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Part 182: Mission 46 - Justice Amidst the Chaos - Part 1

Chapter 46 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: We learned a bit more about the Black History, and got some nice upgrades, and are ready to go take down LOGOs once and for all!

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 160 Kills
2. Amuro - 119 Kills
3. Talia - 117 Kills
4. Shinn - 111 Kills
5. Quattro - 107 Kills

Right, there's some new things in the Bazzar!

First, we have the PMX-000 Messala.

Next, we have the RX-110 Gabthley. Both of which are shiny new Mobile Suits to stick side characters in. I buy them and a Thruster Module.

Maybe if Katz pilots the same Mobile Suit as Scirocco Sarah will like him more.

So Faye learns Hit&Away, like I said she should.

Birin, Maria Maria, and Rubina are all primarily suppot pilots, so load up on SP-Ups.

The ν has an S ranking in space, so Quattro gets his Space rank upped to match. Chil has access to Valor and Luck. She's amazing and how come I haven't gotten her SP-ups before now? Bright gets B Save, since the majority of his attacks are ammo based.

Setsuko gets 8 points in Melee, and 9 in Range. Loran gets his Ground Rank up to S. More SP-Ups for Matthew.

Kappei has his Melee upped by 6, with Range upped by 5. Amuro gets 5 each in Melee and Skill respectively. Boss gets Level 8 SP Up.

Gavane also gets Hit&Away. Luna gets 5 points for Melee. Katz maxes out his SP Ups.

Kouji gets a wopping 10 points in Melee. Maria gets another level of SP-Up. Toga gets his sixth point of Prevail.

Hikaru and Four get more SP, and that's everybody's Skill Upgrades!

I bring my new Mobile suits up to speed, and realize that somehow I've missed upgrading the Nirvash's EN. The Grendizer and Marine Spazer do some catching up too.

The Orgruss II gets a Strategy Manual. The Daitarn 3 is equipped with a Nanoskin Armor and Solar() Panel.

The Getter gets a Nanomachine unit. I slap a Barrier Field on the Walker Galia. The X puts on some Magnet Coating. The Boss Borot gets a Sensory Helmet.

Let's make Renton Dodgier! Some Magnet Coating for him too. The Golen gets an Inertial Control System.

So here we have the Squads for this big mission.

Location: Pacific Ocean – Trinity City

We find our people pondering the upcoming Orb invasion and while Jun wonders if we’re going to help, Apollo doesn’t see any reason to do so. Mind, Lunamaria says that since the order for the Minerva to go to Orb came directly from Durandal himself, not even Talia can refuse.
Silvia remembers that the AEUG’s allied with Zaft, though, so they might HAVE to go but Kamille disagrees: the AEUG simply cooperates with Zaft out of convenience but they’re not obligated to follow Durandal’s orders. Of course, things between both groups could turn sour if they do not help with such a large operation…
Ryouma also remembers that our groups received help from the Plants on several occasions, so we might not be able to just sit this one out.

: I don’t see why you’re not sure about this. That’s where those Logos people are.
: This is our chance to get rid of those warmongers and you’re hesitating?
: Still, it seems the Onorogo Island civilians haven’t been able to evacuate.
: !
: Orb’s an island nation so the civs don’t have anywhere to just run off to.
: Then, when Zaft’s attack begins…
: The islands’ citizens will be caught in the middle…
: Didn’t Zaft request they were evacuated?
: Of course but it doesn’t look like the Orb government is doing anything of the sort.
: They’re planning on using their countrymen as shields?
: Some “nation of peace”… they haven’t changed one bit even after driving the Athhas out…!
: Shinn…
: The chairman has done everything he could… as soldiers, we need only fulfill our given mission.
: And ya think playing the “orders” and “mission” cards makes it OK to drag innocents into this mess?
: That’s right.
: We left y’all in Japan exactly because we wouldn’t put up with crap like that…!
: What, then? Will you leave again?
: Pfeh... you jarheads really can’t do anything right…
: Easy, Apollo. This ain’t the place to have this talk.
: He’s right. And, besides, we’re ZEUTH, not Zaft.
: And since we’re not the military, we’ll act by our own decision.
: But what will you do if ZEUTH decides to join the Orb Attack?
: Then the Getter Team will sit this one out… that’s OK with you, Hayato, Benkei?
: Aye, aye. I’ll do as the leader says.
: In fact, I reckon I would’ve decided the same thing.
: Hey, hold on. Are you saying that we should leave those Logos guys alone?
: No, but…
: What should we do, then…?!
: I don’t wanna drag the Orb civilians into this as much as the next guy…
: But we still NEED to fight those guys, don’t we?!

If your SEED Destiny secret points are low, the scene cuts here. If your tally’s high, however (mind, I don’t think it’s possible for a Rand player to get this one unless you’ve gotten ALL the points):

: Now, now, Shinn… if you can’t see a solution, then we need to think of something together.
: Huh…
: I told you before, didn’t I? Decide for yourself whether something's right or not.
: So let’s go and think of how to take Logos out and save the Orb people at the same time.
: Is there even a way to do that…?
: That’s why he said we’ll think of one. I got nothing right now but I reckon we can cook something up if we all put our heads together.
: He’s right, Shinn… so don’t give up.
: But…
: You were born in Orb, weren’t you, Shinn?
: Yeah…
: Then we can’t let those awful things happen again. Let’s give this 110%, OK?
: …You’re right.
: …

The conversation gets interrupted when Sirius and Silvia feel something – a wave of pain flowing through their bodies. There’s something calling out to them and it’s decently close.
They hear something like the sound of wings…

In Kazami's laboratory, Futaba is cowering in fear, enclosed inside a high-dimensional quantum field. He starts yelling for help but Kazami says no one’ll hear him in this audio-sealed lab.
He’s trying to gather Fallen Angel data and moves to apply a greater stimuli than before to get the last bit he needs. The captured Teral demands him stop hurting this child but, even so, this is a Fallen Angel – an enemy of humanity – so Kazami doesn’t care,
Futaba has been a very enlightening subject, though: Kazami’s learned that the Fallen Angels have a limited ability to cross dimensions. If he can replicate the effect using Trinity Energy, they’ll be able to control space-time!
How convenient, Teral scowls, that Kazami has the excuse of "saving mankind" to hide his fiendish research behind. Kazami informs him that, as a scientist, the search for new discoveries is all the matters.
He’s got plans for Teral and Aphrodia, too: once he’s done with Futaba, he’ll gather data on them. With a little luck, Kazami figures he can create biochemical weapons that will only work on Eldar and S-1 physiology.

He’s interrupted when Silvia breaks down the door and everyone sees what’s going on. Kazami’s outraged that they would wreck his lab’s door but, first off, Toshiya wants to know what the hell is going on.
He nonchalantly explains he’s experimenting on the Fallen Angel and Silvia demands he stop as Futaba can’t take any more of it. Kazami doesn’t understand why they’re sympathizing with the enemy and turns to Apollo for validation.
“You understand, don’t you? This is a Fallen Angel – an enemy of mankind and one of those who took your friend’s life.”, he asks. “Anything I did to it was to help humanity. There’s absolutely no reason why I should be criticized here! Why, I should be praised for it!”.
Marin’s just about to kick his ass when Julie stops it and Toshiya suggests we leave this to him.

: Professor…
: Ah, Julie…you understand my logic, don’t you? That’s my assistant!
: …
: My theory on dimensional control will be finished before long. And, afterwards, I’ll develop a weapon to use against those aliens.
: My research will save humanity. It’ll pave the way for our future!
: Professor… the Fallen Angel child, Teral and Aphrodia, are coming with us…
: WHAT?! Even you would stand against me?!
: Please, stop, Professor! What you’re doing is inhuman!
: Yeah, the Fallen Angels are enemies but being this cruel to a weak child is downright wrong!
: This is…unforgivable! No one has the right to stop my research!!
: Professor…

: Here, Cmdr. Aphrodia… Hang onto my shoulder.
: Forgive me, Princess…
: So this is Aphrodia of the Aldebaron, eh…
: Hard to believe such a pretty face would command the flooding of our world.
: …
: Aphrodia…
: The Aldebaron code! 1st: death to those acting selfishly! 2nd: death to all who show the enemy their back! 3rd: death to those showing or being shown mercy by the enemy! 4th: death to those sowing disorder in the ranks!
: What…?
: I’ve long since been ready for this! Kill me already!
: Aphrodia… you’re certainly our enemy…
: But we’re not like the professor. I swear that you, as a POW, won’t be mistreated.
: As if I would believe the words of earthlings and a traitor...!
: Enough, Aphrodia… Earthlings and S-1ians were never meant to have met in the first place…
: What’s that supposed to mean…?
: We’ll tell you later. Right now you need to recover.
: Don’t expect any gratitude…
: (Aphrodia… we’re so pitiful, it’s laughable…)
: (I guess Prof. Quinstein expected me to feel like this once I knew the truth…)
: What’s that face?! You’d disgrace me further by showing pity?!
: Aphrodia…look out to the sea. That beautiful blue shows that all we’ve done is meaningless.
: The sea…?!
: Yes…everything we’ve lost lies in there.
: Everything we’ve…lost…?

: Are you alright, Teral?
: You’re that earthling child…so you escaped the Skull Moon base safely…
: Yes. Thanks to you and Cmdr. Aphrodia, I could see my brother again.
: I see…that’s good…
: Sorry, guy... I was totally wrong about you and said all those things...
: Do not apologize, child. The fact remains that I was fighting as your foe.
: And I still firmly believe that my battle was just.
: Eldar pride, right?
: Indeed.
: Get well soon, Teral. There’s a lot I wanna talk to you about.

Futaba is still in shock and Apollo tries his best to calm him down. The sight of a child with such terrified eyes deeply saddens Silvia but, Kiraken asks, there’s still the matter of what to do because this is still a Fallen Angel.
Sirius figures the best option would be sending him to DEAVA as he’s confident Fudou will know how to deal with the kid. That said, Jun’s very impressed that Sirius and Silvia could hear the sound of Futaba’s wings when no one else did and wonders why that is.
Silvia stammers and Sirius is worried that Apollo might decide to tell everyone about their Angel blood. He doesn’t do that, though, instead telling Jun to stop wasting time thinking aloud and get in touch with Fudou.
He figures the guy alwa ys pops up without anyone asking, so he should come over at a time like this…

Indeed, Fudou answers immediately, showing up out of nowhere! Rena laughs that Apollo’s still surprised by his entrances but he says there’s no way to get used to that.
No time to talk, though, as Fudou says ZEUTH has decided to head towards Orb – he asks we leave matters here to him while everyone heads to the briefing room. Silvia tells Futaba that he can relax now and he’s already calming down.
Who’s NOT calming down, however, is Kazami: he’s outraged that everyone’s against him!
“Humans and Fallen Angels are cut from the same cloth… just as there are coldhearted humans, there might also be warmhearted Fallen Angels…”, Fudou says. He suggests Kazami take some time to cool his head and, meanwhile, he’ll be taking the child.

: Damn it…! Why…why won’t anyone comprehend my research?!

*A nearby monitor turns on.*

: You seem perturbed, Prof. Kazami…
: Who are you?! How did you invade this network?!
: That does not matter… more importantly, would you mind giving me a small demonstration of the power of your science?
: My science…?!
: Indeed. It is your science that will save the world.

Location: Orb – Hidden Dock

Athrun's wounds have basically healed, as have Meyrin's. He apologizes for putting her through all that but she won’t have it, especially now that she’s heard the whole story behind Athrun’s flight and the Archangel’s struggles.
Her only regret is that they didn’t try talking to the Archangel team sooner: maybe they wouldn't have had to fight at all. Athrun ruefully tells her that all of them have made that mistake far more often than they like to admit.
Murrue then walks over, telling them that Orb is about to become a war zone over Durandal's ultimatum about handing over Djibril. The ruling Seiran family has refused to do so, though, and Athrun’s appalled that Yuna and Unato would sacrifice their country for their self-benefit.

Neo figures Athrun should leave the Archangel before that happens (his appearance elicits the usual “I am not Muu” exchange) and Murrue agrees with him. However, Athrun would rather stand and fight alongside them.
Regardless of how beautiful Durandal’s vision of a peaceful world is, Athrun’s seen with his own eyes the self-centered methods he’s using to achieve it. He needs to be stopped, along with the lunar aliens – enemies of all of mankind – and the despots of the Federation.

In essence, he wants to do what he was doing with ZEUTH but, unfortunately, he can’t go back to them lest the make things worse for everyone by making them harbor a Zaft fugitive. So, his best option is to stick with the Archangel team whom he knows is after the same thing.
Meyrin’s also on board and Murrue sees that their minds are set; Athrun vows to never follow the wrong path again and Murrue welcomes them aboard.
There’s still some time before the Archangel’ll set sail, so Athrun and Meyrin head to the hangar to get his MS set up.
As they leave, Murrue turns her attention to Neo and says he doesn’t need to go through this either: he’s not Muu, so she can’t well ask him to stay.

Chapter 46 - Justice Amidst the Chaos

Djibril is in talks with the very nervous Seirans, insinuating that anyone with a modicum of sense should be able to see through and turn down Durandal’s deceitful ultimatum. Yes, they lost Heaven’s Base but that was simply a matter of bad luck.
He says they still have a very large number of troops stationed on the Moon. So, they need only rendezvous with those and, once their counterattack happens, neither the Plants nor the Federation’s rebels will stand a chance – it’ll all be over once the “Requiem” is played.
Djibril figures such “wise” men as the Seirans are well aware of what they must do if want to survive to see that day…this is interrupted when Bask starts yelling that troops are headed right towards them!
Yuna starts panicking as there should still be more time before Zaft’s attack and Djibril gets pissy that the guy would disregard the time limit of his ultimatum in such underhanded fashion.

As Bask deploys his troops, they finally realize that it’s ZEUTH who’s attacking.
Olson was worried we’d taking part in that civilian-endangering invasion when he heard we were headed towards Orb but our leaders had a much better idea: capture Djibril before Zaft’s troops move out and call off the whole thing. Plus, doing it like this means Talia won’t be at risk of being charged with disobedience as she’s still doing her duty.
Of course, Eiji knows this means we’ll need to take on all of the Logos troops by our lonesome but that actually makes him more pumped up. Amuro tells him to hold his horses, though, because we still don’t know if we’ll actually HAVE to fight.
With that in mind, Talia gets on the mic and asks to speak with Yuna who addresses us as a “Bunch of Hooligans”; not very nice at all, Sara thinks, but Adette figures he didn’t miss the mark by much.

Garrod can’t well disagree and Kouji says this guy can call us whatever – we’re hoodlums, yes, but we’re hoodlums of JUSTICE! Either way, Talia demands Yuna hand over Djibril to us with a promise that we’ll see that he has a fair trial.
Djibril wants Yuna to tell her to get bent but that’d mean we’d attack; still, Djibril’s confident they can repel us if Orb’s remaining army joins in.
Talia requests an answer and Yuna, putting his Representative pants on, gets on the phone:

: This Lord Djibril you’re looking for is not in this country!!
: Huuh?
: What is he talking about…?
: If that’s his attempt at negotiating, I feel as if my professional pride has been permanently stained by it…

(Meanwhile, in the Secret Dock.)
: Yuna…goddamn it…
: Did he actually think that ridiculous answer would fool anyone?!

Yuna trudges on, yelling that we’re violating his country’s sovereignty by threatening them with our troops. Bright sees this is going nowhere fast and figures there’s no way around it – we’re certainly not naïve enough that we’d play along with this guy’s farce, Holland adds.
Talia gives the order to attack and capture Djibril.

: In the end, that’s just how this country is! The whole place would suffer because of some bigwigs’ selfishness!
: Don’t forget, Shinn! Our objective here isn’t to attack Orb!

(If you have ow SEED Destiny points, he says this:)

: I got it…!
: I’ll just find that Djibril quickly and end this stupid battle!
: Shinn…

Luckily, we're on the True Path so he says:

: I got it…
: This is the country my family and I lived in… I just don’t wanna see it covered in flames again, you know…?
: Shinn…
: But I won’t get hung up on the past forever…!
: I’m part of ZEUTH, too, and I’ll fight as one to defend our future!
: Hell, yeah! So let’s get in there and catch us a bad guy!!

Bright and Quattro inform that the Freeden and Iron Gear are keeping tabs on the Zaft troops that were on standby; it’s likely our intervention will get them moving quickly, though, so it’s best that we move as fast as possible in the interest of minimizing damage to Orb.
Yuna’s panicking even more, failing to understand why this happened despite him informing us that Djibril isn’t around. It falls on Bask to yell at him to drop this ridiculous act as it won’t stop the attack and he’s only embarrassing himself.
Yuna whines that it was all to protect Orb but Bask tells him to shut it as this is a military op now. Cagalli and Kisaka observe, wondering what’ll become of their country.

All right! We're now heading through Orb, and we have our objective to defeat every enemy. This stage is rather densely packed despite being short. To get the Battle Mastery we have to do it all in four turns. Plus, there's one extra wrinkle.

ENDING POINT ALERT: Defeat at least 12 Orb Platoons within 4 turns. +1 Ending Point.

There's going to be reinforcements, and when they show up the Orb units will leave. We need to defeat 12 of them before that point.

Turn 1

So, I will be done with this stage in four turns. I have five pilots who can cast Confuse.

I hope you enjoy halved hit rates the entire stage enemies!

Jiron, with Boost, is ready to rush right in!

Nice start

Oh come on Gauli. Sure, the Murasames are incredibly dodgy, but that's no excuse!

See? Toshiya can hit them, and he's not a Ninja.

Rey takes the leads for his TRI.
1 Squad down.

Tri Charges are the order of the day. Seeing as none of Orb's forces are in Wide Formation, and a lot of them have barriers.

And the ones that aren't are fragile enough to be two shotted by them anyways.
2 Squads down.

Loran can't get closer to better punch that barrier.

3 Squads down.

Jamil is scanning the battlefield and realizes the Frost Brothers aren’t here – have they abandoned Djibril? No time to think about that as Saegusa detects one of Orb’s Murasames coming towards us.
In comes Waltfeld’s gold Murasame but there’s no reply when Matthew tries to get in touch. We don’t know what’s up with him but, if anything, Lunamaria figures he’s here to help us fight against Logos.

We then notice that it’s actually Athrun piloting the thing and he sees that we’re trying to minimize the damage to Orb; he can’t let us know that it’s him but, at the very least, he’s able to help us out.
Cagalli realizes who’s piloting the Murasame and Kisaka ponders that he, too, is risking his life to protect their nation. She wants to deploy too but Kisaka tells her there's a different battle that only she can fight.
Thus, he asks her to follow him: it’s time he convey Uzumi Athha’s words to her.

Annyway, back to the Cool People. It's only Boss's lack of range that keeps the last squaddie alive.

That Barrier! 390 HP!

4 Squads down.

Shinn's turn!

: This is exactly the same country as it was two years ago...
: Those in power make decisions for everyone else and the whole place suffers!
: Maybe this country needs to be destroyed before it can be fixed!

So close, yet so far.

A Counterkill gets Renton his final level of Prevail, despite him almost never getting hit ever anyways.

Since this is a SEED Destiny stage, might as well show off Rey's best attack.
The DRAGOONs actually are pretty handy. They pierce barriers and have the Ignore Size trait. Not enough for me to make Rey a permenent leader, but still cool.

This does get Rey to level up enough to learn Valor(40).

And Athrun gets ready to kill steal.

That's EXP and cash I will never have.