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Part 193: Mission 48 - Exiles From Paradise - Part 3

We’ll clear whatever we can of these Paradigm mooks before its time to destroy the Alpha.
Banjou also kills a nearby Bonaparte.

Renton and Shinn move out of the way, weakening the Omega while they’re at it, and Talia has a cool MAPW ready.

Unfortunately, it seems I overestimated her damage…

No matter. Kei takes one last chunk of HP from it and the Omega’s primed for Garrod.

Only the one left and then we’re done.

Fast forward some more clean-up: Bright MAPs two VC-10s into oblition, Amuro and Tetsuya wreck a Bonaparte and leave two weakened Archetypes each. Gain claims one of those pairs and, finally, Marin and Toshiya down three weak VC-10s.

Enemy Phase!

This one enemy plays ball and goes after Toshiya.
He effortlessly parries a swarm of missiles before killing it with a Frisbee.
Tetsuya takes another kill and most of the other VC-10s decide to gang on Bright and survive.

Glenn’s finally managed to attack Aquarion.

: Glenn! Listen to us, please!
: …
: Glenn… they sacrificed you, too, to this horrible power...!
: Sirius, Reika! We ain’t got time to be sad and scared!
: It takes an Aquarion to take an Aquarion! We gotta stop him!!
Apollo’s a much better sniper, though.

More kills as weak enemies kamikaze against Amuro, Duke and Gainer.
One goes after Banjou for a double whammy of 0 damage and death by weakest attack.
For shame.

Player Phase!

You get a kill! And you get a kill! Everyone gets a kill!

Two for Rey, one for Talho, one for Hayato, three for Jiron and I ran out of patience.

With attacks from Tetsuya, Kei and Garrod, Renton is ready to show Dominic the error of his ways.

Jürgens can tell when it’s time to pull back and leaves the rest of the battle to the remaining forces.
Dominic has no complaints and defers to his judgment, his doubts towards this battle they’re waging growing by the minute.

Toshiya, Gain and Marin bring Glenn down to his last legs. Go have words with the guy, Reika!

Finally done…Reika takes a handful of levels for ESP L5 and Counter L6. We also steal Glenn’s Fallen Angel feathers!

Glenn’s Aquarion Alpha decombines upon defeat but, when Reika tries calling out to him, he simply runs off along with the remaining Feds. Seems like our voices just aren’t reaching him.
Speaking of voices, the Hypnosound starts playing right then and Jun detects that special quantum pattern.

: This feeling…! It’s Touma!
: I’ve come for you...
: What is he talking about?!
: The dark envoy, bearing a rainbow-colored light, will beckon the Wings of the Sun...
: What do you mean, Rena?!
: I think that Fallen Angel…wants the Wings of the Sun to come with him.
: He’s after Apollo, then?!
: …
: Get real! This guy took Baron’s life! Who’d ever want to be buddies with him?!
: But humans also took their child…
: Sirius, what…--?!
: I want you…Wings of the Sun…
: Oi, enough with your nonsense!
: You’re all gonna pay for the tons of people you took!
: Both sides have sinned…it’s not a matter of numbers…
: Say what?!
: You’re not making any sense, Sirius! Why have you been fighting all this time, then?!
: To create an era without conflict…to make my beautiful dream a reality…

: The Aquarion split up!
: Master Sirius, where are you going?!
: …
: You…You called out to me, didn’t you?
: Answer me!

*Sirius charges after Touma.*

: Sirius?!
: Wait! You can’t fight him alone!

*Reika goes after him.*

: Reika…
: Awaken…


: !
: Ah…!

*Reika shifts back a bit.*

: H-hey! That thing coming out of his arm is…!
: A wing…a Fallen Angel wing…
: Then Sirius is--!
: One of them…?!
: Ah…aah…
: Reika… I’d hoped that at least you would accept me as I am…

*Sirius moves over beside Touma.*

: Brother, why?!
: Forgive me, Silvia… my path was never here.
: You’re talkin’ crazy, Sirius! Don’t go!!
: But if I walk this path, I’ll find my perfect world…at long last, I see it…
: Let us where your wings will bloom: Atlandia...

: Sirius…!
: Does…does this mean he really was the Wings of the Sun…?


: More Fallen Angels?!

*The Paradigm troops pull back.*

: Damn it, are they trying to get payback for that Futaba kid?!
: Even so, I can’t let this be the end or I’ll never be able to go after my brother!
: Silvia…!
: Here I come!

*Silvia jumps into one of the mass-produced Vector Machines.*

: Apollo, Reika! Let’s combine!!
: R-right!

: How...?! Even if the Vector Machines are similar, forcing a combination like that is…!
: Such is the power of humans.
: All units, support the Aquarion and rout the Fallen Angels.
: But we can’t go on like this forever…!
: …Renton! Get over to the Vodara Shrine!
: Huh!?
: We’ll drop Norb over there, too! Hurry!!
: Let’s go, Renton.
: You got it!

*Both the Nirvash and Gekko get to the shrine.*

: Come with me, Renton, Eureka!
: Right!

: Go for it, Renton!
: Listen up, you lot! We gotta hold this line with our lives until they come back!
: Roger!
: Aye, aye, boss! I ain’t letting anything mess with those kids!

Location: Vodara Shrine – Innermost Room

: Do you see that, Renton, Eureka?
: The flower bud…?
: That’s right... this place, at the heart of the Vodara Shrine is Lady Sakuya’s room.
: She’s somewhere in there, then…?
: THAT is her.
: Wha--!?
: I’m back, my Lady Sakuya…
: That’s…but…that’s just a flower bud…right?
: Ah…
: Can you feel it?
: Yes…
: Seems to me that she was also waiting for you.
: …
: How long has it been, Lady Sakuya…? I’ve led Eureka and Renton…and the Nirvash here.
: …
: Renton…how much do you know about the Great Wall?
: Only rumors and what Holland told me…
: But the Great Wall disappeared when the Break fused the worlds, right?
: And what do you think was beyond that Great Wall?
: I dunno…
: 40 years ago, the sleeping Scub Coral, which had become the ground of the Promised Land, created someone as a means to talk to humanity…
: That was Lady Sakuya.
: Then…
: Yes, her mission was the same as Eureka’s. And I was chosen as her partner.
: Indeed…the two of us were in yours and Eureka’s shoes.
: You were…
: …
: Eureka…you should hear the rest from Lady Sakuya herself.
: From her…how?
: Don’t worry, Renton…I understand…I need to enter the flower…
: Okay…here I go.

*Eureka disappears as she enters the bud.*

: Eureka…!
: It’s alright. The rest is in Lady Sakuya’s hands.
: But…
: The legends say our original homeworld was lost to a calamity and our ancestors went on to find a new one among the stars, which they called “the Promised Land”…
: However, what they did was simply return to that same homeworld.
: Huh…
: The people abandoned its old name and rechristened the world, now covered and transformed by the Scub Coral, as “Promised Land”.
: Because that's what they’d decided, when they first left, to call the place they would return to.
: The place they'd return to, the world they had to abandon after a calamity... they'd call it "the Promised Land"…
: Wait, you don’t mean--!
: Indeed. I arrived at the same conclusion after hearing the stories of Arthur Rank and ZEUTH.
: We are humans of an Earth that dated many, many years after the Black History.
: The “Promised Land” we lived in was an alternate universe-version of Earth, born from the Break that happened at the final moments of the Black History.
: Just like Garrod and Apollo’s, our old world was a separate future of the post-Black History…

: Hello, Eureka!
: …Hello, Sakuya.
: I’ve always wanted to meet you. You’re the second person to ever come inside my heart.
: And my first guest in 40 years!
: I wanted to meet you, too.
: Could you listen to my story?
: I…I’ve wanted to tell of me and Norb for so very long!

: …
: Eureka will be a while, so let’s continue.
: Back in our time, Lady Sakuya and I were given the mission of crossing the Great Wall.
: A mission…?
: The mission, as told by the high priests, was for me to “cross into eternity, convey our peoples’ heartfelt desire and free the land from the negative energies that bind it”.
: “The land”…you mean the Scub Coral?
: Yes… it was said that what laid beyond the Great Wall was the true Promised Land.
: But the Great Wall disappeared after the Break!
: If crossing it was to be mine and Eureka’s mission, then what are we supposed to do now?
: You don’t need to do anything special.
: Huh…
: Just live happily in this world, since you are already in the true Promised Land.
: The true Promised Land…

: Norb had been chosen as my caretaker and he was supposed to never speak in my presence.
: What happened?
: But then…one day he went and spoke to me by accident. It was then that…
: You fell in love?
: Ooh, you can’t just come out and say it like that!
: That’s how Tifa and Rena would talk to me.
: Hmm… ah, it’s so good that you’ve more friends than just Renton.
: Yes it is…
: Heehee… but, yes, the two of us fell in love at that moment. I was so happy…
: …
: Well, I couldn’t really help it. All the other monks who tended to me were so uptight.
: Norb was the one who taught me how to smile.
: I know the feeling…
: But we were unable to cross the Great Wall…
: And then you were transformed into a flower bud and Norb had a Compac Drive embedded in his chest…

: We couldn’t cross the Great Wall back then… but, now, I’m certain that there was another world beneath the Coral that formed our land…
: The original form of that planet… a world with a bountiful nature just like this one…our Earth.
: Cross the Great Wall and we’d be in true Promised Land…
: Right. And in doing so laid hope for mankind and the Scub Coral.
: So go on and live with Eureka, Renton. And you’ll surely find the answer in this world.
: Our living together is humanity and Coralians interacting with each other…
: I think Lady Sakuya’s should also be entrusting her wishes to Eureka by now.

: all ended in a huge failure but... after it was done, I learned something!
: ?
: That you were going to be born!
: …
: Don’t be sad. I don’t regret that failure one bit.
: That day, when we tried to cross the Great Wall…it was the first time he called me “Sakuya”.
: It was then that we became one…I was so happy.
: Hm…
: And what about you? How do you feel about Renton?
: …

: Heh, I’m a bit jealous.
: Jealous?
: Because of all the things you have.
: Renton, your friends, Nirvash…
: But…
: Are you afraid…of the humans?
: This battle today was…so scary…so sad…
: I know that not all humans are kind people…
: But what about Renton?
: He…
: And what about your friends of ZEUTH?
: I…I like all of them.
: Then you’ll be fine! After all, you’re already in the true Promised Land!
: Hm…
: Don’t be afraid of becoming one. That kid’s head over heels for you.
: Yes…
: And I’m sure he’ll be good to you.
: You’re right.
: Be happy, Eureka.
: You too, Sakuya.
: And, Eureka…do you want me to get rid of that scar on your face?
: No need…this is proof of the life I’ve had.
: Heh, you’re so strong.
: But at least let me help you a bit…
: Huh…
: Good luck to you both…

: …
: Eureka…!
: Don’t worry…everything’s fine.
: What did Lady Sakuya say?
: “Be happy”.
: I see…Lady Sakuya…
: Your hair’s grown…
: Sakuya’s doing, I think.


: The battle outside seems to be getting worse.
: It’s alright. Sakuya said she was going to take care of that, too.
: Huh…
: Lady Sakuya’s power had been sustaining a barrier around this shrine all this time.
: The fact that we could now feel the attack’s shockwave means that Lady Sakuya’s decided to use her power for something else...
: Something else…?
: Get going, you two. I’m so glad to have met you.
: What? Don’t talk as if we’re never seeing each other again!
: Meetings all happen suddenly… but, through these, people change and move on. Farewells are also sudden…
: But you mustn’t dwell on that abruptness.
: Norb…
: Go, Renton, Eureka… Even if what lies ahead is covered in darkness, wherever you two tread becomes your path.
: OK…!

Back Outside…

: Renton and Eureka ain’t back yet?!
: Still no contact!
: Yeesh! Didn’t think we’d be taking on a mob of Angels after going through demons, Feds and that propeller guy when I woke up today!
: Don’t whine! We grown-ups gotta stand our ground until the kids come back!
: Over there! It’s the Nirvash!

: Come on, Eureka! Let’s go back to them!
: Right…!

*The Nirvash charges back into the fray.*

: Norb…I’ve been waiting.
: Sakuya…

: You finally called out to me…I’ve waited for this since that day…
: Let’s begin…for the sake of those children…

: And for ourselves…


: It’s that sound that precedes a warp…!
: The Fallen Angels are gathering!

: Pitiful wings, bound in an everlasting prison…it won’t be long before you’re free…
: So wait just a bit more…

: The Fallen Angels…disappeared…
: Did Sakuya do that…?

*Clap, clap, clap, clap!*

: Bravo, bravo! How wonderful that I got to behold a portion of that power with my own eyes!
: Alan Gabriel?! When did he get on the Gekko?!
: !
: Run, Dorothy! He’s after you!
: Don’t bother me!

: Dorothy!
: I’ll be taking your morose dolly, foolish Negotiator!

*Alan jumps off the Gekko.*

: How did he survive that fall?!
: That body…he’s a cyborg!
: You bastard…what are you taking her for?!
: Want to know, do you? You’ll have to come to Paradigm City, then!
: That is, if you CAN!

*Alan runs off.*

: No…! He kidnapped Dorothy…
: The hell is that scarecrow gonna do with her…?!
: Alan Gabriel…what is it that you know…?
: And what is the purpose of Paradigm City…?!

Location: Hundred Demon Empire – Science Fortress Island, Emperor’s Room

Gura relays the news of Hidler's sacrifice, calling Hidler an honorable warrior to the very last.
Gura says it's his turn next to act: his life's work on a device capable of freely drawing out the Dimensional Power is just about to be completed. The first demonstration of its power will be turning their island fortress into an invincible flying fortress.
Brai’s already impressed but Gura says that’s merely a basic application of the power and peanuts compared to what Dimensional Power can truly do – to fully secure the Empire’s dominance over the world, they must venture towards an even deeper understanding of this energy.

And the location where Gura thinks they’ll get what they need is a spot on Earth where dimensional energy is regularly detected: in that spot is a city that forbids outsiders, the Dimensional Power’s holy land so to speak. Take it over, and control over the energy is as good as theirs.
Gura's work has come to the point where he thinks he can pierce the barrier that keeps the city isolated from the world and, of course, it’s none other than Paradigm City.

: Paradigm City… that town will be the foothold of our worldwide conquest.
: Ready all troops for deployment! As soon as the Science Fortress Island’s modifications are complete, the Hundred Demon Empire will march into Paradigm City!
: Hail Brai!

One final thing: if you destroyed the Aquarion Delta and Omega before the Alpha, there’s something for you in the Bazaar.

Tsugumi relates how Silvia’s been locked in her room since the battle ended.
Apollo grumbles that all the sniffling in the world won't bring Sirius back but given that no one knows what to say to her, the only real option is to leave her alone. Hell, Pierre figures the rest of the Elements need time for the mess to sink in too.
The good news is that the military's Vector Omega seems capable of filling in for the absent Vector Mars, resulting in the somewhat oddly-named Aquarion Angel. Jun adds that, while searching the battlefield, we were able to recover a Vector Delta and a second Vector Omega which we could also use.
The problem is we found no Vector Alpha so those other two Vectors won’t be doing much. That said, Rena raises the possibility that someone else found an Alpha so, maybe, we should try checking the nearby Bazaar.

Yup, there’s a Vector Machine for sale.

Astonaige is very surprised we bought something like this in a Bazaar and, even better, Jun didn’t have to pay much since only Elements can actually pilot the thing.
Pierre has volunteered to pilot the Vector Omega in the original Aquarion, so it falls on Reika to handle the new Alpha – she is the better suited since she also received training to pilot the Vector Sol.
Thus, whomever is not assigned to pilot the original Aquarion can hop onto the Assault Aquarion and help out which means Jun and Tsugumi (the Vector Omega and Delta, respectively). Tsugumi eagerly accepts but Jun has to wonder who’ll pilot the Luna if she and Reika will be on the Assault.
That’s still Silvia and Apollo is ready to drag her off her room to deploy if need be.
“Don’t you get it, Silvia…? You won’t change anything by staying there…”, Apollo thinks to her. “You need to come out – we have a war to fight”.

And that’s it! Destroy the other two Aquarions before the Alpha and you get your own MP Aquarion. Its attacks aren’t as strong as the original, of course, but it has the Element System and all the powers it brings.
Reika, Jun and Tsugumi also get unique attacks on each form that Glenn and co. couldn’t use.
If you really like these three, you could absolutely make the Alpha into something capable of leading against bosses.