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Part 137: Mission 34 (Setsuko - Border Patrol Route) - Whose World is This?

Chapter 34: Whose World Is This?

Phil’s crew catches our ZAFT ship on approach and is just about ready to deploy all his mobile suits to intercept. Just two problems. First, most of their mobile suits are out of commission from the previous battle.

And second, the King Beal is just here to talk. Heizaemon briefly explains what the aliens are doing with the captured civilians – the revelation of human bombs even leaving Phil and Diana at loss for words - and states his request to exchange information.
Sadly, Phil is absolutely convinced that we're going to use his data to mount an invasion on the moon. Heizaemon says Diana can vouch for their sincerity, and Diana and the Counter have a delightfully passive-aggressive chat.

: Major Phil, I urge you to believe what they say.
: Your Majesty Diana, we would prefer you hold your input. I am the acting commander of the Diana Counter.
: I have no recollection of appointing you to command.
: We apologize deeply, Your Majesty, but at the moment, we need the power to reclaim the Earth, not some ideals.
: What power will help you if it is not in service of an ideal?
: We will take advantage of the war between the Earth and PLANT to secure this as our homeland.
: Please remain silent during this process.
: (I learned much of how this world works during my time as an Earthling.)
: (Phil and Milan have not. They do not understand that current circumstances preclude such a tactic.)

Well, not only does he not trust us, but Ichitaro quickly spots aliens descending upon us: Eldar, led by Leets, who quickly decides to open fire on both our ships!
Seems like Gingnham’s fights against the aliens on the moon has left them irked with the Moon Race and, unable to fight back, Phil orders the Soleil to retreat.
Gengoroh orders our sortie to fight back.

We notice their attempt to escape but it’s clear that to Kouji that it isn’t operating at top capacity.
Heizaemon orders ZEUTH to intercept the Eldar and hold them off the Counter; Kappei protests, but his dad tells him to do as he's told again.
Julie figures it's a smart idea to get the Counter to owe us one, but Toshiya knows the real score - we can't NOT help a human in need, no matter who it is!

And now it's time to bust up some aliens - the jerks who handed their prisoners from Io over to the Gaizock to let them be bombified!

Right, and here we see the Objective for the stage. It's defeat the Eldar Battleship. There's a few additional wrinkles for it.

First, there's the Soleil. If it's shot down then the stage is lost. Next, there's the Battle Mastery. We have to defeat all the enemies, then the Eldar Battleship, before the Soleil escapes.

It's been a while since I've done a full stage Accel cast but I want to cut off the enemies from the Soleil as soon as possible.

Even then no action on the first turn.

The Soleil moves at the start of each enemy phase.

The enemies get full squads.

So her bullets now make double helix smoke trails. OK.

And so the enemies move up, some fruitlessly shooting at Setsuko.

So Kappei starts the actual assault on the player phase!

: Watch me, Hamamoto! I'll avenge you for sure!
: All right, you aliens! You're not going home in one piece on my watch!

That's one down.

Finish it off Kouji!

That's one down.

That's another leader down

My Kingdom for Hit&Away

Remember when this was a midboss?

Oh darn it. Enemy Phase comes and these jets move away from the rest of the group.

Leets will, of course, target Godsigma whenever possible.

: Godsigma! Separating from the rest of your group will be your downfall!
: So the Eldar ARE after Godsigma! Those fiends!
: Who cares what they're after? They're aliens attacking the earth, so we're taking them out!

In all honestly though, Leets, Godsigma is probably the most self sufficent unit in the game. Him being seperate is totally fine.

Player phase comes and Löwen smacks one of the jets.

And Toshiya wipes out another. Hopefully the two remaining target Löwen.

Almost got the bulky grunts down.

And there we go! All that remain are the weak jets.

Why do you torment me game!

Oh, well, OK then. Good job Phil, now I don't have to chase down that single jet.

The rest of them, thankfully, suicide themselves on my Super Robots.

Which finally kickstarts Mazin Power.

Thankfully, it seems it will take another turn for the Soleil to reach the edge of the map and escape.

And then I accidentally move Setsuko one panel to far.

Might as well set up for the boss kill next turn.

At this point I think using King Beal for Support Attack sounds nice.

Now all the jets are gone

Time to get some chip damage in on the boss!

Well, that's not too bad.

Darn it, I'm going to have to pull Setsuko away from the fighting to handle that one.

At least Toshiya got some nice damage in.

OK time to burst down that HP.

Yeah this won't take long

Not long at all.

This isn't a very hard stage.

Mock me will you game.

This gets Heizaemon a level in Prevail and Commander!

: Ngh! Not yet! I, Leets, won’t be defeated just yet!

: Now's our chance to escape!

: Hold, Major Phil!
: Your Highness, may I remind you that I am in command!
: Perhaps, but you must at least give thanks to our benefactors.
: ...
: King Beal... you have our gratitude for your assistance.

It's a pleasant surprise (at Heizaemon's command, Keiko sends out Zambot's built-in surveillance bot Regon after them - one of the precious few times you'll hear of it around here), but we still have the Eldar to handle. Just as Toshiya raises his sword against Leets' ship...

A brand-new Cosmosaurus drops in from space. Toshiya turns the Peerless Saber on it - it's never failed him yet!

As the combat indicates, the Cosmosaurus is completely unharmed by the Saber; Leets realizes that Teral must have sent that thing down, and it's equipped with measures specifically against Godsigma. "Go, my new Cosmosaurus! Destroy Godsigma once and for all!"

Grendizer swoops in to save Godsigma! But as glad as Kouji and Maria are to see Duke and Hikaru alive and well, they can tell Duke's being a little distant. Hikaru's not sure what to say to them either, but Duke encourages her to focus on the battle at hand.

Anyway, Godsigma's still operational, but Julie says that if the Saber can't hurt it, surely no one else's attacks will. (Go with it, I guess.) But we have to fight on! "We're not gonna let any dirty aliens beat us!" shouts Kappei.
Once again, Duke forces himself to focus on current issue. He and Hikaru can address whatever else is on their minds afterward.

Kazami is working on analyzing whatever that Cosmosaurus has up its sleeve. In the meantime, we need to take out the Eldar commander.

First, Maria gives some much needed repairs to Godsigma.

And yay! We have Duke Fleed back!

Duke's been leveling up a bunch during the time gone. He's learnd three new spirit commands! Strike(15), Mercy(10), and Faith(30). That Faith is fairly cheap, which is nice.

Hikaru's been grinding too. She's learned Cheer(40), Alert(15) and Rouse(50)

Ready, set, go!

: (Kouji... this ZEUTH is fighting based on hatred.)
: (If this keeps up, both us and them will keep fighting until we finally destroy each other.)

Oh. Ouch.

At least the pain brought him up to Level 8 Prevail.

The Grendizer not being available for upgrades since Chapter 8 has taken its toll it seems! A single accuracy upgrade does not a tank make.

The new Cosmosaurus rushes Toshiya.

I probably would have lost if I hadn't repaired him.

I knew that I'd be able to survive a round with Leets because the game automatically will set the default to Defend if your in danger of being blown up.

First things first, a cast of Guts to bring Toshiya back to fighting shape.

Then I blow Leets up.

: Urk! Damn it, I’m not finished! In the name of the Eldar’s future, I cannot retreat!
: Stand down, Leets! I’ll handle this!

: That ship…!
: Ah, Lord Teral! When did we develop this new Cosmosaurus?
: …I’ll explain later. For now, stand down and leave the rest to me.
: Understood. It’s all in your hands, Lord Teral!

: Teral, you monster!
: Toshiya Dan...
: I thought you were noble even if you were my enemy, and you betrayed that trust!
: Toshiya...
: You'll pay, Teral! I'll make you, the commander of the Eldar forces, pay myself!
: Hmph! Fine words from an Earthling!
: Destroy them, Barrierat! You alone, with your anti-Trinity Energy enhancements, can defeat Godsigma!
: Best him and secure the Eldar's future!

: Argh! Isn't there anything we can do, Professor?
: I've finished my analysis! That Cosmosaurus' shell is coated with a special compound!
: So we can damage it if we can just remove that coat, right?
: Easier said that done. How do you get it off?
: We have a way... the Sigma Breast!
: The Sigma Breast?
: No, Julie! It's not tested yet! It only works in theory!
: But, Professor! It's the only thing that can get us out of this!
: The Sigma Breast can break apart molecular bonds, so it should be able to destroy that coating!
: But...
: I believe in you, Professor! I believe in your work and the power of Trinity Energy!
: Julie...
: I'm with him, Professor! We can do it if we've got your Godsigma!
: Just watch! We'll show that they can't beat your science!
: Toshiya... Kiraken...
: Julie, switch the Trinity Energy management to circuit ∑1136!
: Yes, Professor!
: Toshiya, you only get one chance! Make it count!
: Will do... okay, Cosmosaurus! Get ready to see what Godsigma can really do!
: You won't get the chance! Destroy them immediately, Barrierat!

: Releasing energy! Big Wing, open!

: Get 'em, Toshiya!

Julie's thrilled that the Professor's theory bore out, but Kappei still has only one thing on his mind: "Everyone follow Toshiya! Wipe out all the aliens!"
As Teral curses us, Toshiya vows to give him a taste of our wrath…much to Duke’s continuous chagrin.

And that got Mazin Power going for Kouji.

Not having much else to do, Maria repairs Duke.

Anyways, Sigma Breast is a brand new attack for Godsigma! It's fairly powerful, and as a bonus will inflict an Armor Down Debuff on the enemy! Of course, this comes at the incredibly pricy 100 Energy cost.

Toshiya manages to get in range of an enemy soo..

Not bad.

Hey, what do you know, Setsuko's ended up smack in the middle of the enemy reinforcemnts!

Awww so close to wiping the squaddies out.

Enemy phase comes and the enemies move up.

Setsuko chucks out another ALL.

Duke heads down...

And wipes out those two things.

Another one gone.

I love that barrier.

They aren't very durable anymore are they.

Natrually Teral aims for Toshiya.

: I thought you were better than this, Teral! You may have been my enemy, but I respected you!
: Toshiya Dan...
: You're nothing but a low-down rotten coward, and I'll show you what I do to guys like you!
: Enough! I will not hear those words from the mouth of an Earthling!
: I will destroy you and clear the universe of your threat! Whatever it takes!

He's a bit tougher then Leets.

Next turn I take the oppertunity to MAP some grunts. Only get one kill but it's nice to soften them up.

Which lets the King Beal finish one set off!

You know, I just realized I've yet to show off the Godsigma's ALL attack, God String!

And just like that most of the mooks are gone.

So let's start this fight![/i]

: Prepare yourself, Eldar commander! I have no mercy to show to evil!
: If we are evil, what of you? Your ever-expanding reign of destruction and despair is the true evil in this universe!
: I have come to stop you from that!
: I've had enough of your hyperbole! I will avenge those who breathed their last in fear and despair!

Good job.

OK, time to set finish this off with an attack which I won't have after this next stage.

A combination attack between Mazinger, Great Mazinger, and Grendizer. Triple Mazinger Blade!

: I've... I've always thought we have to get along with the people of outer space...
: But I guess you're just bad to the bone, just like the Vegan Alliance!
: How dare you compare us to those beasts!
: Shut up! There's nothing I want to hear from any of their allies!

Teral's ship is going down; he orders all his men to evacuate and get clear - as the captain, he intends to go only after all his crew is accounted for.

Then I blow up the last enemy squad.

One more "take that, aliens!" from Kappei, and Kouji finally starts to realize what's bothering Duke; he wants to have a word with Kouji but Kiraken spots something on an island in the distance...

Toshiya catches up to Teral (they recognize each others' voices immediately).
Teral snarls at him to put him out of his misery rather than taking him prisoner, and Kappei intends to do just that: "Maybe then you'll understand how Hamamoto felt when you made him a human bomb!"
Teral didn't know about those, and is even more surprised to hear that some of the Gaizock's subjects were the Eldar's captives from Io.
Once again, Toshiya says that he started to trust Teral when he stopped the Gaizock's human collection. "But you were just another alien after all!"

Teral pleads that he didn't authorize this - that he, an honorable Eldar, would never - but everyone seems to be too caught up in their rage to believe him.
Kappei’s just about ready to take the guy’s life as payment for all the ones who’ve died when…

: That’s enough!
: Daisuke…
: What, you’re taking his side?!
: Look in his eyes. Those are not the eyes of a man telling a lie.
: Don't be fooled, Daisuke. He lies as easily as he breathes; I'm sure you couldn't tell.
: Yeah, he may look nice, but he doesn't care about a human life any more than a bug's.
: Please! You're all losing yourselves in your anger!
: Just shut it already! You're just on his side 'cause you're an alien too!
: Kappei...
: My friend died as a bomb because of him!
: He didn't want to die! He was just turned into a bomb and died shaking in fear!
: ...
: Daisuke, I understand what you mean...
: And maybe what Teral is saying really is the truth...
: But we can't really feel that, emotionally...
: We know that executing Teral won't change anything.
: But we can't just let him go.
: But...
: And we're not in the mood for idealism.
: So in your anger and hatred, you’d lash out at all aliens...
: Daisuke...
: (Curse you, Gaizock…! Carrying out such a cowardly tactic under our noses...)
: (No, tactic is too good a word for this! They are using lives as toys!)
: Teral, you're coming with us. We'll decide what to do with you later.
: Toshiya Dan, I beg you... let me go!
: What?
: I swear to you that we, the Eldar, played no part in their cowardly scheme!
: And that, upon my honor and the honor of the Eldar, we will stop the Gaizock from making any more human bombs!
: You gonna break your alliance with the Gaizock and help us Earthlings out?
: I'm afraid that's another matter. But at least the Eldar will never use subterfuge. We will crush the Earth in the open!
: And we will not suffer this cowardice, not even from our allies!
: Are you simply trying to escape us?
: Sorry, but we're not nice enough to fall for that.
: I cannot blame you for thinking so...
: But Toshiya Dan... I would rather die than be held in such contempt by a man I respect.
: Teral...
: I must go if I am to clear my honor, even if I must go in shame.
: The honor of my motherland of Eldar is at stake!
: ...
: ...can I really trust you again?
: You believe me, Toshiya?
: Just go. But make sure you keep your promise.
: I, Teral, swear on my life to stop the human bombs.
: Dammit, Toshiya, this isn't your call!
: He's an alien invader. You'll only be betrayed again.
: ...if that happens, I'll pay the price myself.
: Toshiya...
: You're stupid! You're a total idiot!
: ...but if he does what he said, we can prevent any further needless deaths.
: That doesn't mean we can trust him! He's an alien! An enemy! You're all idiots! Idiots!
: ...
: Boy, I...
: Don't. If a single tear of Kappei's touches your heart, just go.
: Of course. I swear to keep my promise on the honor of the Eldar.

Teral goes, and Julie and Kiraken, agreeing for once, both call Toshiya out. But Toshiya has a lot at stake here too, and Teral is the only thing he has to bet it on...
Kappei’s not in the mood to look at Daisuke’s alien face any more and while Tetsuya would like to say that we could get along with aliens, we can’t let go of our rage that easily; Eiji adds that it’s not just Kappei who’s unwilling to listen to Daisuke’s arguments.
What, then? Do they intend to eradicate all aliens, refusing to understand anything about them?
“If need be, yes”, Touga says.

Daisuke turns his question to Kouji and Maria and, while they don’t think all aliens are bad, they can’t bring themselves to take his side. With that in mind, he prepares to leave with Hikaru.
Kouji and Maria try to convince him to fight with us to safeguard Earth’s peace, but Daisuke has to decline. "I understand how you're all feeling. That's why I have to go, for both our sakes."
And to his sister, "just remember this: anger can make you stronger, but hatred leads only to destruction."
As he leave, Setsuko can only ponder where he’ll go…and for what will he fight for?

Kazami is at his work computer muttering to himself about how Trinity Energy; God Sigma’s power-up has seems to prove a theory of his that Trinity Energy , if sufficiently amplified and focused, can take things through time!
He runs a formula and confirms it. But then he pulls up some data on the effect of the time warp on the dimensional walls, and wonders how those numbers match up with the current state of space-time. He punches that formula into his computer, and...

: No, actually... the walls have already begun to unravel? But then...
: This can't be...
: This would mean... that the dimensional walls will soon collapse, and the universe will return to oblivion...?