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Part 164: Mission 40 (Rand) - Prelude to the Collapse - Part 1

No event units today and still 11 slots available. Made a few changes to our squads to adapt to Renton’s new OVERWHELMING POWER:

Specifically, added Bello to Renton’s squad to give him access to Rouse in case I need to bust out an emergency MAPW tactical nuke. Olson’s now in Gainer’s squad and Hilda’s over at Apollo’s.

Location: Pacific Ocean

Kira(Uuuurrrgh!) is recuperating aboard the Archangel after the debacle with Shinn.
Cagalli is glad the crew found him when they did or even he might have been in danger of his life. Kira, however, is more concerned with leaving the Freedom’s wreck behind.
Cagalli’s in the midst of saying that he doesn’t need to worry about stuff like that right now when Neo enters the room, his memories yet to return as he protests Kira calling him Muu.
Neo’s heard of Kira’s defeat but isn’t really surprised: the Impulse’s pilot has an iron will to prevail and is growing stronger and stronger.

When Kira asks, he says he’s met Shinn once, though he doubts things will be so pleasant the next time they meet thanks to Neo’s dishonesty.
Regardless, what Neo wants to know is what this ship’s game is, as they find themselves fighting against the Federation one day, and then against Zaft on the next – to top it off, their allies of ZEUTH are quarreling among themselves. What kind of nonsense is this?
Kira admits that he’s not quite sure of what’s going on, either.

Regardless, Neo asks what the Archangel will do next and the ship’s headed back to Orb to get some repairs done. an odd move to Neo, considering the circumstances under which Cagalli left.
She tells Neo that Orb is in an uproar after the Seiran family's collaboration with the Sages, and that she's got a job to do there - not that she's going to say what that job is to a man who insists he's a Federation soldier.
Looks like she saw through his ruse but Neo’s a bit impressed with her smarts, having taken her for just some puppet representative. Either way, she tells him to get lost as Kira’s still recovering and, having incurred the princess’ wrath, Neo agrees to leave them be.
As Cagalli grumbles that that smart-ass attitude is just like Muu’s, Kira’s still thinking about Shinn and how he apparently knew the pilot of that black Gundam in Chiram. She doesn’t want him thinking about it as the Destroy HAD to be stopped but, regardless, Shinn never forgave him for it and that rage gives him strength.

Kira knows that hatred begets more hatred and thought that he had to fight in a way that avoided that. In truth, though, he might’ve just been afraid of getting himself tangled up in that chain of hatred again, just as he and Athrun, killing their respective friends, once did in the previous war.
Kira thought he'd be able to fight without taking another life but that obviously didn’t work – even when he didn’t kill directly, there were plenty of people who’ve lost their lives because of his actions.
He’s certain such things will happen again and wonders what he should do…

Neo runs into Murrue in the hallway, having somewhat failed in his attempts at a serious visit to Kira: somehow, just the sight of the kid makes Neo want to tease him. Murrue quickly figures that this annoyed Cagalli and she kicked him out.
He then asks Murrue what this Muu La Flaga was to her, and after a long pause, she says that he was an irreplaceable comrade-in-arms of hers, who's now gone. Neo apologizes for asking, turning the name over in his mind...

Location: South Ameria – Chiram Capital

Bloodman has phoned up the Chiram president to repeat the formal apology from the UN broadcast, wanting them to get back on friendly terms now that the Federation has been reorganized.
The president figures Bloodman wants access to their dimensional tech in return but, no, Bloodman says that demand was made at the Sage’s own discretion.
In fact, the Federation is pursuing their OWN counter-measure for the collapse: in order to stabilize the dimensional walls, they’ve developed a prototype device capable of unleashing a controlled dimensional quake.

THAT gets the president’s attention and Bloodman extends an invitation for the Chiram to observe the device’s test in a bid to interest them in an exchange of knowledge that, he hopes, will lead to a perfected device.
The Chiram president is surprised that Bloodman’s offering to give them access to the Federation’s own dimensional tech but, on top of the debt the Feds owe to them, Bloodman says this isn’t the time to fuss over politics – not if they’re going to save the world from collapse.
After pausing to think, the Chiram agrees to his proposal, with date and time of the test to be informed later.
Bloodman hangs up, with the Chiram president wishing prosperity to both their nations.

Wesley is now in a panic, saying that there isn't a moment to lose now that the Feds have a way of controlling space-time: Olson and Kei must be captured, brainwashed, and used to repair the dimensions ASAP.
He says, with the end of their Project D, this is the only way for them to save Chiram and begs the president give the command.
The president isn’t quite as certain, though, saying that joining with the Federation could also be a solution. He knows they want to bolster their firepower for the war against the Plants and, as a matter of fact, believes this show of their own Dimensional Manipulator and strength could be to prod the Chiram into a bloodless union with them.

Hell, the guy who destroyed their device might’ve even been a federal agent trying to push them towards that.
Either way, it’s in no one’s interest to maintain a hostile stance to the Federation as, above all, humanity’s infighting is the surest way to bring about the world’s destruction. The president hasn’t decided to ally with the Federation yet but if he doesn't find another method to save the world, surrendering to the Federation will be the only option.

For starters, they should see what the Feds have tech-wise. The president has Wesley organize a detachment, thinking that he might’ve been wrong to place his trust in Olson.
It's his responsibility alone to do what's best for the Chiram people...

Location: Southern South Ameria – Tresor Institute

Aboard the Gekko, the Karaba’s Hayato tells Renton of his meeting with his grandfather. Morita has a great deal of respect for the old man’s craft so he wanted him to build a new Lift Board for the Nirvash and Hayato was in charge of transporting it.
Mind, he also brought a letter from Axel to Renton, in which he says Hayato told him of everything the kid and his friends have been doing. He knows a lot has happened but reckons Renton still has much to do, so he wants the kid to hang in there.

“I’ll be waiting in Bellforest... For you, and that young lady, to come back,” he finishes and Renton promises to do his best with this new board Axel made for him.
Hayato remarks that family is a wonderful thing, telling Renton that his son is among the other side of ZEUTH - adopted son, that is, named Katz. In the eventuality that we meet them again, Hayato would like Renton to tell the kid that he’s doing fine
Meanwhile, the Karaba will also be searching for the missing Norb and Hayato wishes us good luck in our battles

Just then, a certain shadowy figure walks up and tells Renton to gather everyone aboard the Gekko - she's got something to tell them.
Renton is shocked and scrambles to comply.

Everyone's abuzz over what the reason behind Talho’s new appearance could be – speculation will only get us so far but Enil thinks it must be something pretty big. Eureka marvels at how much Talho changed but she tells Eureka it's not so much a change as a "return" to her former self.
She’d thought about throwing everything away what with all the difficult things that happened but, eventually, she started to think – after all this time, she hadn’t changed at all. She still has the same mind and emotions as before.
Eureka doesn’t see it that way, though, and says that Talho IS different – in the same way Eureka herself had, without realizing that she had changed. Still, as Rena and Tifa said, this isn’t anything to be scared of.
Talho sighs and says she’s a bit jealous of how she’s just no match for the girl.

Either way, Holland asks why is it that she asked everyone to gather here and Gauli points out that, in Yapan, someone who’s retiring will gather important people and have them cut the person’s hair.
Benkei quickly corrects him that that’s only for sumo wrestlers who get their top-knot cut on retirement. Adette laughs that he was way off-target but Talho disagrees.
No, she’s not quitting the Gekkostate but she’s decided to step down as the Gekko’s main pilot.

: Outta the blue like that? Why?!
: To take care of the future you gave me. This little life right here, see…
: A life in your--…you…that’s…
: It’s your child.

: …You’re serious…?
: Yes… there’s a child growing in her womb. That’s why we said she needed a change of clothes.
: I see. So you didn’t change your appearance for the hell of it.
: What do they mean, Mome?
: I’m a robot so I don’t know much of that but Holland’s going to be a daddy soon.
: But if Mama’s our mama, Holland’s going to be the papa?!
: No, no. Holland’s the papa and Talho’s the mama.
: O-oi, hold on! Ya can’t just go calling me… a “Papa” just like that…
: If “papa” doesn’t work, then what should you kid call you? Hmm?
: I- I haven’t… thought about stuff like that…
: “Father”,”Daddy”,”Paw”,”Pop”…
: “Daaad”…
: Don’t talk like that!
: Apologies, sir. Dorothy merely wanted to showcase a word she knew.

(This is a VA joke from “Crayon Shin-Chan”: Dorothy’s VA, Akiko Yajima, voiced the titular character while Holland’s Keiji Fujiwara voiced the kid’s dad.)

: Either way…
: Yow… I dunno what to say…
: Hey! What’s with those faces…?!
: Ah, well…we had a good thing going. Thanks for everything, Holland.
: You take care, wherever you go. I ain't gonna forget you.
: What? Go where??
: But, in any case, congrats! Now let’s grab those drinks you promised us and have a send-off!
: “Supermodel pregnant by charismatic border, Mr. H”… Makes for exciting news, eh?
: What’s with them… is that how they wish him well?
: They’ve several conflicting feelings about this.
: Still immature…
: (But… Gain’s already a father, isn’t he?)
: Congratulations, Holland. I wish you all the best.

: At least you’re around to congratulate me like a normal person, Jamil…
: You two’ve left your past behind and now you’re creating a new future. That gives everyone here hope.
: Heh… enough with the kudos, man. You oughta pay attention to what’s around, too.
: Don’t tell me you didn’t notice how that girl feels about you.
: …

Hilda’s the first to congratulate Talho, though she wishes she’d told them sooner. Talho says she was a bit too embarrassed before. Regardless, Shaia figures this new look suits her great.
Talho also takes the time to thank Papty for her previous advice and, whatever Talho needs, she and everyone else are here to help. Holland appreciates it but tells it won’t be necessary as he’d like Talho to get off the Gekko and stay somewhere where she won’t be in the crossfire of our battles.
He couldn’t take it if something happened to her but Talho asks WHERE, exactly, is perfectly safe in this chaotic world? There isn’t, so she’d rather stay here and help create a better world for theirs and all the other children in their ship.
They’ve got a huge family already and that’s why Talho says Holland can’t just go dying on them. He promises he won’t and will keep safe this world where they can practice their beloved Lifting from anyone who’d try to destroy it.
But, above all, he’ll protect her, who’s chosen to love someone as useless as him.

The only question now is who will pilot the ship, which flies by Trapar just like the Lift boards – you can’t just pick someone at random to take the helm.
Thankfully, Moondoggie steps up to the plate saying he's got a license and eager to finally do something during the battles besides cower in his bunk. Hap knows the guy's a gifted Lifter, and has Gidget's full support, too.
The crew will give him a shot, with Talho telling him to be prepared for plenty of serious on-the-job training.
All this talk of children has Kei thinking about Atena and Mimsy sees it right in his face: he too is a father, though it doesn't feel like it. Olson comes in right then, having just received some transmission.
As luck would have it, it was some info from Atena: the Feds are planning to test a dimensional manipulator of their own over in North Ameria!

Mission 40 - Prelude to the Collapse

All is in readiness to test the dimensional manipulator, with three divisions on patrol in the nearby areas just in case. Bloodman assumes direct control of the test, determined not to play second fiddle to those high-and-mighty bastards, Dewey and Scirocco.
Robert's on hand as part of the Chiram detachment, fuming over how the Feds burned down his country and are now acting all friendly. He wonders what they’re up to, inviting them for this.
Henry asks if they should just blow their device away, and as much as Robert wants to himself, he knows that’d be real bad.

Regardless, with both Project D and the Singularities lost, Henry wonders what’ll happen to Chiram’s future. Robert doesn’t know but, inwardly, thinks he’ll survive and make it to the top even if Chiram falls.
As the president expected, Bloodman’s game here is to give the Chiram a show of the Federation’s might and technological prowess in order to make them submit. He’s interrupted as their troops detect approaching ships but it isn’t more Chiram.

It’s ZEUTH and Bloodman is dumbstruck that we knew of this test. He quickly wonders if someone from the Chiram spilled the beans.
Maai hears the guy yelling over the comm and is surprised that the Federation’s president really is here in person – enough proof to Kei that Atena’s intel was legit, meaning those Chiram are probably here as observers.
Olson’s already spotted the dimensional manipulator over at the carrier ahead and Elchi knows nothing good’ll come out of letting the Feds have something like that. Especially considering how they’re using their dimensional tech to awaken the Coralians, says Holland.
Jamil figures the Feds know of the failure of the Chiram Project D, and reckons that they're trying to conquer the world under their own device. Time to destroy it, then!

Gainer asks if we should as, if that thing’s gone, how will we stop the collapse? Gain would rather put his faith in Doctor Bear's research and Rand points out that, worse comes to worse, ZEUTH always has the two Singularities
Our main target’s the carrier with the thing and Olson says we need to bring it down quickly as its very likely the Feds have called for backup. Moondoggie’s already at the Gekko’s pilot seat and Talho’s eager to see what he’s got.
Bloodman gives the troops the order to attack and Robert’s very happy to see the Singularity fall in his lap – no need to put up with those smug Feds if they can capture Kei here!

Main objective is to bring down the Garuda while protecting our ships. Skill Point is hidden, though, so keep an eye out.

Talho’s still the leader of the Gekko but her new appearance changed her last two spirit commands – she now knows Trust.
Moondoggie’s a new sub pilot and adds Guts, Gain and Spirit to the pile. Do take note that Spirit costs 10(!) SP which is absurd! Talho can pretty much get her MAPW running at will now.

Everyone starts moving ahead but only a handful of people are in range to attack anything.

Chiram leaders have all switched to Ishkick Commanders now but Kei’s group easily finishes them off in a follow-up attack.

Speaking of, Robert has a new Ishkick Commander II which is pretty much a direct upgrade in everything his old one had. Treat him as you did before.

Enemy Phase!

Henry’s the only enemy who gets off his ass to attack and he’s still useless.

Player Phase!

Fudou says “They’re coming” and, right away, the hypnosound starts playing with its traditional awful timing – of note, however, is that Jun’s detecting a special pattern in their approach. Indeed, we’ve an actual Fallen Angel incoming and not just their puppets: Touma.
Apollo quickly recognizes his smell from the Break and Touma sees that Apollo the Wings of the Sun also stands against the power the Federation’s wielding – the same hateful, forbidden power that confined the Angels to their everlasting prison and, now, Touma will lay upon them suitable punishment for daring to grasp at a fragment of it.
Same goes for these Demons who pursue him and his kind! On cue, Michiru pings a batch of Hundred Demon troops approaching…

Gura is quite curious at this device which uses a bit of dimensional power to cause localized dimensional quakes. He certainly didn’t expect the humans to be able to create something like that.
Hidler asks if the intel they received on this is trustworthy. Indeed, Gura agrees that they should exercise caution since the info came from an unknown source BUT with both ZEUTH and the Fallen Angels present here, it seems to be legitimate.
Regardless, Hidler’s rather worried with whoever their informant is because the person tapped directly into the Science Fortress Island’s comm network to get in touch.

Said informant is the Black Charisma, who’s silently welcoming the demons. There’s also the Angels, too, and this certainly wouldn’t be as enjoyable without them.
Touma can sense the Black Charisma’s gaze on himself but his attention shifts to Apollo, who’s glad that he’s here as it gives him a chance to kick his ass and get Baron back. Touma is dubious, considering the Wings’ strength is far less than what he once had.
Apollo isn’t about to take his sass sitting down but Silvia tells him to calm down – he won’t win this relying solely on his instinct.
Shaia wonders what we should do about these new arrivals and Ryouma figures the demons will be gunning for us and the Fallen Angels – meanwhile, Sirius says, the Angels will attack everyone.
We’ll just have to deal with whatever gets close but our objective remains the carrier with the dimensional manipulator.
“Good luck, ZEUTH... You’ll need it, as these aren’t the only guests I’ve invited,” the Black Charisma thinks.

Mission Objective: Shoot down the Garuda OR Shoot down the Cherubim Sur Le Kubera.
Mission Failure: Any allied ship shot down.
Skill Point: Shoot down Touma by the end of turn 6.
A rather interesting stage, this. You’re surrounded from all sides but you can still go wrap things up easily enough by just going after Touma (who can be easily baited with Apollo).
If you want to get all the goodies available from the bosses, though, you’ll need to work for it. The map’s big and you’ll need to spread out a bit to deal with everything (we’ve demons to the N, Angel to the E and Feds up NE).
Touma has a good bunch of HP but, since Apollo knows Valor, you can take care of him quickly enough; so, don’t let yourself get surrounded, destroy what you can and take him out when it’s time. Liberal usage of MAPWs is recommended.
Don’t use Hap’s sole Confuse cast just yet, though – you’ll know when the time is right!

Cherubim Sur Le Kubera (Touma)
Pilot Skills:
Touma’s Squad Leader Bonus: +20% Accuracy Rate
Touma’s Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Well…crap. This guy ain’t playing around, that’s for goddamn sure! All those stacks skills means that anyone that isn’t packing Alert will have a sky-high chance of getting hit and Attack Again certainly can catch one of your more brutish guys by surprise – get the Element System running ASAP because Apollo is unlikely to survive 4 hits.
Thankfully, like Moroha, he doesn’t have Prevail which means you can take him down quickly with your heavier hitters…that is, if you’re not going after the other bosses like I am! In this case, you’ll need Apollo to keep him busy throughout the stage, so keep the Glomar and/or Freeden nearby to top him off.
Finally, Touma’s “Sword” attack has a new debuff: it’ll halve ALL of the target’s stats, essentially neutralizing whatever it hits. His one-two punch is reducing your stats and then following it up with a double attack on his second move, so there’s another reason why you only want Apollo or, at most, Rand being hit before you run in for the kill as they won’t be affected by that.

Let’s get to work, then. Elchi weakens a batch of demons and Marin moves right in.

Riea and Marin don’t pull it off but Enil was able to down a Fighter. Garrod moves up and takes the survivors out.

Pala earns Prevail L6 as a prize, too.

I’m moving Renton up NE for…reasons. Along the way, he makes short work of Henry.

“Grr, they got me! Ejecting!”
Even the Siberian stooges have more personality and plot significance than this guy.

Bello learns Faith for his last command.

Rand weakens a nearby Cherubim and Apollo moves to finish it off, setting himself just inside of Touma’s range to prevent him attacking the wrong person.

Frig…288 HP short.

Elsewhere, Hayato gets working on a fresh Horned Demon and Tekkouki manages to oneshot a Fighter. Gainer takes the remaining two.

Let’s get to work on Robert to get him off our hair.

: There you are, Singularity! I need only bring you in right now and I’ll be hailed as the hero who saved Chiram!
: This REALLY isn’t the time or place for that, man!
: Instead of daydreaming, why don’t you take a quick look at what’s going on with the world?!

You little…that was a 17% hit!

I’d rather not take my chances with that Center Formation, so Duke moves next to Kei and takes out Robert’s squaddies. Sara learn Oversense L4.

Back at the angels, the Freeden and Gain weaken a Xibalba, leaving it prepped for Roger.


Enemy Phase!

Duke gets harassed by an Ishkick and Xibalba pair, limiting to some smaller damage to save EN.
A nearby Asshimar and Cherubim try to wreck Kei and both get slapped away.

And here comes Touma. I had Silvia cast Iron Wall just in case.

: On that day, 12000 years ago…
: High atop clouds that reached the stratosphere, we watched the dusk fall and the prominence arching over the solar spots…
: Th-the hell are you going on about?!
: On the morning, we basked in the love of the land and listened quietly for memories of the ocean’s depths that lay in each raindrop that fell from the heavens.
: Under the Tree of Life, echoes of the world’s genesis reverberated through our bodies—
: Aaargh, shut UP! Enough of your bull!
: …Indeed, your eyes do not reflect me…
I dunno what to say about that convo. Touma, of course has a handful of special lines – here are two Vs. Aquarion ones, since they’re kinda meant to be seen together:

The plot kicks in when someone fights Touma.

Gidget detects EVEN MORE troops incoming and, this time, it’s an Aldebaron, Gaizock and Eldar force - Butcher is positively giddy at the huge party going on over here.
Teral finds it very odd to find both half of ZEUTH, their main obstacle, and the Federation’s president in the same place but Aphrodia takes it to mean that whoever it was that got in touch with the Skull Moon base wanted them attacked.
Butcher doesn’t really care, though, eager to enjoy this as much as possible - he gives the order to attack everything.

Bloodman asks what the hell is up with enemies showing up one after the other. Where are the reinforcements they called?!
Busy, unfortunately, as they were caught in a battle with nearby demon and alien troops, so they won’t be coming. The Black Charisma, though, realizes that this might actually put the dimensional manipulator in danger, so it’s time to call in some help.

More troops and it’s Ziene with a posse of Cornicus. She greets THE HEAT but says she’s got no time to play with him and his “wife” today.
Mel asks what she means by that but Rand’s more focused on protesting that he and Mel are not a couple! Regardless, Löwen asks what she’s here for and all she’ll say is that everything a woman wants is to fight for the sake of the one she loves.
Rand figures Asakim must be watching this close by and Ziene smirks, asking if he’s that miffed that he was made to scream as he did.
No, Rand says you stop getting hung up on stuff like that once you get to his age. Gainer asks Gain if that’s true but he says he’s nowhere as old as Rand!

Regardless, Rand has business with the guy and wants her to tell Asakim to come face him man-to-man - no tricks. Ziene says he’ll get his wish soon enough but, right now, her mission is to keep the aliens and Fallen Angels busy.
We don’t really know what her game is but Löwen figures she’s trying to protect the Feds’ device. Garrod and the others haven’t forgotten what she’s done to us before, though, which means we’ll just have to crush her en route to the carrier.

: ZEUTH, aliens, demons, Fallen Angels and now these unknown troops?!
: This was supposed to be top secret! Why are there so many enemies here?!
: (Don’t lose your head, Bloodman. You’re the star of today’s festivities, you know.)
: (Go on… Set loose your fireworks for this world...)
: Uurgh…! You’ll all get what’s coming to you!

Craaaaap… that’s over 100 enemies on the map right now and killing all bosses while getting the Skill Point is rather annoying considering how spread out they are.

Anyone feel like speaking against MAPWs now?!

We’ll wrap this up come next Wednesday. See you all then!