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Part 131: Mission 35 (Rand - Renton Route) - Prologue

And we’re back in the Renton route; while our main team won’t be here (initially) due to the OverDevil stuff, we still have 10 slots to fill.
Holland and co., having skipped out on that fight to deal with Ray and Charles, are all deploying as event units:

Once again, we don’t have enough units to fill all squads, so Apollo will remain flying solo; as always, make sure everyone has access to either Accelerate or Boost.

Now off we go, on to a much easier mission than the other route.

In a flashback…

: Ray…
: …You’ve heard, haven’t you?
: …
: They said it’s impossible… I…I can no longer bear any children. So, we can’t…
: It’s alright…
: It was because of that phenomenon…I took in too many Trapars. I’m sorry…I’m so sorry, Charles…
: …Will you marry me, honey bunny?
: Charles…
: You don’t want to, sweetheart?
: You’d…still stay with me…?
: I’d have no one else.
: But…we’ll never be able build a family…
: That light might have taken away our future but…
: I reckon we can find a different one if we stay together.
: Charles…
: Come with me, Ray…
: Yes…

Back in the present, Charles is filling Renton in on the OverDevil rampage in the area, caused as the name implies by a type of Overman.
From what Ray's heard, it was awakened by Kids Muntz to get revenge on a certain group who helped an Exodus, a group called "ZEUTH". Charles has even heard the Gekkostate are among them but Renton’s more focused on worrying about all that's happened in his absence.
Charles notices his expression and asks if he's into the Gekkostate, which Renton is somewhat surprised he's heard of.

Charles laughs and says he's been a boarder since the day he was born, specializing in the bigger-wheeled boards.
Renton protests that the bigger wheels cut down the number of tricks you can do, but Charles tells him to ignore all the magazines that say “real boarders” don't use wheels at all. what matters when Lifting is that you have fun and, so long as you have that, what does it matter what others say?


Information Corner – Topic: Wheels
A part attached to the underside of Lift Boards for balance.
The bigger the wheel, the slower the board goes, and hence the easier to pull tricks off.
Wheels are one of many ways of customizing a board; others include board length and shape, and the geometry of the Trapar intake nozzle.

Indeed, Renton can’t find fault in that argument but Charles cuts his train of thought with a question: “Hey, Renton…what do you think of calling Ray and I “mommy and daddy”?”.
The two are mighty embarrassed to ask, just as the kid’s a bit taken by surprise, and Ray apologizes if they dropped this one him out of the blue – she tells him to just call them whatever he wants during his stay.
Renton’s issue isn’t with them but with the fact that he doesn’t think a bothersome, good-for-nothing kid deserves such kindness from them.

Charles says that neither here nor there: the important thing is that they like him and Ray adds that, if he’d like, he’s more than welcome to stay with them for good.
Either way, Charles understands that Renton couldn’t just start calling people “mommy” and “daddy” just because he was told to (he couldn’t, either) but Renton has another idea: “Would it be alright if we just started with “mom” and “dad?”
He never really got to call his actual parents anything, so it’d be tough for him to start with anything else.

Charles is a bit relieved, having thought that Renton might’ve been starting to grow “homesick”.
With a more serious look on his face, asks if Renton Thurston, "former" member of the Gekkostate, really doesn't want to return to his crew. Renton is shocked that he knows his name, and Charles tells him that his real job is freelance contractor to the Federation commando forces.
In fact, he's in the middle of a mission to capture Eureka and the Type Zero, and wipe out the Gekkostate.

Renton’s in shock, demanding they tell him that this is a lie or some weird joke but, no, they’re being honest.
Furthermore, Charles has been informed that the Gekko is traveling apart from the main ZEUTH force and is right in the area – indicating that Holland, sharp guy that he is, has noticed their presence and is actively calling them out.

Truth be told, they've already decided to take Holland up on his offer but, before they do, they want to know what Renton really feels.
Renton begs them to just say this is a lie, promising to practice day and night for the "mommy" and "daddy" if that’s what it takes. Charles tells him he's got to choose, though: return to the Gekkostate, stay here with them, or even run away from both.
One thing Renton can't control is Charles, ever the professional, fighting Holland and the Gekkostate but he can decide his own fate with the assurances that Charles will honor it.

: …
: …
: …Can I just ask you one thing? Did you know I was from the Gekkostate when you got close to me?
: …
: Of course we did! Otherwise, why would we take in a kid like…
: Like…
: …I’m going.
: That so…?
: “Don’t beg, earn it. Then, it’ll be given to you”. …Those are your real father’s words.
: Charles…
: …Is there someone you want to be with, even if the world ends, Renton?
: …
: That’s good. You’re lucky to have someone like that in your life.
: Or, conversely, life itself might just be about looking for that person.
: Charles…Ray…thank you. Thank you so much.
: Alright…here I go!

*Renton runs off.*

: Hang in there, my son…
: Renton…
: Sorry that you had to play the bad guy, Ray…
: It’’s fine...
: But I he really going back to the Gekko Go?
: He’ll see things through.
: Hm?
: I know, because…because he’s our son.
: Yeah…you’re right…

Location: Central South Ameria – Gekko Go

Holland stops by the Gekko’s shop, startled to see Eureka minding the counter.
He tells her to leave that to Renton before realizing that Renton isn't actually here right now. Changing the subject, he asks how she’s feeling and Eureka says she's a lot better now, also asking when Renton will be home.
Holland guesstimates another two or three days, and Eureka asks if it's really a good idea for them to be off on their own with that OverDevil lurking around. Holland says to leave that to Jamil and the others while Gekkostate sees to its own business.
He tells her not to worry as they’ll return to the rest of ZEUTH once that business is done but Eureka wonders whether Renton will really be back by then.

Meanwhile, Talho gets a very startling question from Mischa, on Eureka's behalf: what is love.
This is an even more surprising turn than when Eureka became the kiddies' foster mother, though Mischa is quick to point out that Eureka having an interest in love does not equal Eureka BEING in love.
Holland shows up then and Matthew’s quick to tell of Eureka’s question – the guy seems to have a lot on his mind, though, and tells him to shush. Talho sees from his face that he still hasn’t told Eureka that Renton ran away.
He didn’t see a point, considering their current situation, and he knows they understand what it means to have Ray and Charles on their tail (and he couldn’t well promise to bring the kid back).

Indeed, Ray and Charles are implacable, relentless foes always sniffing for an opening, and Hap’s just glad that Garrod gave them advance warning this time.
Holland's willing to stake everything on a decisive battle, which explains the Gekkostate's solo act. Hap says Holland should be happy Jamil praised his "introspection" but he doesn't really like being psychoanalyzed by someone who's had problems of their own.

Ken-goh tells him that Jamil grew much stronger by shedding his outer skin: now it's Holland's turn.
Regardless, Hilda says it's inevitable that Eureka will find out about Renton's departure sooner or later, with Matthew and Stoner saying that it’s very likely that the kid’s the focus of her interest in love (Holland bristles at this).
Gidget has half a mind to go and bring Renton back but Stoner suggests we think this through because they could only make things worse if they go at it the wrong way. Holland cuts that discussion short, telling everyone to shut the hell up.

He reminds us that Gain said that Renton, kid though he might be, didn’t just run off for no good reason - he's actually serious about growing up and being more reliable. He’s interrupted when Mischa points to Eureka standing at the door, having heard everything.
As she runs off (Holland going after), Hap realizes that Holland was, in his own way, actually thinking about Renton. He and Talho are feeling rather bad now, especially since their normally accurate gauge of how Holland's feeling turned out to be way off.

As it turns out, Eureka’s kids also knew that Renton had run away but Holland told them not to tell.
Eureka tells them to leave everything to her, saying they must be pretty bored with Renton gone. Holland, having finally located her, runs over.

: Eureka, wait!
: Holland…did Renton run away because I was mean to him?
: …
: Was it really my fault…?
: But also…why do you hate him so much, Holland?
: I don’t! But he’s just such a brat and—
: Is that why you’re not looking for him? Why you beat him up?
: No… we’re standing by because we’ve got enemies coming – Charles. You know what he can do, don’t you?
: And it’s’re more important to me than Renton.
: …
: …That’s not how I feel.
: !


: Bad news, boss! The enemy’s coming!
: Is it Charles’ Swan?!
: We don’t know…but it looks like Fed troops!
: Bah! We fell right in his hand…!
: Holland...
: We’re going out, Eureka! You stay here with the kids!

*Holland and co. run off.*

: …
: Mama…
: Maurice… take everyone and stay in your room.
: Y-yes… Be careful, mama…
: (The Nirvash won’t move…and I can’t rely on Holland…then—)
: ...Would you like some tea?
: Thanks but no…I have to get going…
: Renton was always there to help… so, this time, it’s my turn.
: …
: (Wait for me, Renton…wait…)

Expect the rest of this mission by Sunday.

See you all then!