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Part 157: Mission 38 (Rand) - Preplanned Showdown - Part 3

: So you don’t care about what happens to Earth just because you’re from S-1, is that it?!
: Excuse me?! I’ve been fighting for this very planet, Kappei!
: What have YOU done, though?! Keep letting hate lead you around and Earth'll eventually turn into an even bigger war-zone!
: Shut your mouth! How could I go easy on creeps who put bombs in people?!
: You guys gotta open your eyes! Things are too messed up on Earth for you to be playing around!

Marin vs. Zambot or King Beal: “Jin Family…I thought we’d be able to understand each other…”
Zambot vs. Baldios: “Sorry, Marin, but here I come!”

: Damn it! I thought you were a really cool guy!
: I did what I had to for a reason.
: Things ended like this because you blindly followed Zaft’s orders without any clue on how the adult world is like.
: Shaddup! I’m REALLY pissed now, so you better get ready, Gain!
: I won’t worry about your age if you’re coming at me like that. Let’s go, Kappei…!

: Roger! You couldn’t make it as a Negotiator so you sold yourself off as a merc?!
: How rude…! I’m working together with them by my own free will and nothing more!
: Still a free spirit, eh? You gotta grow up some!

: Kappei…I can understand your how outraged you are. But you cannot let hatred guide you in battle!
: I get it…I said some awful things to you that day and I’m sorry for that!
: But the war will never end if you guys just keep doing whatever you feel like!
: Ending the war is an important matter but simply beating your enemies won’t make it happen!
: Aaah, you huge motor-mouth! Once we win, you’re gonna shut up and help us out!

: I was wrong about you, Garrod! I thought you were just a tough guy but not evil!
: That’s my line! When I found out you’d become one of Zaft’s mooks…I just couldn’t believe it!
: Hey, don’t ya start throwing lies at my face or Imma have to rough you up!
: I’m down, if that’s what you want! Brace yourself, Zambot 3!

: Damn it, Ryou! I thought you were out hunting demons, not helping out the Feds!
: You’re wrong, Kappei! That’s just the army manipulating information!
: Shaddup! We got proof and you’re still trying to lie your way outta this?! You guys’re way too crooked!
: Imma beat that evil of yours to a pulp!

Kappei vs. Getter: “Even if we’re up against the Getter, we gotta go for it!”

: Kids shouldn’t be here, Kappei! Get out or you’re gonna get hurt!
: I can’t stand guys like you, always doing whatever the hell they want!
: I’m gonna get payback for my friend – for Hamamoto! Like hell I’d let someone take me out before that!
: I’m also fighting to bring Baron back, damn it! You ain’t beating me!

: Cut it out, Kappei! You ain’t gonna be able to stop if you keep fighting aliens just for revenge!
: Shut it, old man! The hell do ya know ‘bout us?!
: They killed Hamamoto! I’ll never forgive any of the Gaizock!
: I might not know much of “hate” but I ain’t childish enough to just let you deal with that alone, Kappei!
: Ya gotta calm down or that anger’s gonna destroy you!

: Move, Kappei! You better back off if you don’t wanna get hurt!
: Shaddup! Today’s the end of the road for your rampage!
: Kappei Jin and ZEUTH will put a stop to you!
: What “ZEUTH”?! You’re all Zaft soldiers and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you take me out!

: Come on, Gekkostate! I won’t let you do your thing anymore!
: Get real! A clueless brat like you is centuries away from taking me on!
: Shove it! You’re all bad guys and I’m putting a stop to your bunch!

: What happened to you, Kappei? You think it’s OK to attack innocent people just because someone ordered you to?!
: What are ya talking about?! We only gave the bad guys what-for!
: Unlike you, we don’t take on any job just to make a quick buck!
: “Bad guys”?! Did the army also order you to be incapable of telling right from wrong?!

Kappei vs. Gainer: “I can’t beat you at games but I will at this!”

: Ya better brace yourself, playboy! We’re gonna stop you by force if you’re going to fight back!
: Easy, Kappei. You’re being duped by the baddies.
: Shut it! Stop treating me like a kid! I’m much more grown up than some happy-go-lucky loser!
: The fact that you’re running around with all that bias shows that you ARE a kid!

: Yo, Jamil! You might've been an Ace once but you don't belong here anymore, old man!
: Still, I’ve something that I must do with my friends!
: Even if you’re an old comrade – and a kid – I’ll show no mercy if you try to stop us!

: Cut it out, Renton! I know you’re a huge fan of Holland but you can’t turn into a bad guy!
: The hell are you talking about, Kappei?! And what about everything you helped those grown-ups do?!
: You can’t use the Zambot’s power like that!
: Shove it! You’re a kid, too, so don’tcha go lecturing me!

: You’ll pay for this! We WILL take you bastards down!

: Stop it, Touga! You can’t use your power for something like this!
: Gravion’s a sword and shield to protect Earth…that’s what we’re fighting for!
: So you’re saying that fighting for the Plants is the right thing to do?!
: You people bring nothing but mayhem to the battlefield so, yes, we’ll stop you!

: I don’t feel any killer intent… do you not intend to fight?
: I…what am I fighting for? For who…?
: He’s got no sense of that why he didn’t hesitate when doing those things?
: If you’re neither a warrior nor a soldier…then, you’re just a puppet!

: You’ve got me beat on those fancy battle techniques BUT when it comes to spirit and guts, I’m nº1!
: Urk…this strength’s--! We can’t withstand it as we are right now…!
: What’s wrong, Touga?! You better run off if you’re not sure! I don’t like doing this, either!

: Apologies to Mizuki but I’m taking you down, Gravion!
: …!
: Hm? Something wrong with them?
: We have to fight...such is Gravion’s duty!
: You’re not going to get me by just charging at random, Touga! I have you now!

: What’s up, Touga? You’re way quieter than how you usually are in the Gravion!
: I…WE must be victorious! Anyone who’d disturb worldly peace is our enemy!
: Oh, yeah?! If that’s how you feel ‘bout me, then I ain’t holding back!
: Don’t think you’re gonna roll over us just ‘cuz you got twice the number of pilots!
: Come, Aquarion! Mizuki and Leele may be absent but I’ll fight in their stead!

: Gran Knights, please stop fighting!
: We cannot. Your existence brings chaos to the world.
: What about you, then?! Does your robot exist to do stuff like THAT?!
: Well, I won’t put up with it! People like you have no right to criticize us!

: Looks like your hardass shtick got totally wiped out by these happy-go-lucky folk, Ryou!
: Take that back, Eiji! I won’t put up with you badmouthing my friends!
: The hell’s wrong with you? You think you can talk to me as if you didn’t turn on us?!
: To arms, Getter Robo! If you’ll stand against us, then we’ll fight you for what’s just!

: Sandman was also born on another world but he’s still defending Earth!
: What?! He’s an alien too?!
: Yeah, and what have you been doing?! Been playing all over the world so much that you forgot about your revenge?!
: Shut up! I’m fighting for a much bigger cause now!
: Your group simply follows the army’s agenda, so don’t you dare think we’re the same!
That’s a very floaty dodge for Gravion’s punches.

: Duke… it doesn’t make any difference to us that you’re an alien!
: We can fight together, so listen to us!
: If you feel that way, then why do you fight against other aliens with such hatred?!
: Doing so will only drag you deeper and deeper into conflict!
: Even so, it’s all we can do…! To fight with faith in ourselves and in the justice Sandman taught us!

: The enemy’s a pure combat mech, so I’m toast if I take my eyes off him for even a second…!
: Argh…God Gravion’s movements are sluggish without all of its pilots…!
: Looks like you’re not in top shape, Touga! Sorry but I’m gonna have to take advantage of that!

: Touga Tenkuuji…you’re hesitating?
: I won’t lose…Leele is waiting for us!
: We’re fighting for what we believe in! You won’t stop us with that level of conviction!

: Gravion is a sword and shield to protect the people…! We cannot ignore those who’d disturb order!
: Well, ain’t that nice! But you’re using that power for someone else’s agenda – that’s nothing more than pure aggression!
: People who can’t even see that ain’t got a chance against us!

: What’s the matter, Touga Tenkuuji? You don’t seem very motivated.
: That’s…
: Don’t listen to anything he says, Touga! Words are that guy’s weapons!
: Heh…that’s quite the good support.
: Don’tcha get all smug! If you’re friends with those guys, then we’re bringing you in too!!

: Come on, Gran Knights! Sandman may have helped us before but that’s neither here nor there anymore!
: If you insist on disrupting peace, I…WE will fight you…!
: Lemme ask you this, then: what’s this “peace” y'all talk about? To make the entire world fall in line with some country?!
: You can’t call a strict world like that “peaceful”!
“I’m breaking the seals, boss! Just for this moment, I am…THE CRUSHEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!”
“Don’t cry, Gunleon…I’m here for you.”

: Why…? This was was meant to defend Earth…why…

: So, at the end of the day, you just couldn’t stop being another soldier, Talia.
: I’m proud to be a member of Zaft. That’s why I’m here.
: Bring it on, then! Chained dogs like you are all bark and no bite!
: But if you’re going up against me for real, you better brace yourself!

: (Cpt. Gladys, I thank you for your consideration…)
: (But for the sake of the world, we have to go on…)
: (Cpt. Ramius…it’s come down to this, so I will face you with all I have…)
: All weapons, prepare to fire!
: The target’s the Archangel! Attack!

: Heizaemon, I—
: It matters not what you’re going to say, Duke Fleed. We’re all simply following our own paths now.
: However, even if you won’t walk with us, you must stop cooperating with this group. Doing so will only bring chaos to this world.
: Forgive me but I refuse. I believe my goal lies down this road, so I will go on with them…!

King Beal vs. ZEUTH:

Generic pre-battle dialogue: posted:

: Jeez! Having to fight old friends is stressing me the hell out!
: Darling…
: Keep your head together, Mel! We’re gonna be the ones getting scrapped if we don’t go at this for real!

: Let’s do this! Make way for the BLAZING MOBILE SUIT PILOT!
: You better back off if you don’t wanna get hurt!

: If the world they want will only be created by removing all who oppose it…
: Then I will not accept it! Such a conflict will only lead to our destruction!

: Deep down, I didn’t believe you’d do such things.
: But, I WILL fight back with all I have if you’re working with Zaft to crush us!

: Today’s friend may be tomorrow’s enemy. Even if the world changes, harsh reality stays the same…!

: You blockheads! If you’re going to attack us on Zaft’s orders, then…
: Then, for our own sake, we’ll fight back!

: What the hell, guys?! It might’ve been war but there are some things you just don’t do!
: The world’s really going to get messed up if you keep that up!

: Grrr…they’re all just a bunch of soldiers following orders now!
: Y'all gonna be leaving here in stitches if ya won’t open your eyes!

: Good grief…these guys are a whole lot stronger than anything we’ve fought so far.
: That said, I won’t back down! I’m gonna give this all I’ve got until the last second!

: Huh, how about that… for whatever reason, I’m getting hyped that I gotta fight y'all!
: Let’s do this! Get a taste of my burning soul!!

: Though I’d rather not do so, I will deal with you via brute force if you’re unwilling to listen!
: Please take the time to reflect on your actions and your imprudence amidst the pain!

: If you’re fighting by following orders blindly, then I ask that you consider where the world and its future are headed!
: People who let hatred drive them onwards will fight until everything’s in ruins!

: Orders or not, how many lives were pointlessly taken by your hands?!
: You’re nothing more than enemies to me now! Get ready!

: The Getter Rays are a force of righteousness!
: If you’re planning on annexing that into Zaft’s troops, then I’ll resist with everything I have!

And, finally…

: All those people who died because of you…I’ll put their spirits to rest right now!
: …!
: Let’s end this, Freedom!

Kira attacking Shinn: “It’s like the Strike…!”
Shinn taking small damage from Kira: “I knew it…he’s not aiming at my cockpit!”
Shinn attacking Kira: “You killed Stella! She was going to stop and you--!”

: No, not yet! I can still fight! I HAVE to!

: What is this drive…?!
: If only…if only you weren’t there, Stella would…STELLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
: Urgh…!

*Kira moves farther away.*

: Ah…!
Shinn: “I’m ending you here and now!!”

: !
: Kira!

: N-no, that can’t be…Kira…!
: Heheh…hahahaha…ahahahaha…! I did it, Stella…at last…hahahaha…
: Ah…aah…
: Archangel, full speed to where the Freedom was shot down! We have to rescue Kira!
: Roger!
: After them! And ready the Tannhäuser en route!

*The Archangel moves to Kira’s spot, the Minerva right behind them.*

: The Minerva’s incoming!
: Shut the emergency bulkheads! Prepare to submerge!
: Target the Archangel! Start the Tannhäuser’s firing sequence!

: Primary armament bank, contact! Output safeties, released!
: Tannhäuser – FIRE!!

: What…
: Both the Freedom and Archangel were destroyed?!
: More Zaft troops are arriving!

: Rrr! Reinforcements?!
: This isn’t good...the battle thus far has left us exhausted...
: Do we have no choice but to surrender…?
: Don’t you go giving up on us, Jamil! What the hell have we been fighting for until now?!
: Was it not for the future of the world?! Wasn’t that what pushed us to get over our past and come this far?!
: Holland…
: He’s right…! I absolutely couldn’t stomach being drafted into Zaft!
: If the options are to surrender or fight until the end, I’ll take the latter!
: Don’t be so hasty, Kei…!

: Olson?!
: Follow me. You need to get out of here.
: B-but Zaft has us surrounded…
: Wait, Shaia! The Federation Army’s headed this way!!

: That’s--!
: The feds are chasing that huge ship in front!
: Using yourself as bait to draw in the Feds…the rumors didn’t do him justice.
: You honor me, Cpt. Olson. The rest is in your hands.
: Understood. I appreciate your help.
: Follow Olson, folks. We need to make a run for it!
: All units, retreat! Quickly!
: Wait, hold on! What about the Archangel?!
: Our priority now is to get everyone still in one piece outta here!
: It may seem coldhearted but there’s no other option.
: Archangel…please be OK…
: Damn it, Zaft-ZEUTH! We’ll get you for this!

: Captain! The other ZEUTH’s pulling back!
: No need to pursue them. We've Federal troops right in front, too.
: All units, we’ll intercept the Federation Army. Understood?
: Now, then… how about I own up to my deeds and help clean up this mess?
: That voice…Banjou, is that you?!
: That’s right, Kappei. I came here with my Daitarn 3 to lend you guys a hand.
: Woooow! Now that’s the best backup EVER!
: Duke Fleed…he’s gone…
: Hopefully they’ll pipe down after this...
: We can’t really go back to just being friends, can we…?
: That’s up to them…IF they change their ways.
: They didn’t seem to feel bad about anything, though…
: …
: Amuro…I understand your issues with this, but—
: We can speak more later. Right now, we need to deal with the Federation.
: (Two ZEUTHs…I wonder which of us is correct…)
: (Or, maybe, both sides have lost their way…?)

Kei thanks Olson for bailing us out and figures it’s his way of paying us back for the Chiram battle – mind, that wasn’t the ONLY reason that brought him here.
Mimsy wonders if he’s here to take Kei back to Chiram and, indeed, his nation will certainly need the singularities. Kei finds it odd, considering Olson said his orders had been changed to simply kill him.
Gainer finds it very odd that the Chiram would kill one of the Singularities needed to repair space-time but Olson quickly informs that they HAD another way of making it happen: Project D’s goal was to use the newly-developed dimensional manipulator to create an artificial dimensional quake, like that of the space-time oscillation bomb, that could stabilize the collapsing dimensional walls.

Shaia’s surprised that the Chiram’s dimensional science has advanced so far but, of course, the pivotal device is no more after Asakim destroyed it.
Rand and Mel have no idea why he’d do something like that but, regardless, Roger sees that the Project’s failure means the Chiram are back hunting for the Singularities.
Olson confirms and says THE STORM sends his compliments to Roger who, in turn, feels greatly in Banjou’s debt for dragging the Federation over in order to give us a chance to escape.
Either way, while Kei’s very thankful for today’s help, he still tells Olson that he has no intention of going back to Chiram: “There’s another way you can repay me, then. Kei…allow me to join this ZEUTH of yours,” Olson says.

Gain’s rather surprised that this soldier’s turning his back on his country but Olson doesn’t see it like that. His patriotism is still unchanged but what he can no longer accept is the idea that anyone and anything can be sacrificed in order to save Chiram.
He's been looking for someone with a better way and, unlike Kei, he doesn’t joke around with stuff like this! Kei has no issue with welcoming him aboard, proclaiming the rebirth of their “ultimate duo”, but the problem is Olson’s Nikick has really damaged due to these constant battles, so he’ll need a new ride.
Kei says he can leave it to Leeg to cook something up.

Of course, Rand finds Olson choosing to join our group simply out of his friendship with Kei to be rather amusing – he’s essentially tagging along with people who are now wanted by ALL of human society.
Ryouma still has a hard time believing Zaft would take such iron-fisted methods, sending our old allies, to reel us in. Sara’s sure the other ZEUTH was ordered to do this and had no real choice but Apollo doesn’t see that as an excuse as they could’ve disregarded those orders.
Furthermore, Sirius says that the fact that they complied to it all means they believe we’re the ones in the wrong and Jiron has no idea why considering pretty much all the battles we had were in self-defense. Yes, we had to push back Zaft in Emaan but that’s certainly not enough reason for them to be THIS mad with us.

With that in mind, Olson has some things he’d like to confirm with us. First off, did we receive a prototype weapon from the Federation back in Zonder Epta? That’s the DX which Garrod says we didn’t “receive” but actually STOLE from them.
Next, back in South Ameria, did we assassinate a Vodarac monk on Federation’s orders? Renton asks why we’d kill the guy when we took the time to rescue him from his would-be kidnappers.
Furthermore, did the Federation hire us to investigate Coralians? Of course not, especially where Holland and the Coralians are concerned.

When Jamil asks, Olson explains that all these stories about us have been circulating around the UN. Löwen and Rand are both aghast, wondering who’s been spreading all that bull about us.
Just like the Chiram footage and the Federation, add in some select photos and videos of events and you can certainly make rumors seem legit. Stoner adds that, to humans, seeing is believing and while these isolated pictures could’ve just been taken as baseless rumors, their credibility increases exponentially as you keep piling them on.

These are the UN "rumors" that Murrue mentioned to Enil and both Rand and Jamil figure those were probably why the Zaft team was so convinced that we’d taken a turn for the worst.
Of course, Mel remembers the rumors WE saw of them slaughtering aliens, attacking civilians and it’s very likely those were also stories fabricated by someone – led by those, we all ended up fighting our old friends.
Following the Feds’ propaganda, Ryouma isn’t happy that we’ve been, once again, manipulated by information…

Something strikes Gainer as odd, though: why was it that, when he looked for info on the other ZEUTH, he found none of this bad stuff about his side? Was it a simple oversight of his part? Hmm.
Considering everything we were wrong about, Benkei starts to wonder if we also might’ve been wrong about Durandal and his “master plan”. It’s possible the Archangel was also being fed false intel, too, and Hayato HAD taken Kira as being rather obstinate.
Speaking of, Michiru is worried about the Archangel team but Ryouma would like to believe that, as survivors of the previous war, they wouldn’t die that easily.

When Shaia asks, Olson say it was THE STORM who told him all about these internet shenanigans and Adette’s curious as to who is that guy. Hap has heard of him as a famous billionaire whose world-wide exploits has made him quite infamous in the underworld.
Mimsy adds that his name’s shown up in the Emaan's private networks, too: seems like the Feds’ intelligence agencies are constantly trying to keep tabs on him but he still manages to act as he sees fit.
Indeed, his name is Banjou Haran – the man who is one with the sun – as Roger describes, saying he travelled with him for a while after the liberation of Japan, and while he was aware that the guy was looking into the Federation’s activities, he didn’t think the guy’s reach would extend this far.

Banjou got in touch with Olson after he split from the Chiram and told him what was going on. When Löwen asks, though, he says even Banjou wasn’t able to figure out who it was that tried to trick both ZEUTH sides.
Elchi asks Jamil if he has any suspects but, given the list of potential enemies we have and the fact that anyone can access the UN, there may be no telling – regardless, Rand figures the guy’s a pretty wily sort to trick everyone into destroying each other and swears to kick his ass once we find out who it is.

Holland, actually, has a guess: a schemer skilled in information warfare with a pre-existing grudge against the Gekkostate. His name is Dewey Novak, and Holland expects he's one of the ringleaders behind the Federation coup, too.
Gain ponders that a personal grudge seems a bit unlikely to motivate a plan this broad but Dewey IS a member of the Federation: reason enough to try and get the outlaw ZEUTH to destroy itself along with Zaft.

: …Ok, that’s enough.
: Huh? What's this, all of the sudden?
: Why don’t you just come out and tell them why Dewey’s actually after us?
: Talho...
: Talho, please--!
: Renton should know about it too, no? You and her have both accepted him, after all.
: …
: What…should I know about?
: It was your father, Adroc Thurston, who started the Gekkostate’s struggles.
: My dad?
: Back then he was a military scientist. He claimed that there were other intelligent life forms living right in the shadow of our previous world, the “promised land”.
: They manifested themselves to us as the Scub Coral. So, he called them “Coralians”.
: And those Coralians are intelligent beings?!
: Wasn’t that the name of that cloud-like object from before?!
: …That’s one type of them and, at the same time, it’s also something of a gate that allows the other Coralians to appear.
: A gate for the other Coralians…
: Then, what scared Jabby back then was…
: Adroc and his team had been ordered to investigate but adverse effects, thought to have been due to the Coralian’s influence, spread among those who were working there.
: Hearing this, the military high command decided to eliminate the Coralians. Adroc opposed their decision, though.
: …
: He was positively convinced that the Coralians were intelligent…
: So he searched for a way for us to coexist and the appearance of a humanoid Coralian only boosted his convictions…
: “Humanoid”?! So it didn’t look like that cloud-thing but like us?!
: That’s right. And that humanoid Coralian…was Eureka.
: Huh…
: …
: Eureka’s… a Coralian…
: They finally said it...
: Yes…
: Then, Eureka…
: She’s not a human like the others, is that it…?
: And the appearance of those clouds mean that these Coralians are coming to this world…?!
: Hold on… You said that the Coralians showing up had adverse effects, so does that make them enemies of humanity?
: No… At least that’s what Adroc believed – and so do we.
: There are too many questions unanswered… just what ARE the Coralians? If they are life forms, what are they after?
: …Well, since you know this much, I might as well take you there.
: What do you have in mind?
: Y'all come along with us. We’re going to the Tresor Institute… We’ll discuss details there…

: ...No one ever asked me to keep it a secret…
: Huh...
: I needed to tell you myself... but... when I thought you’d hate me for it, I…
: I don’t really understand much of this…
: Hm…
: But… I always felt that you were special whenever I was close to you.
: Renton…
: In my eyes, you’ve been different from everyone else since day one…
: And you're still the same girl, Eureka…

I think, all things considered, this didn’t turn out too badly!
We discovered that Zaft isn’t crazy and it was actually people spreading evil memes about us, Holland’s finally going legit, we got Olson in our team and, best of all, Kira and the Archangel are gone!