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Part 148: Mission 36 (Rand) - Tomorrow Revealed - Part 3

Enemy Phase!

As Shinn continues to bang his head against Stella’s barrier, Athrun fails to oneshot a frickin’ Marasai and even eats a hit.
Thankfully, Kouji’s actually competent and finishes the job.

There are no more regular mooks alive, so Zaft’s team starts moving on the Destroy.

Bleh…at least they’ll be draining her EN.

All’s not roses, though, as this means there are over 5 units in her area…

Burume eats a big hit and barely survives but, otherwise, we hold on well enough.

Of course, it doesn’t help that low HP units are AI magnets!

I’m lucky today, though, and Burume not only survives but Rand also gets a crit.

Player Phase!

How about this, prick?!

Crap…none of those were crits and my moon-punching quota is screwed now!

Fine, Duke will make him pay.

And we also take his Barrier Field as a prize.

Since their objective is pretty much achieved, Bask sees no need to stay here and bails, leaving the remaining troops to clean up the mess.

Quickly now, Kei and Roger take away chunks of the remaining Garuda’s HP and Marin’s ready to wrap it up.

And there it goes.

This is still turn 5 so we’re making pretty good time on the Skill Point. All we need to do now is bring Stella as close to death as possible, surround her for the positioning bonus, and also drain her EN to 0. Not 5, 0.
You need to do it like that because she always recovers 5 EN at the start of her turn so, if you leave her with 5, she’ll add to 10 EN and will get a use of her barrier against Shinn (and then you’ll need to savescum a crit if this is your last turn).

No idea where that regen comes from because the Destroy hasn’t that effect, has no part equipped and isn’t standing on any special terrain.

Doc says all units have a constant 5 EN regen - I guess it's to stop ships and whatnot from being stuck without even being able to move.

Let’s do this.

: That’s quite the big foe…I’m not bringing it down in a frontal assault!
: I won’t put up with any more of this senseless carnage, though…! Sorry but I’m going straight for your cockpit!

: Stop it! The people who live here have nothing to do with your war!
: This pilot’s exactly how I used to be…fighting with no sense of purpose…
: Even more reason why we need to stop her! Someone has to teach her that you can’t do stuff like this!

: Stop! What’ll happen to our world if you start fighting like this?!
: I might not have a choice but to prepare for the worst… This unit has to be stopped!

: Our Getter's an even match in terms of raw power! We’ll stop this thing head-on!
: There are some lines you don’t cross, even in war! And I don't pull my punches for someone who ignores that!

: The enemies'll bail if we take this thing down! I’m going in!
: Garrod…! You cannot kill this person!
: Yeah, I got it! I don’t get what’s going on but she’s one of Shinn’s friends!
: Dunno if I can pull it off but I’ll try to just stop her mech in its tracks!

: The Greta Gary was way bigger than this thing!
: It’s not the size of your weapon that wins battles, but the size of your guts! So this isn't scaring me!

: This pilot’s not simply confused... There’s something actively disturbing her mind?!
: Could we stop her unit and save her life if we figured out what it is…?!

: You psycho…think of how many people are dying ‘cuz of your rampage!
: There are some things you just don’t do, even in war, and I’ll make you get that in your thick skull!

: A destroyed city…and a black giant standing amidst the flames…
: This landscape is triggering some memories…but are these my memories or the Big O’s…?!

: This machine…it was clearly built with mass-destruction in mind!
: Urgh! How can earthlings use such weapons against their own kind?!

: Such indiscriminate destruction… This is, truly, a demon!
: How can you be so cruel to your fellow man?! Do you want all to burn?!


Camille also had lines against her but he never got in range:

: Stay away! Die! DIIIEEE!!
: This girl…she’s been reconditioned?!
: Humans aren’t weapons! This is unforgivable!!

: Hold on, Stella! I’m coming!!

: She’s out of control!
: No! I don’t want to die...I’m scared!!
: She’s going to level the whole city at this rate!
: Stella, it’s me! It’s Shinn!!
: NO! I don’t want to die!
: It’s alright, Stella! You won’t die!
: !
: I’m here for you! I’ll keep you safe!
: …Shinn…
: Stella…?
: Shinn! Shinn!!
: It stopped attacking?!
: !

*Kira charges after the Destroy.*

: Wait, Stella! STOP!!
: That’s…ENOUGH!!

: Ah…

: Shinn…you came here…to see me?
: Yes…! I did!!
: You said…you’d…protect me…

: Stella!
: Shinn…I love you…

: Shinn…
: Damn it…why did it have to end like this…?
: I did it again…but there was no other way…
: Still…this is…
: The Federation Army is pulling back!
: That’s to be expected, considering their trump card is down.
: Will this mean the end of their invasion...?
: I hope so...

: The King Beal and Argama…
: What’s going on, Heizaemon?! We’d like some answers from you!
: …There’s no reason for us to talk. Not when you’ve chosen a wholly different path to tread.
: We’ve no intention of obstructing you. We just ask that you do not turn against us…
: Where do you get off saying that after all the crap you’ve done under Zaft’s command?!
: …It’s you who take advantage of how chaotic the world is and make things even worse…!
: I was wrong about you guys…! I ain’t holding back if you end up our enemies!
: Kappei…
: Athrun…
: Kira…I’m following my own path… Never show your face to me again…
: Stella…Stella…
: Let’s go back, Shinn…

: What the hell happened with them…
: It’s just as it looks like: they’re wholly different people after being incorporated into Zaft.
: Attacking civilians, forcing everyone to obey the Plants…!
: I’m sure their actions today had strategic value to Zaft, as well.
: Maybe to nab an easy win against the Feds or to get the Chiram to owe them or something…
: Whatever it is, it can’t be good.
: Let’s go back, too. No point in overstaying our welcome.
: Darling…will we be able to get together with Loran, Kouji and the others again…?
: I dunno…but things ain't looking too good right now...

: Stella…can you hear me? It’s alright now…
: There’s nothing to hurt you…
: Nothing to frighten you, no one to torment you anymore…
: So, be at peace…sleep, among the stars…
: I said…I said I’d protect her…and…
: I’m sorry…Stella, I’m so sorry…

: Shinn…
: Camille…we—
: There was…nothing we could do…again…
: All those people who wage war…I’ll never forgive any of them…
: Me too… I won’t let them make other people like Four…
: (I’m so sorry, Stella…)
: (Four…I…)

Back on the Freeden, our team’s trying to understand why the Federation would attack the Chiram, with whom they were at least superficially on good terms.
Roger agrees with Kei that the most likely link is dimensional repair and, from what Edel has told Löwen, the Chiram’s space-time manipulation tech is far more advanced than the Federations. Gainer then asks if they’re implying the Feds attacked to get their hands on that technology but Roger isn’t so sure.
He points out that the Feds’ attack on the capital seemed to be focused more on destroying everything than stealing anything – odd, Roybea thinks, considering the Federation’s sure to be aware of the upcoming collapse by now. The logical conclusion that Kei reaches is that the Feds must have their own way of repairing space-time, independent from the Singularities or the Chiram tech.

Holland’s got a big frown on his face when he hears that but, when Jamil and Rand asks, says this ain’t a tidbit that he’s keen on sharing without certainty: “It’s probably the Ageha Project…Dewey’s actually going through with it…?”, he wonders.
Just then, Norman comes in to inform everyone of an upcoming broadcast from Durandal to the world, beamed by UN. Gainer wonders if he’s denouncing the Chiram invasion and that could be it, but Gain thinks that a world-wide transmission is a bit excessive for that.
Jamil asks Norman to gather everyone on the Archangel to watch the thing.

Garrod and co. get to meet the Archangel crew, after all the time that’s passed since they helped in the Orb escape. When Matthew asks, Newman says Waltfeld isn't among them, having an errand that's brought him to space.
Pala figures that errand must be pretty important for him to risk the Rivalry Zones and Jamil takes the time to ask about Murrue. Sadly, Miriallia says she’s gone for the moment. Newman and Chandra quietly discuss that she’s gone to visit a certain federation soldier than Banjou THE STORM delivered as we were escaping Chiram.
It was supposed to be a man called Neo Roanoke but, when Murdock and the others saw the face behind the mask, they had no doubt of who it actually was: Muu La Flaga, former crewmember of the Archangel, who was supposed to have been KIA in the battle of Jachin Due.

He died by protecting the Archangel from the Dominion’s Lohengrin...using his the Strike Gundam’s shield…against a shot meant take down space stations and huge ships…
Banpresto seems to have understood how ridiculous that was in W and just left it out altogether.

: I wonder what Chairman Durandal’s going to say…
: I’ve no idea…but I’m sure his words will send ripples across the whole world.
: Kira Yamato…that was quite the amazing show today.
: Enil...
: You took out the enemy’s ace. Surely you can afford to stand a bit prouder?
: …There was no other way back then…that town would’ve been eradicated otherwise.
: Stop it! Kira isn’t happy to be fighting, you know!
: Oh? Then why did he kidnap you and escape from Orb?
: That’s…
: You’re very naive for someone who picked a fight with the entire world...
: Or did you honestly think you were going to accomplish anything without dirtying your hands?
: Enough! I won’t let you keep trying to confuse him!
: Sorry about that, princess. But, you know, in my world everyone fought as hard as they could just to survive.
: Even if that meant taking a life…
: …
: Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve no intention at all of criticizing what you did – there was no other way, really.
: But you’re going end up dead someday.
: !
: You won’t win when you find yourself, with that indecisive attitude of yours, facing an enemy that’s really giving his all in battle.
: You--!
: I think that’s enough. The Chairman’s transmission’s starting.

Caphi took the time to translate all of Durandal's speech for Setsuko's side, so I'm editing it in over my previous summary.


Attention. I am Gilbert Durandal, Chairman of the Plant High Council.
I beg your forgiveness for transmitting this message with no warning in a time of war between Plant and the Earth.
But I humbly request you listen to what I have to say.
I believe that all of you deserve to know the reason why the war will not cease…why we were ever at war to begin with.
I'm sure many of you are already aware, depending on the flow of information of your respective nations...
But earlier today, the New Earth Federation mounted a heavy assault on their supposed allies, the Chiram.
They deployed a large force and several newly developed weapons to destroy the Chiram capital as well as civilians who had no hope of escape.
We moved to stop them as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, not quickly enough to stop grave casualties.
Before you come to your own conclusions as to why this happened, I would like you to know the truth.
The New Earth Federation was intended to govern this Multi-Dimensional World and unite humanity under a single umbrella...but it is that very organization that is responsible for this destruction. This is the nature of the Federation.
Many different kinds of people live in this world. It is no surprise that they don't always see eye to eye.
But the Federation is meeting that with force! Is that how they intend to unite humanity?
Why? Why did this happen? Why do they use weapons instead of words?
"We will have no peace! We must fight!" Who would say that first?
Why can't we all live together in harmony?

...this war is a result of the chaos and confusion of a new world being created in this Multiworld.
But we can't bow to it! A world of war like this will never have peace!
Haven't we had enough of the pain, of the unending hatred?
Clear the tears from your eyes and look!
Cry your fill, and then open your ears!
So we can change this world into one of kindness and light!
I know all of humanity wishes to arrive in that world!

...unfortunately, some of us work against that dream. Dark forces from each of the worlds in concert.
Telling us to fight to feed their own avarice! Corrupting order and hiding the truth out of their own hubris!
These puppetmasters, manipulating our destinies... it is they who are responsible for the behavior of the Federation!
Blue Cosmos, who hate the Coordinators falsely believing they are a threat; an amalgam of peddlers of weaponry and death, Logos...
Even the Titans, full of fear of those who live in space, work to their designs.
The group that manipulates the Earth from its shadows...
They are called the Sage Council - and they are the nemeses of all of us who dream of peace!

Speaking of, the Council is watching: Jamitov’s aghast that Durandal’s already picked up on their existence and Kuzemi panics as he seems to be about to start listing their collaborators.
Djibril wants all UN links cut, demanding to know what Edel is doing at a time like this. Durandal continues, saying that humanity is facing an unprecedented crisis, one that can only be overcome by people joining hands.
Hence, he here declares war against those who oppose that: the Sage Council!

Durandal’s revelation gives our people a whole lot to think about and Renton’s rather impressed with the Chairman for exposing it all to the world – the presence of Lacus, songstress of peace, makes for quite the team with Durandal’s “champion of justice” speech.
Except, as Miriallia knows, that's not the real Lacus at all, just a doppelganger he made for purposes such as this and the real Lacus is in space with Waltfeld. The Freeden’s Sara is quick to spot all the chaos this broadcast will cause, given that the Council's exposed collaborators are all mainstays of government, economy, and military the world over (not just the Titans, Blue Cosmos and Seiran family).

Hap and Stoner see that this statement, in tandem with footage from the Chiram invasion, is going to have major impact across society but Daisuke has some doubts: certainly, Durandal’s rhetoric IS just but he has to wonder if the chairman’s methods are, indeed, going to be beneficial for the entire world when it’s all said and done.
Rand wonders if the guy might be taking such extreme measures simply to get the healing started ASAP but Holland doubts Durandal’s actions as so altruistic: Zaft has a very large presence in the southern hemisphere, so they could’ve done A LOT more to stop the Federation’s advance if they wanted to.
Indeed, Jamil says the information from Murrue indicated that Zaft merely watched as the Feds invaded Chiram. It seems rather clear that the supposed “Champions of Justice” of Zaft deliberately let the Feds run riot until they could maximize their own PR.

Hikaru wonders, then, why did the Minerva show up at all, if not to protect Chiram?
Löwen ponders and suggests that perhaps it was meant as a demonstration of the Plants' sincerity. Loathe as we are to consider this, it seems to Garrod and Holland that Shinn and the others were being used as mere pieces in Zaft’s power-play and we, taking part in that fight, also played our parts nicely.

Nearby, Cagalli’s beside herself to see the Seirans and several of Orb’s citizens revealed as Sage Council collaborators. In fact, their collaborators are spread throughout the entire world, so she has to wonder what Durandal’s planning on doing by exposing all this.
Kira tells her that, if Holland and the others’ suspicions are right, Durandal's even more dangerous than they thought.

Daisuke and Roger come to speak with Kira, having heard much of the previous Natural-Coordinator war and Kira’s major importance in bringing an end to it – wrapping it all up with him living a secluded life in Orb.
But he didn’t stay there – he returned to the battlefield, with the added bonus of kidnapping Orb’s princess on her “wedding” day – and now here he is, having just professed Durandal to be dangerous. So, Jamil and the others want to hear his opinion about the Chairman’s actions since they also have these doubts of their own.

Kira pauses a long moment, and asks everyone to wait just a little longer. He's pretty sure Durandal is in the wrong, but he's not yet positive what he and the Archangel team are doing is right either. He doesn't want to get the rest of ZEUTH mixed up in it full-bore and Jamil can accept that, planning to travel with him until they can find an answer for themselves.
Cagalli meanwhile wonders just what it is that's making Kira hesitate - was it him defeating that black mech that did it?

Dewey was also watching the broadcast, figuring it'll go down in history as one of the most important speeches of all time.
Scirocco figures this grand performance is just the thing the unwashed masses are suckers for and once they’re given a concrete enemy, they’ll stick to it above all. “Then, as reformists, we should remove said enemies ourselves and inherit the Kings’ throne,” Dewey says.
Scirocco says that final preparations are underway and his intel will signal the curtain to rise. "Let us begin Operation Crusade...the battle that'll save the world", Dewey smirks.

Before we end this, make sure to stop by the bazaar to continue on another secret.

Kei’s unpleasantly surprised once he surveys the damage done in the Chiram capital – though he thought this place held nothing for him, it still hurts seeing it like this. Indeed, even an Emaanian like Mimsy can’t help but grieve at this scenario.
Hikaru says that everyone in ZEUTH is fighting precisely because they don’t want to see events like this happening again. That said, people will always pick themselves up and move on, as Duke exemplifies by a group that’s opened a Bazaar nearby.

There’s even a few Emaanian shops in there and, despite the previous hostility between both nations, they’re selling things at quite the discount. Shaia tells Kei not to be so surprised as the Emaanian businessman spirit has always been stronger than any petty hatred.
Considering it took this long for Kei to visit Chiram – still his de facto homeland -, Mimsy suggests he pick something up as a memento. So, he figures he could sell some of those spare Emaanian pennants and buy something…

Secret Alert!

Enil’s old Jenice Custom is also on sale today. This one has a post-movement TRI and is overall stronger but the Esperanza flies, moves farther and has a stronger (pre-movement) TRI attack.
Up to you to decide but I tend to stick to the Esperanza – especially if I manage to grab Hit & Away for Enil.

Leeg and Ghoov are rather aghast at Kei’s primitive new ride (it runs on WHEELS! ) but, as one would expect from an antique, it isn’t working all that well.
Maai and Riea wonder why he bought it, especially since the Emaanians have the Chiram beat in mechanical technology and know-how. Kei just says he has a thing for bikes and, as a matter of fact, this one here is the same model he used to ride in his original world.
So, yeah, it’s a very nostalgic item for him…specifically, of all the ladies he rode in this bike with: François, Madam Lin, Francesca. Mome doesn’t like the indecent look on his face and Mimsy can’t believe he’s daydreaming about stuff like that at a time like this.

Kei apologizes for talking about other girls in front of Mimsy but she yells that this has nothing to do with her and stomps away. Mome’s surprised at how quickly she was angered and Kei says he might’ve went too far in his joking.
Inwardly, he apologizes to her but says there’s another girl he has to look after…regardless of how difficult she is, or her Chiram origins, he needs to take care of his and Tina’s daughter.