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Part 181: Mission 45 - Inheritors of the Legacies - Part 2

Posting this now before the page flips!

Here’s the Skill point: you’ve until the end of turn 5 to take out all Psyco and Destroy Gundams.
They’re big blobs of HP but will fall quickly under concentrated fire; Sting has Prevail and can be very accurate with the MAPW, so he should be your first priority.
You should start wearing them down at the very least on turn 3 and that should also allow you to beat one of the Frost Brothers in time (I find that going after Bask is more trouble than it’s worth). When either Shagia or Olba are shot down, mind, the other will run but you can always try MAPing them.

One last thing to worry about :

Ending Point Alert!
Talk about a strange one, eh? The game doesn’t even hint at like the others but that’s what you gotta do.
Jerid and Mauer have 20k+ HP so the main problem here is babysitting the Gabthleys which can easily be brought down, especially if you don’t take away the Euclids’ TRI attacks.
Clear the eastern flank where they spawned and make sure you kill Sting ASAP because he will do a number on them with his MAPW.

Just to be extra safe, Hap casts Confuse.

Our western wing is moving towards Sting but let’s deal with Abel along the way.

: Wh-what…?! This guy’s reading me like a book!
: I can feel some slight power… this man’s awakening as a Newtype?
: But he’s far too aggressive and that’ll easily backfire.

: Huh… What is this weird sensation…?!
: If you can sense me, that means you have the gift as well!
: But I've been chosen! Your downfall will be facing me as an enemy!
: He’s willingly using his Newtype powers for battle…?!

: So you’re Jamil Neate, huh? An ex-hero…pathetic!
: You need to stop! You may not realize it but your power is just a tool in the hands of others!
: I am a Newtype! My duty is to win battles with that very power and that’s just what I want!
: This man… he’s exactly like I used to be!

: He’s not a Cyber Newtype… a natural?
: You can sense me? Then, I guess you have that power too!
: His spirit is awash with aggressiveness and elitism… but he’s got it all wrong…!
: He’s just another victim, bound by the name “Newtype”!
I had no idea this attack had a dynamic finish!

Abel once again couldn’t activate the Flash System and he can’t understand why.
Still, he swears to manifest his Newtype powers next time!

Apollo moves in punching range of everything, wrecking an Euclid group in the process.

Gravion’s Sol Graviton Bringer is pretty much Touga’s best mook-clearing attack because it’s dirt cheap, can chain into another attack and pierces barriers.
Love this dynamic finish.
Talho and Shaia drop the surviving Windams.

And Gauli’s finally a worthwhile squaddie, learning Confuse and Support Defend L3.

Kei’s en route to Sting but makes a stop at this Psyco to relieve it of 10k HP.

Two Euclids left to destroy.
True to her fame, Luna manages to wiff an 85% hit…at the very least we get to see Shinn’s Alondite dynamic finish.
The last Euclid group gets blown away by Roger’s missiles.

Them Asshimars are next and Banjou’s opening blow let’s Rand take an easy kill on the leader.

After Gainer shreds a healthy leader, Marin hops over to do his part.

But, of course, he’s short 600 HP. At the very least he dodges the counter hit.
Toshiya’s group takes both of these kills.

And Faye learns both Valor and Support Attack L3 from that.

Getter melts one of the leader Byarlants and Renton, switching in, drops another on the follow-up.

Enemy Phase!

Roger’s gets attacked by a Daughtress and Asshimar, who immediately regret it, and gets Kouji’s Mazin Power running.

The other weak Byarlant offers his life to Duke, who’ll readily take it.


And here come the Feds, taking my money… two Asshimars are killed.

The Big Gundams simply waste their time sniping at us.

Thank you for your contribution.
Sting manages to nick Baldios but that’s hardly a problem.

Mauer steals another Asshimar and in comes Jerid.

: Heh…never thought I’d be fighting Bask and Jamaican like this.
: Still, I’ll stick with those who value my skills…!
: And someday I’ll pass even Scirocco and stand at the top of the Titans!
45 HP?! This is why you suck, guy.

Player Phase!

Holland’s group is still inside, where they’ve just reached the room with Arthur and Norb.
Elchi also jumps into the room to see him but…

: Outta the way, Elchi!
: Maria!
: Aye, aye!

: That, again?!

Arthur’s glad to see the two girls here, too, but Elchi wants to know what all that was…a small pact between members of Arthur’s elite guard/fan club, the other two girls smirk.
Either way, Arthur’s glad to see everyone safe and Jiron, in turn, is happy to see that he really is making a life for himself outside of the Innocents’ domes. More importantly, Holland asks about Norb but Birin says some Fed took him away just a few moments ago.
Maria says it was some white-haired guy who was really imposing and Holland immediately figures it was Dewey – he sets off after them while telling Jiron to pull back ahead of him. Sounds dangerous to Jiron but if Dewey’s around, Holland has no other choice.

Elsewhere, Norb’s surprised to hear that Dewey had joined with the Sages but he says old things like that council are no longer needed in this new world. Indeed, he plans on crafting new values as the new King.
Norb’s heard of what Dewey’s done with his Oranges and asks him to stop: the Scub Coral isn’t calling out to him and continuing this puts the entire world at risk.
Dewey deems Norb as someone who’s “lost his opportunity” and isn’t very willing to listen: if the Scub won’t call on him, then he’ll simply destroy its mind.

Mind you, this extremism could’ve been avoided had Norb given him the chance to come into contact with the thing in the first place.
Norb still isn’t willing to help and even if he did, says it’s impossible for Dewey to communicate with the Scub Coral. Dewey doesn’t need the likes of communication and Norb is annoyed that he’d try to destroy the Scub without the faintest understanding of its will.
These antics may well mean the end for the entire planet, Dewey included.

Norb figures Dewey hasn’t forgotten what happened in Del Cielo and wonders how many times he needs to fail before he’s satisfied.
Dewey retorts that Norb’s the one who failed: he tried to be the partner of a humanoid Coralian and, as a result, Norb lost the love of his life. Norb admits to it but still holds onto hope that communication with the Coral is still possible.
Dewey wonders if Norb would still believe on “that man” whom he revealed the truth and entrusted the fate of the world to…

Said man is Holland, who catches up and knocks out Dewey’s escort. Dewey’s hardly impressed that he’d just jump into the game at such late a juncture but, then again, that’s to be expected from the black sheep of the Novak family!
Dewey figures he’s come to ask for something but, alas, he’s fresh out of gifts to give him… ah, well, he can have Norb, then. It’s the elder brother’s duty to entreat his spoiled sibling after all, after all.

Holland’s surprised that he’d just let the guy go but Dewey’s certain that Norb’s, inwardly, given up on Holland finding a suitable partner for Eureka and it shouldn’t take long for him to give up on talking to the Scub Coral altogether.
That makes Holland smile, and he promises Norb he's got a little surprise for him. His grin annoys Dewey, who yells that Holland never could measure up to him: from Lifting, to joining the army, Holland’s always been trying, and failing, to catch up.
Hell, Talho is even Dewey’s ex – now that’s a match made in heaven, he thinks.

And what about that ridiculous ray=out magazine of his? Holland tried to expose the truth to the masses with it and what happened? A whole bunch of nothing: he spewed a stream of idiocy and simply wasted his time.
In reality, the people do not care about the truth: the only thing that really moves them is a loud voice and strong incentive. You need only stimulate what little pride the foolish masses have and they’ll choose lies over the truth every single time!

As his older brother, Dewey suggests Holland take a look at the big picture if he wants to stand a chance of winning. Holland sniffs that Dewey hasn’t changed one bit and proclaims to be a bit disappointed at how very far behind the guy is.
Hasn’t he seen how different the Nirvash’s gotten? Yeah, he’s found the one and, on that note, he drags Norb away to see that hope is alive and well.
Dewey demands Holland explain himself but Holland gives him the old “Don’t beg, earn it!” and runs off.

Both infiltration teams come back successful and it looks like Jiron’s used his extra time to cook up a little something in the Feds’ hangar - he calls it fair compensation for the hardship these guys put Arthur through.
He’s got it all set up to launch via remote control but Chil isn’t very sure…that bomb looks mighty dangerous.
There’s a Doran leaving with them and it belongs to Birin and Maria, determined to accompany Arthur to wherever he goes. He’s taking a ride with them and Elchi promises to give them hell should anything happen to him.

Norb’s grown sullen again, watching Arthur having all those women taking care of him while he’s forced to ride shotgun with a hooligan but, hey, Holland’s having to put up with his yammering so he needs to suck it up.
All that’s left is to make a break for it and Jamil says we’ll have our opening if we can take out the enemies’ Destroys and Psycos.
But, hold on, there’s something flying straight towards us!

: The Big Duo…Schwarzwald?!
: Fallen Angels, the Devil Overman…and now you look into the demise of the Black History…! You seem to be getting closer to the truth, Negotiator!
: And you came here to stop me – to stop us?
: You’re free to think that if you wish. Now, you will all do battle with me!
: It’s that pinhead from the Saotome Labs?!
: He wants to fight us…?
: (So he’s the one who told Cid about that?)
: Who is this, Roger? What is he after?!
: I’m not sure and I don’t care to figure out…
: But one thing’s certain! I will always reject his so-called “truth”!
: Come, Roger Smith and Seekers of Truth! It’s time for you to step towards the final stage of your search!

Looks like Gainer and Shinn don’t appreciate his shenanigans.

We’ll have to deal with Schwarz immediately lest Jerid’s team attack him and get wrecked. Before that, though, a quick look at Arthur’s helpers:

Doran (Birin Neda, Maria Maria)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Birin’s Squad Leader Bonus: +30% Money earned
Maria’s Squad Leader Bonus: +50% HP and EN restored

Birin’s Voice Actress: Satomi Majima (other known works: Watta in Trider G7, Yasuo in Dairugger and a few others)
Maria’s Voice Actress: Sumi Shimamoto (other known works: Ginrei in Giant Robo, Shokupanman in Soreike, Anpanman and several others)

More Xabungle squaddies. They’ve lower stats than Rag, Burume and Dyke but make up for those with some useful spirit commands.
I’ve enough supporters that they probably won’t see much use but they’re always there. Edit: I forgot Walker Machines can have people riding shotgun so Birin could go with Jiron or Rag and give us an extra Confuse caster.
At the very least the Doran’s a useful Walker Machine that can fly and use a post-movement TRI. It comes with three upgrade bars already in, so it’s a good ride for anyone not using the Xabungle and Gallia.

Oh, and a quick Rouse from Stoner triggers the Element System. Let’s get rid of mummy man before he screws something up!

His music is pretty sweet, mind.

: Oho… Still haven’t opened your eyes, hm?
: Ah…?
: You don’t know what you’re doing at all, boy! Hilarious!
: You are certainly a fragment of the truth! And you have the power to lead this world to it!
: “The power to lead the world to the truth”…? He means the White Doll?

: Machine Angel Aquarion! You and the Fallen Angels are all pitiful sinners, forever bound by the chains of fate!
: Is this man trying to disturb us with these absurdities?!
: Shut your trap, pinhead! I ain’t got time to listen to your bull!
: I only believe in stuff I’ve seen with my eyes! If I wanted to know any “truth”, I’d go and look for it!!

: Yo, pinhead! Still spouting the same crock, eh?
: I’m fulfilling my duty - to inform the truth to the world!
: Then use words lowbrow folks like me can understand!
: Yelling a buncha baloney only makes ya look crazy!
: Sooner or later, you’ll know the truth! And, when you do, you’ll remember my words and lament your foolishness!
: Sorry, bub, but there already ain’t a single day where I don’t tear my hair out ‘cuz of my nonsense!

: Schwarzwald! Cease your meaningless rhetoric immediately!
: “Meaningless”… I suppose it is.
: Indeed, there’d be no point in speaking when you insist on averting your eyes from the truth!
: I’ll find the answers concerning the nature of your “truth” and how it relates to the Black History under my own power!
: So this is where we part! Schwarzwald, man whom the truth bewildered… Disappear into the darkness!!
“Such is the truth about this combat, Schwarzwald!”

: I...I see it! The world draped in flames and, from its ashes, a new world is born…!
: THIS is the truth...! The advent of the Great Power!
: What is it that you know, Schwarz?!
: I’ve led you to the truth! And now that my duty is complete, I shall take my leave from the stage!
: Farewell, Roger Smith!

: …If your truth is that the world will end, we might well be headed towards that…
: Still, I’ve no intention of simply accepting it. Such is my answer to you.

He dies as he lived: being cagy as fuck … Setsuko did have lines for him and, for whatever reason, I forgot to have Gainer attack even though I had him take this side precisely to do so:

: You seem to be getting close to the truth, too!
: Huh?
: I understand now! You and your unit are the same as my Big Duo and I!
: My unit and I...?
: However, there’s no more point to your existence now that I’ve attained the truth! So, I’ll just eliminate you!

: Wielder of the OverDevil’s kin! Sooner or later, you, too, will be absorbed by another fragment of the truth!
: I don’t care! That “truth” of yours just sounds like some really bad stuff to me!
: The truth is the truth! Notions of good, bad, likes and dislikes are all meaningless and humans have no choice but to abide to it!
: No thanks! I won’t just blindly accept what others decide!

Sting is next on our “needs to die” lies because, if we don’t, he’ll MAP everyone come his turn.

: I’m sure you’re also being made to fight against your will, just like Stella and Four…
: Hang on… I’ll destroy this machine and set you free!
Kid’s as crazy as the old druggies.

And I forgot that I’ve armor down attacks now, so Toshiya hops on over and melts the Destroy a bit.

Keep the pain train going and, to maximize Kei’s damage, Olson switches over.

Popping valor, too.

And there goes 18k HP.

A valored Heat Crusher from Rand followed by a hit from Jiron leaves Sting down in the red.

Do it, boy!

: This unit…it’s because of it that Stella…!
: Damn you! I won’t tolerate this thing or anyone who makes more of it!!

And now we’re pretty much in the clear.
Rey learns Valor as his prize for reaching level 50.

Of course, Four also had lines for him:

: Outta my way! Anyone who bugs me gets vaporized!
: Sting… you don’t even remember us or the Phantom Pain anymore, do you…?
: Then, all I can do is put a stop to you…

Sting is dazed as his mech begins to fragment, wondering where Auel and Stella went. He blows up soon after.
“Rest, Sting…you don’t need to fight anymore…”, Four inwardly tells him.

Grendizer Full Power triggers right when I need it.

Following a hit from Holland, Amuro moves in to double attack the weaker Psyco and also get in range to slap the Frost Brothers.

Hmmm, delicious.

The thing decides to give me sass and survive Double Burning Fire with about 300 HP, so it falls on Ryouma to finish the job.

That gets Amuro and Gauli to take the kiddie gloves off.

Next up is this baby Destroy, who’s reduced to charred pieces of black metal after a Triple Mazinger Blade. Easy prey for Touga.
I love both Eiji’s smug face and the fact that he’s such a bad shot that none of his missiles and lasers actually connect. The dynamic finisher’s pretty sweet, though.

Oh, I had completely forgotten about this kid!

Enemy Phase!

This is why you want those Euclids dead as soon as possible: they can do big damage on those Gabthleys and they WILL get themselves killed by attacking a big Gundam or, worse, one of the Frost Brothers.
Full HP ensures their survival for one turn as the enemies will pretty much always prioritize us (unless, of course, Sting is still alive whereupon he’ll MAP at the drop of a hat).

As Touga draws the attention of the surviving Gundams, Olba ignores Garrod who’s right close by and goes after Baldios.
Fine by me, prick.

…Thankfully, Shagia does the same thing and HIS squaddies decide to play ball and get oneshotted.

Player Phase!

I don’t have the patience to set up a MAP kill of both brothers with someone who needs it and we cannot allow Renton to grow any stronger lest his power be too much for us to control!
Shagia has the better item, so we’ll go for him.

: What is this feeling…?! It’s like I’m fighting two people…!
: Sensed us, did you? Well done, Camille Bidan.
: How do you know my—
: That’s because you, too, are a target we must eliminate.
: You’re not guilty of anything, mind. We simply cannot allow you to live.
: I won’t just let you take me out over that crazy logic!!
Shagia taking small damage from Newtypes #1: “It seems Newtypes are VERY overrated.”

: Just what is this pressure…?!
: Have you touched our minds, Red Comet?
: !
: We’ve also done a bit of our homework.
: Still, it matters not who you are.
: You’ll end up just like him if we leave you be. So, we’ll simply erase you here and now!

: Were you gathering Newtypes for the Sage Council, Frost Brothers?!
: Now that would be telling, Jamil Neate.
: However, you may know this: we fight only for ourselves.
: And those who’d oppose us, like you, will be destroyed!

Shagia taking damage from Jamil #1: “Urk! He may have lost his powers he’s still quite capable!”

: You bros are pathetic! Joining up with those Logos losers? Really?!
: Garrod Ran… a simple-minded child like you could never understand our long-term objectives!
: Let him ramble on, Olba. He’ll pay for his insolence in due time.
: Hmhm…you’re right, brother.
: I dunno what you’re up to but that ain’t gonna be a problem if I end you two here! Get ready!!

Garrod vs Shagia/Olba #1: “You bros are the only ones I ain’t ever letting off the hook!”
Shagia taking damage from Garrod #1: “The boy’s also gotten better…!”
Garrod dodging Shagia #1: “Tough luck, Shagia!”

: Such a dark pressure…hatred?!
: That’s right, Amuro Ray. But you must now pay for intruding into the minds of others…!
: We will not tolerate your existence. Revenge will be ours, again both your ilk and this world which did not accept us!
: They’re dangerous…this hatred could consume everything!

And he survived it with 255 HP…

Fine, Loran needed the exp.

Shagia reports that it’s impossible to continue and pulls back and Olba, figuring they’ve done more than enough, quickly reports problems with his unit and does the same.
Considering how stubborn they usually are, Roybea finds it odd they ran off so quickly and Witz figures they’re probably regretting siding with those Sage Council losers.
Jamil doesn’t think that to be something those devious brothers would do…they’re up to something.

Took you long enough.

Still a Destroy and Psyco to take out, so Kei goes to town.

Hey, how about we take Jiron’s new toy for a spin! Turns out what he got from Logos’ hangar wasn’t just ANY bomb…
Nah, don’t worry about any fallout. As Jiron himself says: “THIS is the power of a protagonist mech!!”

Last one!

Total Ending Points: 9

: Rrrgh! How could I’ve lost both the captives and my platoon of Destroys?!
: Damn it, then it’s time for my ace in the hole! Launch the nuke we were going to use on the Plants!!
: E-erm…I think that invading Walker Machine hijacked its controls…

Bask recommends they retreat as things will only get worse if they keep this up. Their best bet at a safe haven would be Orb, so that’s where they set out to.
At least they know when there’s no chance of victory and Ken-goh figures we better split too, lest we get into some unnecessary battle with the Feds. Arthur confirms Logos headed towards Orb which is pretty much their last stronghold now that they’ve lost Heaven’s Base.

As Talia orders everyone back to Trinity City, Mauer preemptively tells Jerid that they can’t go after us: far better to have ZEUTH take out the trash for the Federation, he figures.
Nearby, Dewey’s telling Holland that he’s powerless and, whether or not he’s found a partner for Eureka, it’ll be he who’ll save this world.

Back in Trinity City, Arthur also agrees with our theory that a dimensional quake happened in the last moments of the Black History – the legends passed down the Innocent seem to indicate that.
Judging from what was observed since the Break the World, it’s likely that Black History’s quake was also another such event but, unfortunately, he doesn’t know what triggered it as the Innocents sealed away much of their past in the interest of focusing on the new world they were creating. He guesses their kin, the Moon Race, are in the same boat.
Talia asks if he’s suggesting the Innocents and Moon Race share a common origin and the answer for that lies in the era following the Cataclysm/Black History: the people who, somehow, managed to survive the events were forced to leave the ruined Earth and make their living on the Moon.

They waited for the environment to restore itself and used some amount of technology to help speed things up but it was still a very lengthy process. Over time, some people of the Moon Race broke with the ruling House Soreil and left, disagreeing with the Soreil claim that it should be the next generation who repopulates the Earth.
Thus, these oppositionists became two groups: one seeking to return to Earth immediately and one seeking some other place to live, beyond the Moon.

The majority of the ones who set out into deep space went on to build and live in the first Space Colonies of their world – this group would, a long time later, give birth to the Space Revolutionary Army.
The other faction descended back into Earth, landing in the arid region of Zora in the northern hemisphere and building a new civilization there (Innocents). Some fragmentation happened right as they arrived, as part of their group wanted to restore their old pre-Cataclysm technologies – these moved to settle in the southern hemisphere where they would advance and, eventually, give birth to the UNE.
At length, people began to live in North Ameria (Inglessa and whatnot) and Siberia, each one becoming an individual civilization. That’s all Arthur knows of the post-Cataclysm era.
One thing Gwen doesn’t understand is why the North-Amerian and Gallian stance on technology differed so much despite their common origin – is there a reason for that? Arthur recalls that old adage that the Promised Land is forbidden and mustn’t be disturbed by anyone.

This legend has been passed down for generations of North Amerian people, decreeing the unearthing of technology as taboo. While Arthur doesn’t know the reason behind the legend, he assumes that something dangerous lies asleep in that land and it should stay that way.
He presumes that it’s a relic of the Black History but, of course, North Ameria wasn’t the only land to have one of those buried in…

On this subject, Elchi wants to ask more about the OverDevil but Arthur doesn’t know much aside from the fact that humans were fighting against the Fallen Angels at the end of the Black History.
Bright figures our only choice to figure out more about that era, and its demise, would be to look into the old Innocent cities and archives in hopes of finding something but Arthur has a different suggestion: there was a certain device who recorded these events and if we could access that, we’d have our answers.
Said device is located underneath the Moon’s oldest and largest power station – that is, underneath the Microwave Station that powers the Satellite System – and it is called D.O.M.E.. This facility is, supposedly, under the control of the Queen of the Moon and it has all events of the Black History stored within.
Furthermore, from what Arthur’s heard, the mind of a Newtype is also sealed in there which surprises Quattro and Jamil.

Regardless, Quinstein informs Arthur of our wish to study the Black History in order to stop the dimensional collapse and asks for his help. Though Arthur didn’t wish for a world like this to be born, the fact remains that billions live in it so, yes, he’ll do everything in his power to stop its destruction.
He’ll get in touch with all the other Innocents who live the world over and pool their collective knowledge to help us out.

This is interrupted when the Minerva’s Arthur shows up, having just received a transmission from Durandal: in two days time, at 1100 hours, Zaft will launch an attack at Orb to wipe out the Logos remnants.
Thus, he requests that the Minerva momentarily splits off from ZEUTH and assist with the operation. Looks like Durandal’s decided to go all-out to secure his victory…

Renton’s being examined by Norb and while he doesn’t really mind, the guy’s smell is certainly making things difficult. Regardless, Norb wants to take a very close look at him since he’s managed to convince Holland – Renton has a lot riding on his shoulders.
First things first, though, Norb is famished after having so little to eat in captivity and very eagerly accepts Eureka’s offer of Pizza – though he wants it with loads of mayonnaise!
Gainer doesn’t know what to make of this, wondering if mayonnaise has some sort of philosophical meaning to the Vodarac…Tiptree wasn’t like that, though. Jiron figures the guy just really likes the thing and he certainly doesn’t fit the image everyone had for Vodarac’s Pope-like guy.

:Hoo, boy… guess I’m not living up to the hype.
: Hmm…alright, how about I show you guys something interesting while the pizza’s heating up.
: Whoa, whoa…! You’re taking your clothes off?! Here?!
: Renton…you should see this too.

*Norb opens his robe.*

: !

: …
: There’s a Compac Drive…in your chest.
: This is what one who failed at becoming a partner looks like...
: “One who failed”…?

Location: Paradigm City – Paradigm Corp, President’s Office

Alan’s just finished reporting the defeat of both Schwarzwald and Big Duo to Alex, who ponders that Schwarz, too, headed to the world outside in search of some vague “truth”.
Alan reports that things are getting pretty hectic out there and Alex can’t comprehend why anyone would want to leave this peaceful city to go to such a place.
In fact, everything’s been so nice and quiet ever since Roger left… almost like a plot thread that lied disconnected from the main story ended up forgotten by the author. Alan asks if that’s metaphor for something and he’s free to take it in any way he wants.
Regardless, Alex wants Alan to keep his nose clean: all he desires is order and tranquility and he will not suffer anything that goes against his wishes to exist within Paradigm City.
And if need be, he's got power he can use – just as was done at the end of the so-called “Black History” – as The Big's true Dominus...

Before we end, if you’d taken the Ships route back on Rand’s mission 32 and followed the steps towards the 2nd Xabungle unit, you can finish that secret now by purchasing the Computer Core (コンピューターコア).
I couldn’t find a video of anyone getting this secret (because, why?), so there’s no summary for that scene.
Regardless of that, the Bazaar has a Messala and Gabthley for sale so we snag them both!

Anything to get our UC squaddies airborne.