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Part 158: Mission 38 (Setsuko) - A Nightmare In Motion - Part 1

Setsuko Route Chapter 38

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: The other ZEUTH is here!

Current Top Aces:
1. Setsuko - 124 Kills
2. Amuro - 103 Kills
3. Shinn - 91 Kills
4. Talia - 86 Kills
5. Quattro - 83 Kills

I equip the God Sigma with a Linear Seat, and Luna's ZAKU gets some Magnet Coating.

The Methuss is equipped with a Sensory Helmet, the King Beal takes a VR Met.

Finally, the Venus A takes a Chobham Armor

I finally have my battleships up to speed. I give a little extra to Setsuko because Main Character privilages.

Talia and Kappei get E Save. Sochie learns four levels of SP-Up.

Athrun learns Will+(Evade), while Amuro and Kouji get Will Limit Break.

Time for Maria to start getting her SP boosts. Level 2 SP-Up

And here's the Squads! Shinn is an Event unit.

Chapter 38: A Nightmare In Motion

: I’ve confirmed that the ships are the Archangel and the detached ZEUTH ones!
: Do you think they’re here to merge back with us?
: They wouldn’t have gotten in touch with us like this if that was the case.
: And we cannot lower our guard while they’re with the Archangel. Maintain all troops and crew on yellow alert.
: The other ships are deploying their troops!
: What?!

: What do we do, Cpt. Gladys?
: We cannot take our chances! Deploy our troops as well!
: All units, launch! If you’re not all in, though, stay inside!
: “All in”…?!
: We might have to fight them…!

: Cpt. Jamil, what is the meaning of this? And we’d also like an explanation as to why you’re acting with the Archangel.
: …Before anything, we’ve a demand to make: you’ll let us and the Archangel to leave here without incident.
: What the hell, Cpt. Shades?! You were the ones who launched your guys first!
: Be quiet, Kappei…!
: We launched our troops as a precaution.
: “Precaution”?
: Don’t act all innocent, Bright. Either way…are ya’ll going to attack us as ZAFT ordered you to?
: That’s…!
: It’s true that we’ve been ordered to suppress the Archangel. Since you’ve been acting in tandem with them, we’d like to hear your reasons.
: We’ve nothing to say as our business doesn’t concern you anymore.
: Calm down, Cpt. Elchi. Your belligerence isn’t helping matters.
: But she’s right, gramps. No one here considers ya’ll to be allies anymore – not you obedient little soldiers.
: What…?
: We’re fighting our own battles and will never again cooperate with ZAFT.
: We are, first and foremost, ZEUTH members. We’ve been acting separately from ZAFT.
: Sure we get supplies and some assistance from them but that doesn’t make us ZAFT troops!
: So, to pay them back for all that, you fight in their stead?
: We’ve fought as we deemed necessary, not because someone ordered us to.
: So what I'm hearing is you really have changed. Well, that makes this easier.
: Yeah. They're our enemies... no, the whole world's enemies!
: Huh? Wait a minute! What are you saying?
: It's a real shame. We fought together once, so it was hard to believe you'd fallen so far...
: Hey, Mr. Negotiator! What are you doing with them?
: You let your anger and your hatred send you over the line. I... I can't overlook that anymore.
: Brother...
: And we thought you were only doing it on ZAFT's orders. This is a real blow.
: I believed in you guys, I really did. But... but you...
: Renton...
: I still don't want to fight any of you! Please let us go!
: We cannot do that.
: Rey…
: As I’ve said before, we’ve orders to neutralize the Archangel. Their senseless actions disturb the war’s status quo and are ultimately detrimental.
: …
: I’ll say it one more time: the Archangel and all your troops must disarm and surrender. Should you refuse, we’ll have no choice but to exercise force.
: So that really is how it’s going to be, huh? You soldiers are all the same!
: …
: We guarantee your safety and that you’ll have a chance to explain yourselves, IF you comply.
: Freeden, Glomar, Gekko Go and Iron Gear, please do as we say.
: I thought we told you that that ain’t happening.
: Damn it…they’re serious, aren’t they?!
: Looks like they really ARE working as the Anti-Sage Council Faction’s special forces.
: Are they just mercenaries after coin…or do they actually agree with the Federation’s ideology?
: Doesn’t matter – they’re our enemies now! We can’t cut them any slack!
: Don't they understand all that's going on in the world?
: Don't get smart! You're the ones who don't understand!
: At least we can say we've never pulled the duty of a soldier card...
: Or fought out of anger and excused it by painting the other as enemies.
: Oh, now you irresponsible vagabonds are going to get on your high horse?
: We're fighting to survive! Who are you to judge us for that?!
: So you... have changed...
: Maybe, but going so far as working with the Federation and the Archangel?
: …Archangel and other ZEUTH. Please give us your answer.
: This is Murrue Ramius, Captain of the Archangel. We cannot comply to your request – this ship still has a job to do.
: Between the two sides of Earth and Plant, we may be an annoying third party, but that means we can't leave the stage yet.
: We feel the same way. Surrendering to you here would only mean the enlargement of the war.
: We thought we could let you guys be since you were old acquaintances… but it looks like that ain’t gonna fly.
: Ya’ll are nothing more than mooks of those trying to have their way with our world! We’re putting a stop to you here and now!
: Acting on emotional impulse without seeing the big picture...
: Hold on, Lt. Quattro! They're just --
: Get it into your head, Athrun! We're not changing anything now!
: But...
: Athrun, we have to do this. For the world...
: I've had it up to here with your stupid platitudes!

: What is this, Shinn?!
: The Freedom and the Archangel are their spearheads. If we can take them out, we can handle the rest! (Brunom says: lolno)
: So I'll knock out the Freedom myself!
: We've analyzed every point of Kira Yamato's combat data.
: He's already installed with the resulting counter-Freedom weaponry.
: I know you can do it! Use that to take down the Freedom!
: You can do it, Shinn! You can put a stop to him!
: You...
: Stay frosty, Athrun. I know how you must feel, but this is a battle.
: If they come at us, we have to defend ourselves.
: Hesitate to attack your friend Kira Yamato if you want.
: But first, remember all the lives he's been responsible for losing!
: That's...
: Just like we have to stop the splinter team as well.
: Think of what we have to do to stop this war from taking an even greater toll.
: ...
: Feel free to sit there and mope... but we're doing this!
: Yeah! Who cares if they're our former allies! A bad guy is a bad guy to me!
: Time changes things, and people... the other team, your friend... and you, too.
: See that right now, Athrun. And if you can't, leave the battlefield.
: You don't have to fight! I'll take care of the Freedom!
: Shinn... Kira...
: And so we see their true colors... the colors of ZAFT's attack dogs!
: Let's take 'em down before they do something else!
: Uh oh! They definitely mean it!
: Dammit! How could you guys possibly understand what we've been through? You dummies!
: I'll fight anyone who acts on hate, even you...
: Don't you act all high and mighty with us! You don't get the first thing about what's going on!
: We know you've been messing things up all over the place, just like this!
: I thought you were better than this! You don't know how sad I am!
: Don't waste your breath, Kiraken! They're just a bunch of money-grubbing mercenaries and idealistic fools!
: Then let's do this! Knock the sense back into them!
: If you can't even see the sorrow enveloping the world...
: Then we have to make you feel it for yourselves!
: Stella, watch me... I... can do this...
: Shinn! Don't you fight out of hate! If you let your emotions blind you, you don't have a chance against the Freedom!
: I know, but... but...!

Annnd welcome to Operation Angel Down! AKA: ZEUTH VS ZEUTH. This is perhaps the most amazing set-peice in any Super Robot Wars game ever. All of the enemy units are the heroes from the other side of the route split. It's a fight with nothing but midbosses. It's actually fairly difficult to accomplish, even though the stage itself is short. Officially the only objective is to shoot down the Freedom or the Archangel, the Battle Mastery coming if we do it in four turns.

Turn 1

The characters start at elevated Will, so Kouji's Mazin Power kicks in right away.

I move everybody up, not using Accel. In this case it's best to let the other half move forward first before charging in.

Meanwhile Shinn is all fired up and ready to fight Kira!

Sooo I use Accel and move him as far away as possible.

SECRET ALERT: Defeat Kira without Shinn fighting him even once. Or have Shinn get shot down.

Shinn getting shot down actually ends the stage, not a game over the plot just proceeds, and thus I wouldn't be able to get the Battle Mastery. So instead I'm just going to shoot down Kira with somebody else.

Oh yeah, one more thing. At the start of the enemy phase a random group of them will cast spirit commands! Kira, Gainer, and Holland cast Focus this turn, and Duke, Roger, and Apollo cast Strike. This is, of course, indredibly dangerous. Especially Apollo who can Infinity Punch Snipe you and Duke who can now use unavoidable Support Attacks. Heck, the main reason I didn't Accel rush first turn was to force Aquarion to move within my range.

And Kei is the first one to reach me. He takes aim at Athrun, luckily I had thought ahead and cast Sense.

: The Savior and Orguss are about even in a dogfight... so it's between us pilots!
: I can't even follow Kei's movements if I don't focus!
Expect a lot of videos this update. Because, seriously, this is like the only time this sort of thing is going to happen.

And every other guy moves up, but only the Freeden gets in range of anybody. Athrun again.

: (Kira, you have to get away! With Shinn's tenacity, he might actually be able to beat you...)

Turn 2

Neo's on the Archangel, in the sick bay, but even he can feel the ship rocking as the battle rages outside.
Also, crewman Murdock keeps calling him "Lt. Cmdr. Flaga," but Neo's never heard of the guy.
Either way, the engineer tells him to stay and rest. The Captain (who Neo's met, and he likes what he sees) will do her job.

Murdock reflects that it was The Storm who brought them this wounded man after the battle at Chiram.
He's absolutely convinced it's Lt. Cmdr. Flaga, but the man says otherwise. The doctor told Murdock that this can be an effect of memory rewriting.
The Captain herself was overjoyed to see Flaga, thought dead in the war two years ago, alive and well, but if he can't recover his memories...

Meanwhile, Neo mutters to himself - "how come this ship's always in some kind of jam?"
But he's never been on this ship before. Why does he think that?

So here's Kira's movement and attack range. I need to keep Shinn out of it.

I switch back to Kamille and take aim at the weakened Kei.

: If I'm up against the boy ace, I'd better step up my game!
: I didn't realize it until I had to fight him... he's really strong!
: Glad you understand! I'll be even gladder if you back off!
: I can't do that! We can't let you go on like this!
: Looks like I've gotta teach my wayward young friend a harsh lesson!
Darn it Athrun.

At least Kamille got another Newtype level out of it.

: E-even if we’re not holding back, this is still too much!

Talia fires down a MAP, which further softens Kei and weakens Ryouma and Duke.

Then Loran heads out to take Kei down.

: So even you've been taken by ZAFT now... you really let me down, Loran.
: I let you down? Kei, I'm saddened seeing you acting like a mercenary thug!
: We've got our reasons for operating off the grid. At least our excuse isn't war!
: I don't want to hear your justifications!
"Even again you guys, I...--!"

: How DARE you! I’ll never forgive you for this!
: I won’t let you get away with this – not after you’ve gone that far!

Bright gets into position for better use of his Commander Aura.

Now Duke is one of the most dangerous enemies on the field. He's incredibly tough with Level 8 Prevail, and with Support Attack he can make any enemy attack take out one of your units in a snap, especially since he regularly casts Strike.

First, I move Shinn out of Kira's way. Now, I don't attack Duke with Shinn because I want to make the most of Valor boosted attacks, which means opening up with them, because otherwise they'll be weakened by Prevail.
"Doesn't matter who it is, I won't hold back if you'll stand against us!"
Shinn doesn't get much special dialouge this stage.

More Battleship movement...

And it's time to start bringing down Grendizer.

: Toga, please, stop fighting! This isn't where Gravion should be used!
: Ah...
: That's enough out of you, Duke Fleed! By your naive logic, we'd never fight anything!
: I'm not just talking about the invaders! You've done terrible things to your fellow humans!
: We're not just waging war for laughs!
: And where do you get off having a vacation for when humanity's in so much trouble, huh?
"We...HAVE to fight!"
Not bad damage.

Now it's Kouji's turn.

: Duke Fleed... I know we've been on different paths like you said, but...
: I thought you were fighting for what you thought was right!
: My heart is the same as it was before! Kouji, you've let yourself lose sight of what's important amidst the enormity of war!
: I haven't changed one bit! You're the one who's changed!
: Damn it! Damn it aaaall!
And that was with Valor and Analyze. Prevail is absurd at high levels.

: Why…why did this…

It does kickstart Tetsuya's Mazin Power.

Finish the job Toshiya!

: Duke Fleed! I know how you must be feeling, but that's no reason to work with them!
: Toshiya...
: Do you really want to die a outlaw's death? Answer me, Duke Fleed!
: I'll fight for what I believe in! If your hate makes you want to destroy everything, I'll stop you!
: That's what I believe is right!

"Duke Fleed! You can't defend Earth by those means!"


I was not expecting that, so Rey and Luna took a beating.

So let's hope Kappei can do better

: Duke! I was going to say I'm sorry, but...
: Kappei...
: But I guess if you're with the other ZEUTH, that's out the window!
: You're helping them mess everything up, and I'm gonna stop you!
: Kappei... do you fight just to spill blood needlessly?
"Jeez, talk about tough enemies..."
"Damn it! I'mma give them another taste of the Zambot's power!"
Thankfully Moon Attack was strong enough to punch through Duke's Prevail.

: It’s dangerous to let this power be someone else’s tool…!

Setsuko takes aim at Ryouma, this attack should remove his EN Regen by taking out the Lady Command.

: Stop this, Setsuko! What happened to the pride of the Glory Star?
: It's right here, with the Virgola! It hasn't wavered an inch!
: It's you who've changed! And as your former comrades, it's our duty to stop you!

: I can’t go on…! This is too much for the Lady Command!

From doing that, Setsuko levels up and learns her final Spirit Command!

* Soul(45) - Multiplies the damage done by the units next attack by 2.5

Yes. Soul is Valor+. Soul is, in general, given to Real Robot leads like Setsuko. This helps make up for her lower base damage compared to Rand, allowing her to compete with the Super pilots for boss fights. Plus, if I wanted too I could go full Alpha strike and cast Soul and Zeal one the same turn. Setsuko is, incidentally enough, the only female pilot in the game to learn this Command. She is also the only pilot period in the game to learn both Zeal and Soul. But only if you give her the 11/11 B birthday. Other birthdays give her Zeal, or Soul, but not both.

Back to the stage, Amuro takes on Getter Dragon.

: Getter Robo is adaptable, but it's vulnerable the moment it combines!
: He figured out the Getter's weakness in the short time we were together!
: But I have to stop all of them or the world will only sink deeper into chaos! We have to win, no matter what!
: How can you be so driven, yet so short-sighted?
"If you're not going to listen, then..."

Quattro's turn!

: Taking on a mech like that with a Mobile Suit isn't going to be easy.
: But...!
: Damn! We could swat him down if we could just hit him!
: You're going to learn that battles aren't decided solely on the specs of the machines!
And that's the end of the turn.

Kira, Gainer, and Holland cast Focus, while Marin, Jiron, and Apollo cast Strike. Great, Jiron can now use never miss Support Attacks.

: Master Toga! The pilot of the Nirvash seems to be Renton!
: Eureka gave up the pilot's seat?
: Eureka's right by my side! We're both fighting together!
: And not even all six of you can beat us now!
: ...
: Buck up, Toga! We can't let this big-headed kid get the best of us!

: Gain! I know you worked for hire, but taking a Federation job is too low!
: We had our reasons. And we haven't killed anyone needlessly like you have.
: We're not fighting for fun! We had our reasons, too!
: Sorry, Toshiya. Looks like we're not going to see eye to eye on this.

Of course Gain will snipe you out of your range.

I was a bit worried about Toga at this point, so I defended.

: Come on, Gravion! I'll make up for the difference in size with my spirit!
: Gh...
: Uh... something wrong, Touga?
: None of your business! Now, are ya gonna do this or not?!
: If you're still going to do all that stuff for the army then, hell yeah, I’m coming for you!
: Give it your best shot, Jiron! We ain’t gonna lose! Leele's waiting for us!

They, uh, turned out to be a bit unfounded.

Going to need Strike to hit Holland ever.

: Leele! Track the flight patterns of the target LFO!
: Master Toga...
: ...
: You're wide open, metal-for-brains! Get a load of my Lifting!
: Shut up! I don't know if you think you're rebels or what, but keep it out of ZEUTH!

The Gravion took a bit of a beating this round. Need to get Toga more Prevail.

: Lt. Amuro, I never expected we'd meet again like this.
: Captain Jamil, is this really your answer?
: My journey is still going on. If you're here to stop it, I'll give you all I've got.
: Maybe you don't know what it means to be a Newtype yet, but there are people who'll try to abuse your power!
: I'll fight to stop you before that happens to you and Tifa!
"Have your troops stand down, Jamil! Or else!"

: I'm not losing to a Federation-built Gundam!
: That you, Kamille? Don't underestimate my DX!
: You floating from group to group without seeing the big picture is dragging this world into chaos!
: So you want us to be obedient little ZAFT soldiers like you?
: We're not ZAFT! We're ZEUTH!
: Unlike you! You're just out for yourselves!
You know, I'm really glad the moon isn't out. The last thing I'd want to deal with is Satellite Cannons. Especially since, knowing how the game's AI works, they'd favor the MAP versions.

: Two combining robots... not a bad matchup!
: But right now, we...
: Don't chicken out now! You can't back down after all you've done!
: Shut up, Apollo! The Gran Knights ain’t losing to no pack of mutts chasing meals around!
: At least you're in, Eiji! Fine, then let's see who's right!
: Bring it! We're short a few, so let's call it a handicap for you!
"Gran Knights? Whatever! I ain't holding back if you're gunning for me!"

: Roger! Did that ZEUTH pay you to join them?
: I'm here following my principles and looking for my truth!
: Either way, if you're helping them, you've gotta deal with us!
: I accept! Come if you're prepared, and I will respond in kind!
And Roger is confirmed to hit like dynamite strapped to a truck.

: Marin! Why are we doing this?
: Toshiya...
: I thought you were fighting to stop the Aldebaron!
: Not just the Aldebaron... anyone who would take away freedom and destroy the peace!
: And Toshiya... that includes you! Unless you change your minds!
: You idiot! Don't you realize how many people you've made suffer?
"Never thought it'd end like this, Marin...!"

: Come on, Ryou! Don't tell me you're with the Archangel or one of these drifters too!
: Maybe we are outcasts... but that's let us keep sight of something important.
: Kouji! That's something you've forgotten since you signed up with ZAFT!
: What do you know? You're the ones going around wrecking the whole world!
: I don't care if I have to beat up Getter Robo! I'm not holding back!

: Damn it! The rest is up to you!

Tetsuya learns Level 8 Prevail and Level 6 Counter.

: Can we stop them as we are right now...?
: Stay strong, Touga!
: They're our enemies now! We can't hold back!

Well, that was a close one. I think Toga's weak Prevail is kicking in!

Thankfully, the A.I doesn't use Repair or Resupply. So the Glomar and Freeden are pretty useless on their side!