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Part 133: Mission 33 (Setsuko) - Route Split

Location: Western Galia

So basically, we're still supposed to head towards Gibraltar to meet with Durandal, but ZAFT has been seeing mysterious explosions around this territory with several victims and no obvious cause - and they have cause to suspect that they are not the work of earthly technology.
Could the aliens be trying to throw society into chaos with all this?

Heizaemon and Bright decide to split up, Super teams and Gundam, since our enemies are aliens and Feds respectively. But what about Setsuko?
Seems to Bright that she’s somewhat recovered from her trauma but there are still lingering mental wounds that have yet to fully heal; neither she nor Löwen can decide which group to go with, so Bright decides to make the decision for them.
Whichever way Setsuko goes, Heizaemon sees that her sorrow’s what’s driving her to fight and he hopes she won’t lose sight of herself because of it.

Secret Alert!

There are, in fact, secrets tied to both route picks. The Border Patrol Route can further you along a Zambot 3 themed secret, however if you've managed to get the Zambot 3 secret points on Missions 7, 8, and 15, you are already a shoe in for the secret. On the other hand, the Gibraltar Base route has a secret that can only be gotten by taking it. So in general people pick the Gibraltar Base route. I will, of course, be showing off both rotues though.

Choose the Border Patrol route and Bright says a lot of eyes are turning towards Gibraltar and he thinks it’d be best if Setsuko not worry about that for now; that works for Heizaemon as Umie and Hanae are also worried about the girl.

Choose the Gibraltar route and Bright says Emma, Reccoa, Lunamaria and friends are all worried about Setsuko and he thinks it’d be best to let her friends watch over her.

With that done, both captains wish each other well and, if Heizaemon finds anything, he’ll get in touch ASAP. He’d also like Bright to send his best regards to Durandal.

In Setsuko’s room…

: Hm…? There’s something on the table?

Runa(Hidden/Tape Recording): Setsuko, we all got together and baked you some chocolate cookies.

Leele (ditto): They say it’s good to eat sweets when you’re worn out, so we put in plenty of sugar.

Maria (ditto): We made a lot of them, so eat as many as you want.

: Thanks, guys…


: Huh...

: It’s not sweet…? No, it doesn’t have any taste at all…

: My sense of taste…is gone…?