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Part 132: Mission 35 (Rand - Renton Route) - Morning Glory

Mission 35 (Renton Route) - Morning Glory

The Feds are coming fast and furious, and it's pretty clear that Charles is going to swoop in after the Gekkostate's been weakened.
Matthew wants to call ZEUTH over but Hilda says they’re busy fighting the OverDevil and Holland criticizes them for having grown to rely on others too much. They’re the Gekkostate and they fight their own battles.
Talho and the others see a certain similarity between Holland and Renton, both having run away from their respective groups to take responsibility for their own issues, without being a hassle to others.

Hap adds that, as Holland said, Renton's out there somewhere giving it his all and the rest of Gekkostate has to follow his lead and show themselves worthy of all of the kid's admiration.
Holland agrees, just as the Federation troops arrive (without Ray and Charles, as expected). He tells his people that they've got to force their way out of here one way or another, and admonishes them not to die.
Talho returns the admonition, as Holland ponders the life he's led - running as far as possible from everything - but, now, he has no choice but to do this.

Mission Objective: Destroy all enemies.
Mission Failure: Any allied unit destroyed.
Skill Point: Clear the map in 6 turns.

The skill point’s hidden but you’re already on the clock: the Feds are split in three groups and you wanna take them all out ASAP to trigger events.
I’ll be sending Talho and Hilda after the bulkier Asshimars, Holland after the farther Mon-soonos and Matthew will handle the UNE mooks – our goal is to have everything down by turn three to make good time on the point.

Let’s get going.

Alright, that’s decent.

Matthew and Holland both get in position and start weakening their own targets.

Enemy Phase!

Mischa quickly gets on the mic to warn Holland that Eureka’s missing – the Nirvash is still in the hangar, though, indicating that she’s left on a Lift Board.
Holland inwardly realizes that she’s so intent on finding Renton that she’s even willing to disregard orders and, indeed, she’s already close to the edge of the map, promising Renton that she’s coming for him.

Holland and Matthew get jumped, each taking a kill.

And the Asshimars start gunning for the Gekko.

Always amusing to see a ship trigger Double Image.

Player Phase!

Following it up, Talho and Hilda both nab a couple of easy kills.

Meanwhile, some Mon-soonos are still at full HP.

I’ll take it.
Matthew is still working on the last Gadeel.

Enemy Phase!

Talho dodges the last Asshimar before blasting it off the sky.

And it seems Matthew is a bit too close because this one Mon-soono decides to go for him instead of Holland.

This one had full health, though, so it hangs on.
Everything else gets dropped, though.

Player Phase!

And there it goes.

: We’ve got incoming from the north! It’s…a Lift board!
: Is Eureka coming back?

: There! Found the Gekko!
: Is that…?!
: It’s the puker!
: The puker’s back!
: What is that idiot thinking, just waltzing into the battlefield like that?!

*Talho moves the Gekko closer and Renton goes after them.*

: It’s me, guys! Renton!
: Where the hell have you been, boy?!
: The prodigal son returns.
: You got a lot to apologize for! We’ve all been worried sick, ya hear?
: Hey…who the hell is that?
: What do you mean, boss?!
: We’re in the middle of a fight! There’s no time to waste on some guy who just shows up outta god-knows-where!
: Listen to me, Holland! The Gekko’s—
: You’ve got some nerve showing your face here!
: !
: Who said it was alright for you to come back, huh?!
: ...
: Drop the act, Holland. Even you were—
: Shut your mouth!!
: I didn’t come back.
: Huh?
: I don’t expect to just go back to being part of the Gekko’s crew after all that happened…
: I’m not after anything that selfish…! I just…
: …
: I just…came here to see Eureka!!
: You…
: Brat…
: Hah…you grew up some, eh?
: Heads up! I think they’re coming!

: The Swan!
: Charles is here?!
: Wait, they’re chasing something else…! Is that--!
: …!
: You’re not getting away, monster! We’ll destroy you along with the Gekko Go!
: You sure about this, Ray? I mean, sacrificing the Swan?
: He…Renton isn’t here anymore. So we don’t really need a home…
: Well, we can always build a new one...AFTER we win this. Let’s go!

: They left the Swan?! Are they trying to ram the thing at us?!
: We’ve enough time! Evasive maneuvers, Talho!
: But it’s still going to hit Eureka!
: !

*Renton runs into the Gekko.*

: Renton!
: It’s alright! I’ll take care of her!!

This song is beautiful, yo.

: !
: Go, Nirvash…! After Eureka!!
: Renton!
: Over here, Eureka!!

: We’re good, Holland! Eureka’s safe!!
: Renton… is it really you…?!
: Yes, Eureka.
: Renton…I need you to stay…I…Renton, I…!
: I can’t believe you were doing something that crazy all by yourself… Still, I’m so happy!
: I’ve wanted to see you all this time, Renton…
: Me too…there’s so much I wanna talk to you about…!
: The Type ZERO…! Is Renton flying it?!
: He saved Eureka…saved that monster…!
: The Nirvash is saying “Welcome back”.
: Good to be back, Nirvash. Sorry to have left you alone.
: Renton…you called Nirvash “you”.
: …Heh, it happened on its own. I…I could tell what the Nirvash was feeling…
: Let’s go, Renton – together!
: Yeah!

As she monitors the Amita Drive, Mischa figures out that it requires both Renton and Eureka’s vitals and emotions to be in sync for it work: neither can do it alone.
Talho’s a bit worried with this light emanating from the Nirvash but Holland says it’s not a Seven Swell but something different. Holland can't, or doesn’t want to, admit what Renton’s pulled off but he also can't figure out what the feeling washing over him is.
More Federation troops enter the area, annoying Charles that Dewey sent some unwanted “help” but Ray doesn't care about them or Holland anymore. She just wants to talk to Renton again and tell him about the "monster" before it's too late.
Charles agrees to help but reminds her that, as professionals, they still have to kill Holland and Eureka as part of their job. Ray agrees, if only to prevent other women like her to be created.

ZEUTH shows up right then, with everyone very happy to see that Renton’s back. He confirms to Jiron that he has, indeed, found what he was looking for.
He now knows what’s truly important and it’s right here, with the Gekkostate and ZEUTH.
Holland’s quick to ask about the OverDevil situation and Gain tells that we deal with that problem, with special props going to Gainer for all his effort. Jamil tells Holland to fight as he will and leave the small fry to us, his way of thanking Holland for all he learned watching him back in the Zonder Epta battle.

Now it’s Holland’s turn to face his past as it’s the only way one will be able to move onward. Rand tells him to look sharp as it falls on them, the older folk, to be good role-models for the resident kiddies and Holland says he always follows through when he makes up his mind.
Seems to Hap that both Renton and Holland have found some answers but that’s something to ponder later as Ray and Charles will still be tough enemies to beat – Talho’s sure Holland can do it, though.

Indeed, he’s not about to let them have their way and, calling Hilda and Matthew over, promises to show Ray and Charles the struggle he’s chosen to face.
Renton tells Eureka that he may take someone's life if he keeps fighting but he also knows he won’t be able to protect anything if he doesn’t.
He'll fight on, despite his hesitation, and will bear the weight of these sins: that's how he can true to himself.

And the Skill Point becomes clear, which is to destroy everything in 6 turns but Ray and Charles need to be the last things you kill; that’s fine but there’s an added complication:

Secret Alert!
The skill point’s rather easy but getting both it and the secret requires a bit of planning around the AI: Charles will always go after Holland while Ray will always go for Renton; Renton can’t get in range to convince them on this turn, which leaves us with 3 moves to get these requirements.
The enemies are quite weak, so your main worry is getting everyone to close in fast enough to down everything (special mention to that distant battleship) while Holland and Renton focus on their battle.

The plan for the secret is this, then:
Either you make the events play out at the second enemy turn (meaning Ray and Charles would be able to close in) or you’ll need things to play out according to this schedule since you’ll lose that one turn getting in position.

By the way, those two are the same as they were in the previous mission only with more HP.
That S Rank in Air and high Lift Technique means you need to keep focus on Holland and Renton at all times lest they get oneshotted (that’s assuming you didn’t upgrade their defenses, of course).

Finally, Renton has permanently replaced Eureka as the main pilot of the Nirvash but, no, you don’t get a refund on any skills you bought her.
With that in mind, the only thing that helps her in the long run is a maxed out stack of SP Up (I wanted to tell ya’ll about this sooner but, you know, spoilers).

With my essay done, we start charging the enemy lines and Holland’s first job is to weaken this new bunch of Federation mooks.

Time to make up for lost time, kid.

Eureka: “Renton!”
Renton: “Got it! I won’t hit the cockpit!”

…He says, as he cuts that Asshimar in half!

Enemy Phase!

Ray pulls some impressive 65% numbers against the Nirvash which is why I had Renton protected. Luckily, he gets the counter to hit.
The other two Asshimar groups also fail to hit him and get slapped away.

Up next, Charles goes straight for Holland.

: The first and second team leaders of the old SOF meet again! Couldn’t ask for a better way for us to settle accounts!
: I even feel like thanking Dewey for setting this up!
: So that guy really was behind this, eh?
: Still hung up on him, are you? It’s that fixation that messes with your head, though!
: That's your weak spot, and don't tell me you don't know it!
: !
: I understood the second I met up with him; the one with what it takes to be “King”…the one who’ll inherit the Golden Bough…
: Sorry but that’s not you, Holland!
: I don’t give a damn about that “King” business! He can have it for all I care!
: What is it that you want, then? What are you fighting for?!
: I decided that right when I left the army with Eureka! And I won’t let you get in the way!

Charles, taking little damage from Holland: “Hm? Yeah, the years really took their toll on you.”

All other mooks start coming over.

Player Phase!

These two Gells-Ghe groups will be the focus of our heavy hitters to get through that barrier ASAP.
I’m also casting Analyze on them to speed things up.

And there goes one.


There’s also one Zamza-Zah which gets grounded after Kei and Rand work their magic.

You’re up, Roger.

Bah, fine. Talho snipes the leader away.

Duke and Gainer both pick a fresh batch of mooks to cut down to size.

One of those weak Asshimar is easy pickings for Apollo.

Garrod also kills the other Asshimar, leaving only the Gaplants left in those groups.

Nearly forgot to do this but remembered right as I was about to have Holland go for some mooks!

: Holland, I will never forgive that monster for what she’s done!
: What happened wasn’t Eureka’s fault, so drop this ridiculous hatred of yours!
: No, never! Both Eureka and you, her protector, will pay!
: And I’ll keep Renton safe – he’s our son!

Being focus-fired by all of Holland’s group leaves her with rather low HP.

Now we get Renton to see if he can calm her down.

: Ray, had I decided to stay on the Swan – to be your son…
: Would that have stopped things from ending like this?
: …
: Had I stayed…could I have actually made you two happy?
: Renton…you have to get off that LFO.
: That thing sitting next to you shouldn’t even exist!
: …
: Why?! Eureka’s so kind to others! She even became a mom to these kids—
: “MOM”…! Eureka’s a mom…?!
: No…I won’t allow it! Ever!!
: Ray...!
: You’ve no idea...! You don’t know what that thing you say is a “mom” is actually like!
: …
: Your precious Eureka ruined this “mom’s” future…
: So, now, I’m going to take away YOUR future, Eureka!

Oh, brother…

Enemy Phase!

Renton won’t be able to take her down at this range but we’re still making good time.

: Ray… if you’re really this set on attacking, then you’ll have to get through me!
: I…I’ve made up my mind – I WILL protect Eureka!
: Renton…
: You and Charles taught me to be true to myself! So, I…I’ll fight you!
: Renton…why won’t you understand?!

We’ll get her next turn.

As Charles and Holland trade blows, Gain is still working on that Gells-Ghe group.
Jiron learns Prevail L8 and Bello takes Oversense L2 from the two kills.

And then, there’s this sturdy Windam.

There it goes.
Ran also kills a weakened Mon-soono.

Garrod gets mobbed and kills three Gaplants and one Mon-soono (not before eating an unlucky hit, mind).
Kei also tears a hole through two other squads.

And this distant Mon-soono group makes it close enough to attack Gainer.

I like how the machine gun fire actually hits the ground if it misses like this.

Player Phase!

Roger and Marin (who learns Prevail L7) easily wipe out Gainer and Kei’s attackers.


Away with you.

Jamil and Talho clear away, respectively, two weak Mon-soonos and Garrod’s surviving Gaplant.
Meanwhile, Rand’s group fails to oneshot the battleship due to crummy walker machine attacks…

Ah, well. We’ll deal with that in a second. Right now, I’m busy shouting along with Duke:
Somewhere, there’s a Mario Kart game wondering where its Rainbow Road went…

Gainer’s group kills the ship, triggering OverSkill.

Back to Charles, it’s time for Renton to have words with him.

: Please stop, Charles! I don’t wanna fight you!
: Pull back, then. I don’t wanna do this either!
: I can’t! But I don’t want to see people I care so much for killing each other!
: You chose to go back to the Gekkostate, so you need to see this through to the end!
: Charles!
: There’s no free lunch, Renton. You lose something to get something in this world!
: And if you’ve found something that truly matters, you gotta protect it! That is, if you really are Adroc’s son…and mine!


Good heavens, I almost forgot to meet my quota!

Alright, now all that’s left are the Beams.

Enemy Phase!

And there it is.

Renton also learns Valor but I can’t bring myself to celebrate…

: Aah…Charles…

: Ray…no…!
: (Ray…all you wanted was a family…but it was that very wish that tormented you…)
: Wait just a bit, Ray…! I’ll wrap this up soon!
: Charles!

*Charles casts Invincible, Valor and Guts*

: For the love of god, Charles, STOP! What’s the point in doing all this?!
: I told you before, Renton! You gotta be true to yourself!
: Meaning is something you create! The “point” of anything is what you decide!
: Bring it on, Charles! If this is what you want, then I’ll fight you all the way!

I knew this was coming, so I had Holland ready with a Sense cast. If not, make sure you dodge Charles’ valored attack because it WILL take him down in one go.

There goes his Invincible cast.
Also, another low damage line: “Are you holding back? That’s not like you, Holland!”

Oooh, I like this. Holland gets Lift Technique L7 and Commander L3.

Player Phase!

And we’ve everything set, so let’s end it.

: Looks like you helped Renton out some. I guess I oughta be thankful.
: Ditto. Renton gave us a whole lot, too.
: That’s a good smile you got there, man! Still, we gotta fight now!
: There ain’t any bad blood between us – this might be your average twist of fate! Let's just get this done!
: That works for me! I reckon we could’ve gotten along if it wasn’t for the job!

: Are you really a freelancer? You seem rather constrained for one.
: True… I could never break away from my past, so I might not actually be “free”.
: But, once I’ve cut what binds me, I hope to someday find a whole new world for us!
: Sorry, but that won’t fly. I’m also a professional, so don’t expect any mercy if you won’t back off …!

: You’re Renton’s buddy, right? I’d rather not have to fight you, if possible.
: Run off, then! Neither one of us wanna do this!
: You’re real sweet, kid! Make sure to stay good friends with Renton if you survive this!

: Not bad at all, Renton! That was some slick Lifting when you dodged the Swan back there!
: Charles, I…--
: Don’t hold back! You made your own choice: to go back to Eureka and be with her!
: But…!
: You got your own freedom with that.
: And freedom’s something you gotta take – it can’t just be given to you…
: To be free means you have to take responsibility and be ready for what comes with it. Don’t forget that, Renton!
: Charles!

Renton learns Lift Technique L5 and Prevail L7 with this; also, I missed some lines, so here they are (was in a rush when I recorded this):

: Please stop this, Ray! It’s me, Pala! The girl you helped back at your party!
: I don’t want to fight a child like you either… But there’s no other way…
: Why?! Please tell me!
: I can’t do that…but, regardless, I have to get revenge! That girl stole our future…!
: You’ll be a woman someday and, then, you'll understand. Just let me through!

: It’s been a very long time, Ray…! But I always knew our reunion would play out like this!
: Talho Yuuki of the information bureau, was it? The spy whose boss/boyfriend got disgraced.
: If you’re trying to defend Eureka, then I’ll have to kill you and Holland too!
: I don’t think so…! My body isn’t just mine anymore!

: I never want to make a pretty lady sad, so let’s call out this pointless fight!
: Thanks, bud. I can’t be mad at someone who speaks so nicely of my wife.
: Still, we’ve a job to do and it needs to be done well! We gotta make a living too, ya know!

: Being able to shoot an acquaintance without hesitation in the name of your job…You’re certainly a professional.
: I’ve heard about you, Blackman: seems like you often get your personal feelings mixed with your work. That leads to a lot of trouble, no?
: Laugh, if you want. However, I always act in accordance to my own laws.
: I take pride in my freedom for it is proof that I’m alive!
: Heh…honestly, I’m kinda jealous. But that’s precisely why I can’t let you get the better of me!

: Come on, enough of this! Don’t you know Renton and Holland?!
: We’re fighting to put food on the table, man! You get hired for a job, you gotta do it no matter what!
: We don’t know any other way to live – not me, not Holland!
: That’s just an excuse! A guy like you oughta be able to find another way but you won’t! What you are is just lazy!
: Maybe you’re right… I’m a bit bummed out now!

: Urgh…!
: Charles!
: Ray…I love you…

: (Goodbye, Charles… No hard feelings…)

The battle’s over and all enemies are defeated. No one is happy that things ended like this but both Holland and Talho know that there was no stopping this battle once it started.
When Eureka asks, Renton explains how he ran into Ray and Charles – such amazing and kind people - right after he ran off. Thanks to those two and all the other people in his life, he finally understood what truly matters to him.
Eureka’s the same, having finally understood what the girls were trying to teach her. She’s finally accepting all that’s changed with her and both kids are eager to tell each other all they’ve been holding inside.

Seems to Hap that things are finally well between them and Matthew has no problem with welcoming the kid back – they need someone to watch the shop and Renton’s the best at it. Talho isn’t willing to let him off for free and starts to wonder what sort of game she can cook up as punishment.
Holland then starts laughing, having come to a realization: “I figured it out, Diane… I now know what I have to do…”, he thinks.

Back in the Gekko, we get the rundown of everything we that happened in the other path from Garrod and Gainer: the OverDevil and the info we got from Rena, Gainer’s training, Cynthia, Baldios, etc.
Skipping ahead…

After that talk’s done, Holland comes over and knows both he and Renton have much to say to each other. He lets the kid go first and he asks if there wasn’t any way to have avoided fighting with Ray and Charles.
Holland explains that both him, Eureka and those two were all part of the SOF back in the day. The reason Ray hated Eureka despite their former past is due to the fact that Ray became unable to bear children and fulfil her and Charles’ wish to build a family
This was due to the Summer of Love incident and Ray thought Eureka to have been the cause of that, which led to her vendetta.


Information corner – Topic: SOF –
A special-forces unit of the Federation of Predgio Towers, equipped with distinctive blue-colored Terminus Type R505's. Holland, Eureka, Ray and Charles were former members.
Their participation in the massacre of religious fugitives in the Vodarac holy land of Del Cielo led to Holland fleeing the army.

With that answered, Holland promises Renton that he’ll stake his own life on protecting both him and Eureka but, should anything happen to him, he wants Renton to take care of her. Holland says he fought Charles and Ray because fighting’s the only thing they know how to do.
Renton's been chosen by Eureka, though, and so Holland will fight for the two of them.

This is interrupted when Rand and Löwen bring the Archangel info that the Feds are attacking the Chiram.
Holland’s worried about what they could be after and agrees with Jamil and Shaia’s decision to go check it out. He tells Renton that the world is about to really start moving now and that he and Eureka are at the center of it all.
Holland’s betting all his hope on these two children and he wants Renton to remember that.

One last thing before we wrap up – we need to keep following up on the biggest draw towards taking this route.
So, let’s check the Bazaar:

We find Gainer on the market, checking out local Lift Board stores. Witz is hurrying him to get back to the Iron Gear and Bello’s surprised that he’s shopping for stuff while there’s this huge crisis going on right now.
Gainer understands that but he thought he should buy Renton something of a welcome-back present – with that in mind, he’s here to sell that autographed Lacus CD that he bought way back when (Roybea does not approve of him throwing away such a valuable item like that).

Gainer doesn’t really need it since Sara wouldn’t want this and he wants to grab something to at least cheer Renton up a bit after what happened with Ray and Charles. no one’s happy to have had to fight them, even if they attacked us in the first place, and Bello’s more than willing to lend Gainer a hand.
Gotta be fast, though, as we have to leave ASAP!

Secret Alert!

There’s also a Mexbrute available now, so I grab it as well.

Gainer presents Renton with a bunch of different Wheels that he bought with his newfound cash – Moondoggie’s quite impressed, and there’s even some rare models in the pile. Truth is, Gainer doesn’t really know his Lift Boards so he just grabbed all the wheels he could find.
Renton remembers his old adage that “real borders don’t use wheels” and tells Gainer of Charles’ ideology that all that matters in Lifting is that you’re having fun, damn what the others say. Gainer apologizes for stirring up painful memories but Renton isn’t angry at all.
He thanks him for the gift, saying he’ll treasure it.

: (Charles, Ray…whenever I feel down, I’ll pop one of these wheels on and ride just like you did…)
: (Daddy, mommy…I’ll never forget the way of life you taught me…)


Let’s just go to the Chiram and whoop some governmental ass to get my mind off these feelings…