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Part 174: Mission 43 - Destiny and Freedom - Part 1

Last time, we went for a ride on Mr. Tomino’s Wild Ride and I’m already regretting letting these government nerds join our cool group…
Either way, Shinn and Rey are deploying as event units BUT, surprisingly, this mission won’t allow for anything else to deploy – it’s purely event based. At least we don’t have to shuffle our squads around like last time.

Location: Japan – San Germain Castle

Banjou's reporting the events of the previous battle and Touga’s disappearance to Raven and Sandman, who’s surprised Eina used her Proto Gran Diva powers.
Banjou tells him that ZEUTH has recovered the badly-damaged G Driller and we’ll do what we can to repair it along with the rest of Gravion. Regardless, what Banjou's worried about is the apparent Zeravire cooperation with the Skull Moon forces, and tells Sandman that ZEUTH is headed to Trinity City.
He asks Sandman to come there too to talk about the Zeravire and, when Sandman appears to be hesitating, adds an admonition to strengthen his resolve because the weakening of the Rivalry Zones only means the alien attacks will intensify.
After Banjou hangs up, the Sandman starts quaking in his boots, whimpering about how his brother has come to kill him at last: although he thought him dead, Sandman’s knows that only the two of them would be capable of manipulating Gravion's gravitons like in the last battle.

: Hahaha…it’s over…everything’s finished!
: I couldn’t atone for my past mistakes…I’m just a coward, frightened by a future wrapped in darkness.
: A buffoon who mistook his own aesthetics for reality…
: …

Location: Pacific Ocean – Trinity City

The commanders brief Tsukikage on the link between the Coralians and the dimensional collapse and inform him of our decision to act outside of nations and organizations in order to save everyone.
Bright confesses that we’d prefer to see Bloodman's regime toppled and the power of mankind pooled together to face this crisis but, when Tsukikage asks, doesn’t seem entirely comfortable with Durandal being the standard-bearer for the movement, either.
That said, Heizaemon points out that Durandal is our best option RIGHT NOW as we’ll need to unify humanity if we’re going to stand against the Alien Alliance and the chairman’s forces as indispensable for that – we’ll just have to hope that his usage of such forces remains righteous.
That's good enough for Tsukikage, who plans to throw his full support behind ZEUTH. Quinstein is looking forward to poking through Doctor Bear's results, once they're ready for peer review, and coming up with some countermeasure against the Coralians.

Holland reminds her that the Coralians are every bit as alive as the humans, so we won’t put up with any plan to eradicate them just for our own convenience. Quinstein can appreciate that but points out that there might come a time where we’re forced to make hard choices.
Tsukikage will also try to figure out how to actually enable the Singularities to perform the dimensional repair, i.e. figuring out how to project the whole world and its peoples and, also, what to do once the Great Singularity is actually located.

The professors need to compare notes on the collapse but Kazami is all locked away in his room researching something, and the only person to see him is Rie when she brings him his food - that ends abruptly as Kazami strides onto the scene.
He’s here because he needs to make use of the City’s resources for his research concerning that very collapse – he’s very close to a breakthrough. Tsukikage tells him to use whatever he wants but, when Quinstein offers to help, Kazami tells her not to worry as this is something he must do by his lonesome.
Tsukikage tells Bright that there’s a Karaba supply ship inbound, so he suggests our mentally wounded troops rest while we get everything sorted out.

Outside, Toshiya and Maria are informing us that Eiji and the maids have stayed behind in Inglessa to look for Touga, with Eiji thinking that Touga's condition is his fault.
What happened to Eina and Runa is nobody's fault, of course, but Kiraken figures Eiji must be empathizing with Touga as a former runaway himself. Renton himself understands the level of commitment necessary for running off like that and Setsuko asks if he’s implying Touga won’t come back.
He doesn’t know but, while has hasn’t spoken much to the guy, Renton sees something in Touga that’s different from him and that lets him believe in his return. Setsuko understands: Touga lives to fight and that can be his weakness OR his strength.
Regardless, there's nothing else for it but to trust Touga will find himself and that Eiji can bring him back.

It's unclear to what Touga and Eiji could do even if they returned, though, given the current state of their crew: with Eina and Runa also lost, Hayato says the Phantom System won’t be enough to get Gravion moving properly. Mel seems to have lost hope for the Gran Knights but Rand says those two have been giving it everything they had all this time and he’s certain they’ll come back and go on with their duty.
If only the missing Mizuki and the unconscious Leele would come back together... Who can grant Sandman's wishes if they fail here?

Just then, a man named David Wayne comes on the scene, looking for Marin and co. Seems like he’s an old academy-mate of Oliver and Quinstein called him over to Trinity City to be Baldios’ new pilot!
He claims to have learned all sorts of subspace tech from Quinstein and is well equipped to handle Baldios; furthermore, he’s an Earthling and the job of protecting Earth falls on them.
Oliver and Raita aren’t actually supporting this and David tells Marin that Quinstein wanted to speak to him. Sounds good, because Marin was looking for a chance to tell her off – the Pulsar Burn is his and no one else’s.
That's fine with David, who's confident he's got the skills to earn the spot as Baldios’ pilot by his own merits. Marin is as baffled as anyone else at why Quinstein seemingly doesn't trust him anymore...

On to better news, Hayato brought Amuro a present with the Karaba supplies: a new Gundam, made by the AEUG as part of their independent armament campaign as insurance against Zaft.
It never hurts to be prepared for the worst, Quattro thinks, and relying solely on Zaft could be quite dangerous. Hayato asks him for his opinion on Durandal’s methods but Quattro would rather not say anything: doubt can easily turn into certainty if you let it surface.
Hayato is seemingly satisfied with that answer but, before he goes, he says the new Gundam isn’t the only thing he’s bringing from Anaheim – there’s also a small present for Amuro. It’s a white pilot suit, sent by a rather passionate fan of his who works in the company.

She insisted white is his color and made sure they brought it over but Beltorchika isn’t all that happy with Amuro getting gifts from some mystery girl.
That said, Amuro doesn’t even know who it is so he asks her not to read too much into this. What he wants to know is what he did to merit his own special mech, and Hayato tells him that it's got some experimental Newtype-only weapons based on his old data.
Inwardly, Quattro sees that Anaheim’s put the Zeon info he sent them to good use and completed their development of the Psycoframe. Regardless, Amuro doesn’t really like that Newtype research data is spreading around but the engineering team is confident that he’ll like this 𝛎 (Nu) Gundam.
Amuro will give it a shot, saying the unit itself bears no guilt.
With that done, Hayato will be heading to Tresor to drop off some other cargo and Amuro asks if he won’t meet up with Katz before he goes. He won’t, though, saying Katz joined the AEUG by his own free will so he’s a grown man now…that said, he does ask Amuro to pass along a message to not make his mother cry.

Amuro agrees and is relieved to see that Hayato’s ever the fatherly figure but Quattro’s more concerned with the political situation around them: Blex seems to be ratcheting up his defensive stance against Durandal and he knows that Axis should have reached Earth by now.
Depending on what Durandal does about that, the AEUG may have to cut ties with their sponsor.
He knows of Amuro's worries too, and tells him that they should wait for the Minerva's return for now. The "inquiry" could be considered an attempt to restrain ZEUTH and Quattro says they must be wary of both Durandal and Axis’ next moves.

Location: Galia – Gibraltar Base, MS Hangar

At Gibraltar, said inquiry has ended with no punishment for the Minerva crew and Shinn thanks Durandal for his support.
Durandal apologizes for putting them through the wringer, saying that normally the Minerva's captain should have been above such things due to her FAITH status. However, both ZEUTH and the Minerva’s actions were greatly criticized so he had no choice but to put this matter to trial.
Neither of the boys blame him which eases the chairman’s guilt a bit and Shinn adds that they were both moved by his message to the world the other day. His respect notwithstanding, Durandal says, as before, that it’s all done in the interest of putting an end to this war.
Of course, revealing the existence of the Sage Council only served to change the Federation’s leadership and did jack to stop the conflict – Shinn’s certain it was the better choice than just leaving them be, though.
Durandal thanks him for his words and adds that his unwavering conviction helps give him strength. He’d like to do the same for them, in preparation for the battles ahead, and points to two new units nearby: the ZGMF-X42S Destiny and ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundams.
He and Rey are getting the very latest and greatest he can offer technology- wise, better in every way than their previous machines.

: I’m sure that, with this unit, you’ll be able to able to keep on growing and make full use of your abilities.
: Full use, huh…
: Indeed… every human has what could be called inborn “roles”. Both you and Kira Yamato are warriors through and through.
: That guy…and me?
: In our current world, none of us know who we truly are. We don’t know our strength or our proper role and are content with merely living our lives adrift.
: I believe this to be the root of the chaos gripping the world…that is to say, the root of the current conflict.
: Chairman...
: Kira Yamato... I can sympathize with him somewhat. His was truly a regrettable situation…
: He possessed so much talent and strength… had he lived as a warrior – as a soldier – he would’ve been able to fully manifest his abilities.
: Yet no one, not even him, knew this. And so, he did not live or grow as he should’ve and was simply adrift in this era.
: I can’t even imagine what he could’ve accomplished had he used his might correctly…
: …
: I don’t know what he was thinking when he separated from Lacus Clyne after the last war, but he kidnapped Orb’s princess and stepped into battlefields to attack any enemy he pleased.
: I can’t understand what purpose he saw in doing such things…
: …
: Had he only learned more about himself sooner and understood his strength and role as you two have, he could’ve lived in a way that made full use of it all…
: Instead of worrying and suffering, he would’ve been praised for his strength and lived happily…
: “Happily”…?
: People can only live a satisfying, happy life after understanding who they are and using all their might to fulfill their purpose, no?
: Once this war is over, I truly want to create a world like that.
: If the world becomes a place where everyone can live happily, I’m certain there’ll be no more conflicts… I know this sounds like a pipe dream but…
: …
: But I shall strive to make it a reality and I’d like you two to do your part to make it so.
: Yes, sir…!
: I’m counting on you, Shinn…you too, Rey.
: Yes, sir…
: (You are both warriors… there’s no need to overthink things. Indeed…you mustn’t end like him…)

Elsewhere in the base, Meer has called Athrun out, begging him to apologize to Durandal.
She's heard that Durandal intends to execute him for meeting Kira, news of which somehow got out from their secret meeting at Port Tarkius - Durandal thinks Athrun’ll turn against him since he refuses to forget about Kira.
He thanks her but says Durandal's the sort of man who can always come up with excuses for discarding things that don't do what he wants them to, rightfully or otherwise. It’s now very clear to Athrun that he can no longer trust Durandal – not after his words, his message to the world and his using Meer as Lacus’ substitute.

One thing Athrun won't become is Durandal's fighting puppet, no matter how "righteous" his words might sound. Indeed, he has no use for those who won’t fulfill their assigned roles: he needs both of them to be, respectively, an obedient Lacus and MS pilot.
“But not even you can keep acting like Lacus forever and, when that happens, he’ll have you killed too! So, please, come with me!”, he yells.

Meer starts panicking, yelling that she is Lacus – she LIKES being Lacus – and, regardless of whether it’s a role or not, they can both go on living if they play their parts well. Right?!
Just then the warning klaxons go off: no doubt the troops are looking for Athrun.
Meyrin finds them first, telling Athrun that one of the police force came to their quarters looking for him. Seems like Zaft’s already hunting him and Meyrin wants an explanation for what’s happening.
There isn’t any proper reason, of course, and, after thinking for a bit, Meyrin calls Athrun over to a path that avoids the base’s patrols – she’s seen that they’re armed and would rather have him escape than killed.

: Athrun, please! Don’t go!
: Goodbye, Lacus…

Mission 43 - Destiny and Freedom

: We're pretty far now, so we should be safe.
: Sorry…I ended up getting you mixed up in this mess…
: ...I believe in you, so I don’t regret it one bit.
: Thanks, Meyrin…
: Wait! There are two units closing in on us!
: They’re running the Savior down?!

: Athrun…
: Shinn…?!
: What the hell are you doing?! Answer me!
: Hold on, Shinn! This is—
: Shinn, we’ve orders to shoot him down. Even if he did return to base, he’d simply be executed.
: Shoot him down?! Meyrin’s in there with him!
: And she’s his accomplice.
: Still, that’s—!
: The world’s about to be united thanks to the Chairman’s efforts. Would you destroy the hopes of all those who want that?
: !
: Athrun’s betrayed not just the Chairman but all of ZEUTH.
: So pull yourself together! It’s up to us to put an end to him!
: Wait, Shinn! I know that Rey and the Chairman’s words might sound appealing but they’ll eventually be the death of the entire world!!

These following bits only show up if you’ve been gathering those SEED Destiny secret points:

: Stop this, Athrun! If you’ve got stuff you wanna talk about, you need to surrender!
: I…I don’t want to fight you!
: Then you need to let me go!
: I…--!

Back to the common ground:

: Don’t listen to him, Shinn! He’s gone insane!
: If you’re going to shoot me down then let me drop Meyrin off! She’s—
: She already shares your guilt and has no further use.
: Rey…
: They’re enemies, Shinn!
: They betrayed the Chairman. Betrayed us. They're going to tear down all we've worked for! Are you going to let them?!

: You’re the one who’s wrong, Athrun! You’re…YOU’RE A TRAITOR!!
: Shinn!

No skill point here. You just need to take Athrun out and lose if either Shinn or Rey get shot down.

Before anything, let’s take a look at our new toys:

Destiny Gundam (Shinn Asuka)

Legend Gundam (Rey Za Burrel)

Very nice, indeed. These two mechs take upgrades off their predecessors and they’re both excellent: Shinn’s Destiny is pretty much an all-in-one pack of the Impulse and it excels at all of them while Rey’s Legend is a long-range attacker (it’s pretty much Prayer’s Dreadnought in W, which was the baseline for this MS series).
Shinn’s just propelled himself to the position of one of our top damaging reals (while also being very hard to kill stacking Double Image with VPS) with this and Rey – with a new post-movement TRI – now has a solid spot in that sub-leader position.

Athrun may be starting to not be an idiot but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop pummeling him.

If your SEED Destiny Secret points are low:

: This is your fault! It's all your fault! You betrayed us!
: (I can't get to him… words won’t convince Shinn of how dangerous the Chairman is...)
: (…Even if I said anything, it'd just confuse him more!)
: The Chairman's trying to unite the world!
: And so is ZEUTH, but YOU--…!

If your Destiny Secret points are high, however, you get this one:

: Stop it, Shinn! I don't want to fight you!
: Then land and turn yourself in! Or else, I...
: Even if I did, they’d just shut me up! I HAVE to go right now!
: You're just like Kira Yamato! If you think you're doing the right thing, then explain!
: Shinn!
: You think you're the only one who can see the whole picture?!
: Why don't you just tell us?! Aren't we on the same side?!
: (This won’t work... words won’t convince Shinn of how dangerous the Chairman is...)
: (…Even if I said anything, it'd just confuse him more!)
: If you can't answer me, then you really are a traitor!

Oi, Athrun’s hacking the RNG!
Special lines:

Rey can’t get in attack range, so he just moves closer.

Enemy Phase!

Just to be safe, Shinn dodges this.

Player Phase!

Slap this sumbitch, Rey!

: Rey! You knew everything about the Chairman's plans and still went along with him?!
: The Chairman is doing his utmost to bring the world together. We are his tools.
: Don't you understand what that's going to lead to?!
: We don't have the luxury of being choosy. I will eliminate anyone that interferes with the Chairman!

More lines:

: Tell him to eat shit, Shinn!
: Eat shit!
: Now go and kick his ass!!

No, wait… we actually SHOULDN’T destroy Athrun here because:

BIG Secret and Ending Point Alert!

Yeah, you get penalized by taking him out so let’s not do that. Gonna skip ahead to when turn 4 rolls around.

Player Phase!

Total Ending Points: 4

: What are you doing, Shinn?! Can you not handle the Destiny’s power?!
: I…!
: Still hesitating? Fine, then I’ll handle this!
: Stop, Rey!
: I’ll strike down all of Gil’s enemies!
“I won’t tolerate any betrayal against Gil!”

: Urgh!

: …Our mission’s complete.
: …Mission…?
: That’s right. We destroyed the traitors – the enemies.
: …
: We’ve done as we should…

High secret point lines:

: Are you sure, Rey…? Is that really what happened …?
: …
: I…

Back to normal:

: Let’s head back.
: (Athrun…Meyrin…)

: Athrun Zala was aboard that unit…?

The Gibraltar crew confirms that the Savior has been shot down and Talia is NOT happy.
Durandal says he understands how she feels and claims to be just as saddened: he didn’t think things would end like this after reinstating Athrun and granting him FAITH status. Talia still thinks this all happened too quickly and demands a thorough explanation for what happened.
He intends to do so, seeing how he has much he needs to ask her too – about Athrun and about ZEUTH. Before that, though, he wants Lunamaria brought over so he can personally tell her what happened.
As she leaves:

: (We couldn’t confirm that the Archangel was sunk but Kira and the Freedom were shot down... is this checkmate?)
: (No… I cannot grow complacent - the white Queen is still in play.)
: (But you’re far too late, Lacus Clyne… it won't be long before you have no more allies in this world…)

Well, that was a whole lot of intrigue for a prologue, huh? The main mission’s still coming but we’ll get to that around Monday or Tuesday.

See you all then!