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Part 185: Mission 46 - Justice Amidst the Chaos - Extra Dialogue

Chapter 46 Extra Dialogue

Gym is an incredibly chatty boss.

Vs Kouji

: What's this guy doing, charging into a battlefield like this?
: You could never understand... the drumbeat that pounds in my breast!
: The drumbeat what? What do you think war is?
: That which gives me life! In this Turn X, I feel truly alive!

Vs Tetsuya

: You're good. Yes, battle is best between humans!
: What?
: The back-and-forth reaches its peak when will and pride are brought to bear!
: Yes, this is the battle I have been craving!
: Then if you want to feel my will and pride, I'll be happy to oblige!

Vs Duke

: A prince among aliens! You will be a worthy opponent!
: First, answer me one question. What are you fighting us for?
: Because I believed that here was where I would find a battle worth savoring!
: Now keep your end of the bargain! Fight with all your might and see if you can satisfy me!

Vs Ryouma

: Such power... is that seriously a Mobile Suit?
: A fascinating machine! Separating, joining, separating again... just like my Turn X!
: But now you shall learn that you'll never match the two of us, no matter how many pilots you have!

Vs Kappei

: That crest... what an eyesore!
: You mean the crescent moon on Zambot's head?
: The Moon belongs to me alone! I will suffer none to claim it but me!
: That's not fair! Who do you think you are, butting in and being selfish like that?
: Ahahahahah! I am Gym Ghingnham, and I hold my blade for no one, not even a child!

Vs Banjou

: You may be of the Moon Race, but it seems like you don't agree with Queen Diana Soreil!
: That woman would spit on 2,500 years of House Ghingnham's noble history...
: So I have come to show her my power... and her foolishness!
: Well, I've got no mercy for a rabid mutt that won't follow his master!
: Samurai of the Moon! I, Banjou Haran, will strike down your greed!

Vs Kei

: Showing up out of the blue, picking a fight with anyone you see... you got a screw loose or something?
: I suppose you wouldn't understand. My spring is coming, and my heart trembles at the thought!
: If your spring comes, the world will be buzzing with people like you! Time for an extermination!

Vs Jiron

: A Walker Machine... made by our distant, estranged ancestors. I'll turn it to scrap!
: I don't know or care who you are, but you're not getting me that easy!
: Here I come, X-man! Your scar's gonna get deeper today!
: You insolent Civilian! Do not dare to suggest you could lay even a finger on the Turn X's scar!

Vs Kamille

: The design and the tech look a lot like the White Doll... which makes that machine another relic of the Black History?
: Well spotted! Indeed, the Turn X is the true legacy of the Black History!
: If that's true, then letting you keep it would be too dangerous!
: Then stop me if you can... but you'll need every ounce of your might!

Vs Quattro

: Such skill... you must be a champion forged in the flames of combat!
: He's wide open... is he really so confident?
: Much more of a challenge than those machine-controlled alien weapons...
: But that's what makes it such fun! This is the fight I've hungered for!
: Grr... he's using the war to sate his own appetites! His straightforwardness is the greatest threat of all!

Vs Amuro

: His moves are roughhewn but that just makes him harder to hit! Who is he?
: You honor me with your compliments! Our time spent honing our skills against aliens around the Moon was not wasted!
: Now, come at me! Fighting another human is my greatest pleasure!
: He's taking this war like a test of his skill?!

Vs Garrod

: Now that you've butted into our battle, you'd better be ready to take some fire!
: Ridiculous! The Turn X and I will not be felled by the petty likes of you!
: Now you've done it! I'm gonna get you right in your smug face!

Vs Jamil

: Another man of enough skill to entertain me!
: He wanted to take on all of ZEUTH by himself...
: Whether he has that much confidence or is simply reckless... he's dangerous!

Vs Shinn

: I haven't forgotten what you just did to me!
: Ah, this boy again! Do you wish vengeance against me?
: I'm just sick of people like you charging in and messing up battles!
: If you want a fight so bad, you've got one!

Vs Kira

: I recognize you, boy! You have my gratitude for defending Diana!
: What are you fighting for? I couldn't tell what you wanted then, and I still can't!
: I fight for one reason alone - because I am the head of House Ghingnham!
: I was bred for war and raised for battle! The great war raging all around us is my home!
: But that's no excuse to try to make the war worse...
: I can't let you go!
: You have guts to say that, but do you have the mettle to take me on?
: !
: If you aren't prepared to put your life at stake, leave! I have no time for cowards!
: I... I still have to fight!

Vs Gainer

: So this is what they call an Overman! This is the first I've seen one!
: What the hell! He's like a kid in a toy store!
: The Turn X rejoices with me! It seems you, too, are a legacy of the Black History!
: So that Mobile Suit with the scar is...
: I don't know our past, but I know you stand against me now! We fight!

Vs Gain

: Not bad... you're keeping your distance so I can't close in!
: I don't see myself doing too well at close quarters.
: It was worth coming to Earth to cross swords with a soldier of your caliber... you have my thanks!
: No problem. Let me pay my compliments back with this shot!

Vs Roger

: An act of aggression without a formal declaration of war is nothing more than brutality.
: Coward! Words have no meaning when the blood of warriors boils!
: So you're no more than a beast, denying his own nobility and intelligence. Well, I suppose my proper duties are void, then.
: I'm afraid I must, in spite of my better nature, engage you on Big O's terms!
: Good, good! Perhaps you are what I hoped you were after all!

Vs Apollo
I'm so sorry I missed the best pre battle dialouge in the game guys. To make it up to you, here's a dramatic reinactment of how this should have gone.

: That mech's fist...!
: You got a problem?
: Aah, it's you! The owner of the fist that broke the Rivalry Zone to strike my Moon so many times over!
: I always wanted a bout with you! Come, we duel!
: Sounds good! Ya came all the way from the moon for this, so I ain't gonna turn you down!
"How do you do, Machine Angel! The Turn X is also elated with this reunion!"

Vs Renton

: Look out, Renton! He's no normal pilot!
: I-I'm going to need more than that!
: The battlefield is no place for relationships, boy! I have no time for your dependence!

Vs Holland

: Ugly little bug! I will put a stop to your buzzing by swatting you to the ground!
: Give it your best shot... if you can follow my Lifting!
: Good, good! Come at me with your foolish chest-puffing! You will make a fine battle!

Vs Rand

: Good, good! Your wild style lights a fire in my breast!
: Looks like my heat's lit up another one. I should really be locked up.
: What are you so proud of? You've made him super duper serious!
: The child is right! Now get serious back! Show me the destroyer that sleeps within you!
: Right back at you, boss man! You've put a fire in me, too!
: You're gonna wish all you had was a little scar on your chest after I've hit you with my Big Dismantling!