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Part 190: Mission 47 (Setsuko) - Countdown - Part 2

Setsuko Route Chapter 47 Part 2

So the real Objective and Battle Mastery pop up. We have to beat either Ziene, Schlan, or Löwen. To get the Battle Mastery, we have to do it within four turns. The timer starts now.

So, Setsuko going through yet another horrifically traumatizing experience has given the Virgola Glory an upgrade, again. It's gained the EN Regen (Small) trait, for one. Also, the High Straight Turret MAP attack has had its base power upped by 300. Nautilus Carver and The Glory Star have gotten their base power upped by 500.

Turn 1

As a minor bonus, all of Setsuko's SP has been refilled and her turn refeshed. So she doesn't need to hang back for this turn.

And Renton leads with a dissapointing start.

They're just fragile enough to be 2HKOd, but tough enough that the PLA attacks wouldn't make a difference. So Wide Formation it is!

Kei scores the first kill of the stage!

Beat it up Sirius!

Nice enough job.

I'm not mad, Sara, just dissapointed.

There we go. Everybody's a bit closer to them for this turn.

Hayato was the favored starget his turn. With like, half a dozen crows jumping at him.

Luckily, with Prevail really kicking in he starts dodging.

Turn 2

Got a lot of grunts to blow up, so let's get to it!

Ready, Ryouma?

Take that stupid barrier!

Map them a bit...

Then just start blowing them up!

Continuing to punch through the grunts gets Maria her Level 6 Prevail.

Shinn's SEED starts up!

Comes enemy phase I'm reminded why I hate these things.

At least the Element System starts up.

Then defeating one teaches Sirius his final Spirit Command, Drive(60) If you ever want to instantly hit the Element System, you can now for almost all of his SP![/i]

Turn 3

So, completely random obvervation. Look at Löwen's Crazy Face. Just look at it. Also, his spirit list changes along with his betrayal based Squad Leader Bonus. He loses Accel and instead gets Courage for some reason.

Also, he had a Map Attack the entire time and didn't bother to use it! Löwen! You dick!

I'm now reaching the point where I can use Valor on tough enemy squads!

Like so.

This turn was, in all honesty, completely uneventful. I barely moved, swamped by all the grunts, and so I blew the bulk of them up. So yeah! You missed nothing exciting.

Come enemy phase, the bosses are in range to attack!

: We put our faith in you and BrigGen. Edel... pledged to fight alongside you...
: And let me extend my sincere gratitude, both on her behalf and my own...
: But we don't need you anymore! I'll be the one to bring her dreams to reality!

Turn 4

So my original plan was to blow up all three of them at the same turn. Unfortunately, I found out that when one gets beaten, the others retreat. So that was thrown into the dustin. Since Brunom has already shown off Löwen's battle dialogue, I can put gameplay concerns to the front of my choice! Ziene has a Hyper Jammer, I want that. So she's going to go now.

Let's see what happens when you combine Shinn's high stats, SEED, and Soul!

Just to compare, Destiny's Full Weapon Combination has a base power of 4600, while Space Combination is 6100. Yet Kappei did only 1000 more damage. Shinn is great is what I'm saying.

This teaches Sirius his eighth level of ESP.

: Grr! Annoying pests!
: Retreat, Ziene. Löwen and I will take care of this.
: These worms won’t stand a chance against our partnership!
: Aw, you’re always such good buddies...But I think this is good enough for today.
: These people will keep on charging towards their own death even without our help.
: What’s that supposed to mean?!
: Hahaha! You’ll all meet your end amidst this fruitless battle, ZEUTH! It won’t be long before you understand just how futile everything you’re doing truly is!

: The enemy’s retreating!
: Do not pursue. We need to process what we’ve already learned.
: Setsuko…are you alright?
: Yes…
: We’ve a few things we want to ask you: about Cpt. Löwen, the Virgola…
: …And about your health.
: Huh…
: Everyone knows…that there’s something weird happening to you…
: …
: Hold it! Something else is coming over here!

As on Rand's version of the stage, Kejinan and Enge show up (no Yassaba for Setsuko players) but they’re here with a request for us – Kids wants to speak with Arthur.

The next scenes are all the same, regardless of the main character: the meeting with Kids and his request for our her against the OverDevil, Quattro breaking the AEUG’s alliance with Zaft, Talia saying with (or leaving) ZEUTH, Kihel and Corin joining the team and, finally, Holland bringing in the Devilfish (no scene with Talho’s wedding ring).

It should be noted that there's a spectrum on the amount of ZEUTH points you can get. When the choice for a route split comes up, if you're not on a New Game+, whether or not the choice even comes up depends on your ZEUTH Points. If you practically get all of them, the game gives you a choice. However, if you just get enough of them to meet the requirements then the game will automatically send you on the ZEUTH route without even asking. Since I didn't let Shinn get shot down on Stage 38, I got enough points to go down the ZEUTH Route but not enough to be able to choose whether or not I'd like to do so. Not that if I did get the choice I'd pick the other route. Back to plot!

After all that, we get new stuff:

In Setsuko’s room

: Hm…so Asakim’s using even that sort of trick, eh…?
: …
: I know there ain’t much I can say but…
: Don’t give in, ya hear?
: I don’t have anything else to lose...
: I’ll just have to take care of everything before the Sphere absorbs all of my life.
: You can’t stop now, huh...?
: But if I’m defeated by Asakim, I’d like you to take care of everything.
: Oi, don’t say ominous stuff like that. Doesn’t that ZEUTH group of yours got other stuff to do, too?
: …
: Lemme take care of that guy. Then, you’ll have some more freedom to live your life.
: Thank you very much, Rand.
: Yo, don’t you go falling for me, girl… Still, I could buy us both a round after Asakim’s dust.
: I...I can’t drink but I’d gladly have some ice cream with you.
: Oh? Alright, I’ll keep that ice cream in mind. See you later!
: You take care, Rand.

*Transmission end.*

: …We’re coming in, Setsuko.
: Lt. Emma…everyone…
: Since when have you lost your sense of taste?
: Since the day the Gunnery Carver changed shape.
: At first, it only happened after some big battles but now it’s completely gone...
: And do you know the cause?
: Asakim said it’s a result of the Sphere draining my life.
: I don’t know why but his goal is, apparently, to awaken that Sphere’s power.
: Sphere…just what is that?
: I don’t know... but it seems to be some power that was hidden in the Virgola.
: It must be related to the Virgola’s— or, rather, to the Gunnery Carver’s black box.
: The Chief once told me that the Unit #1’s Gunnery Carver was special…
: I was spared because I was piloting the Unit #1 and both Toby and the Chief were killed…
: All in order to awaken the power of that Sphere… to make me feel sorrow…
: You need to stop, Setsuko! You’re really going to die if you keep fighting!
: …
: Luna’s right! Please, leave the fighting to us and rest!
: …
: Shinn…would you stop, were you in my position?
: I…
: I’m strong now…so, I want to use that strength.
: I’ll end this conflict and keep anyone else from experiencing this sorrow… it’s for that reason that I’ll fight.
: But that’s…that’s so sad…
: Good…that’ll give me—…give the Virgola more power.
: So, you’ll keep going even if it means sacrificing yourself?
: …I’d rather not think of it like that…I’m just doing what I want.
: Setsuko…
: You’re pushing yourself too hard! If it’s this difficult, then just stop!
: I cannot... this is the battle I chose…
: That’s…there isn’t much we can do but let us help even if just a bit…
: We can, at the very least, be here for you.
: So promise us that you won’t try to do this by yourself, Setsuko...
: Thank you so much…
: I’ve lost Chief and Toby, and now Cpt. Löwen’s gone…
: But I still have all of you…so, I’ll be fine…
: That’s right…! …You can count on us!
: I will…
: …We’ll be heading to the Vodara Shrine in South Ameria tomorrow. You get some rest, too, Setsuko.
: Understood.
: Well, then…good night, Setsuko.
: Let us know if anything happens. We’ll come running.
: OK…good night to you, too.

*Everyone leaves.*

: ...
: …
: Forgive me, Chief, Toby… I…I couldn’t save you again…
: I…


: Huh…
: My…my eyes…
: I can’t see…

This mission ends with the same scene as Rand’s path: Edel, Scirocco and Dewey scheming and with her showing how absolutely insane she is.


Extra Dialogue:

Setsuko vs Asakim

: Asakim!
: Aren't you excited to see our special guests, Setsuko?
: Play with them first, and let me drink in your sorrow.
: I can't... I’ve no choice but to fight them...
: Then, I have to at least disable them!

Setsuko vs Ziene

: I can't believe Cpt. Löwen and Schlan were working with you all along, Ziene Espio!
: Heh. You liked them treating you like a princess, huh, Setsuko?
: Well, too bad! Everyone you can count on is going to leave you one way or the other!
: Gh...
: If you can't survive on your own, you might as well die! There’s no place for you in this world!

Setsuko vs Schlan

: Nothing against you personally. Asakim Dowin just wants you dead.
: Cpt. Schlan, why are you all working with Asakim?
: I just said you're going to die. What's the point of telling you?
: You're going to have a lot of unanswered questions and unfinished business left as you disappear from this world.
"Ah, the woman whom Asakim's been so focused on... I'll be destroying you here and now".

Setsuko vs Löwen.

: You learned a couple tricks and now you think you can take me, you little bitch?
: Cpt. Löwen...
: Now that's the worrying face that I love to see!
: I'm going to pound you into despair in Asakim’s place!