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Part 161: Mission 39 (Rand) - Start It Up - Part 1

And we’re back, having since dropped some angsty dead weight and picking up another pair of cool shades! We’ll look at Olson’s new ride later but, right now, we’ve 11 slots to fill and Renton’s deploying as an event unit.

Aboard the Gekko, Renton doesn’t fully understand that Eureka being a Coralian bit - she seems to him to be an ordinary girl.
He’d briefly considered taking her and running away, just the two of them, from all the mess in the world and settling down quietly to live. He concluded however, that that would be a mistake.
Just then Marin and Tekkouki come in, with the demon marveling at how “human-like” Eureka looks. As Renton bristles at his insinuation, Marin begs him to watch his words and Tekkouki apologizes.

Regardless, Marin says he’s here to offer both kids a word of appreciation as, though it shames him to admit it, he was both amazed and curious once he heard of Eureka’s nature – idiocy, he thinks, considering the problems he faced for being different as well.
But not Renton: he was probably the only one who didn’t change his outlook of Eureka after the revelation and this lesson, taught anew, is something Marin treasures. Same goes for Tekkouki as the more he sees of humans' bonds, their strength, the more he marvels.
Renton isn’t sure how to respond to this and he’s interrupted as everyone walks in to, also, pat him on the back for helping them see the truth in this matter.

Apollo brings in Eureka’s kiddies as well but their concern is not that she’s a Coralian but that she might go elsewhere. She assures them that she’s not going anywhere, though, and she’ll stay with them and Renton forever.
They’re all very happy to hear that and witnessing their love for their “mother” seems to give Ryouma an epiphany. When Sirius asks, he says this whole thing might be the crux of Fudou’s previous question of “what exists in-between two clasped hands”.
Marin thinks and sees that the union of two hands symbolizes the encounter of two different things, so Fudou’s question pertains to what is born from such an encounter. Hmm…

That said, Sirius points that it doesn’t necessarily mean that every single encounter of different beings will end as Renton and Eureka did. Indeed, there’s the war with the aliens, the Hundred Demons, the Fallen Angels…even the Earth and Spacenoids.
Of course, Kei says the Coralians are still an unknown because we don’t really know much about their nature – for instance, is that cloud-thing an ally or friend of Eureka? Does it speak? Does it have a will and emotions like her?

We don’t know but watching those two kids together gives Ryouma hope, especially knowing that there are even demons with hearts of their own like Tekkouki and Gyuukenki. He’ll fight the Coralians if they show themselves to be hostile but he thinks there’s a chance things won’t turn out that way.
Hayato smirks that Ryouma’s become real gentle after his initial hardass attitude and he says his outlook changed after everything he’s seen while travelling the world with us.

Apollo agrees and says that, whatever the Coralians are, he’ll at least keep looking out for Renton and Eureka. Kei’s right there with him, unwilling to let anyone mess up the good thing those two have cooking right there.
“Anyone who messes with someone else’s love, deserves to be kicked to death by US…or whatever they say!” Rand quips with his Heat Smile. That’s certainly a way of supporting them that only we can do, Sirius laughs.

Regardless, when Benkei asks about our destination, Hayato says this Tresor Institute is, apparently, a multi-disciplinary facility where we’re taking the Nirvash to receive some modifications.
Michiru finds it odd as it didn’t seem like the robot needed any repairs but, from what Marin’s heard from Jobs, it’s because Renton and Eureka said the Nirvash itself WANTS to grow. Very odd for a machine but Rand says that he’s felt something a bit off with it ever since Renton’s return... almost like it’s alive or something?
Seems like Holland had decided to head to that lab right after hearing this story, so why did he hold off on doing so until now? From what Rand’s heard, he’s not on the best of terms with the head of the lab and Apollo sighs at how self-centered the guy is with everything.

Still, Sirius wonders if any lab on Earth would receive wanted men like us but Rand's sure that their engineers' curiosity will outweigh any reservations they might have – especially considering that it appears Nirvash was born there in the first place.
Marin lowers his voice and says that Jobs and Woz seem to have sent some of Nirvash's data ahead to the lab and that was enough to get the OK to visit.
Renton for one hopes Nirvash can grow up at the lab, so it and he can do that much better a job of protecting Eureka. As per his promise to Ray and Charles, he’ll be true to himself and see things through.
Eureka seems a bit worried but, this time, it’s Renton’s turn to ask her to trust him.

Elsewhere, the strangely young Ageha Squad members report to Dewey that the AFX and its payload of “Orange” have reached the specified altitude.
Dewey tells them that the plan hasn't changed and, when he asks, they report no significant distortions of the dimensional walls or any Coralian activity detected – of course, that’s all expected.
What they need is to produce enough damage to push the Coralians into action – do it again and again and they’ll be able to pinpoint the location of both their core and this world’s “boundary”.
Thus, they begin the countdown to drop the Orange: “Let the curtain rise on the battle to save this world...” Dewey smirks.


The citizens of some town have a ringing in their ears after a ray of light descended from the sky to the west. It's not another alien weapon, is it?
Strange "clouds" are appearing in the area…and are quickly followed by a huge mob of floating eyeballs and fish monsters who start blasting everything in sight.

Location: Southern South America – Tresor Institute

The first thing that happens after the ZEUTH reach the lab is that Holland and the chief scientist Morita get into a staring contest.
Hap says that Morita never liked Holland taking Eureka and Nirvash away from the lab - seems the facility had a lot invested in researching the world's first LFO and its Rider.
At length, Morita says that he's looked over the data from Holland's mechanics, but that's not why he's agreed to let Holland stop by: he's got other collaborators, sponsors really, who've told him about the Gekkostate's exploits, and asked him to take care of the outlaw crew.
Most of all, he did it because the Nirvash is the joint property of all mankind, not just Holland personally – thus, this institute will take any chances to reach out and study it.
Holland's not a fan of Morita’s research-centric rhetoric, but since their objectives happen to align, there's not much he can legitimately complain about for now.

Jamil intrudes, telling Morita that we also have our own reasons for coming here – specifically, concerning what Holland told us about this being a research institute for the study of Eureka and Coralians.
Morita seems slightly surprised at this but Holland said things have gotten past the point where he could keep it all limited to the Gekkostate. Furthermore, while this may be a bunch of vagrants and outlaws, he still vouches that we’re trustworthy in our own way.
Jiron and Rand don’t appreciate him insinuating that he’s an innocent bystander in this crew of “vagrants and outlaws” and Holland quickly blusters that they’ve all been like that since way before they even met.

Regardless, his attitude is ample proof to Morita of how at ease he is with us - he tells the team to carry Nirvash to the lab, after which he'll discuss the Coralian question. He asks after Nirvash's rider and Renton introduces himself, leaving the guy very surprised that he is, indeed, Axel’s grandson and Adroc’s son.
His engineer's blood is now boiling, and he makes an abrupt PA announcement that work is now to proceed around the clock.
Talho notes that Morita is as enthusiastic as ever and Mischa wonders if he was spurred on by Holland's own resolve in taking responsibility.

Talho will now need to accept Eureka just as Holland’s accepted Renton but she’s having trouble taking everything in: she didn’t want him to keep running away from the truth but that doesn’t mean she wanted him to take responsibility for anything, either… she just wanted Holland to stay as he was.
If she’s thought things this far, Mischa suggests there’s no need for her to keep dressing as she always has. Papty agrees, saying Talho, too, should be more honest with her own feelings.
She agrees with both women and, considering how dense Holland is, Talho thinks that it might just be time to rip that metaphorical band-aid off in one go.

Just then, Sonya runs over and says that the Feds have an important broadcast concerning what they say is a threat to all mankind… the broadcaster’s Dewey Novak, finally taking the spotlight in person.
Holland is not happy and asks Shaia to gather everyone to see whatever it is the guy’s going to say.
As they leave, Sonya turns her attention to Eureka and is glad to see that she’s doing well after all this time. She introduces herself to Renton as the head of R&D for the institute and Eureka adds that she was the one who first extracted her for the Scub Coral and brought her here.
She tells Eureka and Renton that they too should go listen to the broadcast, which might just pertain to them. Renton has a pretty good idea that it’ll have to do with the Coralians…


To all who are watching this transmission: my name is Colonel Dewey Novak, commander of the New Earth Federation Army’s Ageha Squadron.
I stand here before you, bearing a truth that MUST be revealed. The truth is not always pleasant - sometimes it is harsh, painful - but we must still face it. Because it IS the truth!
Citizens, behold!



This is a video from a few days ago, when an enemy of all of mankind razed an entire town to the ground. Look at it! This is our present, a calamity that is happening in our world right as we speak! But it did not begin today, no!
This world has long since been threatened by the unknown life forms called Coralians! And, yet, the Sage Council had concealed this fact! Why?!
Because it frightened them! Because they were powerless to stop it!
Do we have no choice before this menace but to wait for death to claim us…? The answer is no! Absolutely not!
I am NOT those foolish men of the Sage Council with their secrecy, festering in their powerlessness! I say the world will not end – absolutely not!
We’ll use fire against fire! If the enemy holds absolute power, we shall fight back in the same measure!
The war against the space colonists, the threat of external enemies, including the aliens…it is power that’ll put an end to it all! Humanity has no future without power – it is with power that we’ll carve our path towards it!
It is for that reason that the Federal army exists. The Ageha Squadron’s purpose is to be our final ray of hope – just the same for its beautiful goddess of war, Anemone!

: Hello!



...It was not I who hypothesized this state of affairs and created this group to combat the Coralians! Who was it...? The hero who saved the “Promised Land”, the world that is now part of this one – Adroc!
He foresaw the Coralians’ attack and bequeathed unto us his insight, the Ageha Project, to see us through it!



People of the world, these revelations are the truth. It is expected that many of you are confused after hearing this…however, know that the New Earth Federation swears to safeguard your future.
The Federal Army, cradle of Col. Novak and the Ageha Squadron, will eliminate all threats and build a lasting peace in our world! Mankind must now unite!
The New Earth Federation is the true leadership of this world and it shall guide humanity towards prosperity!

: ...

Our people are quite surprised with these revelations. So, those balloon-like things that attacked that town were also Coralians? Holland is pissed the hell off with Dewey’s act as, Hap remembers, even in their world, the Coralians’ very existence was highly classified.
Revealing it all in one fell swoop is yet another bid to gain influence over the increasingly credulous masses…even Roger has to admit that’s a pretty smart move. Stoner’s worried now as, if this turns into an information war, there’s no way their self-published ray=out magazine can compete with the Federation’s propaganda machinery.

This seems to mean that Stoner’s job is done as he joined the Gekkostate in a bid to help Holland’s goal of telling the truth to the people. Mel’s dejected but he tells her to keep her chin up as there are certainly some other hidden truths out there – he’s sure she understands that, given how she’s writing that notebook with all the new stuff she learns daily to eventually show her dad.
So, he’ll do the same and record the struggles of not just the Gekkostate but of ZEUTH as a whole. Holland says he can’t guarantee the guy’s safety but Stoner says that’s the way it goes for all of us.
He’ll decide for himself how he wants to life his life and Holland’s glad to hear that.

Either way, seems to Jamil that this broadcast will fully consolidate the people’s support of the Federation – understandable, Sara thinks, considering what they were shown – but Garrod still has a lot of questions about those Coralian monsters.
Tifa glares at him (!) and he quickly apologizes to Eureka, saying he misspoke.
Still, Eureka understands considering all the people who died because of the Coralian attack. She asks Renton what she should - or what she CAN – do now but doesn’t seem to have any answers.
Gainer’s on the same page as Garrod, still at a loss as to what the Coralians are: are she, that cloud-thing and the balloon creatures all the same thing?

Indeed, says a huge scientist man. Jiron asks who it is and when did he board the Gekko but the guy is more interested in how tasty Gonzy’s tea is.
Enil wonders who the “teddybear”-like man is but Jobs and Woz recognize him as Professor Greg Egan – the world’s top researcher on LFO Archetypes. And, by the by, his appearance has earned him the nickname of Dr. Bear.

Jobs says he’s given to fits of locking himself in his lab for days at a time but his publications are top class – to the point where Jobs has to admit that very few people can actually understand what his papers are about.
Pala, Sara and Gidget have a hard time believing they’re talking about this guy right here and Jobs is quickly annoyed at their “disrespect”. The fact that the cool-headed engineer got so incensed at this perceived insult, if anything, quickly gives Rand an idea of just how impressive this guy must be.

Either way, Greg was watching the transmission as well and is quite amazed that the Federation would forcibly awaken the Antibodies – and, yes, he means Antibodies like the medical term for a body's defense system.
Jamil asks that he tells us more about those things but he tells him to wait a second…while he turns to Mischa and tells his WIFE how happy he is to see her again! She sighs that he hasn’t changed at all and asks if he’s forgotten that they’re divorced.

Everyone’s a bit blown away by this and Mischa takes Kei’s surprise as a compliment. Greg notes that, while Mischa’s as pretty as ever, Eureka seems to have changed much since the last time he saw her.
Holland pokes the guy and asks him to please give us the rundown on those Antibodies but Greg wants us to give him a bit more time to finish his current research – he tells Morita that there seems to be some connection between the Scub Coral and this world’s dimensional walls.

Kei’s surprised and asks how there’s a connection between the stuff that comprised the surface of Holland’s old world and something like that. That’s exactly why Greg wants us to sit for a bit.
It won’t be long before his research is wrapped up and, in the meantime, they can go on ahead with Nirvash’s upgrade – he reckons he’ll be able to tells us some stuff by the time that’s done.
Holland resigns himself to waiting when Morita tells him to gather the ZEUTH leaders and come to his office. If Greg’s hypothesis is correct, the means the Feds used to awaken the Antibodies was… a space-time oscillation bomb!

Mission 39 - Start It Up

The Ageha are at it again, detecting no distortions in the dimensional walls - five minutes until the AFX begins its ascent with its Orange cargo.
Jürgens wants to know what the hell an "Orange" is, but Dominic tells him it's a military secret and not something he can discuss. Jürgens won’t simply take that answer: every time he's seen one of these things launched, Coralians haven't been far behind, and in their wake, tens of thousands of people have died.
Dominic reminds him that their orders are to guard the AFX and to investigate any Coralians that appear. Jürgens isn’t stupid and has already realized that the AFX and its cargo's sole purpose is to trigger the Coralians’ appearance but, again, Dominic says “classified”.

The Ageha kiddies notice Dominic’s angry tone and ask if he, too, has issues with the operation. Of course he does and asks if they actually think this is the right thing to do – do they mean to say that these sacrifices are unavoidable?
Indeed, they say this isn’t a decision Dewey took lightly but they’re confident that one or two cities are a small price to pay in order to safeguard our future. Dominic still isn’t happy but, when he can’t suggest another way of locating the Coralians’ core, is forced to stay mum.
Either way, the blonde kid takes the time to say that he needn’t worry as there aren’t any cities near this detonation site.

Anemone’s very irked at having to work with these annoying weirdos and wonders why Dewey felt the need to bring them over – especially when she’s always been so helpful.
No time for that, though, as the radar quickly pings ZEUTH coming over, having been sent after this group by Morita. Jamil quickly spots the UAV ahead and figures it’s carrying the oscillation bomb and, from what Morita’s told us, its purpose is simply to cause a small, localized dimensional quake.
Of course, we’ve no idea WHY they’d use such methods to spawn the Antibodies but Ryouma figures it might have something to do with the fact that the Kute Coralian was distorting the dimensional walls around it.
Rand says we can get those answers from Dr. Bear once he’s done his thing and Holland agrees – our priority here is to stop that bomber.

Blondie isn’t having it, and asks Dominic and his troops to keep our people busy until the operation begins. Neither he nor Jürgens are happy but orders are orders, so they deploy their units.
The kiddies pull back as the bomber quickly starts its ascent and there’s no way Talho can have the Gekko chase after it. Regardless, Jürgens gives the order to attack and Anemone’s sniffs that she’s dealing with this side of ZEUTH today. She asks Dominic if, this time, it’s OK for her to go all out and he allows it.
Anenome is disappointed that the “look-alike” isn’t here but she has a new technique with her The End that she’s very eager to show us.

Renton’s at the Gekko and immediately recognizes her but Garrod tells him to stay in there and just cheer us on – Jobs says that, while the Nirvash’s modifications are already done, they’ve yet to receive its new Lift Board.
The kid finds it odd that a place like Tresor couldn’t just make the thing in-house but it seems Morita decided to hand over that job to someone trustworthy. It shouldn’t be too long now, Woz thinks, so they just need to be patient.
“Wait just a bit more, Nirvash… You’ll be able to fly very soon…”, Eureka says.

Meanwhile, Olson checks out his Orguss II, and loves the hybrid of the Emaanian device and the old Broncos – it’s the perfect unit for him.
Kei’s already psyched to bust out some of their old tag-team tricks after all this time.
Holland gives everyone the order to attack, telling them to try and down these guys so we can try and get them to spill the beans on what Dewey’s after.

Destroy everything, don’t lose any ships. The Skill Point is hidden but, this time, there’s no hidden timer on it for us to contend with!
That said, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be smart about this – Anemone is your primary target and she’ll always prioritize the Gekko, so use it as bait to lure her in and take her out by turn 3.

FYI: Anemone’s The End has been upgraded. On top of bigger stats and a +200 attack boost to her previous moves, she now has a new attack called “Gagundora” (I don’t know either – it IS written ガグンドゥーラ) which is, like the Vascud Crisis, a pre-movement ALL attack. It’s stronger, has a 1-8 range and will stun your units if it hits, so make sure to use Sense, Alert or attack with Rand who’s immune.

Finally, the coup has given the Ageha some new toys in the form of these VC-10. A direct upgrade to the Mon-soono 20 in all categories, these are made of sturdier stuff but, overall, still aren’t anything worrisome.

After tagging Anemone’s range on the ground, we get to work. Sirius pops some damage on this closer Mon-soono batch and leaves it prepped for Gainer.

Two out of three, and Rand quickly moves in to dispatch the remaining one.

Moving northward, Kei slaps this group that made the poor choice of being in Center formation in his vicinity.

Time for Olson to grab his first kill.

The damage is much less than what we’re used to with Kei but he still gets the job done.

Also, here’s a closer look at his new toy:

Orguss II (Olson D. Verne)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Olson’s Squad Leader Bonus: Evasion rate +20%
Olson’s Voice Actor: Kenyuu Horiuchi (Originally Hirotaka Suzuouki but, with his passing, we now have Jamil voicing his twin brother)

Certainly not as broken as Kei, Olson is still competent enough to fall into that sub-leader group with Holland and Gain (natural support and cooperative attack, obviously, makes him a good supporter). Orguss II is essentially Orguss with a different head, meaning it’s a great mook hunter but, without Kei’s boosts, it’ll fall behind against bosses.
Accel and flight capabilities means it already has a place as a squaddie but, if you need more, know that Kei’s line about their teamwork wasn’t just a random quip – they can both bust out the Orguss Combination attack and it’s pretty damn good.

With that done, everyone else moves forward.

Enemy Phase!

Marin takes out Olson’s survivor and Kei, meanwhile, is attacked and leaves another batch of Mon-soonos ripe for reaping.

If it wasn’t clear by now, the Mon-soono 20s have all been buffed which means we can’t oneshot them even with a crit…
Gainer also gets jumped by one of the VC-10 groups and weakens the leader slightly.

The squaddies are still baseline Mon-soono 10s, though.

Which means Rand’s TRI is barely enough to wreck one of them.

Ah, now I showcase the VC-10’s attack.
Hmm, Armored Core does have these hover-pod legs but does it have guns like these? Been years since I played one…

Anemone’s already coming over.

Player Phase!

Oooh, nice.
Nearby, Jiron switches over and TRIs one of Gainer’s attackers – the leader gets downed.

Olson, meanwhile, will wrap up what Kei’s started while also giving us a show of his Full Volley attack.

Hilda also takes a level in Lift Technique from this.

Down south, Elchi’s just weakened them RV-10s a bit more. Hopefully, Duke can cover the rest.

Fine, fine.

Apollo and Roger both follow up on Jiron and Duke’s targets, killing the leaders.

Garrod needs a few kills for levels, so let’s feed him these.

Nice and easy.

Marin takes out the last of Jiron’s RV-10s while Gainer works on these fresh Mon-soonos.

Get to it, Ryouma.

There go all three.

Talho takes out that solo RV-10 and sets herself right outside of Anemone’s range. Knowing that the AI won’t resist that bait, Rand’s free to hop in the area and kill two more Mon-soonos.

Enemy Phase!

Garrod, Ryouma, Gainer and Duke all get jumped by healthy groups.

No kills but they weaken the leaders. Also, that was an 86% hit that Duke dodged.

And Anemone takes the bait, dealing not insignificant damage to a defending Gekko (which’ll be healed by the Freeden real soon).

Player Phase!

Let’s focus on Anemone as she’s the much bigger threat and is standing right in our face (her position also really helps Olson support).

: It’s that stifling guy! You’re super gross!
: Still don’t get the charm of a grown man, eh?! This girl needs a spanking!
: That’s sexual harassment, Darling!
Here’s her new attack, too, which I’ll refer to Bahaluc Swell from now on because that’s a much simpler name.

: Outta my way! Else I’m gonna pluck those dreads right off!
: I'm outmatched in maneuverability, so I’ll take her on with flexibility! I’ve got to pull this off for my bro!

: Renton and Eureka ain’t here, so I’ll deal with you in their place!
: Well, aren’t we gutsy? Playing with me is gonna leave you in itty-bitty pieces, though!

: You’re Dewey’s little trump card, eh? Then, I’ll end you as my declaration of war to him!
: This moron actually thinks he has a chance against me…?!
: Sorry, girlie. But, when the chips are down, I don’t hold back even against women and kids!

How about we end this by showcasing our newest weapon?

: Urgh! You jerks! How dare you!
: That’s enough, Anemone! Retreat!
: No way! Do you know how much sass I'll get from those guys if I go back like this?!

: Anemone!
: Talho! That Black KLF’s coming for us!
: Hrm…!
: Talho!

*The Gekko tries escaping but Anemone runs them down.*

: The Gekko Go--!
: Ha! Not good enough!
: What’s going on, Talho?! Your reaction-time’s sluggish!
: ...!
: Help her, Garrod!
: I can’t even keep up with that Nirvash-like bot! Damn it!

*Beep, beep.*

: Huh…?!
: What is it, Gidget?!
: It’s a transmission telling us to launch the Nirvash!
: Now?!
: The transmission was sent from a carrier and it’s headed this way!

: Renton Thurston! I’ve got a delivery from Axel with me! Come get it!!
: That carrier…it’s launching a Lift Board?!
: Here we go, Eureka!
: Right!
: Another pest?!
: Die, all of you! Die! DIIIEEE!!

Gotta love FLOW.

: Whoa! This is the Spec 2? It’s awesome!
: What the hell is that?!
: The new Nirvash equipped that board?!
: Get to it, Renton! Show us the embodiment of your love!
: Say what, Darling?!
: Let’s go, Renton!
: Yeah, together!

: A Seven Swell?!
: No, this light ain’t that! It’s--!
: What’s going on?! There’s no way something like that’s taking us down!!


: All units, retreat! The Izumo’ll recover The End!

: Haa…haa…
: Renton…
: We flew, Eureka…you, me and Nirvash flew together…!
: The Nirvash transformed…
: Like Doc Bear said, looks like that’s the result of Renton, Eureka and the Nirvash’s wishes.
: And they all wanted to fly together.
: Their feelings have taken shape.
: I’m so happy for you, Eureka…
: Ah!
: What is it, Jabby?!
: Space-time is…trembling!

: I’m picking it up with Baldios’ sensors, too!
: A tiny dimensional quake and one of those cloud Coralians have materialized about 20 kilometers north of here!
: The quake started after something was dropped into that area!
: It’s called an Orange or something! That’s what shook the dimensional walls!
: Aah…aaah…
: Eureka…? Hang in there, Eureka!
: They’re coming…!

: It’s those Antibody Coralians!
: So they really did pop out after one of those Oranges got dropped!
: Heads up, people! Looks like they’re coming for us!
: What do we do, Eureka…?!
: …
: If these are “antibodies” like Dr. Bear said…it might be best to say that their aggressiveness is more like an “instinct” than actual intent.
: Yes…
: Which means these things are gonna attack whatever’s close?!
: ZEUTH, please respond! This is Hayato Kobayashi of Karaba.
: The AEUG’s Earth-based supporters?!
: That’s right. By General Blex’s instructions, we operate on a separate chain of command from the Argama.
: I see! So you and your group are the collaborators Morita told us about.
: I’ll leave the situation here in your hands, while I head back to Tresor to inform them of what’s going on.
: Understood. Be safe.

: Let’s do this, guys! There’s no other way!
: Who knows how much damage this swarm’ll cause to the nearby areas if we let them leave…! We need to hold them here, no matter what!
: Talk’s cheap, man! Fighting this many enemies at once isn’t your everyday job!
: Then we just keep going until we can’t fight anymore! Time to give them a show of our guts!
: You sure about this, Eureka?
: Yes…

Mission Objective: Shoot down all enemies.
Mission Failure: Any allied ship shot down.
Skill Point: Shoot down all Coralians within three turns of their appearance.
Not difficult, especially considering most of your troops should be relatively close to the NW side of the map if you’ve allowed Anemone to get close as I suggested.
The Coralians are also on the NE side but, well…

Nirvash Spec 2 (Renton Thurston, Eureka)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Renton’s Squad Leader Bonus: Entire squad gains the effect of Morale+ (Dodge)
Renton’s Voice Actress: Yuko Sanpei (other known works: Afuro in Inazuma Eleven, Nozomi in Precure All Stars and several others).

Is it OK if Renton becomes death, the destroyer of worlds? The Spec 2 takes an pretty good machine and makes it broken, providing a boost to pretty much all stats as well as an increase to every single attack (+200 to the Boomerang Knife and TRI, +300 to the Cut-Back Drop Turn and +400 to the Assault – this is HUGE).
But, of course, this is not what’d make it worthy of being called “broken” – that is due to the fact that it can now trigger a Seven Swell MAP with a 1-6 range, enormous accuracy and high attack power (bolstered by a natural S rating in air)!

Of course, offsetting all that means giving it an enormous cost: it has friendly fire, takes 120 EN, has only one ammo and requires 150 morale to use. Hiver never had to deal with stuff like this!
Mind, Renton’s leader bonus allows him to pick a second morale+ skill on that free slot, so he’ll naturally gain morale faster and there are plenty of ways to recharge the Nirvash’s EN and ammo, so it’s up to you to curb yourself if you don’t want Renton to cut a bloody swathe across the remaining missions (I tried my best to do so on my first playthrough and he still ended up as my top ace, followed by Kei)!

We’ll handle the rest of the mission come next Thursday, where I’ll start forcing the International Court of Justice to create a new Nirvash file.

See you all then!