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Part 152: Mission 37 (Rand) - Purging Storm

Mission 37 - Purging Storm

Outside, it's snowing despite the how hot this region is: Hikaru says these anomalous weather patterns are happening all over the world. An effect of the dimensional instability, perhaps?
Matthew’s suffering under the cold, taking it as an example of how the world’s going to hell with the upcoming dimensional collapse, but Bello and Adette tell him this is nothing compared to Siberia. Gauli cuts the conversation, though, as the enemies are arriving.
The Freeden’s Sara detects troops surrounding the area, almost like they’re trying to corner us, and Shaia wonders if it’s a trap. Whatever it is, Holland says we need to break through their lines.
As the enemies arrive, Murrue has to tell herself to forget about Muu and focus on the battle…

The group’s a Federation squad, though Roybea can’t tell whether they’re with Logos or the new guys: if it’s the former, they might be here to pay us back for stepping on their toes, and if it’s the latter, Witz has a score to settle with them using us. Gain likes that answer and Adette figures, whoever they are, these guys are simply our enemies.
Leading the troops is Yazan and he’s quite excited for his first bout with this side of ZEUTH. The Frost Brothers are here, too, and Shagia tells him to remember their mission today.
Yazan replies that he's got to have fun in order to do his work and Olba isn’t impressed with this beast of a commander. Shagia figures they can leave this task to him while they look for an appropriate chance to pull back and head over to their next stage.

Garrod quickly singles those two out and Eureka’s kind of irked by them, but Renton calms her down, saying these two snake-like men won’t one-up Nirvash.
Talho’s rather impressed by the kid’s spirit and Mischa thinks it's almost as though Nirvash, Eureka and Renton are maturing together. If so, they may have to actually consider the plan that Jobs and Woz came up with...
Yazan is accompanied by his two cronies, Ramsus and Dunkel, and charges in to “hunt” while Holland tells everyone that we need to wrap this up quick before whatever trap has been set is sprung.

Mission Objectve: Shoot down all enemies.
Mission Failure: Any allied ship shot down.
Skill Point: Shoot down both Shagia and Olba in three turns (they’ll run when under 8000 HP).

A breather stage after all our recent messes. There aren’t many enemies and the three named bosses aren’t very bulky if you can get around their dodginess.
8k HP on the Frost Brothers isn’t much considering they don’t have Prevail: our Supers can easily cover that (Rand, with Mel’s Valor, can do around double that), so just lower them well enough and let loose.
If you need to squeeze some extra damage, analyze, position bonus and/or supports can easily cover that – just make sure you mark their range to draw both brothers in on the first two turns.

Do keep in mind that Shagia and Olba have gained a combined attack but considering that one likes to hang back to snipe and the other charges in, we’re unlikely to see it.

Gaplant (Yazan Gable / Dunkel Cooper / Ramsus Hasr)
Pilot Skills – Yazan:
Pilot Skills – Dunkel:
Pilot Skills – Ramsus
Squad Leader Bonus:
Voice Actors:

Dunkel and Ramsus are just there to give Yazan some extra survivability via their Support Defenses. Problem is their Gaplants have half of Yazan’s HP so they won’t be around for long, especially if you use ALL and TRI attacks.
Yazan’s the main annoyance here and he has the potential to be dangerous with Prevail and Predict; sadly, his Gaplant’s low HP count means he’ll be easily destroyed by our Supers if they’ve enough SP to cast Strike.
He has some big stats and does decent damage but that only applies if you let him get a shot – work his range to draw him in and swarm.

And we’re off, with the Iron Gear moving alongside Rand to spread that Command Aura.

Off to a good start and Renton comes over to finish the job on the leader.

Nearby, Kei’s dealing his usual dose of murder.
The surviving squaddies get taken out by Sirius and Gain.

Duke’ll wrap things up with Rand’s batch.

Hm…would’ve been better if Hikaru hadn’t left her mook in the double digits. Fine, Gainer takes that one.

After those Mon-soonos are dispatched, all our remaining troops move onwards.

Enemy Phase!

All squads but Yazan and two Gabthleys start coming in.

This was the only one that managed to attack anything.

Player Phase!

Apollo takes out Gainer’s target, leaving the others weakened.

This Zamza-Zah had the decency to park just inside Roger’s range, so let’s not keep him waiting.

With that chunk of HP gone, the Windams are easy prey for Renton’s TRI attack.

Rand easily tears apart one of the weak Mon-soonos but Burume doesn’t seem to be playing ball.

Gain moves ahead to work on a fresh batch, taking care to stay out of Shagia’s range.

I’ll take it, ‘cause Duke and Jamil are right there to finish them all off.

Kei goes in and tears a hole through a fresh Gells-Ghe – Gainer’s more than eager to take what little HP remains.

Let’s see you survive this.

Didn’t think so.

Enemy Phase!

Oh? I expected these two to go for Jamil since he’s right there. Kei and Roger make them wish they did, though.

As the healthy pair of Gells-Ghe also get slapped away by Kei, these Windams decide to go for Duke.


These two kills give Duke Prevail L8.

That weak Zamza-Zah tries sniping at Gainer and gets Bullet’d. Yazan and friends have finally decided to start moving over.

Player Phase!

Let’s get to work on the brothers, starting with Olba.

: Tell me, Frost brothers: why is the New Federation gathering Newtypes?!
: You waste that question on us. All we need is Tifa Adill.
: Any other Newtypes are unnecessary... We’ll erase you as well, Jamil Neate!

Olba vs. Newtypes: “This sensation…I see. You have that power, too.”

Gain and Gainer bring him down to about 9k HP.

Just to be sure, I’ll have Renton cast Valor.

Could’ve probably done without since Holland and Hilda did about 3k damage in assists but…

Shagia figures Olba has put on a good enough show and tells him to pull back and go on ahead to Bask’s meeting point.
Olba does so, telling his brother to be careful.

Ryouma and Murrue quickly drop Shagia down to 8700 HP.

A Riot Wrench with some assists should be more than enough.


Blah, blah, meet with Bask and Olba.
Shagia does take the time to tell Tifa and ZEUTH that he looks forward to seeing us again. Garrod is confused, though, thinking those two pulled back way too easily…

Garrod had words for them but I didn’t get the chance to attack with him:

: Don’t you ever learn, Shagia, Olba?! You’re trying to take Tifa again?!
: Always with the knightly attitude, hm, Garrod?
: Relax. We’ve another objective today.
: That said, you are quite the fly in the ointment. So, at the very least, we’ll take the time to eliminate you here!

Not much left, so Kei moves ahead and takes out one of the lead Gabthleys.

And then there’s this Gells-Ghe group. Roger tears through the leader with a Missile Party and Marin gets to take the rest.

There they go.

Kira switches over to weaken the other two Gabthleys and Duke finishes one of them off.

This triggers Dizer Full Power.

Enemy Phase!

Hey, I’ll take it. This is also a chance to show off the Gabthley’s cool Beam Saber.

More poor decisions by the AI.

Ah…this isn’t so good. They’re all focus-firing on Kei and Yazan can certainly keep up and possibly kill him.
Best to play it safe.

Player Phase!

Alright, let’s get to it – we’ll deal with the two remaining mooks in a bit.

: You’re pretty good but I’m no slouch in dogfights!
: My Gaplant’s king in speed but your thing’s got mobility! This’ll be fun!

: An Aldebaron mech?! You can pretend to be buddies with Earthlings but you ain’t fooling my eyes!
: Doing the right thing has nothing to do with your birthplace! My spirit’s the same as of my Earth friends!

His unit’s controls aren’t responding anymore, so Dunkel’s forced to eject.

Enil maxes out Support Defend after this.

: Your fatass bot takes forever to even get around! Talk about an easy mark!
: Just listening to your voice aggravates me… I’m afraid I’ll have to forcibly remove you from my sight!

: This guy…he’s ENJOYING this battle?!
: That’s how I roll, man. You’re barking up the wrong tree if you wanna lecture me.
: I’ve no intention of doing that. When the foe’s an irrational animal, the only option is to put him down!

Both attacks in the video below.

Ramsus realizes, in shock, that he’s beaten and ejects as well.

: A mech made for aerial combat, eh? It still won’t be able to keep up with my Gaplant and I!
: But we've the upper hand in raw power! So we’ll just have to drop you in one big hit!

: No one can best King Gainer when it comes to speed!
: Well, ain't you confident! Cheeky kids like that need a whooping and I’m happy to deliver!

: Damn it, quit buzzing around my head! You’re pissing me off, guy!
: Shoot me down, then! That is, if your slow ass can!
: Calling me out, eh?! Well, those jabs are only firing me up!
: That’s not so much you being THE HEAT, more that you’re just easy to provoke...

: Regardless of how fast you are, my shots will find their mark…!
: Hrmf?! This guy’s reading me like a book!

: What’s up, boy? You look like you got a bad case of cold feet! That’s gonna leave ya all shrunken up!
: “Shrunken up”? Where?
: D-D-Don't listen to hiiiiiim!!

Please…don’t avoid this cockpit, Renton.

: That’s the Freedom, yeah? The best part of this world is getting to tangle with Aces from other parts!
: This man enjoys fighting?! Is it because people like him are around that the war’s spread as it has…?!
: Drop the analysis, kid! You better show me some killer instinct ‘cuz I don’t know how to play around!

: This man… he moves like a bloodthirsty beast!
: Thanks for the fancy analogy! Now, how about I pay you back by sinking my teeth in your throat!

: This here’s their commander? I’m bringing it down!
: You’ve got stones, kid, but you gotta learn your place!
: Shove it! Ya better not make light of Garrod Ran, the BLAZING MOBILE SUIT PILOT!

: Damn it, that LFO’s riding circles around me!
: And the pilot’s good… certainly not your average Joe!
: Too late to realize that, pal! You ain’t keeping up with my Lifting with those straightforward moves!

: Moron! There’s no way in hell a Walker Machine can handle a Gaplant’s speed!
: I’ll make up for it with guts and show you just how in sync I am with my Gallia!

Quickly now, whoever’s free takes a shot at the Gabthleys and Murrue’s ready to take them out.

I hope that talk of the Lohengrin irradiating the land wasn’t true…

: He’s right on my tail! How the hell are his eyes keeping up with my Gaplant?!
: It ain’t my eyes, but my nose! I’m chasing your smell!
: The hell… this guy’s a bigger animal than me!

Aaah, we’re back to normal.

Yazan’s noticing that the Gaplant just isn’t cutting it against us. At least Scirocco has a new model for him on the way, so he’ll have some fun with it when next we meet.

: That was quick, no? I was expecting a lot more…
: Maybe they were looking for the Logos fugitives and ran into us?
: Well, at least that’s done. Let’s get out of here quick-like.
: …Wait! There’s something coming!
: Enemy reinforcements?!
: Looks like those other troops were just trying to keep us pinned…!
: Everyone, back to the ships! We need to run!

*Our ships start moving to the edge of the map but the alarm sounds before they can leave.*

: We’ve got new troops inbound! I’m detecting several battleships!
: Are those--!

: The Minerva… So it’s Zaft?!
: The Argama and King Beal are also there!
: No way…are we gonna have to fight…?
: Doesn’t look like we can’t just walk away from this one...