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Part 186: Mission 47 (Rand) - Our Path - Part 1

Welcome back, folks.
Last time, the Seirans died and absolutely nothing of value was lost. Meanwhile, Neo decided to pilfer one the true solid gold sex machines and hang out with those Archangel losers…bah.
Also, Tifa got kidnapped again while we were busy in Orb but we got Carris as a consolation prize (though I completely forgot about him when setting up my squads )!
We’re still stuck on 16 slots but Rand and Löwen are deploying as events, which means we need to switch some things around. Keep in mind, Mission 47 is different for each main character:

Location: Western South Ameria

Medayu informs Gwen that he's given "the item" to his servant and expects it to reach him in a few days' time. Having thus kept his promise, Medayu expects Gwen to keep his.
Gwen assures him that he'll keep Ana safe, and Medayu leaves him with one final warning: whatever Gwen intends to do with that book, too much ambition is unhealthy. Gwen claims he knows his place and what he needs to do.
Medayu just hopes he hasn't done something dreadful in his anxiety over his daughter. Gwen tells him to perish the thought, as what he’ll do is merely set this world into the right path.

Elsewhere, Maria and Sayaka are speaking about how Bright and Talia have been deliberating for a while now but the order for them to stand trial seems to have fallen by the wayside with the whole Lacus uproar.
Indeed, despite his usual political foresight, this scandal has taken Durandal by surprise and Beauty imagines all of his sympathizers are in shock, too. Still, he hasn’t attempted to issue any rash denial and Reika figures is the wiser choice: far better for him to hide behind his past accomplishments and just let everything calm down.

Garrison doesn’t think that’ll happen, though: the civilians, in their uncertainty, will take to the UN for information and that’ll only exacerbate their confusion. Kei has an idea of where this is going and, indeed, Norman confirms that the Black Charisma has been busy with his/her rumor mill.
Among the memes circulating is a rumor that Durandal’s Lacus is from a parallel universe, and therefore authentic, OR a clone made during the previous war. Kei’s also amused by a claim that Durandal, ever the big-shot geneticist, is researching a way to rule over humanity via their genes.
Atena does not appreciate all that absurd crap, wondering what’s wrong with this Black Charisma personage, and Olson ponders that, despite not being openly hostile against us, he/she seems to be focusing on plunging society into chaos.

Boss wonders if that’s a plan to take over the world while everything’s a mess but, then, how would said conquest happen?
Boss suggests a big evil army but Touga says the Federation and Zaft would have already noticed such a large group of troops mobilizing. Mizuki agrees with Touga and adds that, while a large posse of troops WOULD be needed for a worldly conquest, the Charisma is seemingly acting alone.
If not domination, then Eiji wonders what he/she could be after… this couldn’t all just be for kicks, right? We don’t know enough to answer that question, Roger says, but the Charisma’s quickly becoming a problem we can’t just ignore and Banjou wonders what kind of plan would require pissing us off.

Shinn is still deep in thought over recent events but Rey tells him to get his head into gear because intel suggests Djibril ran off to the Moon and he’s gathered the remaining Logos troops up there, too.
Katz is amazed that he STILL wants to keep fighting but Emma warns him against thinking Logos is dead in this war: these troops of theirs also include Titans, Blue Cosmos and sympathetic anti-spacenoid movements. Camille wonders why the Moon, though, as that’s right in the Moon Race and aliens’ doorstep.
From what Harry’s heard, they’re using the largest power distribution facility as their foothold and Sochie asks why the Moon Race isn’t doing anything about that. The problem is that said facility, built during the Black History, is forbidden ground to the Moon Race, so they cannot go near.

Yes, Logos has set their base on D.O.M.E. and Harry’s surprised we know of it. After Jiron explains what Arthur told us, Harry reveals how Diana returned to the Moon in search of the truth about the Black History.
When Gwen asks, he tells of how she feared a revival of the Black History if this conflict continued unabated and how she seeks to stop it by revealing everything about our dreadful past...and now the facility she was headed to is under Logos control.

Gwen doesn’t want to leave such a place in Logos' hands as, worst case scenario, they might weaponize another relic like the OverDevil. On top of that, Jamil says, the facility gives them access to all of the enormous energy it can generate (same one that powers our Sat Cannons).
Harry eases our fears, though, saying it’s impossible for them to tap into D.O.M.E.’s energy as it is all protected. Moon Race legends say the facility itself is alive or, rather, that the mind of someone lies asleep there.
Amuro asks if that’s the Newtype mind Arthur spoke of but all the legends say is that it’s the forerunner of a new species of man. Regardless, it’s this entity that keeps the majority of the facilities’ functions sealed away, so Logos won’t be able to do anything there.

Jamil isn’t calmed by this revelation, though, and asks Carris about Tifa’s abduction: Carris had heard that the Feds were annexing various independent states, so he was coming to Orb to get a better read on what the Plants wanted (in case Fort Severn needed to ally with them) and it was along the way that he witnessed the Frost Brothers’ kidnapping.
They managed to escape, of course, but not before Carris overheard them saying that the time had come for Tifa to make use of her powers. With this, Jamil has a sinking feeling that they’ve taken her to the Moon to use her powers to contact that Newtype mind and remove D.O.M.E.’s seal.

It’s quite possible the experiments being made on Lucille back in Zonder Epta were a test case for this and there’s also Tifa’s old vision of touching the truth alongside the Queen of the Moon and the “butterfly flying towards the future”.
Sounds like that’s all coming true but damn if Garrod’s just gonna let them use her for that. Enil and Carris ask him to calm down as getting angry won’t change the situation and he won’t be able to save Tifa if he acts rashly.
Furthermore, this isn’t our only battle: aside from the warmongers, there are still the aliens, Fallen angels, demons…to say nothing of the dimensional collapse.
Amuro says everyone needs to think of what we can do face all these problems. Inwardly, he also tells Char that he also needs to make up his mind.

Rand, Holland and co. are nowhere to be found, though, and from what Kiraken’s heard, they’ve gone shopping nearby while hitching a ride on the Gunleon.
Tetsuya’s a bit dejected of how easygoing they are amidst this crisis but, no, Jiron says they’ve an important job to do: they’re buying a little something for Talho.

In that market, Renton’s advocating buying Talho some John Henry accessory as she’s a huge fan of the guy’s stuff.
When he asks Eureka, though, she confesses to not know much about that sort of thing; Renton had thought otherwise but, regardless, wants to buy her something while we’re here.
Eureka is quite happy which makes Renton swoon in turn. Of course, Gainer points out that John Henry stuff doesn’t come cheap and Mel says it’d take Renton some three months’ salary from the Gekko’s shop to afford anything for Eureka.
This “three months’ salary” thing gets the kid furiously blushing and Gain wonders what he’s so excited for. It falls on Mel to explain the “three salaries rule” when buying an engagement ring.
Said rule came from another world and Rand isn’t happy: “Löwen, get Kei and Olson over here! We’re gonna do that dimensional repair right now and then Imma find who made this crazy rule and kick his ass!”!


Information Corner – Topic: John Henry
An extremely popular brand of accessories. Talho is a major fan and badgered Holland into buying her a replica silver ring, which was crushed in a subsequent battle.
Nevertheless, the incident strengthened the bonds they shared.

Holland tells him to calm down as that doesn’t matter to Rand (what with him already being “engaged”) and he asks if Holland’s gonna dump three months of his money into Talho’s present.
Holland’s not willing to buy stuff just because it was made by someone whom he never met but he still needs to get her something nice… he starts getting a bit flustered by talking about this and Gain smirks in surprise that even the boss man gets bashful.
After telling them to zip it, Holland wants to know why all these people came along to his shopping trip. Gainer says “research” and Renton’s on the same page as his buddy.
Mel’s here to help choose the thing, Gain and Rand just wanted to watch the Holland Show unfold and Löwen was dragged over since they needed another mech to transport everyone.

: But why don’t you take the time to buy Cpt. Schlan a small gift, too?
: Huh?
: Mel, please…! You shouldn’t meddle in personal matters!
: Um…you think Schlan and I are like that?
: You’re not?
: No, not at all! My phobia and my friendship with Schlan are two completely unrelated matters!
: Aaah, so~orry! That was totally my bad!
: Sorry, Löwen. The girl’s mind starts to wander when she sees two guys getting along that well.
: Ah, it’s nothing. But I do ask that you don’t joke about such things near Schlan. He might appear cold at first glance but he’s actually quite fervent, you see.
: Have you two worked together for long?
: Since the New Federation Army was established but we’d already been good friends for many years.
: We’re companions, united in our admiration for BrigGen. Edel’s ideals.
: When you look at it like that, our group’s kinda the same.
: And have you always had your problems with women?
: Um… well…it’s quite embarrassing but…yes.
: I reckon some woman must’ve betrayed you real bad for you to end up like that.
: !
: Oh, I think that’s a bulls-eye…
: Ya know, the best way to get over a past love is to find a new one.
: How about it, Cap? Why don’t you, too, buy a gift and use it to approach one of our single ladies?
: I-I cannot! I could never get in the mood for romance while BrigGen. Edel’s still missing!
: The general’s your very own goddess, huh?
: Indeed.
: Wow, didn’t even hesitate before saying that. I take my hat off to you, Cap.

Regardless, Holland sighs at this bunch poking their noses into his business despite the whole mess we’re in but Rand tells him their being here is how they give their blessing. Brings a tear to Holland’s eyes...not.
Gain says Jamil would’ve been here, too, were he not busy looking into Tifa’s kidnapping; Garrod would never have missed this, either, but he’s really bummed out now…
Rand suddenly gets startled but, when Mel asks, says it’s just a stomachache and tells them to go on without him.

: Alright, we’ll go on ahead, Rand.
: …Be careful.
: Yeah…

*Everyone walks off.*

: That’s the Black Southern Cross for ya…he also noticed, huh?
: Still…didn’t think YOU would just show up here.
: It’s been a while, THE HEAT.
: ...Well, let’s not just stand here. Come with me.

In a nearby bar…

: What is this…?
: Beer, what does it look like? It don’t feel right for two men to have a talk all sober-like.
: Or have you never actually gone drinking before?
: Maybe, maybe not.
: Psh, you’re as cryptic as ever. Fine, lemme show ya how it’s done… first, lift the mug about as high as your shoulder.
: Like this?
: Yeah, and now we make our toast. Hmmm…
: “To us and to the Spheres”. How’s that, THE HEAT?
: Dunno what a “sphere” is but it sounds good, sure.
: Here’s to us and to the Spheres!
: Cheers.

: *burp*
: …Hrm, an odd taste.
: What, it really was your first time drinking?
: …In “here”, at the very least. You really are an interesting man.
: Hold it right there, bub. You ain’t got the right to give me props.
: So you ARE angry at me?
: Whatever happened before, we’re still not in the best of places right now…
: …
: I can’t well forgive you having Ziene disguise herself as my boss and spilling the beans to Mel.
: Still, the whole thing started with me so I also can’t give you too much crap for it.
: Hell, looking back on it now, you could say you gave me a chance to get off my ass and come clean with her.
: Really?
: Hey, don’t ya go getting the wrong idea. You’re making a big mistake if you think Imma thank you for it.
: After everything that happened with Setsuko, it’s pretty damn clear you’re not one of the good guys.
: So you’ll fight me?
: I’m not sure about that myself…
: Apologies to Setsuko but there’s still some stuff bugging me and I ain’t gonna be able to move one way or another ‘til that’s all cleared up.
: That’s why I wanted to have this drink with ya. I’ll even foot the bill.
: I see. Either way, I thank you… I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

*A commotion starts stirring up outside.*

: Hm? What’s all that racket?
: Looks like brawl outside. A group of Feds are picking on some kids.
: What? Them soldiers, acting like a bunch of thugs?
: Those guys are worse than thugs. They can do pretty much whatever they want by saying it’s to “preserve order”.
: …Well, that’s no good at all.
: Sit tight, Asakim. I need to handle this before we get to have our talk.
: Where are you off to?
: I might’ve forgotten all about it these past days but I’m still a repairman.
: So Imma go beat these crooked mooks into shape!

Yeah, the Feds are picking on OUR kiddies, who had decided to split off from the adults to wander around town, and they’ve just snatched the newly-released John Henry trinket that Holland bought and left in their care.
This is a far too expensive item to give to children, you see. Gainer demands they give the thing back and they tell him to get on all fours and bark like a dog – that’s their punishment for Eureka bumping into them.
She protests that they were the ones who bumped into us which, of course, they don’t appreciate. The Titan wonders what kind of person wears a hat in this warm weather and sniffs that the girl is probably hiding a bald spot or something.
He makes a move to pull it off and Renton gets in his way, earning him a punch from the Predgio Tower soldier.
The soldiers gloat that this is what happens to anyone who messes with the righteous Federation and its army. Gainer sniffs at this, asking what kind of righteous group steals other people’s stuff.
They dare him to try anything and give them a reason to throw his ass in jail.

The Atlantic Federation soldier tells Gainer to pipe down if he doesn’t wanna end up like Renton but he isn’t about to let this pass.
What kind of people bump into a girl and, instead of apologizing, decide to steal from her group? Or is banditry the standard M.O. for Federation soldiers now?!
The Titan doesn’t appreciate his lip and moves to give him what-for when Rand jumps in and decks him one, shaking his head at these soldiers bothering the people of this town.
Still, he gives the kids props for standing their ground – they’re turning into fine men (*HEAT SMILE!*). The Atlantic soldier is annoyed with this stifling guy and asks if he knows that he’s dealing with Federation soldiers!
“What of it? And do YOU know who you’re dealing with here? The wandering repairman of the Beater Services – THE HEAT!”, he yells back and knocks the guy into the ground.

The soldiers are just about to mob him when Gain and Holland come back and tell them to bring it on – mind you, we ain’t the kind of people to hold back.
The soldiers recognize the Gekkostate’s leader and Black Southern Cross, making Rand balk that he’s been relegated to playing second fiddle to those two. Löwen, with a much harsher tone, moves in to warn the soldiers that if they keep it up, he'll report them to the chain of command, quoting his rank and position.
If they've got any complaints, they'd better air them out right now. They do not, quickly apologizing and returning what they took.
Rand is even more dejected that they knew who Löwen was but didn’t know about THE HEAT, though Gain has a feeling they’d have run for the hills if he introduced himself as The Crusher.

Meanwhile Renton is feeling massively lame, having just learned anew that he's still an average kid when he's not at Nirvash's controls.
Holland doesn't see it that way, and thanks Renton for helping protect both Talho's present and Eureka herself.
Gain commends Gainer as well, and Rand tells him that the muscles will come naturally with experience. It's the gumption that can't be learned, and the two of them just demonstrated that they're well ahead in that department.
At this rate, it won't be long until they're fit for Rand's drinking buddies.

Asakim then walks over, having thoroughly enjoyed the show, and commends Rand on how free his soul is.
Gainer and Renton are about to jump him when Rand stops, asking they let him handle the guy. Sadly, we’ve other matters to contend with in the form of the Feds coming back.

Mission 47 (Rand) – Our Path

: Those goddamn punks...bringing mechs to a brawl?!
: Everyone pull back! I’ll grab my Chaos Leo and intercept them!
: It’s coming…!
: What is…another enemy?!

: …
: Asakim…! You trying to kill me with a surprise attack?!
: THE HEAT… I cannot afford you being hurt by those men.
: You…
: I’ll protect you – consider it my way of thanking you for the drink.
: Who the hell is that?!
: Doesn’t matter…! Anyone who opposes us is in for a world of hurt!
: We’ve got you badly outnumbered, guy! You stand no chance!
: Hmhmhm… I often heard clichés like those back in the day.
: What?!
: Now then, what will you men provide me with...? Will it be enjoyment, like Rand?
: Asakim…

Don’t worry about the skill point yet – you’re not on the timer. Right now, we only need to destroy all mooks without losing Asakim.

This is pretty easy, despite the fact that he’s gone back to his old skill least he regens HP and EN at 20%.

That Gells-ghe is the bulkiest enemy around, so we’ll position him to attack it on their turn. Closest thing Asakim can hit is that Dagger.

His BGM defaults to Battle Choir for some reason but I changed it back.

Frig…he lived with 289 HP.

Enemy Phase!

The Gells-Ghe and both Daggers attack from afar (the weakened one getting wrecked) and he can only attack with his weaker Luster Edge.
This one Mon-soono, however, gets a bit too close.

There we go. Killing two mooks gets the plot rolling.

: The Gunleon…! Is Mel manning it?!
: Heheheh… Even I can at least move it around!
: Mel, let’s head to Rand’s location. Quickly now!
: H-hold on! It’s hard to keep it steady!

*Mel slowly tumbles the Gunleon over to Rand.*

: Alright, let’s leave those guys to Rand and the others.
: We need to get back to the ships right away!
: Good going, Mel! You’re about 80% a reliable adult, too!
: Heey, what’s that supposed to mean?!
: But, more importantly, is that…
: …
: Don’t worry about Asakim right now. We’ll get info outta him after we’ve dealt with these mooks.
: Roger that, Rand! Let’s eliminate these men who’d commit crimes while on the Federation’s payroll!
: No need to be this serious, Löwen. It’s just a follow-up to that brawl from before.
: Still, Imma have to hurt them some for busting out these weapons in a fight with kids!
: (He’s already gone all The Crusher…!)

Alright, I reckon this is good enough for today. We’ll wrap everything up next Sunday.

See you all then!