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Part 159: Mission 38 (Setsuko) - A Nightmare In Motion - Part 2

Turn 3

And here's the danger zone to keep Shinn out of this turn.

Bright spreads out.

Let's give Setsuko's new Spirit Command a trial run.

: Damn! I thought you were just a crybaby, but look at you now!
: He's so fast! I should never have challenged Holland in a dogfight...
: You've gotten better, sure, but you need another five years to take me!
: But I can't lose... our war is not going to end here!
"I've no choice but to fight...they're our enemies now!"

Shout out to Broken Loose, who I'm sure enjoyed seeing Holland destroyed by the Power of Despair.

: Urgh, they go all-out even against old mates, huh?!
: They’re all pawns of the military now… without a shred of honor or sympathy!
: I can’t lose to people like them…! I can’t!

Oh wow, look at that. Löwen's hit Level 7 Prevail and learned Valor(40)

It was at this point I realized that Runa has also learned Valor(45).

So let's not have Gravion and God Sigma get shot down.

: We're up against Getter Robo... we won't give it a chance to split and reconfigure!
: So this is Godsigma's power... the power of Trinity Energy!
: But our Getter's got its own trinity power, the power of the bond of trust between us three!
: We don't want to hear about teamwork from a gang of punks like you!
: Come on, Ryou! You've changed, and we can't afford to pull our punches!

: I won’t forgive you if you won’t change your ways…!

This teaches Luna her sixth level of Prevail. Honestly somebody give her a Grungust and be done with it.

Shinn's out of the danger zone so...
Bye Renton, you're a worse pilot then your girlfriend.

: Damn it! Why?! Why did you guys have to--!

Now to get rid of Jiron, because seriously Support Attack is ridiculous

: Maneuvers so straightforward, they're downright blunt. It's only now I see how dangerous that is!
: My attempts at cheap tricks won't work on Amuro... so I'll just charge on in!
: Jiron Amos' true strength is his freedom from doubt!
Double Burning Fire is really good guys.

: Argh! How did I let them get me?!
: You freaks! This isn’t over!

: It's Lt. Quattro! I won't be able to hit him with any old attack!
: An all-out, head-on charge... no tactics, just straightforward offense...
: You're wide open! Here! I! Cooooome!
: Hmph. It looks like I hesitated just for a moment...

: I’ll get you for this! Guys like you won’t bring me down!

Now let's make sure we don't have to deal with Punch-Sniper

Well he's weakened enough now.

: Kappei! Some things you just don't do!
: Yeah? Well, I'm rubber, you're glue!
: If you're not going to fight the Fallen Angels, just give up Aquarion!
: And if you're just going to fight for the military, better give up Zambot!

: Imma put an end to this stench next time!

That teaches Joseph his final Spirit Command, Fury(35) and Sochie Prevail 6.

The Minerva softens up Garrod a bit.

Now to take out his Squadmates.

: I thought you were better than that, Loran! You were there, so why didn't you stop them?!
: We've just been trying to bring an end to the war as quickly as possible! So, we fight!
: But what do you have to say for yourself, Garrod?! Weren't you fighting to keep Tifa safe?!
: Yeah and that hasn't changed one bit! I won't put up with anyone who tries to mess with that - not even you!

: Urk! They’re stronger than advertised!
: Damn it! Did all the AEUG turn into ZAFT’s yes-men?!

And with that my turn is over. Enemy phase!

Kira and Gainer cast Focus, and Marin and Roger cast Strike.

Gainer is another character who you should cast Strike or just not bother.

: That's King Gainer... Gainer's attacking!
: Do we have to…? Do I really have to fight you, Loran?!
: Gainer... did you really change that much? If so, then yes, we have to fight!
: That's our line, Loran! We've come this far, and we can't turn back!

Oh hey dodged at 60% hit rate. Good job

Twice in a row at that!

And Garrod's ready to go down.

Annd luckily enough, Kira decides not to move.

Turn 4

The turn starts with Shinn hitting Jamil.

For Setsuko to blast.

: You've improved, Setsuko... you've grown leaps and bounds in a very short time!
: My awareness and my sorrow make me stronger... but I still don't want to fight you!
: If you don't have what it takes, leave! We'll fight for what we believe in, no matter who stands in our way!
: I feel the same! I can't retreat!
Wow. First off, that's the rarest voice clip for The Glory Star, first time I've seen it this playthrough, second I did not expect to blow up Roybea and Witz too.

: Psh, I can’t stand this…! Didn’t think you’d bend your backs to the powerful!
: You got me…! I won’t forget this!
: Chairman Durandal…what is he going to use this power for?!

And Emma gets her last Spirit Command, Rouse(50)

Since Tri-attacks pierce barriers, they're the way to go with Gainer. Otherwise that Photon Mat would be annoying.

: I know you, Gainer! You're just going with all this because everyone else is, right?
: I'm fighting because I think it's right! And after what you did on ZAFT's orders...
: Hey, we're fighting based on what we think as ZEUTH!
: That's even worse! You've gone cold to the weight of loss of life!
: !
: Shut up, Gainer! Like hell that'd ever happen!
"I have to fight them now that it's come down to this."
Sadly, Gravion's Tri just barely didn't have enough range and Mizuki's the one who knew Snipe.

: How could I let these mooks get the better of me?!
: Damn it! Don’t get all puffed up because ZAFT’s backing you up!

At least Boss learned a new Spirit Command from it.

* Daunt(30) - Decreases an enemy's Will by 10.

Well this is a handy Spirit Command. Being able to drop enemies Will not only reduces their damage, but also can shut down enemies with dangerous Will activated abilities like Overmen.

Oh yeah, and Fa finally got a new level of Newtype.

: Gainer Sanga. I mustn't underestimate him.
: Lt. Quattro said I'm—
: This'll be over before you use your Overskill. Please, no hard feelings.
: This is no time to get a swelled head! I can't let him beat me!

: How can you use your power so thoughtlessly?!

And so Garrod goes away.

: Don't think you're gonna have your way forever!

I send Amuro down to soften up Kira.

: (How... how can they come at us with such fervor?)
: (Do they have no doubts about what they've done?)

Using Bright to soften up Gain doesn't work well.

: Kappei... nothing personal, but you have to stop fighting or put up your dukes.
: I'll fight you guys if you keep doing those jobs for the money!
: Well, now that you've called our reasons into question, I have to shut you up!
And then it became pointless because a Valored TRI from Kappei wiped his entire squad out! Oops!

: Bested by the authorities’ hounds…This is…--!
: To think this rotten bunch would push me this far…!
: Argh…! We’re at a disadvantage in group battles?!

Ah well. As a nice bonus Kappei got the seventh level of Prevail.

Time to take out Kira now. Don't have enough firepower to take out any of the ships, Roger, or Marin.

: You're being selfish in the face of impending doom! I'll take you on!
: Come on if you want to pass! You'll have to go through me!

: I can’t be taken out here…I have to keep on fighting…!

: Damn it! I’m, at least, going to bring down the Freedom! Whatever it takes!
: What is this drive…?!
: If only…if only you weren’t there, Stella would…STELLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
: Urk…!

: Ah…!
"I'll take you down! Right here, right now!"
"Nothing's over yet... I can't—"

: !
: Kira!

: No... Kira...
: Heh... hahaha... ha ha ha... I did it... Stella... at last... hah hah hah...
: Ah...
: Archangel, full speed to where the Freedom was shot down! We have to rescue Kira!
: Roger!
: After them! And ready the Tannhäuser en route!
: Roger!

: The Minerva’s incoming!
: Shut the emergency bulkheads! Prepare to submerge!
: Target the Archangel! Start the Tannhäuser’s firing sequence!

: Did we get them?!
: I don’t know, but…
: Head’s up! We’ve troops approaching this area!

: Huh?! What is that enormous ship?!
: It looks like the Federal troops are chasing after it…!
: And that Chiram Device is Olson’s!
: Follow me, Kei. You need to get out of here.
: Can we trust him?
: It’s good. Olson was my best friend in our old world.
: What do we do, Jamil?!
: Our forces are very weakened. Staying here and fighting both ZAFT and the Federation would be the end for us.
: Understood. All units, retreat!
: Wait, hold on! What about the Archangel?!
: Our priority now is to get everyone still in one piece outta here!
: It may seem coldhearted but there’s no other option.

: Captain! The other ZEUTH’s pulling back!
: There’s no need to pursue them. Our priority was to bring down the Archangel.
: All units, we’ll intercept the Federation Army. Understood?
: Damn it! They all got away 'cause of that gigantic jet!
: That's all right, Kappei. You don't have to fight them.
: Banjou?! You're the one in that thing?
: So that's Banjou Haran, the Storm... the famous do-gooder...
: And that transforming Mobile Armor's with him?
: It's me, Kamille.
: Four... is that you, Four Murasame?
: That's right, Kamille. I've come to see you.
: She's... alive!
: That's great, Kamille!
: Four... it's really you...
: I'm so happy to see you again, Kamille.
: You'll have to save the celebrations, my friends. The enemy's upon us.
: You got it! And since you're in a fighter, you'll help us out, right?
: Of course.
: Let me introduce you to my personal machine, Daitarn 3!
: Daitarn 3 crushes the schemes of evil for this world and all who dwell in it!
: If you fear not the radiance of this sun, then come!

: Awesome! That's our sun man!
: Why'd he face away from us when he said that?
: Think of it as my declaration of war... against an enemy who isn't here.
: Are you prepared, warriors of ZEUTH?
: O-of course... we appreciate your assistance.
: He’s very up-front, huh…
:: Then come at me, New Earth Federation! Defeating you may not bring us any closer to the end, but it still won't end well for you!
:: I apologize for using you to interrupt the proceedings, but now we will fight!

: ...
: Shinn, are you okay?
: I'm fine. A little tired, but I can fight...
: I can fight... I can!
: Shinn...

So now we have a few weak reinforcements to deal with... and two new units!

Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3
Banjou Haran - Daitarn 3
Voiced by Hirotaka Suzuoki

* Prevail (Level 8) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.

Spirit Commands:
* Sense (20) - Casts both "Strike" and "Alert" on the caster.
* Snipe (20) - Increases the range of the caster's weapons by 2 for one turn. MAP attacks and weapons with 1 range are not effected.
* Spirit(35) - Increases the Will of all pilots in the caster's mech by 10
* Guard(30) - The caster takes 1/4 damage from all attacks for one turn.

Squad Leader Bonus
+10% Hit rate and Critical Rate

Banjou is amazing. He's a 2L sized Super Robot with an insanely good pilot. Not to mention Blocking with really good skill. He's going to be hard to kill, especially since he start with strong Prevail. Also, of note is that Banjou has one of the highest SP pools in the game. Only dedicated Support pilots have more then him. The Dai Tank and Dai Fighter forms are a bit situational, but the Dai Fighter does have a nice niche. It has the unique "Lifter" ability which will grant the other mechs in its squad the Flying movement type and give them an A rank in Air. Presumably because Daitarn 3 is so huge the other robots can ride on it. Overall Banjou is and always will be fantastic.

And then, of course, there's our other new unit.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Four Murasame - ORX-005 Gaplant
Voiced by Yukana Nogami(Japanese), Carol-Anne Day (English)

* Cyber-Newtype(Level 5) - Increases Hit and Evasion rates. The strength of the effect depends on the skill's level. Weapons that requre the "Newtype" skill to be used can also be used with this skill.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Support Defend (Level 2) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.

Spirit Commands
* Focus(15) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Alert (10) - The caster gains 100% evasion rate for the next attack that targets the caster.
* Attune(30) - Grants one Ally the effect of the "Strike" Spirit command.
* Cheer(40) - Grants one Ally Squad the effect of the "Gain" Spirit Command.

Squad Leader Bonus
+10% Evasion

Secret Found!

There have been a series of points the player could secretly aquire, by doing the following actions;

If, when Four is shot down on Stage 36, you have at least 5 points, then Four will join the team on Stage 38 in her Gaplant. If you have 28 or more Battle Masteries, then you only need 4 points to get her on stage 38. Of course, it should be obvious but Four and the Gaplant can only be gotten on Setsuko's Route, a Rand player wouldn't even see Four!

As for Four herself, she's excellent Squad Support. She has Attune and Cheer, both excellent support Spirits. Plus she's fairly survivable with her Cyber-Newtype skill, and the Gaplant itself is a good squadmate mech. It can fly and has a fairly strong Platoon Attack. Plus a Post-Move TRI like pretty much all good side mechs have.

So let's start taking these guys out.

Oh wow. Nearly oneshoted the guy.

And here Four goes up to finish him off, with the last video of this update; showing off the Gaplant's Beam Saber attack!
With that, on to the enemy phase.

And dodging an attack gave Amuro just enough EXP to level up and learn Valor(30).

Come player phase, Setsuko having her Will maxed out leads to hilarious things.

And Athrun doesn't get the kill. Darn it man. 30 more damage was all that was needed.

The King Beal runs out of energy faster then any battleship. I think I need to get E Save.

And it's gone.

Most of my units are far away from the action. Luckily those that are there are pumped up and ready to blow things up.

Oh yes, the Force Impulse received a new attack this stage. Excalibur gives the Force Impulse an attack to use against bosses. It's, amusingly enough, 100 attack stronger then the Sword Impulse's use of the sword. It's had it from the start but Shinn hasn't had an oppertunity to show it off until he stabbed Kira with it.

Four gets ready to shoot that Zamza-Zah.

Great job Four.

Your turn Banjou!


Then everything dies to counterkills.

: All enemy troops confirmed destroyed.
: Any signs of the Archangel or the other ZEUTH?
: No, nothing on either.
: …I see. Arthur, relay our report back to HQ.
: Roger.
: Duke Fleed…he’s gone…
: Hopefully they’ll pipe down after this...
: We can’t really go back to just being friends, can we…?
: That’s up to them…IF they change their ways.
: They didn’t seem to feel bad about anything, though…
: Does that mean they don’t have any will to make up for what they’ve done...?
: How…even after all they did…
: Of course they didn't feel that. They haven't done anything to be ashamed of.
: What? Are you on their side, now?
: I'm on the side of ZEUTH. Both this one and the other.
: What are you trying to say?
: I'll explain everything... about the true, horrible enemy, lurking in the darkness.
: A horrible enemy?
: What do you mean?

Location: North-Western North Ameria

After introductions, Talia asks Banjou what he's "after." Banjou says it's nothing that serious. "I just can't let evil stand."
Oh, like his buddy Sandman. Banjou says they have similar principles, though "I'm not as elegant as him."
All he wants to do is make everywhere he sees a nice place – considering he told Kappei that he travels all over the world, this is a bigger job than he makes it seem.
But somehow, the way he says it makes even a hardened old man like Gengoroh believe it, and Kappei is super psyched to see a bit of the Sun's radiance, of course.
But let's return to the matter of ZEUTH and the true enemy. Banjou has his personal butler Garrison set up a video feed to the monitor. While he does, Toshiya remembers Banjou has more help in the form of two beautiful women, also present.

Meanwhile, Kappei is catching up with Banjou's final assistant and self-styled "basically an apprentice," Toppo.
Toppo asks after Kozuki but, of course, Kappei has no news to give. Toppo's been all over with Banjou and hasn't found him either; on the plus side, it looks like the human bomb strikes have pretty much dried up, so Teral seems to have kept his promise.
It seems like there's a good chance Kappei's friends are okay, including his girlfriend! (Kappei never denies this.)

Right, so, Banjou's slide show is ready to go. What did he want to show us?

First of all, there's an image of Shinn's Impulse at Garnahan’s Lohengrin Gate.
There's an accompanying article about it - attacking residences of civilians associated with the base?!
Didn't Loran stop Shinn back there? Furthermore, didn't he only attack military facilities over there?

Banjou isn't done. He moves onto the next article. It's from the time Eiji ditched the group and the Gaizock attacked.
This time, the article accuses us of murdering the non-Terrestrials that happened to be living in the town.
The Gaizock were attacking that town! And kidnapping people, too! We were trying to save them!
But the article makes it look like the Gaizock were civilians and we were attacking them. Whatever all this is, it does not look like an innocent mistake.
Kouji and Maria suddenly remember what Duke said - that we have no mercy for aliens, that we fight out of hatred.
Was he thinking of this article?

Banjou has one more thing for us to look at: the Lodonia laboratory, now cast as a facility where ZAFT experiments on POWs.
And we're the ones who took those "POWs" to that "ZAFT lab" and fought to defend it.
Banjou reveals that all of this was put up on the U.N., where thousands, millions of people could have seen it. There's more of this too, with footage and everything. And if Duke saw this, so could all of the other ZEUTH.
Anyone would think we were the scum of the planet if they read this stuff.
And maybe they could have trusted us over a few of these articles, but they're all over the place and seemingly independent.

Löwen wonders if someone was actively seeding these. It'd have to be someone who was able to track us and follow our steps closely.
Setsuko is the first to realize that if they were led astray by forged articles, we could easily have been too.
Maybe they weren't acting like bandits and mercenaries. Maybe they weren't hired by the Federation. Banjou mentions that the Archangel isn't leading a Federation strike force either, by the way.
The entire world is a lie, and in our anger, we swallowed the whole thing, didn't we?

One thing still bothers Kamille, though. He searched the U.N. for ZEUTH. Why didn't he see the articles on us?
And if someone's trying to turn us on each other, isn't this a weirdly uncertain method? Waiting for us to scroll up the U.N....

Anyway, Banjou has Olson making the same speech to the other ZEUTH. So that should put that to rest.
But we did still have the battle, and now both ZEUTHs are licking their wounds. If someone has it out for us, they must still be laughing.
And by the way, whatever the Archangel's reasons, it at least still interfered in battles and prolonged wars. The other ZEUTH may be all right, but the Archangel remains on our radar.

But back to this shadowy puppet-master - Banjou doesn't know exactly who it is, but he's got a theory. Between the deployment and how well it worked with the coup, it's got to be coming from within the Federation.
Kamille suddenly has Scirocco on the brain. Something isn't right about that guy, and Loran agrees - he's been trying to kidnap Dianna. It's not good enough to run on yet, though, so our great enemy still remains an enigma.

Talia is about to report to Durandal, but Heizaemon stops her.
Bright agrees. Our enemy could be anywhere, so it's best to keep information as localized as possible.
Arthur starts accusing them of treachery against Plant, but Talia is convinced that at least it's better not to be enemies amongst ourselves.
And she does have the privilege of FAITH to fall back on in this instance. ZEUTH will pursue this dark force, not ZAFT.
Our first move is to reach out to the other ZEUTH; Gengoroh is putting together a scout team to follow them.
But the Federation is still on the hunt. We all have to be very careful.

: ...where's Athrun?
: He's in his quarters. He wanted to be left alone to think.
: He must still be in shock about the Freedom.
: ...
: I'm sorry! I... I didn't mean to...
: Don't look like that. Fa wasn't blaming you for anything.
: You did well, Shinn. I'm really impressed.
: But I... I fought the Freedom out of hate...
: Shinn...
: I kept thinking I was doing what you and Setsuko said...
: I'm not doing this for myself... I can't let the Freedom keep making things worse... I have to beat it...
: But I couldn't. I took him down with hatred, and...
: You're only human, not a machine. It's completely natural for you to feel.
: Yeah. I agree with Rey, Shinn.
: But...

: I think what you're feeling right now is what'll reach Stella.
: Stella...
: Yeah. She told me all about you.
: That there was someone kind out there who was protecting her.
: Thanks. I feel a little bit better now...
: Shinn...
: I'm going to rest a bit. I'm pretty beat after today...
: You'd better. It's going to be busy again tomorrow.
: Yeah... good night, everybody...

: ...
:'re still worried about him, huh?
: Yeah... well, I urged Shinn to fight the Freedom because I thought it would help him, but...
: But I think it just hurt him more.
: I don't think so. Today's victory will make Shinn stronger.
: Strong enough to fly higher than anyone else someday.
: Maybe. I could believe it, after what Shinn's done lately.
: ...his kindness will be his strength. Right, Kamille?
: Huh?
: You protected me. And I was freed from the Psyco because you called out to me.
: After the battle with the Chiram, Banjou saved me.
: He was there too?
: He's an odd one. He tended my wounds and then brought me here...
: And then I was so happy. When I knew I would see you again, I could hardly wait.
: For the first time, I looked to the future instead of the past...
: So I choose a future with you instead of what I've lost. Is that okay?
: Of course it is. The fact that you're alive, that you're here, makes me the happiest of all.
: ...
: Are you Kamille's girlfriend?
: Huh? We, we just go way back...
: You're Kamille's friend, then? Well, so am I.
: Wha?
: Can we be friends, too?
: Of course. You're important to Kamille.
: I'm Fa Yuiri. It's nice to meet you, Four.
: A pleasure, Fa.
: If you're a member of ZEUTH now, we've gotta get you acquainted with everyone.
: Okay. Thanks.
: (Stella... I think I've found what I'm looking for.)
: (Four, I'm so glad...)
: Being alive is a wonderful thing…
: Huh?
: She's making me begin to see that. No matter where we come from, it's being alive that counts.
: Rey...
: No, that was pointless. Forget it.
: (Pointless, indeed. I still have Shinn...)
: (Shinn will do it... he'll fight for Gil's future...)


Extra Battle Dialogue