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Part 171: Mission 42 - The Beginning of the End - Part 1

Chapter 42: The Beginning of the End

Over by the Federation capital, Teral orders his troops to strike down all who resist and the local federal forces are quickly blown away. Bloodman’s livid, surprised that the aliens would attack so quickly after the Rivalry Zones were weakened.

He asks about Dewey and Scirocco’s troops but there don’t seem to be any around – Fitzgerald HAS called nearby forces back here but it’ll be a while until they arrive, so he wants Bloodman to evacuate. Bloodman, however, doesn't want the people to see the president of the Federation fleeing before the aliens, and Fitzgerald can only hope that Faye's squad arrives soon.
Leets finds it odd that the Earthlings, for whatever reason, don't seem interested in protecting their capital city, but Teral tells him that the real enemy hasn't arrived yet. Like clockwork, Jeela detects ZEUTH approaching.

Kappei deploys royally pissed off and vowing bloody revenge against the aliens. Uchuuta tries to calm him down but he yells at him to shut his mouth and just do his job.
Banjou sees that something’s seriously wrong with the kid and tags in to help them out and Ichitaro wonders what happened when he met with Aki.
“I’m so sorry Aki… I can’t do anything to take out that bomb inside you. But, keep watching – I’ll, at least, beat these freaks in front of you…!”, Kappei thinks.

Teral tells his foes that they're about to get a full dose of Eldar pride and determination: only one side is going to walk out of this alive. Kiraken sees that the guy’s going all-out today and Julie figures he has no choice considering his continuous failures – Toshiya won’t shy away from his challenge, mind.
This terrain is smack-dab in the middle of old Inglessan land so Sochie certainly isn’t willing to forgive this act of aggression; that said, Gavane is surprised their underdeveloped nation grew into such a sprawling city.

: Hmm… this is the Federation’s capital and that there’s the parliament building, right? Maybe we should’ve just let the aliens be...
: What are you talking about, Shinn? Standing against these aliens has nothing to do with either the Federation or Plant.
: He’s right. Didn’t we decide to fight in order to save the ENTIRE world?
: We might not like the stunts these Feds pull but that doesn’t make it right to let them be destroyed.
: OK, OK! I was just saying…
: (If it came from anyone else, I'd say they were just talking big… but I think I DO believe them now.)
: …

Gengoroh tells everyone to watch it against these gung-ho enemies and Eiji prods Toga to get off his funk and ready to go. Touga reminds himself that he NEEDS to fight on, a worried Eina observing.
“Come, Earthlings! By my pride, I’ll crush you here and now and change our dark future!”, Teral yells.

Turn 1

This is a fairly simple stage. We have a bunch of enemies, and six turns to beat them all in.

Ready to start smashing these old UFOs?

The Vegan Empire's best and brightest folks.

It gives Adette a shiny new Prevail level!

Dang Kamille, step it up Emma's better at oneshotting these things then you.

And Kappei heads down! Ready to go fight aliens Kappei?

: (Sorry…I’m so sorry, Aki…!)
: Uuuwaaaahh! I’m sorry, AKIIIIIIII!!
Oh... yeah. Right. Anyways, as you can see, Kappei has a whole new set of unique lines, used just for this stage.

And there we go, everybody's moved and we're ready for the next turn.

In all honesty their utter incompetence is kind of cute at this point.

Hit on 30%, classic Loran.

None of the Eldar move, which is a bit annoying.

Turn 2

So let's see how Duke does with his new skill!
That was pretty good! The strongest point of Attack Again is really being able to use stronger attacks that aren't Post-Move.

Down Gainer goes.

Same with Hayato. Getter Liger is kind of interesting because it gets a lot more out of Hayato's Prevail, since its moderate dodgyness ramps up quickly.

Blowing up a UFO gets Talho Level 6 Lift Technique. Now roughly one in four attacks will completely fail to hit a big battleship, it's great.

Go Shinn!

From full health down to 2K, not bad.

In a situation with a character with Attack Again gets a Support Attack, the game will go with whatever's stronger. In this case, Setsuko would hit harder then Amuro's second attack.

Bye then!

Go Team Super Sniper!

Those things are now gone.

Roger taking down a grunt makes Rag hit Prevail 7!

I keep pushing into enemy territory, and Quattro hit Level 7 of Newtype. 7 happens to be Quattro's max level of it. Which means that this is the last time I'll be showing a Quattro level up since there's nothing but stats at this point.

And, of course, there's Kappei.

Just one crit and it would have been dead.

There, it's dead now.

And then another case of wishing there was a single crit.

Enemy phase starts with Shinn starting up SEED.

Immediately after Kouji get Mazin Power.

Following in sequence Marin learns Prevail Level 8.

And even though all the other enemies move forward, Teral and company are still quite happy to stay put.

Turn 3

[i]Everybody's to the right of the Eldar enemies. Diagonals, ZEUTH's weakness.

Go Pierre!


The bulk of my forces are far away from the enemies.

So the Talho got a new portrait, and so the Gekko Go gets a new cutin for it's main attack.

Of course it survives with 99 HP.

Now it doesn't have any HP!

This kickstarts the Element System.

Gooo Jiron!

This gets Dike his seventh level of Prevail

Loran wipes out some enemy squadmates.

Gainer helps Dizer Full Power activate.

These things have 10k HP to chew through.

So start chewing Benkei!

That wasn't near as much as I was hoping.

Well, it's dead now at least.

And finally... Kappei.

Teral finally starts moving.