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Part 134: Mission 33 (Setsuko - Border Patrol Route) - Prologue

Setsuko Route (Border Patrol) Chapter 33 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: The Virgola Glory was born... through the power of Setsuko's Sadness. Now we're off onto the Border Patrol Route! The routesplit within a routesplit isn't very long, only 3 stages. Also, Setsuko's sense of taste is gone. That can't be good.

Anyways, this route is "Non-Canon" for the LP, if you will. I'm not going to be continuing past it once I finish it. Thus, I just throw a bunch of cash at my squad-leaders and buy whatever skills look neat at the moment. No need to keep track of the Top Aces at the moment either (Spoilers: it's going to be Setsuko)

I do decide to have some fun this stage. As such, Jun gets the Great for this one.

And Boss gets the Mazinger Z.

I don't have enough units to even make full Squads! Oh well.

Location: North Ameria – New Earth Federation HQ – Sage Council

This is pretty much the same scene from Rand’s mission 30 but with some lines changed.

The Council of Evil (mostly the sputtering-mad Djibril) is very concerned about the Chiram's Project D now that they've refused Jamitov's request to share their research.
They've got a twenty year head start on the rest of the world (along with the Emaan), and being able to decide how the world is recreated will certainly give them a bit of leverage.

On the other hand, according to Dewey, both Chiram and Emaan are still on the trail of the Singularities. That suggests that they're not even sure the project will work and want to get those as an insurance policy.

Djibril demands that they get moving to get their hands on the Singularity before those guys do.
Sage Kuzemi calmly points out that they've got the Ageha Squad on it, not to mention the Ageha Plan itself which, if successfully implemented, would make the Singularities irrelevant to them as well. And they do have to worry about the Limit of Questions from bringing about that new dimensional collapse.

Jamitov says that makes the Chiram worthless, since they won't cooperate with the Feds anyway, and Djibril suggests siccing a certain mech on them.

Edel protests, saying that what's important now is to stopping the dimensional collapse and that they should still be trying to join forces and resources with the Chiram to figure out how to do so.
Hyman snaps that that's irrelevant and that the Singularities or Ageha have been decided as the way to make it all happen - their job is to consider what comes after.
The Council of Sages gangs up and tells her to shush - Koda even says that she's only in on their little circle because of her work with the U.N. (Djibril doesn't think much of the Sages either, for that matter. Their time is coming.)

Anyway, Jamitov's pretty sure the world's not going to end, and they're here to rule it and make it right. It certainly isn't going to end at the hands of a fool like Durandal.
Inwardly, Edel sees that these short-sighted people may well warp the entire world in darkness…

Tetsuya is explaining to Kappei that they're not going to actively go out hunting for aliens. Besides, they're a big old pile of super robots; the aliens will probably come to them. "Oh, so opportunity comes rockin' at our door, right?"

Kouji quickly corrects him saying it’s KNOCKING and, while Kappei says he was just joking, Ichitaro and family are getting worried at the kid’s apparent dwindling intellect; Kappei doesn’t see a problem, considering all he needs to do is pilot the Zambot, but Hanae says they’ll eventually need to go back to their regular lives which means Kappei will go back to his studies.
Umie figures kids like him can be a bit slow now, so long as they’re healthy, and Hanae would be happy is Kappei was just “a bit” slow; Uchuta jokes that they'll need to use the sleep trainer to get him to learn anything but Kappei says that he TOTALLY could kick ass at homework if he wanted to.
Rie suggests Julie tutor him, but Minako puts a lid on that one - he'd probably charge 100G an hour, and the Jins are a fishing family, don'tcha know.
Kouji's next to offer; don't forget he comes from a line of scientists and he's a bit of a spaceman himself (the Jins certainly didn’t expect that). And really, Sayaka remembers how bad he used to be at studying before he went abroad, so whatever he could rub off on the kid…MAYBE.

What did drive him, anyway, asks Kappei? "I had a dream to follow," chuckles Kouji.
He always wanted to build his own spaceship and take it to outer space, so he turned himself around and worked hard. It's actually quite sweet.

Kappei doesn't have any dreams of his own though, and he starts getting suggestions. A fisherman like his dad? A sports star, since he's so energetic? His mom Hanae would really prefer he went into business to provide for them, and Kappei wouldn't mind traveling either. Does it really matter? "I'm only twelve! The possibilities are endless! I can do anything I put my mind to!"

Kappei's parents approve, but first he really does have to study, and Kouji was serious about being there to help him.
Old Heizaemon and Umie look on, happy to see what they're leaving to the future – all the more reason to protect it, too.

Speaking of, Ichitaro has found something! There appear to be some people in a nearby town who claim to have some blank spots in their memories. Definitely seems worth checking out!

Kazami isn't an expert in brain medicine, but what's happened to these people is definitely not natural. Heizaemon asks the amnesiacs what they remember before the gap, and all they can say is that it they feel like they were put through something truly frightening.
It doesn't seem like we're going to get more out of them, so Kazami has Julie gather everyone up to go investigating. We need all the info we can get.

It rapidly becomes obvious that the town is empty. It's right under a particularly weak spot in the Rivalry Zone, and that means several things. It's not much of a stretch to assume the town has been evacuated, and not much more of one to assume that if aliens were to come down anywhere, here's a good place.
And Mizuki points out that people who have been abducted by UFOs never remember the event.

Now that she mentions it, the Gaizock were scooping up civilians the time Eiji ran off - which is not something he particularly wants to be reminded of, by the way. And the gang never gave him enough shit for it, did they?
He put them all in trouble, especially Chiyonishiki: only Kappei knows, but they had to get something for him to try and track Eiji by, so Brigitta came up with a dirty sock and the poor dog was knocked out cold.
Kiraken figures Eiji owes some big thanks to Sandman’s maids for constantly washing his dog-killing socks but Toshiya knows that Kiraken’s own socks are equally as dangerous.

Either way, Chiyonishiki quickly smells something nearby - Hamamoto! Kappei asks what this kid's been up to since Cadez, but wouldn't you know it, he can't remember.
He manages to recall being locked up with a whole bunch of people, and... the boy can't bear to go any further before screaming in panic. Despite the way the kid and his friends treated Kappei’s family, it’s hard for our team to see him in such a state.
What happened to these people?

Just then, the team gets the signal that enemies are moving in! We're taking Hamamoto to the King Beal with us - he'll be safest there.
He doesn't think he deserves it after all they said about the Jins, but that’s all water under the bridge for Kappei! Furthermore, he figures it must be fate for them to meet here so he’ll do whatever he can to protect the guy.