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Part 167: Mission 40 (Setsuko) - Impact Again - Part 2

Setsuko Route Chapter 40 Part 2

Turn 4

Time to start pounding on Butcher.

Kamille, sadly, won't be able to do much of anything to him, so I just move him down here.

Banjou needs more Will, he has SP to burn, so I cast Spirit.

Random fact, Sun Attack also inflicts an Armor Down debuff.

8K damage, on an enemy with a Barrier. Banjou is great.

Much more tolerable.

Kappei knows Valor and he's going to use it.

"Ya better be ready, Killer the Butcher"!

That's the stuff.

Julie knows Fury, so that barrier means jack, and Toshiuya uses Spirit, for Sigma Breast time!

Congrats on being able to break 10k without Valor Toshiya!

Lousy Prevail and barrier. Anyways, with only 10,000 HP left on Butcher, he can tait for the next turn. On to the other side of the battle!

So Shinn heads closer to FIXX BLOODMAN.

Things are going to get hairy, so it's time to bust out a Confuse.

Katz, Löwen. That was 60% odds that you both missed with. I'll have you know I'm very disapointed with the both of you. Well, I guess there's a reason Setsuko's the main character while the two of you are her hanger ons.

See? Miashey shows how it's done.

OK, I'll admit it. The crows are stupidly dodgy.

Though, for some reason Toga's really accurate compared to other Super pilots, so he has a good hit rate on them.

That's another gone.

Talia blows up some more Gaizock because why not?

More MAP spamming.

So Quattro takes the lead. On to the Enemy Phase.

Random Fact, what Confuse does is inflict a sort of status effect on all the enemies, so it's not just an effect when their targeting allies. If there are two opposing enemy factions, they'll both be hit with the status. So this turn has the opposing sides kind of flail uselessly at each other.

Well, when they're not getting sub 50 hit rates on my very un dodgy Supers.

Then Teral snipes at Toshiya.

: Teral, before we battle, there's something I have to get off my chest!
: Thank you! For keeping your promise!
: Don't thank me. It was my duty as a soldier of the proud, honorable Eldar.
: The same as the duty that requires me to fell you! Prepare yourself, Godsigma!
: I knew you were trustworthy, Teral!
: So I'll do you the honor of a fair fight! We'll stop the Eldar's plans as soldiers of Earth!

Not that he did much damage.

Everybody's gunning for Toshiya today it seems.

Thank goodness for Shield Defense huh.

The Crows are annoyingly accurate, even under confuse.

Like so...

And wonderful, Zeine took up a valuable spot next to FIXX BLOODMAN.[/i]

: You're actually putting up a fight, Setsuko!
: My sorrow gives me strength... but I won't let the whole world feel this kind of sorrow!
: Ziene Espio! I don't know what you and Asakim are planning, but it won't take me out!
: Not as long as the pride of the Glory Star burns in my heart!
"Ooh, a woman's scream always gives me chills...!"
"You won't defeat me playing around, Ziene!"

Turn 5

One last turn to shoot down enemies in this mess.

Valor, Fury, Gain, and Bless all cast over a single unit.

And with it Jun levels up, learning Prevail 6 and her final Spirit Command... Guard(35).

Her Spirit list is kind of bland, cheap Guts and Accel being the only standouts.

Butcher’s amused at how far the earthlings have come and figures he might actually have to get a bit serious when their next battle comes.
He escapes and Kappei’s just about to run after the guy when Gengoroh reminds him that the dimensional manipulator has priority. Regardless, he vows Hamamoto to get revenge someday.

Now that's Butcher's gone I don't need these guys on the Southern front anymore.

So it's time to move up and out!

Heizaemon Hit Prevail-7, which is lovely.

Remember, it takes EN to move in the air. And with two Sigma Breasts God Sigma is pretty much drained. This is with Athrun's Boost.

Problem solved!

And wiping out that enemy squad got Athrun Valor(40)!

I move Amuro out of the way...

So Bright can burn the last of his EN on yet another MAP. Didn't get a lot of kills, but weakened them all greatly.

Seriously, no EN left. He can't move!

I swap Löwen to the lead. He can spare Valors to burn on tough grunts, like this ship here.
Not bad.

Stupid Wide formation dodgy enemies.

Emma takes the lead and TRIs these guys.

Which gives Miashey her finaly Spirit Command, Rouse(50)!

Kamille joins the rest of the group.

And here's the Lifter function in action! Normally the Venus A wouldn't be able to fly so I'd be grounded even if I swapped to a flying form of another mech, but Daitarn just keeps on trucking.

87% odds.

And that's everybody, on to the final turn.

That counterkill got Toga Counter Level 6.

And this counterkill gets Katz his final Spirit Command.

* Bonds(60) - Restores 50% of every ally's max HP.

The ultimate Healing Spirit Command, cast this when every unit's taken a beating late stage and suddenly everybody's in fighting shape again. Yes, Katz does learn two of the more useful defensive Spirits in the game. Yes there's a reason I've put every scrap of PP he has in SP-up thus far.

Uh.. right. I left Kappei smack dab in the middle of a ton of enemies. Thank goodness for Confuse and Support Defend!

Tank those hits Gavane!

This is... less then good.

Huzzah! I didn't have to reset!

Turn 6

Go away.

Clearing out some stragglers for extra Will and to give me a bit more space.

My Supers are going to have to do a fair bit of burst damage. Darn it, Kamille can't you kill these things faster.

Analyze for a big reason you'll see shortly.

You see, in addition to being a massive blob of Sixty Six Thousand, Five Hundred HP, FIXX BLOODMAN's ship will do nothing but Defend. It's awful.

Then Loran casts Mercy to give the final blow.

Bloodman would rather detonate the device than let it be taken from him - and that's exactly what he's going to do!
There's no danger, he claims - it's a prototype model, so the quake it creates will only affect this area.
Meyrin notes the Garuda's crew bailing. Are they abandoning their precious dimensional device?
No time for that, though! The other ZEUTH is inbound!

They confirm that Atena’s info was legit and see the carrier with the device ahead. Talia and Bright get in touch and explain that we were deceived, adding a request for assistance to capture the dimensional manipulator.
Jamil and co. are also aware of all the foul play and Holland says we’ve been briefed on how that device’s bad news. There’s a bigger problem, though, as Jabby feels a ripple distorting the dimensions, emanating from the Garuda!

: Fools! You're all together here – how convenient!
: I've activated the dimensional manipulator! Enjoy the outer dimensions!

: Wait, what? If he's activated the thing, does that mean we're all getting warped?
: All units, move out! Get as far away from the epicenter as possible!
: I-Impossible! Distance won't help us now!
: What's that mean, Jabby?
: This... this feels exactly like Break The World!
: The warp is going to take the entire planet!

: Gh!
: What's the matter, Setsuko?
: The Sphere of the Sorrowful Maiden is reacting to the primordial energy.
: There's someone there! Standing on the prow of the Garuda!
: Can you hear me?
: A warm welcome to you, ZEUTH. Thank you so much for coming to this little shindig I've thrown.
: Gh... gaah... aaaahh!
: Setsuko! What's happening?
: The dimensions are... twisting... the whole world... distorting...
: What's going on? I feel something flowing into me...
: Yes... the world will be in chaos once again! Everything scrambled together!
: Who are you?!
: Black Charisma…
: Black... Charisma...?
: The universe now revolves around you. I look forward to our reunion, ZEUTH!

: Nooooooooooooooooo!

: Schlan…
: ZEUTH remains in this universe.
: Indeed. And, too, they are now a new set of Singularities.
: Are you sure? They already have the Singularities of the previous dimensional collapse.
: And with that much might on top of that, they are a force to be reckoned with.
: Oh?
: I apologize for stepping out of line.
: No, not at all. We need a wild card like that to keep things from getting predictable.
: Indeed…it wouldn’t be fun at all.
: ...
: And so the world is in chaos anew. Who will make the next play?
: The aliens? The demons? The Fallen Angelss? Chiram? Emaan? The Federation? Plant?
: There’s also the Coralians…
: We can't overlook those. It will lead to the world's destruction.
: Dewey Novak will see to that. And Paptimus Scirocco will carry on the war between Earth and Space.
: I'll just enjoy the state of the world. This hideously twistedly beautiful world...


Extra Dialogue and Plot

Kouji vs Hidler
: You're alive, General Hidler? I thought Ryou'd have done you in by now!
: Enough prattling, Kouji Kabuto! I'm aware of your falling out with Getter Robo!
: And as much as I hate to do their dirty work, I will end you right here!
: No way! I've got to see them again and tell them how sorry I am!
: And I'm not getting stopped by the likes of you!

Tetsuya vs Hidler
: ZEUTH! I heard of your infighting, so I'm surprised to see you alive!
: We let ourselves be led astray and forgot our faith in one another... and that battle was punishing in kind.
: Prepare yourself, General Hidler! We will continue to fight evil in penance for our mistakes!

Shooting down Aphrodia


As Aphrodia’s beaten, she knows how dangerous our force will be if we manage to join up with Baldios. They must think of a counter-measure ASAP!

Shooting down Teral


Teral notes that the earthlings’ strength is constantly increasing – the flames of war will spread throughout the galaxy at this rate. Is it just impossible for her to change history?

shooting down Dokuganki


Dokuganki leaves the usual dose of .

Shooting down Hidler


Hidler isn’t happy to be slapped around by this ZEUTH, too, and Gura orders him to pull back.

Shooting down Ziene


This battle didn’t serve any purpose to Ziene, so a defeat doesn’t bother her.
Löwen wants to know what she’d doing and all she’ll say is that we’ll know soon enough – “it’s already too late for you to escape that person’s grasp.”
Setsuko isn’t about to let her go but Ziene says we’ll meet again…provided we’re not warped to the void, that is. As she leaves, Setsuko wonders what Asakim’s planning.

And for the world getting blown up, again, we get 150,000 Credits and 1000 Blue Stones!

Plus, after 15 stages that had it's own route split in it, we're finally reunited! The game's on a single unified route from this point on. So we now have access to both sides of ZEUTH, united into one.


Oh no. Both sides. All those units, and sixteen squads can be deployed next stage.

I'm going to have to rebuild all my squads from scratch.