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Part 126: Mission 35 (Rand - Ships Route) - Over Battle - Part 2

Gainer gets attacked by two nearby Breaker groups, killing one.

And Rand’s previous target guns for Roger.


Kei also draws the attention of nearby mooks, weakening two Breaker groups and two Xibalbas.

As a bunch of Angels attack and get two Breakers killed (this is good for our timer), Hola decides to focus on Gain and eats a nice counter hit.

And here comes the OverDevil, drawing a 28% chance to hit on Gainer. Not a whole lot but enough to make me worry about the RNG and have him dodge.

: What’s happening…?! My mind feels like it’s a thousand miles away whenever I get close to this thing!
: Stay strong, Gainer Sanga! Weren’t you going to surpass yourself?!
: Yes, you’re up against a Boss, but you can’t be intimidated!!

Always amusing to see a unit dodge this huge blizzard by just taking a side-step.

As the Angels start making a beeline for Gainer and the OverDevil, this one Cheburim already decides to attack.
So, let’s take this chance to show his Photon Mat attack now that he’ll be able to connect.
That’s some impressive damage.

Player Phase!

Grabbing an assist from Gain to leave Hola barely alive, Marin starts moving towards Timp.

Much as I’d like to have Jiron do this, Garrod’s falling behind on levels (and morale).

Barely did enough damage.
To compensate for Jiron’s absence, here’s one of his vs. Hola lines: “I won’t hand over the protagonist spot to someone like you!”

Jiron did have stuff to say to the guy, mind:

: Talk about stubborn, Hola! You just got pummeled by us the other day and you’re already back for more?!
: Zip it, Melonhead!
: I got stuck with this crap Landship thanks to you beating me over and over!
: Hey, don’t you go blaming others for that! You might’ve been able to afford a better one if you did some honest work for a change!

Hola’s POS Landship can’t take any more punishment and he orders Geraba to run for the hills lest their rise to riches and power come to an abrupt end.

And there goes Gain’s OverSkill.

Cynthia and Greta are en route to Timp, so we’ll start dealing with them – Duke and Gain go for the former.

I won’t assume this’ll hit but…

: Cynthia, if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get!
: But I’ll hurt you again!
: Stop attacking, then! If you wanna have an Overmen battle then you should stick to the game!
: I can’t! Or else Mr. Kids will…
: Why won’t she listen…?! Is her heart frozen solid?!
: Then, I’ll overcome myself and stop her by force…THAT is what an OverSkill’s about!
: Gainer!
: I won’t let you hurt anyone else, Cynthia!

Bleh…fine. The important part is that his OverSkill’s running now.

Let’s get rid of Greta’s mooks to limit her potential of being an annoyance.

: Jiron Amos! You got me good before but not today!
: It’s the widow! The widow cometh again!
: Aargh, you're always such a pest! I'll give you, too, an eyeful of the glamour of a mature woman!

Motherfucker…that was a 92% hit he whiffed.

Following Löwen’s squad, Rand moves in to lend a hand.

There go her squaddies and Burume learns Prevail L6.

Nearby, the Freeden and Aquarion clear another pair of weak Breakers.

I was hoping that’d trigger the Element System but I’ll take Dizer Full Power.
Nearby, Ryouma moves over and takes a jab at Cynthia for some 6k damage.

Kei got screwed by a Doran blocking his path, so now he needs to cross the OverDevil’s danger zone while heading towards Timp…

It takes a Center formation attack to do what Kei would’ve, normally, been able to do on his own.
That OverSkill sucks.

Enemy Phase!

Gainer’s numbers are better now but both him and Cynthia still fail to land a hit.

And with Kei gone, the Breakers and Angels go to town with a massive victory to the Angels – aside from the Dorans, only one Dagger barely survives.

These ones are a bit smarter and go for Löwen.

And there’s the leader, blowing up after his poor choice.

Jiron gets a nice hit in on Greta but, as it turns out, I had failed at counting Timp’s range…allowing him to pop a TRI attack.

: Been a long time, pardner. I didn’t think good ol’ Hola there would be able to smack you down.
: Got a Brockary, eh? Looks like you’re doing alright, Timp!
: Aah, ya know… them crummy Walker Machines never really clicked with me.
: So now y'all gonna get a taste of what a first-class Walker Machine can do!

Making up for his previous miss, Jiron dodges a 70% attack.

Player Phase!

Well, we have this ready for the OverDevil, assuming we can get Garrod’s morale that high.

Kills are necessary for that, so the takes a Doran.

Nearby, the Glomar heals Löwen’s team and Shaia learns Commander L2.

Gain takes a potshot at Cynthia and moves closer to Timp.

Meanwhile, let’s have Gainer take out that last Dagger.

There we go.

Quickly now, Löwen takes down Greta and Roybea learns Support Attack L3.

Greta will not allow either her precious Doran to be shot down or for her “spring” to be cut short – she retreats.

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this.

Bye, Cynthia.

Her defeat comes as a shock but Gainer assures her that he has no intention of taking her life – rather, he wants to play with her some more over the UN.
Cynthia says she can't, since everyone who loses has to leave the dorms and that means she'll never find out about her mother.
In tears, she runs off and Sara fears her heart’s frozen beyond what they can melt.

Now for Timp and with a couple of attacks from Marin and Jiron, we get rid of his squaddies.
Jiron also goes up to Prevail L8.

Now to show off Timp’s badass, strongest attack.
If only this guy wasn’t such a jerk…

Following it up, a Shine Spark gets him close to being wrecked.

Problem is, these Graave Cherubims haven’t been attacking the OverDevil and someone needs to start damaging them lest we run out of time.
So, we’ll leave Timp for next turn and have Kei get to work.

Mind, not even a Heat Crusher can deal the necessary 6500 damage to kill Timp, so Rand bops one of the nearby Dorans.

Enemy Phase!

Speaking of, the other Doran trades blows with Duke (HAN JYUUURYOKU STOOOOOOOOMU); nearby, Jiron gets another go at Timp.

Things start getting a bit worrisome as half the Angels pull off from the OverDevil to take a jab at Gainer…

Player Phase!

OK, you need to go right now so I can focus on them.

“Sorry but I’m immortal. See ya!”
Screw you, Timp.

Timp’s excuse is that someone messed up when servicing his Brockary.
He “can’t work with this”, so he pulls back. Burume sighs at how that guy doesn’t deserve such a great Walker Machine and Rag chalks up at stupid rich people being unable to value stuff.

Alright, now we clean up whatever Angels we can before taking out the OverDevil with our last turn; Apollo picks whatever has the highest HP and fires.
Elchi also snipes away a Kei’s Graave, who ate an Overfreeze in the previous round.

As the other Graave, who attacked Gainer in the last round, falls under combined Freeden corp. fire, Marin takes the time to snipe away at this Cherubim.

Dayum…that OverSkill’s helping out now!

Kei keeps killing and, without a choice, Löwen’s forced to enter the dead zone to go after a healthy Xibalba.

It’s not good enough, so the Glomar has to cowboy up and move after it.

At least it’s further weakened and the barrier proves to be holding just fine.

Duke’s squaddies wrap up a Xibalba and Ryouma easily dispatches the last Doran.

Finally, I underestimate the OverSkill’s effects and Rand fails to finish off this Cherubim with his Riot Wrench failing to even break 6k damage (I think it could do that way back in the first mission).

At least there’s this one more kill.

So there.

Enemy Phase!

You little motherfuckers…these Angels never attacked anything other than Gainer and the OverDevil but now they decide they wanna go after the Glomar!

At least one of them plays ball and dies to Rand.

Player Phase!

Still need to kill these three, so we’ll use the ships.

That’ll teach you.

With that done, we’re in the home stretch. Blow every remaining SP you have, keep anyone with long range attacks out of the dead zone and when you do send people in, do your best to surround the OverDevil to get the damage bonus from placement.

So, cue the music and let’s go!

: This bizarre creature…it’s just like a demon in S-1’s legends!
: I can’t even imagine the amount of death it’d cause were it to wander freely! We need to destroy it now, whatever the cost!

: This monster’s sole purpose is to bring ruin?!
: We cannot leave this avatar of destruction to its own devices – we must fight!
Here’s OverFreeze now that it finally has a target to hit. Also, Duke's swanky ground-version of Double Harken!

Gain Vs. OverDevil #1: “The Emperanza’s left arm is shaking…!”

: This Overman feels completely different from everything we fought so far…!
: We can’t ignore something like this! It has to be stopped!

: We fought demons and angels but I sure didn’t think we’d go up against a monster like this!
: Jiron Amos is a MAN, though! Doesn’t matter what the enemy is, I always go all the way!

: This creature is a legacy of the Black History… just what is the truth that’s said to be with it?
: However, even if destruction IS the truth, I will still reject it!

: This monster’s sooooo GROSS, Darling!
: Keep taking pictures, Mel! This is prime-time material: THE HEAT versus THE DEVIL!
: We’re gonna be superstars once these pics hit the UN!

Another of Rand’s quips after failing to kill with this: “Heh, I might really be The Crusher…”

: I know anything goes in this multi-dimensional world but this thing is just too much!
: Yeesh…I guess this is the real “charm” of this place!

: Urk…! Something inside me is freaking out at this thing!
: Does this monster have something to do with my past life?!

: This thing gets creepier each time I look at it! But I guess that’s par for the course from something called “devil”!
: At least I don’t have to worry about missing something this big! Time for some monster hunting!

The OverDevil lets out one last howl as it explodes, sealing a smashing victory for our team.
The battle’s finally over and it’s almost dawn, so Gain suggests we gather for a victory toast – nothing beats watching the sunrise with a cold one beside you. Jamil’s up for it and suggests we go grab Holland’s group as they should also have settled their matters.

Rand’s very eager to cash in Holland’s promise to pay for the booze but Gainer’s deep in thought, wondering about how King Gainer got stronger whenever he fought against Fallen Angels and figures it’s probably because the mech remembers fighting them in the distant past.
He fears King Gainer might one day take away his free will if they continue to fight as they have...mind, he doesn’t share his concerns with Sara. She hopes Cynthia will stop fighting us with this defeat but we can’t really do anymore outside of hoping.

Following this, we get the rundown of what happened in the last mission of the Renton route, so we’ll skip it.

The scene ends just like in Setsuko’s path, with the Federation launching an invasion against the Chiram, despite their cease-fire. Considering Löwen hadn’t received any info on the matter, he figures the Titans and Blue Cosmos are behind it.
It could be misinformation but Löwen doesn’t think so, saying the intel came to us from the Archangel crew – with that in mind, Jamil and Shaia decided we should go check it out ourselves.

Wee bit more of left to this scene but, again, it pertains to the other path.

Within the Agate Crystal…

: Huh…the OverDevil was defeated.
: The pilot of that dreadlocked Overman had a rather impressive Sense, I think.
: Power surpassing 100%...THAT was a true Oversense.
: Greater than your granddaughter, Cynthia?
: Hmph…fine words for someone who was about to use my late daughter and I to try and raise Cynthia’s abilities. Have you no shame?
: That child longs for a family of her own. I merely wanted to inform that her grandmother was still around.
: You’d tell her that, due to the OverDevil, her mother was killed and her grandmother was encased in ice?
: …
: Kids Munt, the OverDevil was just defeated! Why are you so nonchalant?!
: Wasn’t that THE Demonic Overman?!
: Well, it certainly was one of those…but it was only a small one.
: What?!


: Hmhmhm... you didn’t do your homework very well, Asuham. You won’t be able to get hold of the OverDevil’s power like that.
: Hrm…
: Some time ago, I had access to a tome from Duke Medayu’s collection, depicting certain events from the past…
: An army of OverDevils fighting against Fallen Angels…sparkling butterfly wings…
: And, at the end of it all, the advent of the Apostles of the Great Power…
: It was a report from the Black History?!
: That’s right. And in this Agate Crystal, an even mightier OverDevil lies asleep.
: And due to the Angels’ appearance today, it should awaken shortly.


: Stop this madness, Kids Munt!
: Hmhmhm… this OverDevil will be of a wholly different magnitude from the previous one.
: Once this OverDevil takes in a person with a strong Oversense as its pilot, its power will truly be unrivaled.
: Hah, fool! You should watch what you babble about!
: I'll be taking that "True OverDevil"!
: I don't think so, Asuham!


: …Was that supposed to be a punch? I’m afraid it didn’t work, boy.
: Wh-what?! I’m a martial arts expert! How did you withstand my attack?!
: Kids Munt…what kind of monster are you?!
: Asuham! I’ll grind you into SAAAAAAAAND!!


: UWAAAAAAARGH!! What is this strength?!
: Know your place, boy! Did you actually think the likes of you could outwit Kids Munt?!
: D-damn it! I can't—


: Uwa!
: The OverDevil…it’s awakened?!

: It has…the True OverDevil…!
: Ooooh! The OverDevil! I feel…AMAZING POWER!!
: This is, truly, a demon’s energy! HYAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
: He’s trying to contact the OverDevil!
: It's mine at last! ULTIMATE POWER, IN MY HAAAANDS!!

*OverDevil doesn’t do anything.*

: Why?! Why isn’t it responding to me?! Am I lacking something?!
: It’s your Oversense that’s lacking, little Asuham!
: Uuuurgh! DAMN YOU!!

: Aah! You’re back, Cynthia!
: Cynthia…?!
: Th-there’s an OverDevil here, too?!
: Bah! More nuisances?!
: Asuham! What did you do to Mr. Kids?!
: Silence, attack brat! I’ve no use for you if you can’t defeat that dreadlocked Overman!
: How dare you! That’s unforgivable, even as a joke!
: I was only nice to you because I thought you’d be a useful tool but it seems I was wrong!
: You won’t get away with this, Asuham! And I won’t let you hurt Mr. Kids!

*ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR and OverDevil starts coming after Cynthia!*

: What?!
: I’ll cover you, Cynthia Lane!

: Ah…aaah…c-cold…f-freezing… my… schedule’s…free…zing…

: !

*The OverDevil gets to Cynthia.*

: S-stay away from me!!


: N-no…! I…I don’t want to be like the ancient Ice Queen!

: The OverDevil’s taking Cynthia in!
: Ah...aah...
: Cynthia!
: Why, OverDevil?! Why won’t you choose me?!
: Can I truly never have what I want?! Not Karin’s heart…not Gain’s power…or anything else?!

*The OverDevil moves over to Asuham.*

: OOOH! OOOOOOH! It’s responding to me!!
: Dominator! Get over here!

*The Dominator moves beside him.*

: Sing, OverDevil! OverFreeze the entire world!!

: Damn you, Asuham! The OverDevil’s taken his mind?!
: Evacuate! Abandon the Agate Crystal!

: Cynthia…!
: We must reorganize! Contact all the Siberian Rail troops across the world!!

: That’s the true power of the OverDevil... part of the “forces of destruction”, spoken of in the Black History…
: Fallen Angels, OverDevil, Moon’s Butterfly…this world’s headed towards its end…
: And in its final moments, what’ll appear will be the truth – the Great Power…
: HAHAAHAHAHA! OverDevil! Blanket this world in an unending day of pitch darkness!!
: Do as I wish! Or don’t! Either way's fine!
: You listened to the call of my heart, though! So, from today onwards, I’m part of you! LET’S FREEZE THE WORLD TOGETHER!!
: (Gainer…it’s cold… I’m…freezing…)

It's a real kick in the nuts to find out that there's a bigger, badder OverDevil running around...still, Kashmir's dead and Asuham just delivered some Wakamoto-level ham, so I'm happy overall!

Before we end, if you managed to kill Timp, you need to stop by the Bazaar to keep on track for that 2nd Xabungle:

Jiron finds Cotsett in the bazaar, hurrying the guy along as we’ll be heading out to Chiram very soon. Cotsett tells him to be patient, though, as these recent battles have stocked up the nearby shops with quite a few rare goodies.
Chil yells that this isn’t the time to go shopping and, to avoid being left behind, Cotsett asks them to let him buy only one item: some valuable Walker Machine part.

Said part’s a Computer Core but that’s not enough to give you the unit. If you wanna complete this secret, you need to purchase the High-Power Gasoline Engine (高性能ガソリンエンジン) that’ll be sold after mission 45.

Since I won’t be keeping this path, we won’t be able to see how this ends but, truth be told, the secret part you’ll be working towards on the Renton path is MUCH more useful than another Xabungle.