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Part 156: Mission 38 (Rand) - Preplanned Showdown - Part 2

: This golden mech…that’s Quattro of the AEUG, right?!
: I didn’t expect to be pitted against the Grendizer…!
: My apologies to Maria, but holding back against him would be fatal! I must keep my wits about me!
: He’s anticipating my attacks…?! Is this the strength of a Newtype!?

: You disappoint me, Marin…I thought I could trust the anger you felt towards the Aldebaron.
: Where do you get off saying that after slaughtering all those aliens…?!
: Even if you were ordered to do that, I’d never accept such people as allies!

: A golden MS…Lt. Quattro!
: I truly regret that things ended like this… but it’s not too late. Surrender peacefully.
: You’re better than this, Lt.! Do you actually believe Zaft’s methods are right?!
: The chairman’s chosen the shortest course to end this war. The AEUG’s simply helping make it so.
: Then we’ll stick to our own course, even if it takes longer to get there!

Quattro vs. ZEUTH #1: “Hesitating would simply be the end of me…!”

: Sorry, Lt., but if you’re gunning for me, Imma have to turn that pretty mech of yours into some gold scrap!
: So says the short-sighted outlaw. I won’t be delayed by such a man.
: You’re in for a world of hurt if you don’t take me seriously! I’ve got WAY more tricks than you can handle now!

: I’m not the same as before…it matters not that I’m facing Lt. Quattro!
: Gainer’s movements are different…he’s improved this much?!
: No, there’s more to it…something’s driving him onwards?

Gainer has a line for Amuro, Quattro, Camille or Shinn: “Zaft, AEUG and the Federation are all the same!”

: Oi…I never wanted to go up against this guy.
: We can’t ignore you spreading chaos across the world any longer. Prepare yourself!
: And your plan is to remove, in the name of “order”, anything that doesn’t fit in? I’m gonna have to pass on that.
: This is my choice and I’m sticking with it, even if it means fighting you!

Gain vs. ZEUTH #2: “I know the scope of their skill but…they’re still tough customers.”

: “A good friend and a terrifying enemy”…those words suit you to a “t”, Quattro.
: I’d say the same of you, Kei.
: But I won’t hold anything back – I can’t die just yet.
: Yeesh…! This could be real dicey!
Kei vs. ZEUTH #2: “These are sad times…having to fight old comrades…!”

: Wha-?! He’s seeing through all my tricks?!
: How naïve, Garrod… Your instincts are fine, yes, but that alone won’t win the day in battle.
: Damn, are all MS pilots with sunglasses like this?!

: Quattro, huh? Talk about a pain-in-the-ass enemy…!
: Tell me, Holland. What is the Gekkostate’s truly after?
: Bite me! You army types are all the same!
: And I won’t let a bunch like you get in our way!
: I guess there’s no way around it... I’ll have to disable your machine!
: Let's see you try! I haven't gone all-out like this in a long time!

Roberto and Apolly shot down:

: They’re stronger than what we expected!

: Damn! To think they’re this troublesome as enemies…!

: For you to choose such methods…it appears I overestimated you.
: I also failed to notice your propensity for looking down on others, Lt. Quattro.
: But I’ve decided to place my trust in these people! This is my truth and my reason for opposing you!

Roger vs. military types #1: “I will not allow men who only adhere to orders to encroach upon my freedom!”

: Th-that gold mech’s the Hyaku Shiki…Quattro!
: His style’s unpolished but also uninhibited…
: What a shame. Had you not lost your way, you could’ve been a fine rider…

: The AEUG’s gold boss, eh? Your mech’s gonna sell for a pretty penny once it’s scrapped!
: Even now, money-making’s your sole interest…? Are you really this blind to reality?!
: Reality is all about surviving! But you don’t even get that and just go about taking the lives of others – you’re the freaks here!
: Being at war doesn’t mean anything goes!

Jiron vs. ZEUTH #2: “How did things end like this?!”

: Exactly what I’d expect from a former Ace… His technique’s excellent!
: I’ve to face Lt. Quatto? I’m still too rusty to be able to stand up to him…!
: Cpt. Jamil, none of us will gain anything by continuing this battle!
: We HAVE to keep going, though! Even a superpower can’t simply remodel the world with its ego!

: We’re up against that gold mech, which means it’s Quattro!
: If you know that, then I assume you understand how foolhardy it’d be to fight me…
: Pfeh…! I can’t stand that high-and-mighty attitude of yours!
: But I'm always pumped up when I get to mess with some smug guy! Brace yourself, Lt. Shades!

Quattro shot down:

: Such power…indeed, it’s dangerous to leave them at large!

: Even against Amuro, I’m still king when it comes to dogfights!
: His maneuvers are completely uninhibited… Is that what makes him so strong?
: I’m always 100% on board with what I do – best to worry about mistakes after it’s all over!
: That gullibility is exactly what’s destabilizing the world! You need to see that!

: Time to fight a legendary Ace, eh? I can’t afford to go easy on him!
: His style is rough but it is that which makes him dangerous…! I can’t lower my guard!
: Whoa, you’re giving me props? ...Let’s do this, then, Amuro! This underdog’s going for the gold!

Amuro has lines for both Garrod and Renton: “There are many places where your childish logic won’t fly!” or “I have to fight these inexperienced children…?!”

: He’s reading us like a book! Is that Amuro?!
: Enough of this, Getter Robo! Your power’s only making the world even more turbulent! Can’t you see that?
: But using your power on Zaft’s say-so will bring about world peace?! I can’t accept that!
: Our Getter exists for all of mankind! We won’t let it be used just for the Plants!

: Even Amuro’s got a new unit?! Damn, they’re REALLY well off!
: There are a lot of gaps in his guard…is he trying to fake me out?
: Very nice, Newtype. You saw right through me!
: Then, I’ll just go for broke! Time to fight head-on, like always!
: I won’t shy away from that – come on!
This attack looks coooooool!

: The hell…?! That’s guy seein’ through my attacks?!
: A career soldier like me can easily anticipate your wild moves!
: You’re a big-shot ace alright…not bad! But I really don’t care for you acting so chill around me!
: Come’ere! If you’re reading my moves, then I just need to go even crazier!

: A machine built for aerial combat? It will not best the Spazer’s speed, though!
: But I still have the upper hand in mobility! I’ll get in your blind spots and hit you directly!
: This pilot’s strength is on a wholly different level from everything I’ve fought so far…!
: Wait…is that Amuro Ray, the Federation’s White Shooting Star?!

: Gainer, is this the goal of your Exodus?!
: Lt. Amuro…
: Your freedom lets you live as you see fit…but I won’t allow it if, by doing so, you’ll sow chaos across the world!
: But all those things YOU did because of the war are OK?!
: I didn’t think you were that kind of man, Amuro!

Katz shot down:

: Urgh! People like you…people like you--!!

: To think I’d have to fight you, Cpt. Jamil…
: I’ve been searching for the meaning of Newtypes all this time.
: And committing those misdeeds was your answer?!
: I haven’t found my answer yet…! However, I do know that society is being split in half and such a place is no home for us!
: So, we will fight for our lives and for the world!

: I had taken you as someone who fought with words. For you take such a path is…
: But there are men with whom I cannot reach an understanding even after exhausting my vocabulary.
: I, too, will take suitable action when faced with such people.
: If you can fight this shamelessly then my path is clear! This will hurt a bit!

: So the Federation’s White Shooting Star is now Zaft’s White Shooting Star. I’m afraid it doesn’t sound as good, though.
: We’re not fighting because of titles!
: Don’t you see what the world needs right now? Or is it BECAUSE you don’t that you’re able to commit those crimes?!
: There’s something you’re overlooking from atop your high horse: we all see the world from our own perspective!
: That’s when I understood: we have to put a stop to your self-righteous rampage!

: I-I have to fight Amuro…?!
: What…I sense a third presence in the Nirvash along with Renton and Eureka…
: Just what is that LFO…?

: He may not have technique but he’s full of vigor! I can’t underestimate him!
: I’m also damn angry at you people for killing others over some orders!
: Such is…war…!
: I thought you were better than this, Amuro! In the end, you’re just another of the military’s pet soldiers!

I skipped this animation by mistake but figured it was important enough to warrant a special disk playback. Actually underestimated Amuro’s damage potential and he shot Jiron down with a big crit…
Hmm…what would he do to come back from this?

: So, the Feds’ White Shooting Star has landed in Zaft’s camp!
: These people do as they wish, ignorant of their own strength…like children!
: Well, if kissing the asses of the powerful is the adult way, then I’ll take being a kid!
: And that’s why you refuse to accept reality?!
: Blah, blah, blah! We’ve come this far, so let’s just end it!
: BUT, I do have my own pride on the line, so you ain’t getting one up on me!

Holland vs. ZEUTH #2: “Doesn’t matter who we’re fighting, we HAVE to do this!”
Holland dodges: “Sorry but I can’t get dropped here!”

: The difference between our units’ sizes is enormous…! I’m done for if he gets a clean hit in!
: Damn it, I can’t keep up! He’ll eventually grind me down if this keeps going…!
: I’ve fought against the Feds and their MSs a bunch of times but he’s a far bigger threat!

Emma and Amuro shot down:

: These people don’t even see how strong they are…

: Their strength is beyond what we expected! At this rate…!

: Duke Fleed, I’ve no problem with your wide-eyed speeches…
: But words like those won’t fly with the way the world is right now!
: And that’s why you’ll unite humanity by force and eliminate all aliens?!
: There’s no other way! If you don’t like that, lend us a hand and make it better!
“Duke Fleed! You can't defend Earth by those means!”

: Let’s do this, Getter Robo! Time for a 3 vs. 3 fight!
: Stop, God Sigma! This isn’t the time for us to fight! Think this through!
: I was just about to tell you the same damn thing!
: Your treating the world as a playground has only been making things worse for everyone!

God Sigma vs. Getter or Aquarion: Julie “Toshiya! Be ready for them to switch forms on you!”, Toshiya “Grr! These guys are a huge pain as enemies!”

: Three against three! Let’s duke it out mano a mano!
: Get real! A sloppy team like yours doesn’t stand a chance against us!
: What was that?!
: You lot just run wild across the world, while we’re all working together for one goal! Don’t you dare bunch us all together!

Reika vs. ZEUTH:

: Stop, Marin! Why do we have to do this?! We’re allies, aren’t we?!
: My allies are those who’ve fought and faced death alongside me in Earth’s name!
: Those who’d slaughter aliens on command are no allies of mine!
: Damn it! You wanna fight us so much that you’d resort to those ridiculous lies?!
: You’re not who I thought you were, Marin! If that’s how it’s gonna be, then we’ll hit you right back!
God Sigma vs. Baldios:

: Rand, wasn’t Gunleon supposed to be a repair mech?!
: If you’re using it as a tool to spread war, then I’ve clearly misjudged you…The Crusher!
: We had our reasons for doing what we did, too, Toshiya!
: But, since you threw that name in my face, I ain’t holding back anymore!

Oh, right…what Jiron would do if he got shot down was pick up whatever else was available and jump back in!

: A man doesn’t hesitate, even against a huge enemy!
: I’ll admit that you’ve got guts…but that doesn't change what you've done!
: Is that what a man does, Jiron?! Answer me!
: I ask you the same damn thing! It might’ve been on orders but I won’t let any of you walk away after all you’ve done!
I wanted an excuse to show the other Walker Machines again!
Also, God Sigma vs. ZEUTH #1: “We’re all enemies now…! There’s no choice but to fight…!”

: Tell me, Gainer: is that Exodus just sugarcoating for you having your way, screw everyone else?!
: At least I didn’t care to become an army mook, shedding innocent blood!
: You’re all a bunch of blind troublemakers while we’re out there fighting for peace! Don’t even think we’re on the same boat!
: Nothing outside your own little world matters to you…so I’ll have to force your eyes wide open!

God Sigma vs. ZEUTH #2: “Wake up! You’re all being used!”

: Pull back, Renton! You don’t have to force yourself to fight!
: I’m doing this because I want to…for Eureka and for the world!
: Enough! All that destruction just to make a quick buck…is that what you’ve been fighting for?!
: We did it just to survive, unlike you and your pointless killing!

God Sigma vs. ZEUTH #3: Julie “Yesterday’s ally is today’s enemy… it’s a harsh world we live in.”

: Sorry, Toshiya…but I’m gonna hit you straight through the gaps in your shield!
: I know all about your gun-slinging, so I just have to get in your face before you start shooting!
: I wouldn’t be called a Pro if I didn’t end battles before they reached that point. You’re mine!

: I can’t believe it…you, too, joined up with that ZEUTH?!
: It might’ve been fate at work - as is my opposing you.
: If you’ve anything to say for yourself, then let’s hear it, Negotiator! If not, put up your dukes!
: Negotiation is impossible with those who are incapable of understanding. Therefore, I’ll do this your way!

God Sigma vs. ZEUTH #4: Julie “Sorry but I’m not as sentimental as these two.”

: It's that other combined mech! Come'ere, I’ll take all three of you at once!
: I thought you were a reasonable man, Holland, but I was wrong!
: You’re just a delinquent who doesn’t give a damn about the world and I’m taking you down here and now!

Holland vs. ZEUTH #3: “Yesterday’s friend is today’s enemy! That’s how it usually goes!

: The power of the Trinity Energy…it’s certainly imposing when you’re the one facing it!
: Cpt. Jamil, I thought you were a great man…fighting the Feds while still sticking to your convictions…
: But I was way off! You’re actually a criminal AND coward who teamed up with them!

: You’ve been a real bad kid, Garrod! This has gone way past the point where we could just let you off easy!
: We only fought against people who jumped us, unlike you! You’ve been making a mess of the entire world on Zaft’s say-so!
: Bull! We told you we never got any orders, you hear me?!
: Well, if you did it on your own, then I ain’t holding back! Time for you to pay for your backstabbing!

Garrod vs. Super Robots: “Big doesn’t mean strong! Here I go!”

: You sure about this? Using the Trinity Energy, humanity’s hope, as a tool of war?
: We’re fighting evil with the God Sigma BECAUSE it’s our hope!
: And that makes people like you, who destroy just for your self-interest, our enemies!
: “Fighting evil”? What gives you the right to label people one way or the other?!
: I’ll show you that there are plenty of folks who won’t excuse what you’ve done!
“I know your tricks like the back of my hand! What a shame, eh?”

: We won’t let you get away with this! Just you wait!

: What are you doing, Ryou?! For how long are you going to ignore your mission and keep with this “merc” act?!
: We’re not fighting on anyone’s orders! Your group, though, is right in the army’s pocket! Did you hesitate even a little when they told you to do those atrocities?!
: All we’ve done was to bring an end to the war! We’ve no time to take things nice and easy like you!
: But I’ll set you straight if you’re intent on playing around all day!

: What would Fudou say if he saw you people now!
: We not fighting ‘cuz of pops’ orders!
: We do it to wreck everything that pisses us off and everything we’re not OK with!
: That is to say, you act on impulse! No different than children picking fights!
: I’ll beat you all into shape in Fudou’s stead!

Apollo vs. Kouji or Tetsuya: “A Mazinger, eh? Yeah, I’ll take you on!”

: Jiron, your Walker Machine stands no chance against my Great!
: Was that how you drove off all those innocent folk? By flexing your mech’s specs and the army’s power?!
: We’re fighting for the world! Can’t you wrap your head around that?!
: “For the world”, my foot! You’ve been bullying the weak and I won’t lose to people like that!
This kills the Trad…but at least we got to see it’s aerial missile attack!

: The opponent’s Gainer, huh? Let’s find out whether those gamer skills have a use in actual combat!
: We’re not fighting in a game; we’re in a real battlefield and people die out here!
: Do you know how much innocent blood was spilled because of your actions?!
: We’re not fighting because we like it, either, but someone has to do it!
: So you’re playing the "just following orders" card now?! People like you will never understand how harsh the REAL world is!

: What happened to that guy who vowed to get revenge against the Aldebaron, Marin?!
: Silence, Tetsuya! I’m fighting alongside my friends in the name of Earth right now!
: We’re a far cry from you lot and your one-sided “justice”!
: Well, that’s a laugh! You’ve got a big mouth for someone who just runs about like a headless chicken!

: Your ideals are far too naïve, Duke Fleed! You need a reality check!
: Trying to control all of humanity by force is not what I’d call a “realistic” strategy, either!
: All that’ll bring about is humans’ eventual destruction in a vicious cycle of hatred!
: Then we must unite humanity before that happens! And I’ll make you fall in line, even if I have to put a leash around your neck!

: His combat style is expertly trained…I can’t find a weakness!
: My comrades and I have been fighting almost daily. Self-indulging wanderers like you stand no chance against me!
: We’ve been constantly fighting, too - fighting to survive!
: I won’t be defeated by someone who’d belittle that!

: The enemy’s the Black Southern Cross…I can’t be negligent for even a second!
: Very nice, Tetsuya. But you shouldn’t forget your pride if you’re still considering yourself a Pro.
: Or did you all actually WANT to become one of Zaft’s attack dogs?!

: You may be the combat pro but I’m the repair pro! Ain’t no way I’m losing this one!
: Good to know. Then, you can fix your own mech after Great’s done trashing it!
: Get real! You’re gonna foot the bill if you so much as scratch my Gunleon!
: You won’t best my Great and I by fighting so casually!

Rand vs.ZEUTH #2: “Ain’t no point in holding back when things are this bad! Don’t blame me if anything happens!”

: Hrm. That’s Tetsuya Tsurugi for you…there’re no gaps in his guard!
: I’m a professional fighter! Don’t even think a group of bandits like yours will be able to stand up to me!
: And does being a “pro” mean you follow any orders, no matter how downright wrong they are?!
: I ain’t giving in to people like that! Lemme show you MY fighting style!

: The Gekkostate’s leader…he’s certainly a worthy opponent!
: That loudmouth's up next, eh?! Well, I ain’t fallen enough that I’d let one of the army’s dogs get a bite on me!
: I’ve no intention of lending an ear to the boasts of an outlaw!
: You’ll feel in your bones the strength of Great Mazinger, Hero of the Skies!

: The enemy’s Kei…I’ll end this before he gets a chance to outsmart me with his mobility!
: He really doesn’t look like someone who plays around in battle…I better get serious or this’ll really suck!
: Your easygoing debauchery ends today, Kei! Let’s go!
: I may be easygoing but I’m serious about staying alive! You’re not dropping me here!

: Out of my way, Renton, Eureka! I’ve no time to waste on kids!
: I can’t, Tetsuya! We’re also part of the Gekkostate and of ZEUTH!
: I won’t show any mercy if you’re that willing to fight…! Are you still going for it, Renton?
: I told you! We’re also part of the Gekkostate!

: Seems to me that you, too, have traded your honor for money!
: I take pride in my professionalism. Unlike you, who simply abide to commands with no regard to their morality…like puppets.
: Well spoken, Negotiator! Unfortunately, I’m not soft enough that your silver tongue would make me flinch!
That’s some incredibly low damage for Roger…

Tetsuya shot down:

: Kch! We WILL put a stop to you when next we meet!

: I’ve no personal grudge with you but I cannot overlook Zaft’s violence…!
: Mr. Negotiator?! You started working as a merc too?!
: Please refrain from treating me as that sort of folk! Consider this as fair compensation for your insult!

: Come on, Kouji! I ain’t budging an inch, even against your Mazinger Z!
: Yeah, Rand? You wanna have to fix your mech that badly?!
: Well, lemme warn you that it's gonna take way more than a little repair job! We’re really mad over here!
: Bring it! Once your mech’s scrap, I’ll sell that super-alloy to the junkmen!

Rand vs. ZEUTH #3: “They’re some old buddies…so I’ll make this real quick!”

: I saw it all in the UN, Gainer! Was THAT your Exodus at work?!
: What are you talking about? And what about what you guys did?! Even if it’s war, there are some lines you don’t cross!
: I can’t trust any of you after you went that far!
: Still with the excuses?! You can’t just do what you want like in some game!

Gainer vs. ZEUTH #3: “Is THIS your so-called “justice”?!

: I knew it! You just couldn’t follow society’s rules, could you, Jiron?!
: I never cared about following rules that someone else picked for me! I live how I want to!
: And that means stomping all over other people’s lives and happiness?!
: Where do you get off saying that, you warmonger!
With that Trad gone, how about we have Jiron hitch a ride in Chil’s Caprico? It also lets us see her very special cut-in (ATTACK!).
Also: “WAAAAAAAAAH~…I’m serious!”

: I thought ya were a stupid but legit guy…guess I was damn wrong there, Kouji!
: That’s my line! Did you tag along with the Feds because they waved some food in your face?!
: People don’t do stuff just to fill their bellies, you ass!

Pierre vs. ZEUTH:

: The Mazinger boy…!
: Black Southern Cross, do you really not care about who wins the war?
: I won’t deny that. But even I have some boundaries that I stick to.
: Having long since crossed those, you’re no comrades of mine anymore!

: Please stop, Kouji! Let us go!
: Huh?! Renton’s piloting the Nirvash?!
: We…we still don’t know what we should do…
: But we can’t stop right now! So—
: Enough excuses! I can’t just forgive what you people did, so I’ll put a stop to it!

: Damn it, even the way their LFOs move are crazy!
: Oi, listen here! We might be outcasts but y'all are the crazy ones!
: You wreck anyone who disagrees with you and want us to be OK with that?!
: And you people help out anyone so long as the pay’s good! We can’t let you be anymore!

: I’m up against the Mazinger Z…I won’t do any damage if I don’t fight for real, huh?
: If you get that, then stop attacking and give up, Garrod!
: Sorry but we ain’t letting any of Zaft’s dogs bring us in!

: The enemy’s a heavily-armored Super Robot…so I’ll just aim right at its joints!
: Whoa, that’s Cpt. Jamil?!
: When did he start piloting Mobile Suits again?!

: Stop it, Kouji! Nothing good’ll come out of fighting for Zaft’s agenda!
: So I should just fight at random, is that it?!
: The conflict’s never gonna end like that!
: And that’s your reason for suppressing anyone who won’t fall in line?! I thought you were better than that, Kouji!
: If that’s what’s driving you in battle, then it’s time for a wake-up call!

: No way I’m getting through Mazinger’s armor if I don’t make all shots count… So, I’m gonna have to play for keeps, Kouji!
: Well, don’t think you’ll just have your way with me like some girl!
: I could’ve lived without that mental image… But I don’t hold back when fighting men!

: Enough is enough, Marin! You’re only making things worse for you!
: Kouji…! Would you also discriminate against me for being from S-1?!
: N-No, I--!
: Don’t even try to explain! I thought you were an honest man, someone who’d empathize with the heart of others…but I was wrong!
: I won’t tolerate anyone who’d try to exterminate others just because they come from another world!

: Brother…!
: Maria…it’s dangerous for you to keep working with them!
: Please, come with me! Right now!
: But…what about you, brother?! Why are you traveling with such people?!
: What happened to the proud, kind brother I knew?!

: I don’t wanna fight you, Duke Fleed! Please, do as we say!
: I cannot! Your methods will simply cause humanity to destroy everything – itself included!
: We need your power precisely to keep that from happening!
: And I will bring you in by force if that’s what it takes!
Eeeergh…barely short of downing Maria but I had a ship finish her off:

: Damn it…! None of you are who I thought you were!

: Urgh! Why won’t you try to understand?!