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Part 166: Mission 40 (Setsuko) - Impact Again - Part 1

Setsuko Route Chapter 40 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: The Coralians attacked! We had to fight them off for a bit, and there's some crazy complex manuvering going on behind the scenes.

Current Top Aces

1. Setsuko - 139 Kills
2. Amuro - 110 Kills
3. Shinn - 99 Kills
4. Talia - 99 Kills
5. Quattro - 89 Kills

Talia jumped up the ranks thanks to MAP spam. Most of my kills last stage weren't given to my top aces, interestingly enough.

So first off, Loran gets E Save.

Sayaka and Emma get another point of SP-Up.

Toga hits Level 5 in Prevail! Maria gets more SP as well.

Luna gets Ignore Size Penalty. She is now the ultimate Support Attacker.

One last minor round of upgrading.

From the Bazzar I pick up an Intertial Control System.

The ∀ gets it, because I really want Loran to dodge more, he's just barely at the point where Evasion decay can really screw him over.

So here's the squad's this mission!

Poor Quattro, there's just not enough room so he gets set in the back with Amuro this round.

Location: Pacific Ocean

Oh, looks like Kira's okay. (Cagalli quips that if he'd been in the water a bit longer, "even you'd be in trouble.")
He's more worried about the Freedom, of all things. Cagalli's about to get mad at him...

when Neo walks in, and even Kira's calling him Muu now. Come on, you guys!
But you know, he's got to say he's not surprised Kira got wrecked by the Impulse.
"Its pilot is a kid with a fire inside him, and he's getting better by the minute."
He reveals he's met the boy, and that brings us to: what the hell is the Archangel doing? Neo can't figure out who they're with or what's going on with ZEUTH, and Kira has to agree.

Good thing for us, he then asks where the Archangel's headed. Cagalli says they're going to dock for repairs in Orb. You know, the country they ran away from?
She's got another reason to pick Orb for harbor, though. With the Seirans revealed as conspirators and out of power, it's a mess.
"There's something I have to do there," she finishes.
Neo asks what that is, but Cagalli sees through his transparent bid for intel and throws him out.
He accepts the loss, though - he had her pegged for a figurehead representative, and that was his mistake.

: Ugh, what a creep. He's exactly like Lt. Cmdr. Flaga that way!
: ...
: You're not letting him get to you, are you?
: The pilot of that mech, the Impulse...
: I think he was a friend of the pilot of the black mech we fought in Chiram.
: Don't think about that! You didn't have a choice but to take it out!
: But he hates me for it, and his anger gives him strength...
: I promised myself I wouldn't wage that kind of war, where hate sows more hate...
: But I... I think maybe I was just afraid that war would come for me...
: Kira...
: I've taken someone's life, and that made someone else hate me, and I had to fight them...
: Just like when Athrun and I were killing each other’s friends...
: ...
: So I... I tried to fight without killing anyone. I tried, but I couldn't.
: I'm guessing a lot of lives have been lost as a result of my actions in these battles.
: And I think it's going to keep on happening. I don't know what to do...

Meanwhile, Murrue catches Neo coming out of Kira's room.
He admits he can't help but want to needle the kid despite himself, and Murrue deduces that Cagalli gave him the boot. He does have a question for her, though: what was this Muu to her, exactly?
"A comrade... a dear, irreplaceable one," she says. "And now he's gone."
Neo apologizes for intruding, but Murrue tries to put up a bright face. It's still on his mind, though...

Location: North Ameria – New Earth Federation HQ

Bloodman is having talks with the Chiram president and repeats his apologies personally.
He goes so far as to say that, unlike the Sage Council, he's not trying to extract D-technology from them.
In fact, the Federation is starting to test their own method for triggering a dimension quake, to the President's surprise. Bloodman’s called to invite the Chiram president to see the test of their device and, hopefully, compare notes afterward.
It seems the tables have turned, and now Bloodman gets to offer the Chiram their help. He speaks of cooperation, and the president has to accept the invitation and the offer.
The president signs off, wishing for the Federation's success, as well as "mutual prosperity" for their nations.

"Oh, you'll prosper," chuckles Bloodman. "As a nation under the Federation's jurisdiction."
Vice President Fitzgerald isn't so sure Bloodman should be telling everyone about their tech, though. What if the Chiram are still past them?
There's no danger of that, though: Bloodman is quite aware that the Chiram's machine has been destroyed. With all the progress the Federation's made, they've locked in the public's faith and, once they’ve given them a taste of what their device can do, the Chiram's allegiance.
Fitzgerald is behind uniting the world against the aliens and Coralians, but not behind neglect or derision towards other nations. They should be working together, not making these power plays. Right?

Bloodman reminds Fitzgerald that this decision was made after a request from the military and can’t be stopped now...or, perhaps, he’s actually a Sage Council loyalist?
"You had best consider your position," he says smoothly, "before you find yourself the subject of some unfortunate rumors."
Well, that settles it - Fitzgerald is working for a puppet of the military. This is no better than the Sage Council's rule. In fact, he thinks that with Logos now on the warpath, it might actually be worse!

It's Faye and Mizuki waiting for Fitzgerald when he returns to his office, and Mizuki’s special top-class coffee.
Just her gratitude for him taking her in after she was outed as a Logos spy - but it was he who sent her there to spy on Logos! Not that he expected them to have her spy on Sandman, mind.
Sadly, the Federation’s doing awfully now and Fitzgerald figures, had he known that’d be the case, it’d have been best if she simply stayed and fought as a Grand Knight.
Mizuki mutters that she was just carrying out her mission, but it definitely leaves both her and Faye uneasy.

Anyway, Fitzgerald explains what Bloodman is doing, and suddenly, a smile widens across his face.
He says that it's too soon to test such new technology, and loudly announces the time and place of the test. It sure would be best for the entire world, he says, if the machine were to meet a noisy end.
Faye is shocked that he'd be so careless with such sensitive intel! Faye isn't good at things.
Now, he's going to go rest, leaving the coffee to the two women.

: (Looks like it's time to unwrap that gift from The Storm...)
: Miss Mizuki, are you going to...
: Hmm... I'm not sure. Faye, what do you think of our current situation?
: What do I think? How do you mean?
: Your Gran Trooper was made using data stolen from Gravion.
: And Gravion is the shield and spear that defends this planet... the hope of mankind.
: So you want to return to the Gran Knights, Miss Mizuki?
: Well, how do you feel about fighting on with the Phantom Pain?
: I... I want to defend this planet, as its shield and spear...
: Under this Earth Federation?
: I...
: Honestly, I'm sick of kidding myself. About the war, about Touga, about Sandman...
: …

Location: Southern North Ameria

Meanwhile, the King Beal has picked up a strange signal.
How strange? Ichitaro says it's broadcasting globally rather than for anyone in particular. That sounds like a distress call to Heizaemon, but it's also encrypted, so we can't actually understand it.
This could be a trick, or maybe a trap, so it looks like we're flying blind...

Or is it? Banjou tells Ichitaro to decode it against a disc he's got handy. Sure enough, the code is cracked, but the message isn't what anyone wanted to here.
"New Federation - dimensional manipulator - test - +2 days - 18:00 - X13Y24 - danger - danger - danger"
Dunno about the rest of it but, going from the name, Reika figures dimensional manipulator sounds something someone’d use to try solve the collapse problem.
It's surprising, but it'd explain why no one's looking for Singularities.
Kappei doesn't know what those are, but Keiko remembers (if you forgot) that's what the Chiram called Kei back in Siberia. Banjou explains that one strategy to evade collapse is to use a Singularity to trigger a dimensional repair.
Or Singularities, plural - Banjou also reveals that the Singularities are Kei Katsuragi and Olson D. Verne.

Runa has a hard time believing someone like Kei’s responsible for the world’s existence. It's not his personality, Banjou says - just his presence at the event that started this all.
But Ichitaro sees that, now, the Federation thinks they have an alternative to Kei and Olson. Only if it works, says Banjou.
But if they already had such a machine, why'd they try to rob the Chiram of their tech? Maybe they were trying to wreck the Chiram's machine, not steal it...

Beauty finally mentions that the transmission ends with "danger."
Banjou's explanation for that is that if the Federation can pull this off, they'll control the nature of the new world.
Runa thinks it’s pretty rotten of them to destroy other nation’s tech just to get a leg-up on the competition – Kappei agrees and goes so far as to suggest wrecking it, but the alternative is still destruction…

Heizaemon suggests we go see what's up. We may have to steal or destroy that machine, but we can't judge just yet.
Wait! says Eiji. Are we sure this info is even trustworthy?
Banjou says it is. He had the encryption keys because it's a code he only gives to people he deems trustworthy. Gengoroh is already notifying the Argama and Minerva.

: The very existence of dimensional manipulation technology has the potential to redraw battle lines.
: If the New Federation has a completed model, the world will change once more...

Chapter 40: Impact Again

Bloodman and his soldiers are ready to throw a party for Chiram; they've even got patrols all around the area.
Good thing they do, too, because they're already detecting something entering the zone right as Bloodman’s preparing to start the test. He expects it to be the Chiram but it’s...

Specifically, Bloodman brands us "Durandal's elite goons." But he can't figure out how we know about this test.
ZEUTH sees Bloodman, and if he's here for his demonstration personally, it really must be a big one.
Talia figures that they've got their prototype in the large, clearly visible transport vessel. Heizaemon sees our opportunity, and orders us to steal it, stopping the Federation's project in its tracks.
Sochie whines that we ought to just wreck them, but Loran knows the score and Banjou’s got his back: we don't want the Federation using that machine, but we might need it to stop the collapse.

Toshiya is eager to swipe the tech and get it to Professor Kazami for completion!
And let's not forget - if we take and use them, it has to be for everyone in this world, not just for a handful of nations.
The bottom line is - take down the Garuda, but be careful not to destroy it!

Right! So here's Setsuko's version of the stage. It's a little different. The biggest difference being the objective. We have to reduce the Garuda to 2000 HP or less, we fail if its shot down. The Battle Mastery is to do it in six turns. Unline Brunom, I'm not going to be able to take down all the bosses and get the Battle Mastery. Mostly because I don't have Seven Swell.

Turn 1

The first turn is spent doing the usual thing on Time Crunch stages like this one, loading up everybody back into the battleships to rocket them forward. It's like Rescue chaining in Fire Emblem, only crazier.

And none of the Feddies move!

Turn 2

Ichitaro detects new bogeys falling from above at the same time as Meyrin catches blips from the north.
The demons and the aliens! Kappei has a thing or two to say to the Bandock.
Keiko tries to stop him, but Kappei's fired up now. Still, what are all of these doing here?

Dr. Gura has been informed on the Feds’ device and its usage of dimensional power – he’s certainly curious and a bit surprised that the humans would be able to make this sort of thing.
They got their info from a mysterious benefactor and, as such, he agrees with Hidler that it warrants some suspicion. On the other hand, they've found us, ZEUTH, here, so it seems that it was worth following up on after all.
But it still bothers Hidler that whoever it was made contact with HQ directly...

Our old friend Killer the Butcher has no such concerns. A party's a party, and the more the merrier!
Their group also received a message from a mysterious benefactor and Teral and Aphrodia guess that, whoever it is, wanted to put them against ZEUTH and the Bloodman’s group.
Butcher is just here to enjoy himself, and orders the Skull Moon Alliance to attack all targets!
Seeing the Gaizocks' intent, Gura orders the demons to focus on fighting the aliens and ZEUTH, saving seizing the Federation’s device for later. It looks like we've got a good old fashioned three-way battle on our hands.
But Athrun reminds his team that our ultimate goal is still the device aboard the Garuda!

Kappei ignores him, still out for Butcher's blood and Butcher's alone. Time to make him pay for Hamamoto and the other human bombs!


: (The best of luck to you, ZEUTH. I have more guests yet to arrive.)

Oh boy! That's three factions I'm plopped straight into the middle of! I hate to say it, but I'm going to be ignoring the 100 Demon Army today.

Step one, move up the Battleships

Bright levels up Support Attack from the scratch damage.

There we go

I feel like a change!

There we go.

Now then...

SECRET ALERT: Shoot down Butcher.

This is that same Zambot secret that's been around throughout the game. I, as previously mentioned, already have this particular secret in the bag. However, others may not and besides, it's Butcher. Blow him up whenever possible.

: Gaizock... how dare you toy with innocent lives!
: Hoh hoh hoh... I see the apes of this world are too feeble-minded to comprehend the subtleties of my game.
: You don't even realize the evil you're doing! You can't be allowed to continue!
: If you lack even the ability to reflect on your actions, then I'll judge you instead!

Of course Butcher has a barrier. He's that kind of a dick.

Kappei's turn!

: C'mon, Gaizock! I'll teach you to turn people like Hamamoto into bombs!
: Oh? I'm glad I sent those, since you liked them so much!
: Shut it! Our lives are not your toys!
: You're going down! I'll make sure of it if it's the last thing I do!

Well, OK.

It's at this point I realize just how stupidly tanky Butcher is going to be (Level 8 Prevail!), and two he has HP regen so I pretty much wasted Banjou and Kappei's turns.

These four will be handling things down here.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team will be on "Shoot at the Feds and FIXX BLOODMAN" duty.

I don't think I've shown Setsuko's Tri yet in a video so...

The other guys move up too. Darn it Sochie.

Awesome, blowing up those two got Quattro to learn Valor(35).

There, everybody is deployed.

Two things, first, Loran learns Support Attack Level 4, second I think I've hit the point in the game where Loran's stat growth starts skyrocketing.

Come Enemy Phase, finishing off that straggler gets Mazin Power going for Kouji.

Ouch, Shinn takes a bit of a beating as all the Demons decide that he's the best thing to target.

Pisses him off enough to start SEED.

And Aphrodia targets Toshiya.

: We owe the Eldar a debt! Aldebaron will deal with God Sigma!
: If you really want, we'll take you on for Marin!
: We owe them too for not trusting them! Put up your dukes, Aldebaron!

Then Butcher targets Kamille

"You think it's OK to kill others just for your enjoyment, is that it?!"

Turn 3

First, get the King Beal into a more optimal position.

Look at that nice pack of Gaizock enemies!
Heizemon's Squad Leader Bonus may be situational, but when that situation is there it's awesome.

Darn, just not enough ooomph to bring Talia up to enough Will to MAP things.

Oh come on

Maybe I should have done this from the start.

Yeah, I should have.

Death by Vulcans, the most shameful death.

Some song starts being heard throughout the area and most members of this ZEUTH don't recognize it. Loran and Banjou do: the song of the Fallen Angels!
What are they doing here again?

: The hateful energy that sealed us in our everlasting prison...
: Foolish Wingless. I sentence and punish you for daring reach for even a shard of that forbidden power.
: As do I the demons that haunt us.

This just confirms for Gura that dimension power and the Fallen Angels are somehow related. Meanwhile, Black Charisma is delighted to see them. "It wouldn't be any fun, otherwise."
"Someone is looking at me..." wonders Touma. "Perceiving me, though I do not exist here...
Bloodman is sick of all these party crashers and asks where the reinforcements are. It looks like they're all engaged with their own groups of demons and aliens.

: (Hmm. It seems that dimensional manipulator is in danger after all. Perhaps I should even the odds...)


: That mech... Ziene Espio!
: Well if it isn't my old friend Setsuko. And it looks like you're still human, huh?
: Still human?
: What are you doing here? Answer me, Ziene!
: Why do I do anything? For him, and no one and nothing else in the world.
: So Asakim is somewhere nearby?
: Heh. You scared? I guess you would be.
: You put up a brave face, but you're always trembling in fear of Asakim somewhere inside.
: I'm here despite that! Fighting for my pride!
: I'd love to stain that brave face with a flood of tears, but that's not what I'm here for right now.
: I'll be busy playing with our friends from space and the fallen angels.

What's her deal? It looks like she's going to defend the device. She says the Angels are after it, us, and the demons.
Despite that, ZEUTH has no intention of playing nice with her. Certainly not after all she's done to Setsuko.

: Why? Why are all these enemies here at this top-secret location?
: (Oh, don't make a scene, Bloodman. You're the guest of honor, you know.)
: (Why don't you set off some fireworks for the world?)
: Uuurgh…Fine! We'll have our turn soon enough!

Just in case this party wasn't big enough, we have Fallen Angels and Ziene!

I'm just going to ignore the Fallen Angels, too many of them and way to bulky for me to get rid of in time. They can stay in their corner.

Couldn't do just a little more damage Toga?

Kill it please Loran.

I move up Bright too, and with that I end my turn.


Blowing the leader up got me two things.

First, Kouji got Level 8 Prevail. Prevail has risen up from "Pointless" to "Nice Bonus" to "Pretty Good" and is now finally at the point of "Absurd."

And Mazin Power, but that's more ephemeral.

Mook Fight! Mook Fight!

Uhhh ooops?

Ow. Luckily, nobody died from that.

And on that happy note: The rest will be tomorrow!