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Part 194: Mission 49 - Prologue

Chapter 49 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: We killed Hitler. Also, Sirius is a jerk.

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 171 Kills
2. Amuro - 127 Kills
3. Talia - 120 Kills
4. Shinn - 117 Kills
5. Quattro - 114 Kills

Sara Tyrrell gets another level of SP-Up and Talho learns E Save.

Witz gets Hit & Away, with Rey learning Predict.

Our new guy Carris gets Backup Attack.

Tetsuya gets +10 to Melee, with Maria, Ryouma, and Fa getting more levels of SP-Up.

Faye learns Backup Attack too. Duke picks up Will Limit Break. Of course, more SP for Maai.

Kappei gets +5 in Melee and Range, Riea and Sochie get SP-Up.

+5 Melee and +5 Range for Loran! SP-Up for Gauli!

Olson learns Backup Attack. Emma gets more SP.

Toshiya gains +10 Melee, that's like five or six levels of stat boosts right there.

I teach Gain Will + (Evade), with Bello picking up SP-Up.

Some catch up upgrages.

And of course the Shiny new Assault Aquarion gets pumped full of cash.

It also gets some Nanoskin Armor.

I got another Shadow Angel Feather, I put it on Fa. Why Fa? Because last stage she learned Wish(60.) That's why.

The Virgola Glory doesn't need a Solar Panel anymore, so instead I put an Inertial Control System on it.

Back in Paradigm Corp., Beck has just finished a job for Alex and, as expected, that “android” proved very useful.
Indeed, Beck’s replaced the interface of Alex’ Megadeus with a copy of Dorothy’s memory circuit and guarantees it’ll work without a hitch (Beck has her original memory circuit disk with him).
Alex feigns an apology for calling Beck back to Paradigm City so suddenly and pays him as promised, though Beck sniffs that the “call” was little short of a kidnapping. Regardless, Beck's willing to let the mess slide since it did get him a chance to get back at Roger and his cheeky android.
Seems to Alex that it was this grudge that empowered Beck into being able to complete his request but the guy isn’t sure – Beck just HAS memories of how to fiddle with Megadei’s interfaces, though he has no idea where they came from.

Alex ponders how everyone in Paradigm City has lost their memories, but retained their skills: “As though God has given each of them a role to play, don’t you think?”, Alex asks. “And you, the president of Paradigm Corp., gets to play the part of King of this city?”, Beck shoots back.
Alex only smirks at the question and Beck shrugs, figuring the guy must be pretty happy he’ll have full control of the Megadeus and, indeed, he is – for it is the Dominus of the Big Fau who’ll rule the world.
Beck does have to wonder if Alex means the world inside Paradigm City, or outside it.
Alex sniffs that the lesser world is insignificant to anyone who controls Paradigm City: something that Schwarz and Roger never understood.

: Paradigm City will be a battlefield soon. After it’s over, I’m going to reset it once more.
: And I’ll do so with my own will and with the strength I’ve acquired.
: So everyone’s gonna lose their memories when that goes down?
: I don’t intend to repeat something so inefficient.
: …
: Your job here is done. Take your payment and go wherever suits you.
: That was the plan. See ya, Alex Rosewater.
: That’s a shame. I was thinking of asking you to be my assistant…
: Sorry but I ain’t interested in being anyone’s lackey.
: Even a King’s.
: Very well. I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again, then.

Location: Central South Ameria

Back to our people, everyone’s pondering the discovery of Renton’s world also being a separated part of the original Black History world. From what we’ve discovered thus far, then, Banjou sees 3 different worlds that were born from the Black History Break: Rand’s world, Apollo’s world and, finally, the one with the Scub Coral-covered Earth.
Gwen is now even more curious about the secrets of the Black History and any legacies that could’ve been left behind other than the OverDevil, Aquarion and Turn X – there might be things beyond our wildest dreams just waiting to be found.
Kihel cautions him, saying that pursuing this hidden power could lead to our own destruction but Gwen counters that power itself is neither good nor bad and it can be very beneficial if used correctly like, say, crushing humanity’s foes.

Harry can see that Kihel’s concerned with the Feds’ usage of Fallen Angel power in the previous battle and it is her belief that neither that nor any relics of the Black History should be in the hands of man. Loran understands what she means: those who are too power-hungry are fated to drown in said power.
Still, as Gain points out, combing through the Black History is our best way of finding a clue towards stopping the upcoming collapse.

Gainer sighs that our trip to the Vodara Shrine didn't yield much concrete about conversing with the Coralians but Holland figures it wasn’t in vain as it seems Renton and Eureka have gained something from it.
Unfortunately, the trip also saw Sirius' defection to the Fallen Angels: he’d been hiding his inherited Angel blood and fought for mankind’s sake but the weight of the sins of humans broke him, it seems.
Holland wonders if Fudou sent Futaba’s data over to the Feds but Banjou doesn’t think so and, in that case, Gwen raises the possibility that there’s a spy within DEAVA who did it. Banjou had considered that and got in touch with DEAVA, who are already investigating this matter.

When Amuro asks, Gainer says Silvia remains locked in her room, deep in shock over her brother.
There’s also Dorothy’s kidnapping and Loran’s dejected that, combined with Tifa’s own kidnapping, so many bad things are happening wherever we go and Banjou sees that Kazami’s warning that we’re Singularities in more ways than one was right on the money.
Gain’s ready to take on all comers but damn if it won’t be a tough road to follow all the way through. Amuro also sees that the war across the world is coming to a head and, once it does, no one knows what’ll happen.

Elsewhere, Reika's fretting that she might have been able to stop Sirius had she accepted his wing. Michiru says anyone would’ve been shocked, had they been in her position, but that doesn’t ease her guilt.
Apollo tells her not to sweat it as it was Sirius' fault for not spitting out his secret when he had the chance. He confirms that he knew about it and both Ryouma and Kouji are surprised at how blasé he is with it.
Mind you, Jiron agrees with him as our group has come too far to get hung up on details like that – plus, Renton adds, this world of ours if all about overcoming such things.

Apollo and Pierre are quite impressed with the kid’s insight after the Vorada Shrine but Renton learned this more from being with Eureka than from anything else (since he didn’t actually get to meet Sakuya). Speaking of, Rena really likes Eureka’s new look.
Either way, Apollo tells Reika that she shouldn’t worry about this too much and she understands: unfortunate people make their own misfortune. As such, she means to cut that misfortune off at the roots, and find a way to apologize to Sirius for not understanding him.
Sounds good to Apollo, who has a ton of stuff he wants to tell the guy, too.

Nearby, Tetsuya and Hayato are more worried about what the Hundred Demons are up to – not just because of their enhanced soldiers but also because of Hidler’s last words for Gura to complete his own dimensional manipulator.
Considering that our investigations show that dimensional manipulation is what allows the Fallen Angels to invade our world AND what supposedly caused the huge Break at the end of the Black History, the thought of the demons learning how to do that sends chills down Ryouma’s spine.
Atena wants to take the fight to them immediately – they could try to perform a dimensional repair by themselves and remake the world as their own.

Olson calms her down as, even if the demons have completed their device, they’d first need to find the Great Singularity to perform any repair as only the energy concentrated at that dimensional distortion, born of the first Break, could bring the process to bear.
Olson explains that truly manipulating space-time is simply about wielding said energy – dimensional power – and that, essentially, means you get to manipulate the results of events. Kei asks if he’s saying you can do anything and Olson confirms that, in theory, it seems that way.

Olson uses the example of turning Kei into a woman: one would have to locate one of the infinite parallel universes in which Kei's counterpart was female, and then physically swap that person with Kei himself. Since the two beings are of the same origin, that swap wouldn't cause any significant disturbance.
Really, anyone with a perfect dimensional manipulator wouldn't even need to perform the repair: just being able to draw out from the inexhaustible supply of dimensional energy available is, by itself, a very worrisome prospect.
Finding the Great Singularity is still a priority for us, though, if we wanna get a proper dimensional repair going but there hasn’t been any development on that area from either the Chiram or the Emaanian search groups.

Roger is a bit silent and, when Rand/Setsuko asks, says the Great Singularity might be Paradigm City: a town where everyone lost their memories, completely isolated from this world…there are a lot of mysteries surrounding that place.
Mimsy figures we oughta go there right now, then, as that’d also let us rescue Dorothy but the problem, Roger says, is that we cannot enter Paradigm City. He tried returning there once before and found only an empty wasteland on the place where it was supposed to be.
The city was supposedly located on North Ameria's east coast and Daisuke asks if it could’ve been moved elsewhere by a warp but Alan said he was waiting there, meaning the city couldn’t have just vanished.

The only answer Olson can think of is that it’s tucked away in another dimension and the fact that Alan could come and go means that he must have some ability that allows him to traverse between our two worlds.
Roger’s hunch that the place could be the Great Singularity is sounding more likely and, just then, Mome runs in with a report from Maneesha about the Demons: they’re headed, with their flying fortress, straight towards North Ameria’s east coast. If they’ve completed their dimensional manipulator, it’s not hard for Roger to guess that they’re headed for Paradigm City.
Kouji knows we have to stop them from taking the place over but Maneesha’s report speaks volumes of how fearsome their fortress is. Seems to Hayato that they’re already drawing in dimensional power to run the thing but, regardless, we need to head over for one final brawl with the Hundred Demon Empire if we want to keep the world out of their hands.

Location: Eastern North Ameria

Ichitaro detects the demon’s flying fortress up ahead and Gengoroh sees that it’s more like a mobile island, converted into a fortress.
As Heizaemon orders everyone to deploy, Ichitaro detects a distortion forming in the dimensional walls – this area’s being warped and both ZEUTH and the demon army are caught in it!