving in no time.
Inwardly, Asakim likes the thought of the wide-spread chaos that will cause and he’ll continue to walk his accursed path amidst all that.
For him to be himself, all others similar beings must perish and he must, at last, reach the Taiji…

Rand tries asking Setsuko why she’s pursuing Asakim but she doesn’t seem willing to talk about it and Rand apologizes if he struck a wound. Regardless, she admits that, while she doesn’t really know who Asakim is or what he’s after, she’s swore on her pride to take him down.
Rand and Jamil see in her eyes, so filled with sorrow, that she’s been through a lot and Mel asks what she’ll be doing now – she’s still going after Asakim. Rand wants to lend a hand but Setsuko says, unlike her, he has other things to do.

Rand apologizes for not being more helpful but Setsuko’s already thankful for his prior help today and, either way, she’s satisfied with just having been able to team up with them in this struggle.
Setsuko promises to let us know if she finds anything about Asakim – her call-sign will be “Glory Star”.
“Glory Star?”, Rand asks; “Something very precious to me…” she says. And, with everyone exchanging wishes of safe travels, she leaves.

: (Alright, Setsuko…you take it easy…)
: Darling! You’re OK!
: Whoa there, gramps! What’s with that “darling” business?!
: Well, your friends told me that it doesn’t feel right for you to be called anything else.
: That’s what you said, darling.
: So sorry, darling. We’ve been calling you “Rand” all this time.
: Under those circumstances, I shall also start calling you so, darling.
: Wait, hold on! Why aren’t Shaia, Adette, Talho, Hilda, Sara and Tonya here for this, then?!
: Hey! Are those the only ones that matter?!
: What, are Silvia and I not good enough for you?!
: That’s not the point here! I’m the only one who gets to call him “darling”!
: Ooh, and who’s his adorable girl?
: Pleased to meet you! I’m Mel Beater, my darling’s fiancée!
: WOWOW, darling! You’re a lolicon?!
: It’s a long story, so I’ll abridge it: NO!
: Aaw, too bad…and here I thought I’d found a kindred spirit…

Silvia and Elchi quickly scramble to hide Chil and Ana but Theeh tells them not to worry as his strike range is only 50 years, plus or minus, his own age!
Even Pierre and Roybea are getting irked this guy but, despite it all, the professor loudly proclaims that his most beloved woman in the world is still Eldel, much to her chagrin.

She introduces herself and Jiron and Gainer are surprised that a bigwig like her came over to the hangar to meet us. Yes but she says her position as general is merely a job and, aside from that, she’s a person like any other.
Thus, since she’s requested our cooperation, she wanted to meet and talk to us personally – Ryouma approves of her attitude and Kei’s already smitten with her beauty. Just watching all these people, brought together from so many different worlds, getting along together encourages Edel greatly.
Apollo finds it a bit strange to be praised by a Fed but Sirius chides him for embarrassing us in front of her.

Edel doesn’t mind his manners, though, and Rand sings her praises for being so nice with stuff like that.
Speaking of, Edel’s heard of Rand’s efforts from Löwen and Schlan but he insists it wasn’t anything impressive – he was just cleaning his own mess. Garrod quietly notes that Rand’s surprisingly bashful near Edel and Mel’s starting to worry that she might have competition…
Edel has been inspired by Rand and promises to also fight as a repairwoman, for the sake of fixing the world, and he promises to root for her.

Our own battles will surely help her cause, too, so she offers us supplies and funds by way of thanking us for the assist.
She also offers Löwen to accompany us and he’s very glad to join up. Kei’s also glad as it’ll give him a chance of curing the guy of his gynophobia and Theeh’s eager to sign up for that, too…sadly, Schlan shoots him down.
Mumbling, Theeh asks for Löwen to at least send him lots of pictures and souvenirs.

: Hey, darling…remember what you said before?
: Hm?
: Your promise that you’d tell me about daddy when I was taller than you.
: …Yeah, I figured that’d happen when we found a way to fix your body…
: IDIOT! Even if I did grow, there’s no way a girl like me could be that tall!
: OK, OK…how about I lower the bar a bit, then?
: Let’s see…once your hair grows down to your shoulders—
: We’ll get married!
: Ack!!
: I already know about daddy, so you’ve nothing else to offer.
: B-but I…
: What?! If you’ve any complaints, why don’t you come out and say it in front of everyone else!
: Once my hair’s grown to my shoulders, we—

: There he goes…
: Men get way too scared with stuff like this.
: (Hah…you just can’t catch a break, eh, THE HEAT?)
: Gain…I’m gonna do my best, too.
: Someday I’ll share some of my darling’s burden, just like you told me.
: And, yes, Macaroni au gratin is so much better when it’s blazing hot!
: Keep at it, Mel. Everyone here’s rooting for you two.
: Right! And I’ll make sure to invite you all to the wedding!
: (Rand…you better do your best, too.)

: …

*Someone enters the infirmary.*

: Renton…
: …
: Why did you come…? No one aside from Mischa should be here…
: She went to the hangar with everyone else… I guess something happened…
: They said I…I shouldn’t see you anymore.
: They told me the same thing…that you get unstable whenever I’m close…
: It’s true…
: !
: Even now, my…my heart-rate’s gone up…
: …
: I just want you to know one thing: I’ll do anything to keep you safe…
: …
: I might not be any match for Holland or the other grown-ups but I’ll do it…
: Because I...I—
: No!
: Eureka…
: Please…don’t come any closer…
: Eureka…
: …
: …Kch…

*Renton leaves.*

: …
: …It’s because you…you make me different…so…

Edel’s package for us includes 50k cash, 300 Blue Stones, a Barrier Field and Minovsky Craft. Very nice.

We were so close to having a nice happy ending but now things are getting even worse with one of our young couples…

Finally, this page is already huge, so it'd be nice to get a new one soon.