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Part 150: Mission 36 (Setsuko) - The Crying Starry Sky - Part 2

Setsuko Route Chapter 36 Part 2

By the way, the objective changes. I have to beat Stella and Four. Beating everybody else first in six turns for the Battle Mastery.

The other ZEUTH guys move up, but don't get in range to hit anybody this turn.

Stella targets Athrun, and will probably shoot him down if he can't dodge!

Life... just isn't fair.

Luckily, by defending I barely survive.

Turn 4

I would rather not have Athrun die.

And here we see the Run Killer. Bask, who will do his absolute best to make sure that you don't have time to finish the stage.

Might as well start the process of dismantling him.
That's one of my heavy hitting Supers. Didn't even crack 4k.

Darn it, Kouji can't get in range for Bask. At least he did some respectable damage to this one.

Couldn't you do, like, a couple hundred more? Please?

Oh well, Toga finished it off.

Setsuko moves over here and targets Sting. That Phase Shift Armor needs to go.

Prioritze beam attacks, obviously.

Quattro almost removes both of Neo's Windams.

Amuro uses his Beam Naginata to hit Sting.

So this video exists for a few reasons. First off, because the world needs more Borot Punch. () and second so that I can rant about the terrible choices the game makes by default. Loran! You have a Beam Rifle and a Beam Saber! Plenty of ammo for the Rifle and the Saber is cheap! Why on earth did you decide to use the ∀'s weakest attack, that was useless! Why.

There. He did some damage to the ship. That's good.

Shinn goes for Neo.

: You promised Stella wouldn't have to fight again!
: I have no excuse. I broke that promise.
: I'll make you pay! You and everyone else who makes her fight!
<: I may be in the wrong, but I can't pull back! I have to protect Stella too!

That removes the other Windam.

Also, Neo, you are literaly the worst person possible for protecting anyone.

And this ship is almost dead.

Close enough to move onto the enemy phase.


: The Federation and ZAFT have no empathy for anyone else, human or alien!
: You're all just like Gattler, and you'll pay sooner or later!

That was embarrasing.

And again!

: Come on, Hayato, Benkei! If we destroy that machine, the Federation will retreat!
: Yeah! No mercy for criminals like them!
: Kouji, this'll teach you that you won't get away with what you're doing for long!


I'm sensing a pattern here.

: How could they! This isn't even a war anymore, it's just destruction!
: This is how the Federation operates...
: Here we go, Jamil, Pala! We'll take out that giant and stop the Federation!

Good job Garrod! You hit him!

Above 50% odds! But wait... Phase Shift Armor.

: Not that I'm a fan of the Chiram after all they've done for me...
: But I'm even less a fan of the Federation for doing this, and Plant for taking advantage!

Kira goes for Neo.

: Destroying a whole town of people who didn't do anything wrong...
: We'll make you pay... we have to make you pay!

Annnd misses.

Kamille and Shinn show them how it's done.

And of course Stella will target Shinn when it's too risky to counter.

: Stella! It's me, Shinn! Don't you remember me!
: RAAAAAAAAAAH! Die and don't come back!
: What are you doing, Shinn? You have to immobilize that mech!
: I know that! But...
: Stella... just hold on a little longer! I'll save you soon!

One ship is left very near death.

One of mine too.

Turn 5

Another turn, another expendture of SP to make sure my units don't die.

Now to take out Bask.

That should make things slightly easier.

And it gets Toshiya up to level 7 Prevail!

Eat Double Burning Fire you jackass.

Runa casts Fury, so that barrier won't a problem for this last attack.

Bask isn’t willing to risk his life with his mission pretty much accomplished. He pulls back, telling the remaining troops to wrap things up.

And Kappei softens up this one.

Another one's gone.

Time to start wearing down Sting.

And thus Luna, technically speaking, gets the kill.

Joseph gets Level 6+1 Prevail (So Level 7), and Gavane learns Level 4 Support Defend.

Sting’s repressed memories resurface as he’s shot down and he can only wish he had a stronger mech to use – if he did, maybe things with Stella and Auel would’ve been different.

Loran aims for Neo.
See Loran. Luna knows how to Support Attack.

Loran levels up and learns Drive(50) from it. A bit costly, but he does have SP Regen.

Neo’s destruction triggers Stella to go completely berserk, casting Valor.
Eiji tells Shinn to hurry with the rescue before the entire city’s in ruins.

Luckily, I have just the thing to burn that Valor. Saegusa casts Invincible.

Problem solved!

And I leave that one behind for the counterkill.

Swap to the Sword Impulse and start beating down on this last ship.

That Emma so helpfully finishes off.

Helpfully, the other ZEUTH guys now start softening up Stella.
Except for Kira, he doesn't do much.


Then four Targets Shinn.

: A ZAFT Mobile Suit! Disappear!
: If that machine is controlling her, I'll wreck it first!
: Keep going, Kamille! I'll help you as much as I can!

Could be worse.

Turn 6

Let's clear out the last of those grunts.

Sorry Kei!

There, now all the enemies are gone. It's time to defeat Four and Stella! And hopefully save them.

Oh yeah.

SECRET ALERT: Defeat Four with Kamille, and Stella with Shinn.

First, let's get Setsuko into a better Support Attack position... now it's time to save the day.

: Their fates have been stolen and warped by others without concern for their own desires...
: We can't lose! We can't let people like that beat us!
: I have to save them! For myself!

: Go, Toshiya! We have to save those girls!
: They're victims of science in the wrong hands! ZEUTH can't afford to overlook their fates!
: I've got it! They're not going to overpower Godsigma that easily!
: Sit tight, ladies! Your Princes Charming are on their way to break you from your prisons!

: They're just like me... robots that can only fight...
: Stay focused, Toga! We don't have time to be distracted!
: Maybe we do need Miss Leele and Miss Mizuki...
: Maybe, but... but we have to fight!
: For Shinn and Kamille! For the people who will return to this scorched town! And for these girls!
: Toga, you're...

: No machine should control a person!
: Just hold on tight! We'll turn that devil machine into scrap and save you!
: Dammit! It's not going to be easy to avoid the cockpit right now!
: But we have to try! We'll teach all those villains using humans as weapons a lesson!

: Four! I'll save you this time for sure!
: How dare you! Who do you think you are?
: Four... maybe I can't give you the memories you want...
: But I can make sure the ones you make from now on don't have to be bad ones!

: The Psyco's stopped!
: Call out to her, Kamille! Free her from the Psyco!
: Four! Four, it's me! Kamille!
: Kamille… Kamille…?


: Aah!
: Four, you have to get away from the Psyco Gundam!
: I can’t, Kamille...The Psyco Gundam... is already infecting my mind...
: But, before that happens…I…

: What are you doing?! Let me go! Don’t get in my way!
: Stella…at the very least…I’ll help you…
: By showing you “death”…
: !
: Stop! Stop it, Four!
: Thank you... but it's too late...
: Four!
: Goodbye, Kamille. I'm glad my last memories could be of you.

: FOUR!!
: Aah…aaaah….what…death…Four’s…dead…AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!

Stella's Will drops down to 50 and she'll no longer attack.

: Shin, she’s in shock now! Hurry!
: But Kamille—
: Don’t throw away Four’s last wish!
: !
: Let’s go, Shinn…! We’ll save Stella…for Four!
: Alright!

Time to take down the Destroy, the pilots stop giving out the battle dialogue after this event, but here it is anyways.

: Darn! These things aren't gonna beat me, though!
: Here we go! We're gonna save our friends' girls!

: How can you do this? How can you be so cruel to your fellow humans?
: You won't get away with this! Not anyone who uses human lives to wage war!

Apolly learns Faith(45)

: Who even thinks of using humans in weaponry?
: Their disdain for human life is what enables them to carry out these atrocities!

: This machine represents all that's wrong with the Federation.
: To make a machine that uses the darkness in the hearts of people as a tool!

... again doesn't fit well.

: No…don’t…NOOOOOOOOO!
: Stella! I'm coming! I'm coming for you, okay?

: The pilot's going berserk!
: Noooo! I don't want to die! I'm scared!
: If no one stops her, the city's gone for good!
: Stella! Stella! It's me, Shinn!
: NOOOO! I can't die! I'm scared!
: Stella! Stella, it'll be okay! You're not going to die!
: I'll protect you! I promise!!
: ...Shinn...
: ...Stella?
: Shinn! Shinn!!
: It's stopped!
: !

: Stay back!
: Wait, Stella! Stellaaaaa!
: That's! ENOUGH!

: Ah...
: Shinn, you... came for me?
: Yeah... yeah!
: You said... you'd... protect... me...
: Stella!
: Shinn, I... love you...


: The Federation army’s pulling back.
: Think they’ll call off their invasion now that their giant weapons are gone?
: We can only hope…

: They came to pick us up…
: By the looks of things, they managed to deal with the surrounding enemies.
: Wait, Ryou! What's going on? Why won't you talk to us?
: ...
: Because you've changed, you lot.
: We thought you were better than this, Kouji. We just can't stay with you right now.
: What are you guys even talking about?
: Duke Fleed couldn't make you see reason...
: My brother and Hikaru are with you?
: We don't mind if you follow ZAFT's orders...
: But if you get in our way, we'll...
: Marin...
: I just hope it doesn't end like that.

: What's going on?
: Looks like they've joined the Archangel!
: After today, it certainly seems that way...
: They're the ones that changed!
: Yeah! The UN says they're running wild all over the world!
: So where do they get off talking to us like that? Jerks!
: And once again, their interference has led to the loss of life.
: ...
: Stella...
: Kamille... Shinn...
: How many more times do we have to repeat this tragedy?
: (And we still don't know what the Federation's objective was...)
: (If Löwen was right that they wanted the dimensional technology, an attack of this magnitude makes no sense...)
: (It looked like they were trying to destroy the Chiram’s research, not steal it.)
: (Chairman Durandal said that he was working on a method to stop the dimensional collapse, but...)
: (Does the Federation have some way to do that without depending on Chiram technology?)

: Stella... can you hear me? You'll be okay now...
: There's nothing left for you to be afraid of... nothing left that can hurt you...
: No one can scare you again... or make you do anything you don't want to...
: So... so rest in peace... among the stars...
: I promised... I promised I'd protect you...
: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...

*Kamille comes over*
: Kamille... we...
: We couldn't do a thing. Not one thing...
: I make them pay... everyone who wages war...
: Same here... I won't let anyone... go through what Four did, ever again...
: (I’m so sorry, Stella…)
: (Four, I...)

Back on the ship, Amuro figures its best to leave Shinn and Kamille be for the time being - he sighs, pondering the cruelty of war towards anyone involved; nearby, Gwen asks Talia why she called everyone to the meeting room.
Talia says the Chairman is planning to broadcast a message to the whole world via UN, and he wants us to see it. Julie wonders why he'd go through all the trouble…not a declaration of war against the Federation, Loran hopes.
Sochie wouldn't blame him, though, if the Federation is going to go around crushing all who oppose them.
The conversation’s interrupted as the transmission starts:


Attention. I am Gilbert Durandal, Chairman of the Plant High Council.
I beg your forgiveness for transmitting this message with no warning in a time of war between Plant and the Earth.
But I humbly request you listen to what I have to say.
I believe that all of you deserve to know the reason why the war will not cease…why we were ever at war to begin with.
I'm sure many of you are already aware, depending on the flow of information of your respective nations...
But earlier today, the New Earth Federation mounted a heavy assault on their supposed allies, the Chiram.
They deployed a large force and several newly developed weapons to destroy the Chiram capital as well as civilians who had no hope of escape.
We moved to stop them as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, not quickly enough to stop grave casualties.
Before you come to your own conclusions as to why this happened, I would like you to know the truth.
The New Earth Federation was intended to govern this Multi-Dimensional World and unite humanity under a single umbrella...but it is that very organization that is responsible for this destruction. This is the nature of the Federation.
Many different kinds of people live in this world. It is no surprise that they don't always see eye to eye.
But the Federation is meeting that with force! Is that how they intend to unite humanity?
Why? Why did this happen? Why do they use weapons instead of words?
"We will have no peace! We must fight!" Who would say that first?
Why can't we all live together in harmony?

...this war is a result of the chaos and confusion of a new world being created in this Multiworld.
But we can't bow to it! A world of war like this will never have peace!
Haven't we had enough of the pain, of the unending hatred?
Clear the tears from your eyes and look!
Cry your fill, and then open your ears!
So we can change this world into one of kindness and light!
I know all of humanity wishes to arrive in that world!

...unfortunately, some of us work against that dream. Dark forces from each of the worlds in concert.
Telling us to fight to feed their own avarice! Corrupting order and hiding the truth out of their own hubris!
These puppetmasters, manipulating our destinies... it is they who are responsible for the behavior of the Federation!
Blue Cosmos, who hate the Coordinators falsely believing they are a threat; an amalgam of peddlers of weaponry and death, Logos...
Even the Titans, full of fear of those who live in space, work to their designs.
The group that manipulates the Earth from its shadows...
They are called the Sage Council - and they are the nemeses of all of us who dream of peace!

The Council is not happy about Durandal exposing them and their collaborators. Djibril demands Edel shut the transmission off, but she's nowhere to be found.
Durandal points out that humanity faces an unprecedented crisis which can only be overcome by working together. He finishes his speech with a flourish - "I swear an oath to destroy the Sage Council, enemies of our world!"

Back on the Minerva, we're all very impressed at Durandal's intelligence, courage, and charisma (Rey’s especially taken with “Gil’s” speech).
And, of course, shocked by his list of conspirators which includes major players across all of society’s sectors, ORB’s Seiran family and Jamitov as well.
Not everyone’s impressed, though: Heizaemon isn't so sure what Durandal did was the best thing for everyone in the world.
"No, forget it. We may have to make sacrifices to truly unite humanity."

Quattro isn't sure either; he pulls Bright aside for some whispering. The question: does the Chairman's timing seem awfully serendipitous to us?
It seems like he'd been biding his time to Quattro, waiting for his opportunity to unmask the Council.
But the Chiram attack is almost too good. Did he know beforehand, and he didn't stop it so he could do this in its wake?
If he was so outraged, couldn't he have mobilized his full force before they got all the way to the Chiram capital?
He doesn't have proof, but Blex may have been on the money when he put his eye on Durandal.

Setsuko’s quite pleased with Durandal as this is a major opportunity for humanity to truly unite to face the dangers from abroad and Löwen agrees as we’d certainly be able to push back the aliens if everyone teamed up.
That said, Kazami reminds him that the aliens aren’t the sole threat humanity faces: yes, he has an idea of why the Federation attacked the Chiram, and he's not convinced Chimera didn't know.
That's right, his Trinity research has led him to notice the decay of the dimensional walls - the secret the Federation knows, and Durandal as well (that “unprecedented crisis” he mentioned!
Löwen stays mum and Talia tries to stop him, as Durandal's waiting for the right time to reveal that publically – to our non-officers as well.
"No," growls Kazami. "I will reveal it. It's my duty as a scientist...
"This world will end soon... by dimensional collapse!"


: Oh, well done, Gilbert Durandal. Truly a performance for the ages.
: The masses love a flashy performance, and they'll leap at a target if handed one.
: Then as reformists, let's destroy that target ourselves. That'll leave the throne open.
: We'll be ready soon. My intelligence is the signal to begin the feast.
: Operation Crusade. Let us embark to the battle that will save the world.

We're not quite done yet though.

In the nearby bazaar, Tetsuya’s rather impressed that there are people doing business despite the huge amount of destruction the city’s suffered; Maria recognizes the sellers as Emaanian, known for opening markets all over the world and stocking on goods from pretty much all nations.
It’s not unusual to find rare goodies being sold in their markets every now and then and Kouji’s heading over to take a quick look at what they have. Sayaka’s surprised that Kouji’s this calm after Kazami’s bombastic revelation but, honestly, there isn’t any point in stressing out over that right now.
Tetsuya agrees, figuring our only option right now is wait to see what plan Durandal comes up with to deal with that problem – best for us to deal with the more obvious enemies, Kouji adds.
Jun’s a bit worried with the worldwide confusion that’ll be born from Durandal’s speech but, until we figure out the Feds’s next move, we’ll just have to stand by and prepare for our next offensive; with that in mind, Kouji’s going into that market in hopes of finding anything that could be useful in giving us a bit of extra “oomph” for the upcoming fights.
Speaking of, Boss comes over yelling that he’s found some interesting goodie on sale – it’s some research file which Boss doesn’t really understand but saw that it related to Photon Power. Sounds worthwhile…

SECRET ALERT: Buy the Photon Research Report at the Bazaar.

Astonaige is very interested in the paper - some report on a Photon-based rocket – and, indeed, the resident mechanics can easily repair Tetsuya’s Great Booster (still broken after the Photon Power Lab battle) with this info.
Tetsuya’s surprised but Astonaige says they’ve already finished fixing the exterior, so all they needed was more info to work on the propulsion components; Kouji’s more than willing to help, having studied some of photonic research by himself, and this’ll get the Great Mazinger back at full strength!
Tetsuya’s glad and asks Kouji to give us a show of what a Kabuto man can do.
Kappei’s surprised at how actually smart Kouji is after studying abroad and Maria wonders if he’s taking an interest in the guy’s previous offer to act as his tutor. Well, Kappei figures that, if even Kouji could get all clever, then he probably should get to work too…

Secret Found!

By moving Boss to this part of the stage back on Stage 24, and then buying the Photon Research Report after Stage 36, you unlock the Great Booster!

The Great Booster is a new attack for the Great Mazinger. It's incredibly strong, but has the downside of being an ammo based weapon with 1 ammo. On the other hand, it's very easy to make that one shot count. This secret is another Setsuko Route exclusive. However, the secret is getting the attack earlier then the game would normally give it to you so don't worry too much Rand players.