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Part 183: Mission 46 - Justice Amidst the Chaos - Part 2

Turn 2

Missing on a 90% hit rate, great way to start the turn.

Setsuko does better, which is why she's the main character Rey.

5 Squads down.

6 Squads down.
Half way to the ending point!

Nothing in range for better attacks for Talia.

So here's a rarely used attack!

A crit would have been lovely.

82% odds.

Luna takes out the annoying leader at least.

Shinn almost does, at least.

Time for the Sniper Squad to do its thing.

Four just needed a little bit more and another squad would be gone.

That was lovely

Loran's turn (a turn)!

I loathe barriers.

Not killing this squad gets Maria Level 7 ESP.

Finally another one.
7 squads down.

Would have been handier earlier.

Will be useful next turn.

8 Squads down.

Hopefully a counterkill next turn!

Enemy phase comes and with it, more counters.
9 Squads down.

10 Squads down.

11 Squads down.

Think about this for a minute.

Athrun you traitor!

Turn 3

Right then, time to deal with some of the more annoying enemies. More Valored Tri Charges!

12 Squads down!

Logos’ mooks are getting trounced and Djibril demands Yuna dispatch all of Orb’s remaining troops and have them pin us down even for a small while. Djibril says this country’s finished, so they need to bail and head off into space immediately.
Unato agrees that it’s they’ve no choice and agrees; Yuna’s ever-so-slightly dejected but knows this is the only way for them to survive.

A small batch of Murasames deploys and Shinn’s even further annoyed that these guys are throwing themselves into the fire for nothing – do they want to die that badly?!
One of Orb’s soldiers smells fish and knows both they and their country have been made into sacrificial lambs; still, his idiot friend says, this is their leader’s decision so they must comply.
Sacrificial lambs or not, they’ll readily lay down their lives for their motherland!

OK, that’s enough of that: Cagalli yells at them to stop and deploys in a gold MS (Quattro gasps).
This mech, the ORB-01 Akatsuki, has been left to her by Uzumi and is to be used as a sword with which to defend Orb; mind, it was his sincere wish that the day for its use would never come (Brunom asks: wouldn’t this toy had been useful on the FIRST invasion??).
“Power is simply power…it is foolish to desire too much of it, but to abhor it indiscriminately is just as foolish.”, those were Uzumi’s words to her and now it is up to Cagalli to make good use of the strength he left her.
She then gets in touch with HQ and demands to speak with the commander. Yuna’s so overjoyed at seeing his “honey” come back to him and, playing on his reaction, she asks if he acknowledges her as the real Cagalli Yula Attha, representative of Orb?
He happily does so and Orb’s soldiers see it for the pathetic attempt at sucking up to her that it is. It’s all good, though, because Cagalli has orders to them as their true representative: arrest Yuna on charges of high treason!

The soldiers immediately oblige and surround the HQ to seize the guy. Neither Jamaican nor our people know what’s going on anymore – looks like the Orb army has turned against the Sage Council loyalists, though.
A carrier starts taking flight and Cagalli, realizing that the Seirans are trying to make a run for it, moves to intercept. Yuna’s appalled at how mean she’s being to him despite how he tried his best to protect their nation but she just yells at him to shut up.
She doesn’t intend on putting the whole blame for this on him – she’s just as guilty for not upholding her responsibilities and arguing against his, Unato’s and the other chiefs’ opinions – but, seriously, what the hell is this? Despite their differences, she at least expected him to share in her desire to keep their country safe.
She tries protesting and, in that case, she demands he tell her where Djibril is hiding RIGHT NOW.

Speak of the devil, he shows up in a shuttle departing from the far side of the island – Yuna’s proven to be a good decoy, so he “hopes” they’ll be able to see each other again. Talia orders the troops to capture the shuttle, or shoot it down if they can't.
Djibril gets his crazy face on, yelling that he can’t die here, and the shuttle barely manages to skitter away amidst the hail of bullets. The thing’s climbing too fast for us to pursue and the remaining Logos troops quickly run off.
At the very least Loran finds solace in the fact that this means the battle’s over.

: Screw that!!
: Shinn…

: Urk!
: You neglected Orb until things got this bad and NOW you decide to start acting as an actual Representative?!
: Stop, Shinn!!
: Do you have any idea how many people died because of you?! Do you?!
: Shinn Asuka…!
: Say something! Give me some of your usual lip service!
: All I can do is apologize… I’m sorry…
: Heads up, Shinn! Something’s incoming from above!

: What’s that? A Mobile Suit?!

*Beep, beep*

: The White Doll’s responding to it…!
: King Gainer also has data on that unit inside his banks… did it run into it sometime in the past…?
: The hell’s going on? The Aquarion also knows that thing!
: There’s only one possible conclusion...! That unit’s a relic from the Black History!
: So this is Earth, hm…? Not bad…not bad at all.
: And I may even choose between all these worthy adversaries!
: Who the hell are you?!
: I shall start with you, boy!

: Uwaaaargh!!
: Oho…! You still live even after facing the Turn X’s Shining Finger?
: You’re quite good! I believe I’ll save you for later!
: Now, Golden MS! You’re next!
: I do not care for that color at all!
: !
: Cagalli!

*Athrun shields the Akatsuki from the attack*

: Argh!
: Athrun!!
: What is this guy… how did I take so much damage from one hit?!

: That mech’s a…a monster!
: We need to escape now! Full speed! Hurry!!

*The Seiran’s carrier starts to run away.*

: FOOL! Do not face away from the enemy while in the battlefield!!


: Yuna…Unato…!
: Now it’s your turn…!
: !

: That’s…!
: The Freedom?! But it looks different!
: …!

: It’s that boy from before! You wish to face my Turn X and I?!
: If you’re intent on causing indiscriminate destruction, then yes…!
: Kira…
: Pull back, Cagalli. Evacuate the civilians off this island!
: OK…

: So, this MS with the X-shaped scar in its chest…it’s an enemy?
: He called it Turn X, so I guess that’s the thing’s name.
: All that raw killer instinct... no way he’s here to be friends…!
: Indeed! I came to do battle!
: And it appears those who share my goal have done the same!

: More troops making landfall?!

: The Orb guys were all destroyed?!
: Those MSs belong to the Revolutionary Army!
: That group from the other Space Colonies?!
: So, they’ve finally begun their attack on Earth…
: Seems we descended sooner than we should’ve...
: Zaft will start their invasion in just a few more minutes, so there shouldn’t be any problem.
: But why don’t we capture the whole country by ourselves to make the power structure very clear to our future allies?
: (Is that why Commandant Zaidel rushed the timetable of our descent…?)
: Those are…
: What’s wrong, Lt.?!
: The group that made landfall with the revolutionaries…those are Axis’ Mobile Suits.
: Axis…the base in the asteroid belt where the Zeon remnants fled to after the One Year War…
: So Zeon’s teamed up wtih the Space Revolutionary Army…?!
: All units, we’ll proceed to conquer Orb. Eliminate the defending forces on the double.
: And I believe that MS belongs to the Moon Race, so do not engage.
: But…
: We’d lose a very large chunk of our troops if they turned against us.
: R-Roger that!
: A wise decision. I suppose I can overlook them if they won’t disturb me.
: That Turn X and the new troops seem to be moving to attack us!
: All units, open fire!
: What do we do about the Freedom, Captain?!
: That’s—

: The Archangel…!
: Cpt. Gladys, we apologize for sortieing so late. Neither we nor Kira Yamato have any intention of fighting against you.
: “Kira Yamato”…?! So he WAS still alive!
: People like him are always sturdier than they look.
: Cheating death like that… Yow, the Freedom kid’s pretty good!
: Either way, I’m real glad our old buddy’s in one piece! (Brunom says: Not my buddy!)
: …
: We want to keep Orb safe, so we’ll engage the landed troops.
: Understood. ZEUTH will help with that.
: You heard that, Shinn?
: Yeah, I got it…I can’t attack the Freedom or Archangel, right?
: …
: Hrm, I can’t worry about that…! The priority now is protecting Orb!

: Very good, Shinn…
: …
: Hmhmhm…AHAHAHAHAHA! It seems my age has already begun in this region!

: The scar in the Turn X’s chest is aching! It demands I destroy the Turn Type!

The rest will be Monday or Tuesday!