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Part 140: Mission 33 (Setsuko - Gibraltar Route) - Prologue

Setsuko Route (Gibraltar) Chapter 33 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: We've traveled back in time so Setsuko picks the other route! On to the Gibraltar Route! This one I will be continuing off, so it's time to check out the Top Aces again!

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 112 Kills
2. Amuro - 86 Kills
3. Shinn - 76 Kills
4. Quattro - 73 Kills
5. Talia - 65 Kills

The route split puts Talia back on the Top Aces list. Setsuko now isn't quite as hilariously ahead, since my best mook killers are all on this side.

Löwen is taught Backup Attack. Emma starts getting SP-Up too, with Setsuko being brought up to Level 7. She'd only have 74 SP without it.

And then on a complete whim I pump a ton of money into the Mk. II for no reason whatsoever.

My other units receive a bit of cash too.

Next stage has some water, so I give the event deployed Mk. II a Screw Module.

Unlike the Border Patrol Route, you're actually given enough units for full squads.

Location: Western Galia

Our current objective is to meet up with some man called Hencken. Who? Loran's heard of him, anyway, kind of a hero and Roberto agrees as the guy’s braving the Rivalry Zones and dodging the Feds to meet up with us.
Apolly suspects he's got an ulterior motive for signing up - "Right, 1st. Lt. Emma?"

"I have no idea what you mean," she replies evenly.

When Sochie asks where they know the guy, Roberto and Apolly explain that Hencken was the former captain of the Argama.
But Bright made such a big name for himself in the previous war that when he joined the AEUG, Hencken voluntarily passed the ship on and retreated into the background. And he didn't stop being helpful after the Break, either – including his current supply run to us, obviously. Beltorchika’s certainly impressed.

Emma's been quiet this whole time and Setsuko’s worrying that she might be coming down with something; she quickly dismisses her concerns while Apolly cackles: she does know. After all, Hencken elected to come down personally on his own despite the danger!
Emma stammers that she has to tune her mech and excuses herself.

Sochie is the first to guess the obvious, that Emma and Hencken have a history Apolly and Roberto reveal that he's been trying to get her for ages, since before they came down to Earth.
Miashei guesses Emma is just shy about seeing her man after so long, but that one's a miss. The Lieutenant has spurned every one of Hencken's advances, and the more he tries, even with them as wingmen, the more stubborn she gets.

Beltorchika pipes up that she understands how being pestered doesn't help anyone open up and take a chance or anything. "Isn't that right, Lt. Löwen?"

It's Löwen's turn to stammer. What, hasn't he ever been in love before?
As the guy begs Beltorchika to let him off this inquiry, Setsuko steps in and tells her and Reccoa to back off of him. He thanks her for the "backup"; she says it's just the least she can do after all Löwen's done for her.
Quietly, Sochie likes how well the two of them are getting along and Beltorchika agrees – at the very least, it’s healing some of the girl’s sorrow.

Katz comes in looking for Emma; the higher-ups are talking about sending a welcome wagon to Hencken, you see. (And Emma's on the hook? Sounds like Captain Bright has a sense of humor, too.)

But Löwen says he may have just realized something, and he has to go right away.

We find Löwen telling Bright that the Phantom Pain has just taken off and there's a good chance they're after Hencken's supply ship. Quattro muses that they've lost the bulk of their Extended and Cyber-Newtypes, but according to Schlan's intel, they've gotten reinforcements of their own, including a new commander in one Colonel Paptimus Scirocco, who may even - possibly - be on the front lines personally.
Quattro recognizes the name, the "man who returned from Jupiter," and Amuro remembers something Toshiya said once: that the harsh conditions around Jupiter can change people, or in Toshiya's own words, "as if an entirely new, yet unknown power awakened."

The Jupiter Scirocco is from is not the one Toshiya was raised around, but it's no less harsh; there is no underestimating Scirocco here, asserts Löwen.
That means we have no time to waste mobilizing a proper advance guard for Captain Hencken. Torres points out, again, that Kamille and Emma should take point, but Quattro feels it should be Kamille and Reccoa, who pilots a faster Methuss.
Bright is about to say something, but stops himself - it is a better tactical decision, after all. "No hard feelings, Captain Hencken," he apologizes silently.