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Part 120: Mission 33 (Rand) - Route Split

Location: Central South Ameria – Gekko Go, Hangar

Things get off to a bad start as Hap’s informed that Gonzy saw Renton running away, his last words to the old man was for everyone to take care.
Talho’s very annoyed that Renton’s still being this troublesome but, surprise, Holland’s fine with it adding that it saved him the trouble of kicking the useless brat off the ship himself. Furthermore, since he didn’t take the Nirvash, Holland sees no reason to go after.
Rag’s the first to speak up, very annoyed with the idea that he’d simply abandon someone who’s been with us for such a long time. Especially considering, thinks Gainer, who’s obviously responsible for pushing the kid to this point.

Holland tells him to just come out and say it and Gainer does: “He left because you kept taking everything out on him! Or don’t you even see that?!” Garrod also adds that, yes, Renton could sometimes act without thinking but that doesn’t justify all that Holland did to him.
As Holland glares at the other “brats”, Jiron steps up and says that, while he was always willing to accept him as a suitable leader for our group, something’s been seriously wrong with him lately – wrong enough that even Renton, who once idolized him, lost faith.

Holland yells that none of us know what’s going on and have no right to say anything but Gainer points out that he’s the one who’s been keeping everyone out in the first place.
Enough is enough, though, as Garrod signed up to work with his friends, NOT to be the private army of a man who won't tell his supposed comrades what's really going on.
“Well, if you don’t like it then get out – just like the brat!”, Holland yells. Kei’s had enough of just watching this debacle and thinks it’s Holland who should be receiving this “offer”.
Holland figures he'll do just that, branding himself an outcast among outcasts. If we won’t put up with how he does things, then the Gekkostate will go on its own path.

Hap and Matthew speak up right then, saying there’s a crapton of enemies looking for them – they can’t handle that by themselves. Holland is undeterred, though, saying they got along just fine by themselves before, so they’ll just do it again.
Before an angry Talho can say anything, Jamil and Gain tell him to settle down: there’s no point in having this argument over Renton when he’s not even here. So, what Gain suggests is that we deal with it AFTER the kid’s returned to us.
Garrod quickly perks up with the idea of searching for his buddy but, as Elchi points out, it’d be dangerous to have the entire group take part in this. Gain proposes we send a small detachment to do the job, then.

Jiron volunteers, having had enough of arguing with a certain cranky person and Chil will also come along, having played with Renton several times before.
Kei will come along as well, figuring his Orguss’s flexibility will be helpful and, when Mimsy gets worried, says the Chiram and Emaan wouldn’t expect their precious Singularity to be wandering off on its own so he’ll be fine for a while.
Garrod also wants to come, promising to convince Renton to come back once we’ve found him; Gainer wants to help with that but Gain stops him.
He says he’ll look for Renton while Gainer should stay with Holland as it’ll be educational, in many ways, to study such a “charismatic” man.
So, Gain, Kei, Jiron, Chil and Garrod will be the search group while everyone else will stay and guard the ships – it’s now up to Rand to decide what he’ll do:

Secret Alert!

This would be a one-sided choice even without the Eureka Seven secret. You’ll want to stick to Rand’s secret item if you’ve been doing it thus far, though, as you’ll find it much more useful than another Xabungle.

Rand would rather be moving his body than drinking with an ill-tempered leader, and has been concerned with Renton's welfare ever since he left his grandpa's place.
Furthermore, he tells Löwen to come along too and experience the freedom outside the military. Sara chides him, saying this isn’t some leisurely trip, but he tells not to worry as he’s 100% committed to finding and bringing the kid back.
Garrod and Gainer wish each other luck and Jiron’s eager to get going as Renton should still be decently close (Holland’s still grumbling, much to Talho’s chagrin).

If you take the other route, Rand’s sure that Gain can see the search through and figures that Jamil might have trouble keeping Holland safe on his own.

Elsewhere, Dewey has just gotten in touch with Ray and Charles Beams – for the first time in a very long while. Ray sniffs at his “old friend” act, considering he broke into their comm network to make the call and Charles asks what a big-shot like him could want with poor bodyguards like them.
Dewey wonders if that job’s good enough for them but Ray snaps that they do alright. Well, Dewey has an offer for them and, quickly realizing where this is going, Charles says they’ve no intention of returning to the army.
He finds their current, carefree life a much better fit than the regimented routine of a soldier (plus, it leaves him more time to spend with his wife).
So, they wonder, why in blazes would they take his offer? To settle the score with Holland, Dewey says.
THIS gets Charles’ attention and he agrees to hear the guy out, though Ray seems uneasy…

Back in Gainer’s room, he’s got in touch with Cynthia for some more rounds of Over Battle and told her of his trip to South Ameria.
Sadly, it seems the connection is still iffy because he can’t see her face.
That said, Cynthia reveals that she’s en-route to South Ameria as well – much to Gainer’s surprise – and she hopes they’ll be able to have that date. He does apologize for not showing up due to what happened during their Catez stay.
She’s not angry, though, and meeting him now would serve as ample compensation. Gainer’s glad to hear that and they both hope to see each other soon.