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Part 176: Mission 44 - Prologue

Chapter 44 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: Athrun! I invested time and energy into you! Oh well, on the plus side, I got the Destiny!

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 153 Kills
2. Amuro - 119 Kills
3. Talia - 111 Kills
4. Shinn - 108 Kills
5. Quattro - 100 Kills

First, let's have a look at the new mech that was given to us last mission, but we didn't have a chance to officially use until now. The RX-93 ν Gundam is an endgame Mobile Suit. It fits the general role of one by being a great grunt cleaner, but of course it also has some pretty powerful attacks. It has a handful of unique abilities. First, the I Field ⊿, which decreases beam attacks by 1500 damage once the pilot hits 110 Will. Next, it has the Psychoframe ability. A powerful one that when the pilot hits 130 Will will cause the ν to gain +10 Mobility and Hit Rate. Also, it's Fin Funnel attack will gain +200 Attack Power, +1 Range, +10 Hit Rate, and +30 Critical Hit Rate. Now, it's supposed to also up the Beam Saber's attack power by 200, but due to a glitch instead decreases it by 200. Still, not bad. Plus your Funnels will have so much range by that point it doesn't matter much. Overall it's a nice unit to have! Furthermore, now that we've aquired it Amuro's Squad Leader Bonus has changed. It's upgraded from " +10% Evasion and Critical Hit Rates" to "+10% Evasion Rate, +20% Critical Hit Rate." However, the ν does have one minor issue for me, it doesn't really fit with with Amuro's Attack Again. Sooooo I'm going to keep Amuro in the Dijeh. Of course, this leaves the question of just what to do with the ν. I need a pilot who's a Newtype, who would like to use it's collection of ALLs while still not minding going ahead with non-post move attacks... Oh! I know!

Welcome to your new machine Quattro. I'm sure in a couple years you'll appericate this.

I bring the ν up to speed.

And the Mecha-Tekkouki too. No other mechs need upgrades today.

Quattro gets a Linear Seat because why not?

Another Strategy Manual, this one for the Drill Spazer. King Gainer needs a Solar Panel. Grendizer upgrades from a Chobham Armor to a Hybrid Armor, with the Mecha-Tekkouki taking the old Chobham.

Finally, the Squads for this mission.

Congrats to promotion to Squad Leader Luna. With Shinn in the Destiny, the Impulse becomes pilot swappable, so Luna gets it. I like the Impulse, I like Luna, so she gets to be a Leader once in a while. Banjou is relegated to squadmate status for now because Kappei knows Valor and Banjou doesn't. On to what's going to be a doozy of a stage.

Back in San Germain castle, Marinia and Tesera reports that Toga is still missing, despite the efforts from Eiji and some other maids. Hell, even Garrisson, Norman and Dorothy are helping but no cues have been found.
Twille would like to get all of the Maid Corps out there to help but they’d need Sandman’s go-ahead for that and he’s still locked up in his own room. Tessara wonders what’ll become of Earthgertz and the Gran Knights with the way things are…

: You needn’t worry…!

: That voice--!
: Here I am, at last.
: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
: Master Sandmaaaaaaaannnnn! ()
: I kept you all in suspense…please accept my sincere apologies.
: Nonononono! Welcome back! Welcome!
: …
: Why are you angry, Mr. Raven?
: It’s nothing! Now, what’s the situation?!
: Master Toga is still missing. However, we have detected some movement by the Skull Moon Alliance.
: Comparing it to their old data, we estimate they’re preparing an attack of scale unlike anything they’ve done before.
: I see… then we must bring Toga and the others back before darkness blankets our world.
: But I heard Gravion was still REALLY damaged!
: Sandman...
: Indeed, now may be the time... we need the radiance of the sun to sweep away these dark clouds…

Location: Lunar Surface – Skull Moon Base

We find Aphrodia in deep thought but, when Rubina asks, she says there’s no problem. The princess isn’t so easily fooled, though, seeing that Aphrodia is ill at ease regarding the upcoming operation.
Even at times of war, this operation is beyond inhuman and, should it be executed, will cost the lives of billions of innocents. Aphrodia says she cares not the earthling lives and this plan is necessary for the success of their invasion – furthermore, regardless of her position as her personal secretary, she will not tolerate Rubina voicing such complaints.
Besides, Aphrodia sounds sure that Rubina, whose feelings for Duke Fleed led her to defy her father once, couldn't possibly understand the weight of the Aldebaron’s mission.
Everything they do is for the S-1 people and she’s ready to become a demon herself for them; Rubina doesn’t believe it, though, and asks her to stop lying to herself.

Rubina plans to talk to her father and have the operation stopped, but Aphrodia says that won't work: the plan came from Gattler and, even if it were somehow averted, the Gaizock, Eldar and Zeravire would just do something even worse.
Those guys haven't the faintest concept of morality or justice, and it should tell Rubina how desperate the war has become that Aphrodia’s people are resorting to these monsters for aid. All the same, Rubina knows that Aphrodia is saddened by all this.
At length, Aphrodia has to admit it: once, she never would have given an order from a superior a second thought but now the thought of the impending slaughter brings pain to a part of her heart.

Rubina supposes Teral is to thank for restoring some of her old kindness, though the former commander still hasn't returned.
She tells Aphrodia to make up her mind if she's troubled by this: if this war continues, her own people will suffer. The S-1'ians should have opted for a method besides war if they really wanted a new homeworld.
Aphrodia digests that a moment, and tells Rubina that she's been ordered to execute whoever the traitor is who's been transmitting something out of Skull Moon Base. Rubina owns up to it readily: she's been feeding Duke Fleed all the information she's got, with help from Flick.

: If you’re going to shoot me, go ahead.
: My life was laid down long ago in the name of peace.
: Why did you confess? Do you think I’m no longer strong enough to pull the trigger?
: No, I think now you can understand what I speak of and why I did what I did.
: …
: Cmdr. Aphrodia…let’s defect to Earth together.
: I’m sure Duke Fleed will take us in and think of a way to save the peoples of both worlds.
: Your beloved Duke Fleed…pilot of the Grendizer.
: I’ve heard that a man from S-1 is also fighting with him in ZEUTH.
: The traitor, Marin Raygun… are you telling me to follow the same path as he?
: This has nothing to do with him: what you should be thinking of is what you can do for the future of S-1’s people.
: Their future…
: Let’s go, Cmdr. There’s still time.
: …
: No…I just cannot betray the Commandant. He was like a father to my brother and I ever since we lost our family as children…
: Cmdr. Aphrodia…
: Princess… please forget we ever had this conversation. I’ll also forget your crimes.
: Cmdr. Teral entrusted me with transporting the POWs back to Earth… I leave that in your hands.
: …I understand.
: You’ll have your chance to defect at the next deployment. I’ll help as much as I can.
: Thank you, Cmdr. I pray that, someday, you’ll be able to be honest with yourself.
: Thank you, Princess. And farewell…

Elsewhere, Toga's wandering aimlessly through town, managing to bump into some drunk Breakers. When he doesn’t say anything, they figure he thinks he’s too good for them because of his pretty face.
Well, ya shouldn’t mess with Hola’s gang and now they’ve got a whuppin’ with his name on it!
Not, as Faye jumps in and punches the first hooligan and when the other calls her Toga’s girlfriend, she gives him one too.

: Y-you hit me…! That’s twice!!

The two clear out when they realize Faye's a Federation soldier, vowing to kick her ass once the Federation falls. She turns to Toga and sees that he hasn’t changed even after all these years and, snapping out of his trance.
Seems like seeing her face-to-face has jogged his memory and, indeed, he now remembers her? The very same Faye who grew up with him in an orphanage. Sandman was the orphanage’s sponsor but, to all of them, he was also a father figure.
Faye tells him that Sandman was supposed to take her, with her strong G Factor, off to live in his castle…but he changed his mind and picked the other G Factor bearer, Toga, to be pilot the Gran Kaiser.

Faye thinks that was a mistake: Sandman had taken a gamble in Toga’s untapped potential but that obviously failed given how he lost to the Zeravire.
She tells him it's his responsibility that one of the G Driller's pilot has died and the other has gone MIA, and is far from impressed when he pleads with her to stop. His dead comrades must be turning in their graves with what a weakling he is.
On the other hand, she tells him she can help him use his powers fully if he comes and becomes her subordinate. He won't have to think, or feel, just follow her orders like when they were kids.
She's sure that having him will let her Gran Troopers become even more powerful than Gravion...

But that's about the time Eiji finds them. He asks him to come back to us but Toga just wants to forget all about Gravion, the Gran Knights, and ZEUTH. He just wants to be a monster, like Eiji said he'd become one day, and stop feeling pain and doubt.
Eiji's not having it, asking if he really wants to forget all the stuff they’ve seen and together: trying to stop Junius Seven, Setsuko’s tears for Denzel and Toby, kicking the demons off Japan, Shinn and Kamille’s pain, helping Rand and Garrod and everyone in their fight to save the world... would he just let go of all that?!

: Tch, poor Eina and Runa! They died for someone this pathetic!


: Bah, what the hell was that? That sorta punch ain’t gonna do anything to me after all the training Tetsuya and the Elements put me through!
: Hell, even Renton and Eureka’s kids could take you on right now – even Princess Ana could!
: Aaaargh!!


: Better! That punch there was about Gainer’s level!
: Now here’s your payback!


: Urgh!
: You think you’ve been fighting this alone?! You’re not the only one sad because Eina and Runa are gone!
: There’s Setsuko, Tsugumi, Maria, Sochie, Fa, Keiko, Emma, Sara, Mel, Kouji, Jiron...everyone’s hurting ‘cause of it!
: Shut up! Eina was with me since I was a child and and Runa and I always trained together!
: All you do is cause trouble! Quit making people worry about you, dumbass!
: Leave me alone! Nobody asked you to worry about me!
: But Daisuke, Amuro, Loran and Löwen still do worry! Umee and Shaia, too!
: Hell, even Tifa and Rena were using their powers to look for you!
: Huh…
: But ya better be ready! Marin, Sirius, Gavane, Kappei and Adette are pissed!
: Once you’re back, Gengoroh, Kengoh and Bright are gonna give you one hell of a lecture!
: And, after that, you’re gonna get a year’s supply of Roger’s sass, Banjou’s wry smiles and Holland’s “Tch’s”!
: So cut this crap out and come back! Everyone’s waiting for you!
: They’re…
: Either way, if you really feel bad, then stay beside Leele!
: Leele…

*Beep, beep.*

: An urgent transmission…? A large group of aliens’ showed up at the South Pole?!
: Crap, no time to lose! We gotta get back to ZEUTH, Toga!
: But…even if I went back, Gravion is…

*Someone walks over.*

: You kids should leave worrying about stuff like that for later.
: Mizuki…
: But that means you’re ready to get going, right?
: Runa! You’re alive?!
: Let’s go, Toga, Eiji. Our battle is not finished.
: Sandman…
: Sandman…I…
: You don’t need to say anything, Toga. Come…Leele’s waiting.
: Yes…!

(Note: Obviously Eiji only mentions Setsuko, Rand and their supporting characters on their respective routes. Just a bit of concolidation here.)

Location: Pacific Ocean – Trinity City, Briefing Room

Quinstein and Tsukikage are briefing Marin and the others about what the aliens have brought to the South Pole: a thermal device which might as well be called an artificial sun.
The aliens have shown up in mass and are guarding the thing as it melts its way through the polar ice, eventually changing the world's sea level and producing massive flooding.
You’d think such an enormous potential for damage would get the Federation to mobilize their troops but you’d be very wrong: the flooding’s expected to mostly affect nations not part of the Federation, so they don’t care. Hell, Olson thinks that some of the Feds are just cold- hearted enough to reckon that this development is actually a plus.
Orb and Emaan are among the areas that’d be flooded and it seems to be an indication of how closely Orb was aligned with the Sages that they're being hung out to dry now.
Kamille asks about what Zaft’s up to as they still have their Carpentaria Base by the South Pole and could send troops over...reports say they did, actually, and their mooks were promptly destroyed by the aliens.
Garrod wonders if enemy is that strong but Quattro silently suspects that Zaft deliberately sent a light force.

Either way, we got a big problem in our hands and Jiron wants to get down there ASAP - Kouji agrees, ready to smash that sun to bits. Bright says the Minerva has just arrived, so we’ll be leaving together very soon.
News of what happened by Gibraltar has already reached us and both Mel and Setsuko are very dejected – indeed, Löwen finds it hard to believe Athrun would desert Zaft like that.
Tetsuya wonders if he might’ve tried to join up with the Archangel; we still don’t know if it even survived the Minerva’s attack but he can’t think of anywhere else Athrun would go if he left ZEUTH and Zaft.
Gainer’s heard that Shinn and Rey were the ones who shot him down – as well as the fact that Meyrin was aboard the Savior – but Rand tells him to cut them some slack because he’s sure they didn’t have a choice. Being a soldier’s a harsh life, Gain sighs, and Setsuko can only think of Shinn and Luna.

Talia enters the room to inform of the Minerva’s arrival and Jamil’s quick to ask what happened with Athrun.
She quotes the report she sent us: Athrun and Meyrin were found to be sending Zaft secrets to some unknown party and shot down as they tried to escape Gibraltar. Zaft’s police claim to have found corroborating evidence in Athrun's room, and Meyrin is treated as an accessory to it.
As for what the information was, that's Zaft-confidential and cannot be disclosed here.
That’s some pretty bullshit excuse for Talho and she’s not taking it when two of our friends are dead but Hap stops her from getting in Talia’s face – our priority now is to deal with the South Pole situation. Holland hopes Talia understands that it’s a big mistake to think the “military law” or “confidential” cards will work all the time.
She nods sadly, and Shaia supposes that Talia's the one with the most doubts about the incident here.

: …
: Shinn…
: …
: Shinn…
: Kamille, I…
: You don’t have to say anything, Shinn. No one here thinks you wanted to do that.
: But, I…
: It’s…it’s fine, Shinn…
: Luna…
: There was…no other choice, so…
: I’m…so sorry, Luna… I…
: …This isn’t the time for sorrow…
: Let’s go, Shinn… we’ve a mission to fulfill, as part of both ZEUTH and Zaft.
: OK, Rey…

As everyone starts leaving, Marin tells Quinstein that he wants an explanation about the Baldios pilot thing when he gets back. She was planning to do that anyway, as there’s something concerning this operation from the aliens that she wants him to hear.
She won’t say what it is and if it has anything to do with her trying to replace Marin right now, but vows to tell him everything if Earth is still around tomorrow.
She asks him to return safely and he snaps that he doesn’t need her telling him that.
As Marin leaves, Quinstein's got a guess as to what's going on but David breaks her thought; she’d like him wait to start piloting Baldios until this operation’s done but he’s not one to sit by and asks her for the OK to launch in the Fixer 1.
That unit was designed for emergencies, and this is a pretty big emergency. He’s learned subspace tech, and what it means to love someone, from her once, but he's no longer her student: he's a man, and he means to protect her like one.
He won’t die for Earth but he’ll readily do so for her.