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Part 189: Mission 47 (Setsuko) - Countdown - Part 1

Setsuko Route Chapter 47 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: We invaded Orb, blew some things up. Shinn got confused at neither Kira nor Athrun actually dying. Also Gym showed up, always a good time.

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 166 Kills
2. Amuro - 121 Kills
3. Talia - 120 Kills
4. Shinn - 115 Kills
5. Quattro - 112 Kills

So out of curiosity, I decided to look at who has the least kills. Well, congrats Roberto! You're a less impressive fighter then Katz.

Another Strategy Manual is for sale, so I pick it up.

It's at this point I realize that, with Orguss Combination, Kei actually needs Energy upgrades.

Then there's a bit more catch up upgrades.

I put the new Strategy Manuals to good use.

Shinn continues to increase his Murder abilities with +5 more points in Melee and Range.

Atena learns Backup Attack

Quattro gets +2 in Melee, and +8 in Range.

Adette, Miashey, Gaulli and Joesph all get some more SP.

Kouji gets +10 to Melee again.

Another support pilot, Michiru gets some SP-Ups, Rag gets Backup Attack, and Hilda also get more SP.

Having not yet at the time of recording caught my mistake with Renton's skillset, I instead up his Air Rank to S.

More SP! More!

Roger picks up Will Limit Break.

Sayaka gets more SP, and Fa learns Predict... and gets SP-Up too. It's finished with Bello also geting SP too!

Right, squad time.

This mission opens with the same way as in Rand’s version: Medayu talking to Gwen, everyone discussing the aftermath of the Orb speech, the Charisma still trolling the internet and the issue with D.O.M.E. and Logos.
After Amuro ponders all our problems and says everyone needs to think of what we can do about them, we get to the new parts:

When Setsuko asks about Quattro, Kamille says he’s been alone in his room ever since he had his meeting with Kai. Katz complains that Kai’s as self-centered as he was during the One Year War, having immediately taken off after his business was done to collect info on other stuff.
From what Emma’s heard, Kai was with Blex at the moment of his death and that’s when he received the general’s message for Quattro. There hasn’t been any official statement from the upper echelons of the AEUG, either, so that probably means we weren’t actually supposed to know of Blex’s death.
It appears the killer is still unknown and Kamille figures the situation up in space is a lot more complicated than we thought. Rey’s sure there’s nothing to worry about as the Plants will support Zaft’s allies.

: …
: Kamille…are you also having doubts about the Chairman?
: …What do you think, Rey? What’s your take on that Lacus Clyne in Orb?
: My…take?
: Yeah…like, which one is the real Lacus?
: You, too…? This is ridiculous…
: It’s probably all a ploy by the enemy to confuse us.
: The enemy…hm…
: Orb’s our enemy…
: Everyone will start worrying about what’s true or not. It’s quite the shrewd strategy.
: But, why…? Why do people care about that?
: Do they think that the real one is always right and the fake is always wrong…?
: Huh…
: None of that matters to me… the chairman IS right and that’s enough for me.
: …
: Moreover, what we should be thinking about is what we’ll do about Orb.
: Both the new Freedom and Athrun Zala are there.
: He managed to survive, so do you think Meyrin did too...?
: …
: If she did, there’s a good chance she’s aboard the Archangel.
: We don’t now what’ll happen next with them but I’d like to think there’s still hope for Meyrin.
: Right…

Eina and the maids come in and they bring some fresh-baked cookies; these were made by the kiddie maids and Bridgitta’s very confident in this batch.
Eiji approves, especially with how empty his stomach is, and Setsuko thanks them all for it. Anya seems bothered by something but Löwen then comes in with news from Schlan that Asakim’s been spotted nearby.
There’s still the dangling question of whether or not he could be the Black Charisma and while Ryouma says it is possible that he is, Tetsuya doesn’t understand why he’d bother wearing a mask considering we all know his face.

: We’ll have our answers if I bring him down...
: Setsuko…if you’re gonna fight him, then we’re coming along!
: Thank you, Shinn… but I want to settle things with him with my own hands.
: It’s too dangerous for you to go alone!
: I’ll accompany her, then. Everyone else can stay on standby and, if there’s any problem, I’ll get in touch right away.
: Alright, watch her back, bro! You’re gonna answer to me if anything happens to her, ya hear?
: Leave it to me, Kappei. On my honor, I swear I’ll keep her safe.
: Let’s go, Cpt. Löwen…!
: Be careful, Miss Setsuko.
: Thank you. Oh, I might as well have a cookie for the road.
: Ah…that’s--!

*Munch, munch.*

: Hmm, how sweet. That really cheered me up.
: !
: OK, here I go...!

*Setsuko leaves.*

: Miss Setsuko…
: What…
: Relax, Löwen’s tagging along with her… hey, I’ll take one of those cookies, too.


: Ack! The hell is this?!
: Spit it out, Master Eiji…! Bridgitta used salt instead of sugar on these!
: Aaw…I botched them? And I thought everyone would be blown away...
: But Setsuko ate it without a problem...
: Uuurgh, how…? Is something wrong with her tongue?
: “You’ll change into something inhuman”…
: It’s what that man, Rand, said…
: Do you think Setsuko’s…

Chapter 46 – Countdown

: Schlan’s transmission said Asakim was around here somewhere.
: Thank you, Captain.
: You should be thanking Schlan for this, not me.
: He’s a stoic man but I’m sure he’d appreciate it.
: You two are very good friends, aren’t you?
: Indeed. He might appear cold at first glance but he’s actually quite fervent, you see.
: We started working together following “Break the World” but we’d been friends for many years.
: So the formation of the New Federation Army brought you closer?
: That’s right. We’re companions, united in our admiration for BrigGen. Edel’s ideals.
: Really, if you look at it like that, the ZEUTH members are just the same.
: And do you think of me like that, too?
: Why, of course.
: J-just so we're clear, I wasn't going to say you're any different because you're a woman.
: Have you always had this problem, Cpt. Löwen?
: Um… well…it’s quite embarrassing but…yes.
: Is there a particular reason for it?
: Aah…back when I was younger, I suffered a very painful betrayal at a woman’s hand…
: Oh, please forgive me…! I shouldn’t pry into such private matters!
: No, it’s fine. There’s no problem in telling you.
: But, regardless, my friendship with Schlan and my phobia are completely unrelated.
: Hm…!
: …Heads up, Setsuko! He’s coming!

: Setsuko Ohara… you came despite knowing the suffering that awaits you?
: Or are you, perhaps, deriving pleasure from your grief?
: Asakim…!
: It’s been a while since we last saw each other, hasn’t it? I apologize for having taken so long in preparing this encounter.
: …
: What’s the matter? Has the Sphere taken even your voice?
: !
: What is he talking about?!
: The Sphere absorbs the life of its bearer...and the two slowly fuse together.
: Sphere…
: The Sorrowful Maiden gets closer and closer to the Taiji as you offer your tears to it.
: Perhaps you’ve noticed it? How you’re progressively losing your humanity?
: It’s what Rand said… The loss of my sense of taste was because of that…?
: Setsuko, you can’t fight! I’ll take care of him!
: No, Cpt. Löwen… I’ve already made up my mind.
: The Virgola can draw strength from my sorrow…this is what I want, even if it costs me my life…!
: I’ll fight with the Virgola so no one else has to experience this grief!
: Setsuko…
: That determination enables you to fight… but it’s also why you’ll never be able to crawl out of the depths of your sorrow.

*Asakim pulls back*

: Are you running away, Asakim?!
: I’m not the one who’ll be your opponent.
: Mind, I’ve already called suitable men to play that part.

: !
: Virgolas?!
: So, that Virgola look-alike is the one behind everything, Asakim?
: That’s right, Cpt. Hammer. Its pilot is the one who summoned us into this world.
: Tch… she dragged us into a warp to help out her little plans, eh?
: Chief! Toby!!
: She’s already looked into our identities…?!
: Don’t get all chummy with us! You started this and the Glory Star ain’t pulling its punches because you’re a woman!
: What…
: Asakim told us how you were the one behind that Break phenomenon.
: Yeesh! That’s one rotten girl, summoning us two into another world over some beef she’s got with us!
: But we can get this sorted out by bringing her down…! We’ll teach her what it means to fight the Virgolas!
: Roger that, Chief! Let’s show her how the Glory Star rolls!
: Please wait! I may be from a different world than you two but…
: But I’m also a Glory Star!
: We’ve already been briefed about the parallel worlds. But as far as I’m concerned, the Glory Star is a two-man team: me and Toby…!
: If you wanted to go around saying you’re one of us, we would’ve told you to knock yourself out. But, you’re actually our enemy…
: So, we’re gonna have to kick your ass!
: Listen to me! There’s no reason for us to fight!
: But there is, Setsuko Ohara!
: We won’t be able to return to our original world if we don’t defeat you.
: It’s not working, Setsuko! Asakim’s got them wrapped around his finger!
: We’ll need to immobilize them and then explain what’s going on!
: But...
: These two are not the ones you knew! They’re different people! And they’ll kill you if you don’t fight back!
: I have to fight…Chief and Toby…
: And I’ll do the same…! I’ve a duty to keep you safe!
: …
: Cpt. Löwen...please stand down.

: Setsuko…
: Even if they’re from a different world…they’re still Chief and Toby.
: So, I will fight them…as a member of the Glory Star…
: Don’t you use that name. The Glory Star ain’t something folks like you can carry.
: Asakim, you stay out of this...!
: We’ll deal with her, by the pride of the Glory Star!

*Toby and Denzel step closer.*

: Game on, phony. You don’t get to call for a handicap after picking this fight!
: …OK…
: (This is a very common event for those who wander across various worlds…myself included.)
: (But you won’t be able to stop the sorrow that’s born from your heart.)
: (Go on, Setsuko...drown in this power you desired.)
: Here we go, Toby! Glory Star, Charge!
: Roger, Chief!
: Chief…Toby…I won’t hesitate any longer!
: Setsuko…

So... Yeah. Our current objective is to defeat Denzel and Toby.

ENDING POINT ALERT: Defeat Denzel and Toby within Four turns. +1 Ending Points.

: Whoever you are, once I get in close, you're done for!
: It really is Toby's combat style…!
: You think you've read me? We don't know you!
: The Glory Star is the Chief and me!
: ...maybe I can't be with you two anymore, but I'm not giving up...
: Because I'm Glory Star too!
It's not going to take even near that long.

: Urgh, no way… This has to be a nightmare…

: Toby, I’m so sorry… I…
: You bastard! What have you done to the 2nd Lt.?!
: Chief…!
: The only one who gets to call me that is Toby!
: You goddamn imposter! I'll end you in the name of the Glory Star!!
: Chief…=

Then comes the enemy phase.

: She shoots the way I teach people to shoot...
: I'll defeat you using the tactics you taught me and the tactics I've learned myself!
: Well, it looks like you've been through the fire, all right!
: But we're the proud Glory Star! Wherever we are, whoever you are, we'll pull through!
: Maybe, Chief, but that goes as well for me...
: Because I'm Glory Star too!

Ok, let's get this finished and over with.

: Argh! She’s really better than us?!

: Please forgive me, Chief… I…I didn’t have a choice…
: Hmhmhm...she seems to be drawing out power quite well.
: Very good, indeed, Setsuko.
: Toby…Chief… don’t die, please…
: Even if you’re from a different world, you two are still so important to me… I promise I’ll explain everything…
: ...After, I’ve destroyed Asakim Dowin...!
: Well, aren’t you confident…

*Setsuko starts charging after Asakim.*

: Setsuko…!
: !
“You women should all just disappear from this world!!”

: Bah, stubborn bitch! Just looking at you annoys me!!
: Cpt. Löwen…what…
: You don’t get it?! This is why you women are worthless!
: Captain…
: AHAHAHA! You’re pathetic, Setsuko! Let me spell it out: I’m your enemy!
: A mole meant to destroy your group from within!
: That’s…
: NOOO!!

: There you are, Schlan, Ziene.
: We’ve fulfilled your request, Asakim Dowin.
: Well done. …Having her very existence denied by her comrades, losing them once more and even being betrayed by the one she trusted…
: Setsuko Ohara will now plummet into the infinite prison…
: Hahahaha! Look at you now, Setsuko!

: Good job, Löwen. BrigGen. Edel is also pleased.
: She is…?!
: You get all mushy just by hearing your goddess’ name, hm? I see you’re the same as ever.
: Heh…what can I say!
: …
: You’re…you’re on the same side…?!
: Pitiful…
: You wouldn’t be suffering this much had your group destroyed each other according to plan.
: Then, the spin-doctoring of info on the UN was…!
: A trap of my creation. Löwen was assisting with that.
: We placed a virus on your UN terminals and pushed you in the direction we wanted!
: Your plan was flawless, Schlan! That’s exactly what I’d expect from my confidant!
: Nevertheless, it ended in failure due to some outside interference.
: It doesn’t matter. The masses are all sad little lambs as the scattered embers of war and chaos burn throughout the world around them.
: Now we simply need to take control and everything will belong to the Chimera.
: That’s right! None but BrigGen. Edel may rule this world!
: The Chimera…BrigGen. Edel was using us all along…
: Insolent bitch!!

: Urgh!
: How dare trash like you utter her name without cause!
: You’re always so upfront with your feelings…
: But weren’t you so very kind to this girl?
: Anything for BrigGen. Edel!
: Besides... there’s something slightly adorable about her when she’s crying her eyes out.
: Everyone went easy on her because of it and she thrived on it! This bitch deserves to die!
: Cpt. Löwen…

: I’m detecting a growing distortion of the dimensional walls… is this the Sphere’s power, Asakim?
: It’s still just a part of it. But, this undulation… it seems the Sorrowful Maiden has awakened.
: What, then…? Should we kill her?
: Do that and you’ll be one step closer to your freedom, right?
: Indeed, Ziene. Would you care to finish her off?
: I’ll do anything to set you free, Asakim...
: And, then, you’ll also be free…from the despair you tasted during “Break the World”…from the pain and sorrow of losing everything.
: If you truly can make me forget the anguish of having my people taken from me, then…
: She’s calling to her friends…?
: Ziene! If you’re not going for it, then I am!!
: Die, Setsuko!! I’ll lay your corpse before ZEUTH as our declaration of war!!
: !

: Argh! It’s them?!

: Oh? ZEUTH has arrived.
: Schlan, Ziene! We need to reorganize!

*All bosses move further back.*

: Hey! I know we came in real late and all but what the hell is going on?!
: Cpt. Löwen, why are you with Asakim’s group?!
: Looks like that bitch isn’t the only idiot around here!
: What?!
: Disposing of you is also part of our mission. This is a fine opportunity to do that, wouldn’t you say, Löwen?
: You’re right! We’ll sound the bell on our war against them here and now!

: Crows and Federation units?!
: And there’s also Asakim Dowin…what is the meaning of this…?!
: Open your ears and listen up, ZEUTH!
: We are the direct subordinates of Brigadier General Edel Bernal of the New Earth Federation Army – the Chimera Special Forces.
: You’ve been very useful pawns until now…!
: Fighting the aliens, hunting the Sage Council Remnants…such fierce dedication!
: But no more! BrigGen. Edel has deemed that you’ll be a problem sooner or later!
: Cpt. Löwen…so you were always our enemy?!
: Showing us the appropriate UN info and molding our doubts into certainty… someone on the inside was needed to pit both sides of ZEUTH against each other. That was your job, wasn’t it?!
: That’s right! And you went on to stir up trouble across the world, just as BrigGen. Edel wanted!
: We were able to do away with those inconvenient Logos worms, thanks to that!
: So, BrigGen. Edel didn’t actually go missing during the Federation coup...
: She was the mastermind of the whole thing!
: It makes sense… we’re talking about the person behind the UN’s construction. Using it to manipulate information would be easy for her.
: So, she was just playing us under the guise of being our ally?!
: You had outlived your usefulness once the coup was complete. The plan was for you to destroy one another…
: But not only did you survive, you also reunified.
: Aw, boo-hoo…! You think everything’s gonna follow your plan? Get real!
: Perhaps but these divergences need only be corrected.
: And that’s what brings us here today: to deal with you people.
: Weren’t you Asakim’s little helper, girl?
: I am first and foremost a member of Chimera. Asakim is cooperating with us and I was assigned as his liaison.
: I’ll leave the rest to you, Ziene. Give my regards to Professor Theeh.
: Got it, Asakim. I look forward to seeing you again.
: We’ll make good use of the dimensional tech you gave us.
: You do that. Good luck.
: Asakim…!
: I’ll face those feelings of yours should we meet again.
: However, you’ll be something inhuman before long – as you become one with the Sorrowful Maiden…

: He’s running away!
: Do not pursue! Our priority is dealing with the Chimeras up front!
: All units, provide Setsuko some backup and take out the Chimera commanders!
: I’m warning you: I wasn’t fighting for real during our travels!

: Such a shame. You made for some fine toys as the UN led you by the nose.

: Alright, then... it’s high time I acted as one of the leaders of the three units, yes?
: Of course, crushing you has always been my goal!