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Part 173: Mission 42 - The Beginning of the End - Tomino Version

Chapter 42 Alternate Plot

In a world for terrible, terrible people:

The scene in Kappei's room cuts after the apology with the alarm and Ichitaro calling in. Kappei’s psyched to kick some alien asses and tells Aki not to worry – he’ll wrap this up in a hurry and come right back.
She wishes him good luck and promises to be rooting for him, just like before. Kappei leaves and asks her to stay in here, where it’s safe – there’s some spare pajamas nearby if she wants to take a nap.

: Hm...? Oh, there’s a stain on my shirt.
: I guess I’ll borrow those pajamas while I get this cleaned up.

*Aki changes her clothes.*

: (Kappei…come back soon.)


In the bad world, Kappei deploys all pumped up to deal with the enemies – Uchuuta and Keiko don’t know why he’s like that, so Banjou explains how the kid’s girlfriend came back. Kappei protests that that “piggy” is just a good friend but, regardless, he’s very happy to see her again after all this time.
He wants to put on a good show for her and Banjou offers to help, grateful for all the cheerfulness that Kappei’s spreading.


In a world where you haven’t gathered enough SEED Destiny secret points yet, after Shinn gets told off for suggesting ignoring the Federation:

: …I get what you’re saying but I’m still a ZAFT soldier.
: So I really don’t think I need to pretend that I’m actually trying to help the enemy…
: (He still hasn’t figured out what he should fight for…)
: (Understandable, considering how he got into this battle in the first place…)


Further along, in the bad world…

: Come one, come all! I’ll deal with every single one of ya!
He’s pretty excited today.
: Heheh! Gotta show some spirit every now and then, right?
: Keep at it, Kappei! Get those—


: Ah--!

*A small explosion is seen in the King Beal.*

: Huh?! The King Beal’s blowing up?!
: What was that, Ichitaro?!
: There was a small explosion in the underside of the ship! The origin was…Kappei’s room!
: What?!

: What’s going on, Kappei?! Why was there an explosion in your room?!
: A-Aki was…she was in there…
: What…
: Was little Aki a—
: She was…Aki was…
: She was made into a human bomb…

*Kappei’s morale maxes out.*

: Calm down, Kappei! You can’t—
: First Hamamoto and now even Aki…they turned even her into a goddamn bomb!
: A human bomb… was she sent to Earth beforehand…?
: I let you go back then because you promised you’d stop these, Teral!
: Was it all a lie?!
: No…! I DID recover all of Butcher’s prisoners!
: She must’ve been modified before I had a chance to rescue her!
: Enough of your excuses!! I’ll never forgive any of you!!
: Kappei…
: Duke Fleed...I don’t think there’s anything we can say to him right now...
: So we just let him vent his fury on the enemies…?
: Kappei…
: Kappei…
: Get over here, aliens! None of you are getting home alive!!


Battle Dialogue vs Teral

Vs Kouji

: Maybe you were trustworthy...
: But that's what makes this so hard! If you hadn't been on the other side, we could have been friends!
: You honor me, warrior of Earth! And I feel just the same!
: But we are bound to fight! If you wish to protect your homeworld, we must cross blades!

Vs Tetsuya

: A man who fights with honor... truly worthy of being called a warrior.
: Hm. Warrior of Earth, if you respect my goals, then I offer you my respect in kind.
: Then en guarde, Teral! We fight with our pride, our conviction, and our worlds on the line!

vs Duke Fleed

: Commander Teral of the Eldar Fleet! If you proclaim your honor so, then reconsider the invasion of Earth!
: I do not claim that all of what I do is truly in the right!
: But we, the Eldar, have no other way to secure our future!

Vs Marin

: Marin Raygun... I believe I now see why you hate the Aldebaron so.
: What…?!
: But still I fight! I fight for the future of my motherland, Eldar!
: If this battle is the only way for us to have a future, I will cast aside my doubts!

Vs Kappei if you don't save Aki

: You lying alien! I was a goddamn idiot for believing you!
: I did keep my promise! I swear it!
: Shut UP! Aki’s never coming back! DAMN IT!!


The scene in which Teral is shot down on the bad world is pretty much unchanged between the regular version and the one with the Zambot secret fulfilled, so we just showed the secret one – it adds a few new lines and takes some from the scene with Aki’s explosion.


Battle Dialogue vs Zeravire

Vs Rand
: Y'hear that, Mel? The Zeravire are just busted machines!
: So you're going to try to fix them, darling?!
: You fix these things with the very first lesson any repairman ever learns: by smackin' 'em!
: And if that doesn't fix 'em, you just scrap 'em!

Vs Toga

: The Zeravire are attacking harder and harder!
: Can we win this? No, we must win this!
: Don't give up, Toga! We'll go as hard as we can to make up for Mizuki and Leele!
: Eiji...
: Come on, guys! We gotta protect Earth! We CAN’T lose!

Vs Jiron

: Screw the Zeravire, it seems like all that comes from space is a pack of nutjobs!
: But we're boys of the Earth! There are no guts in the whole universe like hours!

Vs Apollo

: If a machine ain’t working right, ya just beat it until it starts working again!
: Here I come! You're already busted, so there ain’t anything wrong with bustin’ you up some more, yeah?


Finally, after you clear the stage in the bad world, rather then have a conversation with Aki and Poe showing up, this scene happens:

: I’m sorry…I’m so sorry, Aki…I didn’t even notice it…
: They turned you into a bomb…and I didn’t even notice…
: Come on, Kappei…blaming yourself won’t do anything…
: And even if you did notice…there wasn’t anything we could’ve done…
: But…but!
: Kappei…you can cry as much as you want tonight…
: But, come morning, you must dry those tears. That’s your duty.
: Shut up! I can’t just flip a switch and feel like everything’s fine!
: You’re no longer a child, so you must.
: …I’m not strong like you, Banjou...
: The moon can’t shine by itself, right? Only when sun’s light hits it…
: But it’s the moon that illuminates even the darkest nights.
: “The nights”…?
: That’s right. It’s the moon’s light that saves those who are lost in the darkness.
: Do not forget this sorrow, Kappei. And be that very moonlight.
: The moonlight that…saves others…
: Cry to your heart’s content but…please think about what I said.

*Banjou and the others leave.*

: I…have to become the…moonlight that saves everyone…
: (Can I do this…Aki? Can I be that light…?)
: (I’ll try my best… I don’t want anyone else…to feel this sadness…)
: (I promise you…I’ll bring peace back to our world. So…rest in peace…)
: (Goodbye, Aki…)

There aren’t enough s around for this…

Thankfully, me and Brunom aren't total monsters, so we both both managed to get enough Aki points, so this never happened and I hereby declare it not canon.