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Part 141: Mission 33 (Setsuko - Gibraltar Route) - The Pulse of Zeta

Chapter 33: The Pulse of Z

Hencken is getting raced circles around by the Pain's new Mobile Armors, the Gabthley, a present from Scirocco which the Titans are very thankful for.
Jerid's got a new winglady, Mauer, who's ready to go in for the kill, but Jerid would rather use it to draw out ZEUTH. Between her talent, Kacricon’s support and their new units, he doesn't foresee any difficulties.
Hencken’s Radish supply ship got ambushed after reentry and it took out a great deal of its forces, leaving it a sitting duck – they won’t reach the Argama like this…

It’s then that a Methuss deploys from the ship, piloted by Fa Yuiri who offers to buy time until the Argama gets here.
Hencken protests that she's only had the most basic of training, but Fa says she's prepared herself for whatever comes. That's why she volunteered for this mission!

Fine, says Hencken. "But I don't want to lose any more soldiers today."

"Kamille," whispers Fa, "please hurry..."

The objective is to beat all the enemies, with the Battle Mastery gotten if we do it in five turns. This is really hard. Let's look at the two units we have available for now.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Hencken Bekkener - Radish
Voiced by Juurouta Kosugi(Japanese), Dave Pettitt(English

* Prevail (Level 5) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Support Attack (Level 3) - When Adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Support Defend (Level 3) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.
* B Save - Ammo based attacks have their ammunition increased by 50%

Spirit Commands:
* Guts(35): The caster regains all HP.
* Strike (20) - The caster will have 100% Hit rate for that turn.
* Guard(30) - The caster takes 1/4 damage from all attacks for one turn.

Squad Leader Bonus
*Adjacent squads take 10% less damage

Hencken is in an unupgraded battleship. Yeah. He's also a guest character, I don't beleive you ever get a chance to upgrade the Radish or him. So what you see is what you get.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Fa Yuiri - Methuss
Voiced by Satomi Arai(Japanese), Angie Beers(English)

* Newtype(Level 1) - Increases Hit and Evasion rates. The strength of the effect depends on the skill's level. Some weapons require this skill for use.
* Mechanic - When the pilot uses a Repair Module, the ammount healed is increased by 50%
* Support Defend (Level 2) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.

Spirit Commands:
* Vigor(20) - The caster regains 30% of Max HP.
* Gain(20) - The caster's squad will gain double the Experience Points from the next attack.
* Accel(20) - The caster's squad gains a one use +2 to movement.
* Focus(20) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%

Squad Leader Bonus
HP and EN Recovery increased by 50%

And then we have this as the other unit to help. Ahahahahahaha . Fa, of course, has very little offensive ability. She's in a Methuss, which is in essence a Nanomachine Unit that holds another pilot and takes up a unit slot. On the plus side, she can repair the crap out of the Radish, but she will then be swarmed and Fa will die.

So yes, Hencken is effectively going to be soloing this part of the stage. Fa doesn't even have Trust so she could contribute that way.

Hencken moves up, and Fa moves back. This is the best option.

The enemy phase comes and this happens. The Radish can, at least, three-shot them.

And of course just to make things harder Jerid and company stay put this turn.

: The Gundam Mk.II! The Argama's cavalry has arrived!
: Are you guys all right, Captain Hencken?
: Looks like the Phantom Pain did exactly as Lt. Löwen predicted.
: ...oh, that's 2nd. Lt. Reccoa in that Methuss?
: I'm very sorry 1st. Lt. Emma couldn't make it.
: No, I, uh... I appreciate it, 1st. Lieutenant.
: Other Methuss, fall back. We'll take it from here!
: Kamille? Kamille, is that really you?
: Fa? Is that Fa Yuiri?
: That's right, Kamille! I'm a soldier of AEUG now.
: Don't be stupid! Fall back, Fa!
: I...
: I said, fall back before you get someone hurt!
: Why...
: Figure it out later, you two. Those new MAs are moving in.
: Well, well, Kamille. I didn't think we'd meet again so soon!
: Ease up, Jerid. If you lose your head, it'll be the death of you.
: I know, Mauer... but this guy's all mine.
: Come on, Jerid! This is for Lila!
: Right!
: Kamille! I'm a pilot too! Let me help!
: (Fa, this isn't a game. You know that, right?)

Now stay here Reccoa, you're not much help by yourself. You may be slightly dodgier then Fa with those upgrades, but you're still in HP Regen Squaddie Mech.

Now it's time to start burning SP. I'll need to start hitting the Asshimars.

This... is going to take a while isn't it.

Let's hope Hencken does a bit more damage.

Natrually there's a lot of dogpiling on the enemy phase.

Great, and one targets Fa. See, there's a reason she hasn't done much.

Darn it Fa.

: So this is the Kamille Bidan who Jerid talked so much about...
: She's really good! She's supporting Jerid perfectly!
: Any enemy of Jerid's is an enemy of mine! You're going down!

This is with Focus up.

Reccoa's better, but primarily because she knows Sense.

: (I'm here in 1st. Lt. Emma's place, so I have to pull my weight in combat...)
: (That's my job!)

Then Fa finishes it off, helpfully.

I use up all of Hencken's SP on Guts and another Strike.

Kamille has enough will to use Flying Armor Crash, thankfully.

Enemy phase comes and I start getting the counterkills down.

: Jerid's not the only one you've shot down!
: He's one of Jerid's Titan comrades!
: This is for all our brothers you've taken out! Take this!
: This is war, and you're just fighting for your own personal grudges!

Then I shoot down Mauer. This gives Kamille another level of Newtype and thankfully triggers the next phase of the stage!

Mauer sees that Kamille’s abilities are even greater than the reports state but quickly heals for another run - Jerid calls his elites to attack all together.
Kamille rushes out to meet them, to Fa's and Reccoa's protests. "Fa, you can't fight! I don't want you to die!", he thinks.

Predictably, the Gundam gets swarmed by their synchronized maneuvers and its generator takes a fatal blow. As Jerid's Gabthley moves in for the kill, Fa throws her Methuss in the way!

: Fa!
: We're finally together again, Kamille, so...
: So you protected me...
: Kamille, to the Radish! Quick!
: !

*Reccoa charges into the front.*

: I’ll look after her, Camille! Get going!
: Roger! …Wait for me, Fa!

*Kamille goes into the Radish.*

: The Mk. II’s retreating!
: These yellow units are covering him!
: Then we’ll just crush them first!
: He’s coming!
: You’ll taste the same pain you put me through, Kamille!

: I’m coming, Fa!

: Urgh!
: Jerid!
: The Z Gundam…Kamille?!
: That’s right! Let’s pull back, Fa!

: That transforming suit...
: It's the Z Gundam. I risked life and limb to get that new toy here.
: It's even more responsive than I expected.
: Kamille...
: I'm sorry, Fa. I got cocky.
: I didn't realize there were people looking out for me even while I was trying to protect people... until you showed me.
: Yeah...
: Kamille, I'll crush you even with your new mech!
: I…I’ll master the Zeta! I have to!

And Jerid moves down as the remaining action this turn.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Kamille Bidan - MSZ-006 ζ Gundam
Voiced by Nobuo Tobita(Japanese), Jonathan Lachlan-Stewart(English)

* Newtype(Level 5) - Increases Hit and Evasion rates. The strength of the effect depends on the skill's level. Some weapons require this skill for use.
* Counter (Level 5) - On the enemy phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Will +(Evade) - Pilot will gain an additional point of will every time the pilot successfully evades an enemy attack.
* E Save - The energy cost for attacks are reduced by 20%

Spirit Commands:
* Focus(15) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Sense (20) - Casts both "Strike" and "Alert" on the caster.
* Spirit(35) - Increases the Will of all pilots in the caster's mech by 10
* Snipe(20) - Increases the range of the caster's weapons by 2 for one turn. MAP attacks and weapons with 1 range are not effected.

Squad Leader Bonus
*+10% Hit rate, +10% Counterattack damage

Kamille in his destined Mobile Suit! The Zeta is really good right now. It's pretty much an upgrade over the old Mk. II in every conceivable way. Kamille's built well for it. He's one of the few pilots that can really use Snipe, since the Zeta does have some good sniping attacks. An extra bonus is the Waverider mode. Kamille can use it to use flight and an extra point of movement to hit an extra point. Of course, if you've watched Zeta Gundam, you know there's more ahead for this unit, but even as it is it's great. Oh yeah, I lied. I didn't pump up the Mk. II for no reason. The Zeta inherits upgrades from it, and as a bonus you still keep the Mk. II. So I just upgraded two units for the price of one!

Meanwhile, Hencken misses on 80% odds.

Yes these two aren't going to be much help.

Time to start taking these guys out.

: You think you can take me on in a brand new model you only just touched?
: I designed the Zeta's base architecture! Don't think that doesn't mean anything!

OK this time he hit on the enemy phase.

And there goes Kacricon.

Kacricon gets shot down with his MA, crying out to Amelia (his lover) as it explodes.
Jerid is livid at Kamille, once again, taking away someone so dear to him.

Mauer’s MA is reaching its limits and Jerid tells her to retreat – he’ll stop anyone from following.
She tries to protest but Jerid reminds that she saved his life, so he asks that she let him to this at least; Mauer agrees but asks that he take care.

It's always the worst when the boss survives with a sliver of HP. I had to retart the stage once because this meant I didn't reach the time limit.

Problem solved!

Upon defeat, Jerid’s very frustrated that he can’t even get revenge for Lila and Kacricon – he pulls back, vowing to never forgive Kamille for what he’s done.

We made it through the ambush and Reccoa’s quite impressed with the Zeta; Kamille’s pleased, too, as this mech fits him like a glove and it allowed him to protect Fa.

Also, the Argama has arrived with its main forces. Bright is glad to see Hencken safe and sound; Quattro and Shinn are suitably impressed by the newly-developed Zeta's performance.

However, Amuro senses something dangerous on the approach. Bright takes that and signals everyone to get into formation and prepare for further combat. Kamille senses it too...

Scirocco's wing of the Phantom Pain is here, and he's in the transforming mech Kamille remembers from Bellforest; Scirocco, for his part, is surprised to be "pressured" by ZEUTH's pilots.

In addition to new tech and soldiers, he's brought Yazan Gable for the express purpose of playing against ZEUTH. "I hope you don't think I'm in the same league as that speed bump Jerid," Yazan growls.
Löwen warns us that the transformer is indeed piloted by Paptimus Scirocco, the new Commander-in-Chief of the Phantom Pain himself. Amuro can tell he's a serious threat, which tells Quattro he's also a powerful Newtype.
Once again, Scirocco is impressed that we have multiple pilots who can sense his aura. "But more importantly, I seem to have discovered my soulmate."

And out of nowhere, Kihel falters. She has the sense that someone is watching her - "a cold gaze that pierces my very soul."

With the situation going south, Bright orders everyone to focus fire on the enemy commander; realizing the danger that Scirocco poses, Kamille has both Reccoa and Fa form up with the Zeta.
“Hmhmhm…come, ZEUTH. Give me a taste of your power.”, Scirocco sneers as the attack begins.

Right, our new objective is to beat Scirocco. He's nasty, of course.

First, there's this new guy.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Yazan Gable - ORX-005 Gaplant
Voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka(Japanese), Corby Proctor(English)

* Prevail (Level 5) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Counter (Level 5) - On the enemy phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.
* Predict - At 130 Will, hit, evasion and critical hit rate increase

Squad Leader Bonus
*PLA Attacks do +40% more damage.

Meet Zeta Gundam's resident Psycho. He's probably the most dangerous of the various Titan pilots we've been fighting. Prevail + Predict is a nasty combo, and his Will is going to skyrocket. And yes, his Squad Leader Bonus is literally Quattro's But Better.

And, of course, there's the Big Man himself.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Paptimus Scirocco - PMX-000 Messala
Voiced by Bin Shimada(Japanese), Jonathan Love (English)

* Newtype(Level 8) - Increases Hit and Evasion rates. The strength of the effect depends on the skill's level. Some weapons require this skill for use.
* Counter (Level 9) - On the enemy phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.
* Ignore Size Penalty - Ignores the damage penalty for attacking larger targets.
* Genius - +20% to Accuracy, Evasion, and Critical Hit Rates.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.
* Attack Again - If the Pilot's skill stat is 20 points or higher then the enemy, the pilot will perform a second attack. This second attack is considered a Support Attack and is effected by the Cooperative Attack skill.

Squad Leader Bonus
Accuracy +30%, Counterattack damage +20%

Yeaahhhhh he's gotten a lot scarier since Stage 11. First off, he has the highest level of Newtype we've seen yet. Plus he also has Genius which is beyond absurd. Genius is, in general, used for characers who are so awesome they can keep up with crazy psychics and the like through skill alone. Yet here we see a guy with both Genius and crazy Psychic powers. Newtype Lv8 + Genius alone means that he has by default 50% added to his hit and evasion rates. Then add in his Squad Leader Bonus and he has an 80% chance to hit you before any sort of calcuations are done. And we have nothing but fragile Reals. Don't let anything get near him without Focus or an Alert up. And don't forget, he has a 7 Range ALL attack.

Also, he knows Zeal and it's cheaper then Setsuko's!
Not that it means much since enemies don't use Spirit Commands, but it's the principle of the thing.

Not in the mood for slogging through water, I move everybody into the ships. Meanwhile Brunom hasn't had a water stage yet on his split. and he has Getter-3.

You've done well Hencken, take a break far from any enemy so I don't get a Game Over.

A handful of enemies get in range, and get shot for their troubles.

I swap Kamille to the Waverider mode and give it a shot.

Setsuko heads out and starts shooting at Yazan.

Huh. Darn I was expecting him and Setsuko to have Words.

With the ability to ignore water, Athrun is able to get into the fray better.

Everybody else is bunched up on this island, yay!

For some reason on the enemy phase Yazan desides Bright is the best target.

: Hey, you're not bad! I'm gonna enjoy beating you down!
: His moves are chaotic... like some kind of wild animal!
: Now that Yazan Gable's in the Phantom Pain, your days are numbered!

Then I actually have to let Amuro get into the water. Oh well.

: His mind... so direct...
: No one's gonna stop me! Not the famous ZEUTH, not even the Federation's White Shooting Star!
: Ugh! He's a much bigger threat than mentally unstable Cyber-Newytpes...
I bet if Emma and Roberto had hit he'd be down.

: He's piloting that machine so well, even though it's adjusted for a Cyber-Newtype...
: Yo, AEUG captain! I'm not like those things!
: And he's challenging me knowing full well what I'm capable of. Impressive.

Shield Defense!

Bright finally finishes him off. It gives him a new level of Commander.

Yazan's had a lot of fun fighting us and is eagerly anticipating our next bout.
As he retreats, Shinn wonders what's wrong with that guy and Kamille's aghast to have met a man who enjoys combat so.

It's been a while since I've used the Blast Impulse.


"Are you Titans really THAT arrogant?!"
Still as nice as ever Shinn.

Clearing out the bulk of the grunts, still leaving behind the more annoying Mobile Armors.

There we go, it gets Shinn's SEED going.

These things continue to be the most annoying things imaginable.

Then Scirocco takes aim for Kamille.

To put things in perspective, Kamille has been getting 100% hit rates on every other enemy on this stage, and the Zeta's been untouchable. Even Yazan had a 0% hit rate against him.

You do not mess with Scirocco.

: He's...
: You're powerful enough to sense me, boy?
: Who are you? Something in my head is telling me that you're dangerous!
: You're very sensitive. But that's your weakness.
: A Newtype that won't obey me is an obstacle, nothing more! Begone!


So at this point I decide it's time to take him down now. So, let's start smacking him.

: This one isn't so bad...
: If we eliminate the commander, the Phantom Pain is done for! Engaging!
: This woman's heart is like a bottomless clear lake. She's useless to me!

: The Federation's former White Shooting Star certainly has fallen.
: He's... a Newtype?
: You dare possess enough power to sense me and yet satisfy yourself as a mere grunt soldier! Atone with your life!
: He's too dangerous... in his power and his arrogance!

: I know all about you, Athrun Zala.
: !
: Your father wanted to change the world, too, but he did it in the most foolish way.
: I will change the world, and I'll do it correctly.
: I knew another man who thought he was above everyone else and tried to destroy the world...
: And we're not letting you get away with it, either! ZEUTH will stop you!

: So this is where the Red Comet ended up? Disappointing.
: He knows who I am?
: A failure like you will never change the world, Char. Just stay and see the world I create!
: I can't simply ignore a man who speaks in self-righteous platitudes like that.

Finally. He was really tanky, then again I didn't have much Will for most of my pilots.

Scirocco's Messala is just about done for, but he wants to leave us a "parting gift."
The mech lurches for the Argama and Bright yells to shoot it down with anti-air fire; however, Scirocco pulls away before that can happen and, once again, Kihel senses something.
"Until we meet again," says Scirocco, "Queen of the ancients."; as he leaves, our people are a bit taken aback by this man…

In the Argama’s hangar, Kamille and Fa have a warm reunion and share a long-awaited embrace. "Just give me a moment like this," murmurs Kamille.

But Lunamaria blunders in. Oh well. Kamille introduces Fa, his friend from childhood (Luna does realize that she might’ve stepped on some toes).
As for what Fa’s doing here, she explains that their home, Green Noah, was occupied by the Titans; the AEUG saved her, and she joined them. Upon hearing of Kamille, she pursued the mission that would bring her to him, and here they are.
Kamille is truly grateful, not least because she and Hencken brought him his new power in the form of the Zeta. In turn, Kamille introduces all his new friends from ZEUTH and ZAFT, and Fa is happy for him.

Setsuko is also glad to see Kamille looking happy again after all he's been through with Four and whatnot. "We are fighting to protect all that's dear to us," says Amuro, "but now Kamille remembers that others need us too, and they're protecting us in return."
"So he's needed," murmurs Reccoa, a long look on her face.

Quattro comes in to pick up Amuro and Emma for a meeting on the bridge; Reccoa tries to get a word in with him but he’s little time right now. "We’ll talk later."

As they leave, all Setsuko has on her mind is that Emma, too, seems happy about something (cough).
Reccoa’s silent and, after a second, says she doesn't feel well and asks Setsuko to give Fa the tour for her as she runs off to her quarters.

The Captains are already on the bridge, Hencken saying he's only too happy to have done some good for the cause – they can’t rely on ZAFT and Karaba for everything, especially when it comes to delivering a unit the AEUG itself developed.
His train of thought is interrupted, though…

: Excuse me.
: Ah, 1st. Lt. Emma! You're looking well!
: As are you, Captain Hencken.
: Uh, er. Well. Actually, space was pretty busy but... well, it's good to see you again.
: U-uh... thank you.
: Uh... so, I...
: Pardon me, Captain, but we need to get moving to Gibraltar. Please address the supply mission.

The supply mission could have gone better. In addition to the Zeta, the manifest retains the G-Defenser and the Re-GZ. The former is an expansion for the Gundam Mk.II, adding onto its armor and firepower.
Bright feels the best candidate for it is Emma, and Hencken can't agree more. The Re-GZ is a production version of the Zeta, set up to run in atmosphere.

Wait, the brand-new Zeta already has a production model?

Well, you didn't hear this from Hencken, but Wong Lee and General Blex are looking to beef up the AEUG's internal forces, so they rushed the Zeta and designed the Re-GZ in parallel to it.
In fact, there should have been more suits on the Radish, but most of them were destroyed in the battles after reentry, along with their pilots. The question is, why all the panic?

Hencken says that the higher-ups aren't comfortable relying on their alliance with ZAFT. Quattro has already figured out where this is going: the Axis colony, out in the asteroid belt where the remnants of Zeon nest.
They're in this universe, they're soon to swing by Earth and Durandal's likely to approach them as fellow Spacenoids for help with his war. But Zeon being in on the alliance is going to make things awkward for the AEUG, maybe even enough for them to break their alliance all together.
No matter what happens, Zeon is going to change the game in a very sensitive way.

There's no need to jump to conclusions, though. We are, after all, on our way to Gibraltar to speak with Chairman Durandal himself and hear what exactly he has in mind.
Hencken will accompany us that far before he goes to join Karaba.

"Axis is finally coming," thinks Quattro. "What's your move, Haman?"

Big changes are happening all around for the Phantom Pain. Aboard another Garuda carrier, Scirocco is putting Yazan in charge; he has his own business to attend to now.
Neo, meanwhile, is to take his remaining Extended and return to HQ for new orders - directly from Lord Djibril. (That this is a trash job does not go over Neo's head.)

Neo warns Yazan that ZEUTH is for real and shouldn’t be underestimated, but Yazan knows - "I couldn't ask for better prey."
Jerid doesn't think Yazan, wild man he is, is a suitable commander, but he has no intention of backing down before he gets his revenge for Kacricon. Yazan likes his guts, but Scirocco has other plans - Jerid and Mauer are coming with him.

Even Yazan isn't so sure about going toe to toe with ZEUTH with Scirocco gone and taking the Gabthleys with him, but Scirocco reminds him that ZEUTH's forces are cut in half.
And they aren't the only ones here. "Enter," he calls to the door.

In comes Faye and Sarah Zabiarov, to Yazan's dismay. "You trying to turn the Phantom Pain into a bunch of Amazons?" he wails. "I don't know how to fire ladies up, you know!"
Faye assures him that she has every intention of pulling her own weight with her skill, so Yazan expects her to show it next they deploy. "ZEUTH," she thinks. "Especially Touga and Gravion. You'll see all that I can do."

Scirocco finally reveals his own plan, though. In addition to Jerid and Mauer, he's also taking Sarah - to Gibraltar, where ZAFT Chairman Gilbert Durandal is now...

Meanwhile, in the Federation’s HQ, Jamitov has picked up the Chirams' red phone, with a simple request: "We would like the Chiram to share all their dimensional technology with the New Earth Federation. I'm sure the Chiram are aware of the fate in store for this world. In order to avert it, you must work with us."