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Part 197: Mission 50 - A Human's Heart, An Angel's Dream - Part 1

Welcome back, folks. Last time, we took care of that demon problem and wrapped up Getter’s plot...just in time to lose Gainer to the OverDevil.
Now, we gotta go after them because our kids need their bro!
Still16 slots but we’ve Gain, Gauli, Sara and Apollo/Jun/Tsugumi launching as event units:

Deep breaths…

Sirius, now the Angel of Poetry (no, really), watches over the beauty of Atlandia and ponders with Touma, amongst other things, of the chiming of bells, cast from the lives of humans.
Seems to Touma that the guy’s gotten quite used to life in Atlandia and, indeed, Sirius feels like he’s lived here since he was born. Touma says this IS where he was born, both in the distant past and now.
Sirius figures he means this as him being the legit Wings of the Sun and Touma simply smiles.
Otoha is glaring at the budding couple, saying Atlandia ill needs Sirius’ evil wind blowing through it, but Johannes tells her to leave them be – it won’t be long before the gates of their prison are opened. She asks what about the beings who nest inbetween the dimensions, as their awakening will spell the end of the world and, indeed, Johannes has felt the recent decay of the “mythological balance” which is proof that it’ll happen soon.

“At that moment, the Great Power will manifest itself once again. The same power that caused the paradise’s destruction one hundred million and two thousand years ago…”, Johannes ponders. It was that event that bound them in the chains of fate and into this everlasting prison, Moroha exposits.
In the millions of years that followed, they’ve watched the world of man change countless times: their curse forbids the Angels from dying and they lie subject to a cycle of sleeping and being reawakened. They’ve repeated their battle with the wingless again and again and again… like jesters, performing the same part in the same play.

Fast forward to the battle that happened ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety thousand years after the first destruction of paradise, during which another destruction of paradise happened (That’s the Black History, FYI).
Touma would’ve surely been able to have his reunion with the Wings of the Sun back then but the dreaded power manifested itself once more and, this time, it not only tossed them back into their prison but also went on to take their memories.
But now, 12000 years after that last event, the winds of change are finally blowing: the Break the World opened a tear in the fabric of fate. Moroha is still surprised that something beyond the will of the Great Power was able to cause space-time to vibrate but, regardless, that turned out to be the basis for their salvation.
Now all that’s left is to make the Tree of Life bear a Fruit of Genesis before all its leaves fall off…and Johannes says the day that happens is close at hand!
Back to Touma, he beckons Sirius to take a look at the wingless’ world – they’re ever busy taking each other’s lives and even the beautiful moon has become a battlefield.

: Zaft’s troops have descended to the lunar surface!
: Damn it, Djibril! Hurry up!
: What are you doing?! Tifa Adill hasn’t gained access yet?!
: Don’t worry, Excellency. Her mind’s already under our control.
: The charging process will soon be completed.
: Excellent…! I’ll play the REQUIEM for you first, Durandal!
: Are those Logos cowards just going to play defense around their stronghold?!
: Hold it, Yzak! We’re detecting a huge energy spike beneath that building!

: The relay stations’ positioning is stable.
: REQUIEM generator operating normally. 30 seconds until threshold.
: Target: Plant’s capital – Aprillius.
: Behold, Durandal! A requiem for your entire race!
Small jump-cut in this video as I had a call halfway through it and needed to pause.

: That colony…it’s been making some minor adjustments in its position.
: Those transparent sections don’t look like residential areas to me…
: There’s a massive outbreak of energy coming from the Moon! It’s headed this way!
: All units, evasive maneuvers!

: The beam curved?!
: That direction is…!
: They’re targeting the Plants!

: …Are you sad…?
: Many people were hurt because of my powers…
: But it wasn’t your will for it to happen.
: And, even now, you continue to resist.
: Why…? If you’re aware, why do you lend your power to such people…?
: I simply observe humanity’s fate…nothing more…
: I am D.O.M.E. …I was, once, called a Newtype…

Location: Lunar Surface – REQUIEM, Control Room

Luckily for Aprillius, it seems the Requiem output was less than expected; the colony is basically unscratched, though the Zaft troops have pulled back in a major panic.
Djibril fumes that it won't be a victory until Durandal breathes his last and orders them to prepare a second shot – this time, they’ll blast Aprillius to space dust! Shagia tells him to hold his horses as forcing Tifa to continue could be dangerous.
He explains that they were forced to take control of Tifa’s mind to make her act as an access point to D.O.M.E.’s consciousness. That’s got REQUIEM working even if, as they saw, there are some problems, so Djibril still wants another shot fired after they’ve adjusted the energy output.
Olba adds that Tifa’s mind control requires some extremely delicate tuning – suppress her will completely and you kill her ability to connect with D.O.M.E. To sum it up: they can’t overuse this access lest it break completely.
Shagia tells him to relax as this was simply an experiment and by analyzing the data gathered here, he’s confident they’ll soon have a way of controlling D.O.M.E. without relying on a Newtype. He figures 10 days should be enough but Djibril orders him to pull it off in a week

: Durandal…you’re probably quivering in fear over REQUIEM’s might right about now.
: Let terror and despair keep you company for this week. Afterwards, I’ll perform your true requiem.
: And, then, it’ll be Scirocco, Dewey and Edel’s turn! Once they’re removed, I’ll once again be Earth’s ruler!
: (Brother…)
: (Let him dream…at least for now…)
: (One week... our true battle will begin then...)
: (We owe our thanks to the Black Charisma for informing us about that man.)
: (This multi-dimensional world also deserves our appreciation…)
: (Revenge against destiny… the man who stole our future will pay…)

Location: L5 Sector – Plants’ Capital, Aprillius

Durandal and Haman are receiving a transmission for the attack’s damage and while Aprillius wasn’t hit, Januarius 1 through 4 suffered a direct hit, and December 7 and 8 got destroyed by Januarius 4's wreckage. That's six colonies destroyed, and over a million dead.
From what intel suggests, Logos modified previously abandoned colonies with fields in order to bend their laser in any direction they wished. Thankfully, from what the moon troops’ informed, Logos isn’t preparing for a second shot which means their weapon isn’t capable of continuous firing.
But Durandal figures it’s only a matter of time before they try again, so that weapon needs to be destroyed ASAP. Haman asks what he’s planning, seeing how the AEUG’s departure from their alliance has made it harder to pull such a strike.

: I’ll deploy the Messiah and, to make sure Djibril’s gaze is set on it, head to the frontlines myself.
: The time has come to end this one way or another. Us, Logos or the New Federation... the winner of this bout will bear the burden of humanity’s future.
: And if we win, what then…?
: Then I’ll put that plan into action, to make sure this sort of foolishness never repeats itself.
: …
: …Very well. The revolutionary army’s closest to the moon, so I’ll have Zaidel move in first.
: I appreciate your support, Haman Karn.
: I care for mankind’s future, so I simply wish to do what’s best for it.
: Now, if you’ll excuse me.

*Haman leaves.*

: Mankind’s future, hm…?
: It’s going to be a huge battle, won’t it?
: Yes but also the last one… you’ve done an excellent job throughout all of this.
: Th-thank you…!
: It’ll be strength that moves the world from here on out. I want you to rest, away from the front lines, until everything’s calmed down.
: I’ve prepared an apartment for you in the lunar city of Copernicus. Please wait there for a little while.
: Chairman…
: (Though I’m afraid our separation will become permanent after that “little while” has passed.)
: ( true battle will soon begin...)
: (You, Rey and Shinn will have to return as well. I intend to challenge both this world and destiny itself with all the strength I can muster.)

Sirius has been watching this debacle with increasing distaste, now reckoning that such foul creatures as humans shouldn't be allowed to exist at all. Touma tells him that the Fruit of Genesis from the Tree of Life will free Atlandia from the chains of fate, bringing about the birth of a new world.

Only beautiful souls must be allowed to see that new dawn and Sirius deems humans as unworthy. The wingless continue to fight back with the Machine Angel, however, as they did 12000 years ago and now, one of the powers created to resist the Angels bears its fangs at the wingless themselves.
He points out to somewhere in the world, where the OverDevil is acting…

Our team’s having trouble with the OverDevil’s massive army and Asuham is having a laugh at seeing us try – none can oppose a complete OverDevil!
Gain sighs that the guy’s fallen so that he’d submit himself as a monster’s lackey but Asuham won’t take that sass from a vagrant and sics Cynthia with a request to freeze us to our soul.
Cynthia agrees, saying it’s what the OverDevil wants, and it seems like her mind’s been completely under the thing’s control. Nearby, Geraba is actually having second thoughts about working for these guys but Hola sees no other choice after coming this far.
At the very least he’s pretty happy with the new Gear Gear landship he was given, along with Timp’s demotion to his underling.

Elchi and Jiron aren’t happy with these Breakers siding with the OverDevil and ask if they understand that the thing’s going to freeze the whole world – inwardly, Timp actually gets that but he can’t see a way out.
Gainer should still be inside the OverDevil which makes fighting the thing a problem, lest we hurt the kid. Of course, Kei knows holding back against this enemy could really screw us over. Sara yells over, demanding the OverDevil give Gainer and Cynthia back.

: Such a bold lady. Why don’t you grant her request, Cynthia?
: Sara…if you want to see Gainer that badly, here he is.
: The OverDevil’s cockpit is opening!
: That’s--!
: …
: Gainer!

*Sara starts charging towards Gainer.*

: Don’t just go in without thinking, Sara!
: Sara…

: A giant Gainer?!
: He’s wearing an Overcoat! The thing’s reacting with his Oversense?!
: Gainer…
: I changed just a bit and this is how you act…?
: You’re just like Reika, rejecting Sirius.
: What the hell, Gainer?!
: Yelling or trying to appease me won’t work. I will not be fooled anymore.
: Gainer…! The OverDevil controlling you?!
: No, I’m myself. The real Gainer Sanga.

*Gainer moves towards Sara.*

: !
: What you guys really want are my talents and King Gainer, right? You want the Overmen’s power to stand against the Fallen Angels.
: The OverDevil’s will is pouring through Gainer!
: You’re wrong, Gainer! We’re here to save you – our friend!
: I told you, those empty words won’t fool me anymore!
: Gainer…
: You don’t really mean that, do you?
: I don’t remember ever teaching you to be such a pathetic man!
: You’re better than that, bro! Come on!
: Gainer, you’re just clamming up and shutting everyone else out!
: How’s that any different from who you were back in Wulgusk?!
: Shut your mouth, brat!
: Gainer…
: Damn it, Gainer, that’s enough!
: Taking it out on Princess Ana is making you look real bad, man!
: If that’s how you’ll be, then I--!
: You were always the best at playing me like a fiddle…whether it was being soothing, angry or supportive...
: But, I…
: You knew how I felt and just kept letting me hold onto hope…
: No! I--!
: You wouldn’t even give me the time of day when we first met!
: !
: You’re coming with me. I have to pay you back for toying with mine and Cynthia’s feelings.
: Wake up, Gainer! Yapan Ninpo--
: I won’t let you bother him.

*Gauli moves in but Cynthia intercepts.*

: Urk! Move, monster!
: You were the one who killed Gainer’s parents, yes? We’ll punish you, too.

: They took Sara and Gauli!
: Damn you, Asuham!
: HAHAHAHAHA! You’d best follow us if you want to try to stop the OverDevil!
: Not that you’d actually be able to do anything, of course!

: Asuham…! Cocky bastard!
: What now, Gain?!
: We won’t stand a chance chasing after them blindly... we need to regroup for the time being.
: Damn it, what should we do?!
: Gainer…Sara…

Location: Northwestern North Ameria

: Gainer…
: You’re so pretty, Sara - make a better face than that. You won’t be able to change your expression once you’re frozen, you know.
: No, I'm going to melt that ice of yours and save you!
: Trying to play me again, are you? Sorry, but that won’t work anymore.
: I’m doing nothing like that! We care for you and that’s why we fought side-by-side!
: Renton idolized you as his big brother, Jun and Camille loved talking with you about the UN and games…
: You searched for those dirty sites with Rand, shared cakes with Setsuko, ate roasted lizard with Jiron and Apollo, learned Lifting with Holland…
: Then, there was that huge snowball fight and the time you went Skyfishing with everyone…we did all those things together, didn’t we?!
: And, despite that, the OverDevil enslaved you this easily?!
: What a noisy woman.
: Cynthia…!
: There are a lot of other boyfriends for you, no? Surely you can let me have Gainer?
: There’s only one Gainer! He can’t be compared to anyone else!
: Is that so, Sara? Then take my kiss and let it freeze you to your soul.
: That’s…!
: You do not love me, do you, Sara…? Still, I…
: Ah…

: (I’m...freezing...)

Back with us, Gain’s surprised that Asuham had recruited so many Breakers into his troops but Martina explains that the OverDevil’s incredible might can entice many people into servitude without it even needing to directly seize their hearts.
When Jiron asks, Kids introduces her as Cynthia's grandmother but Martina tells him to stop beating around the bush and appends to her introduction that she’s a former captive of the OverDevil. Her legs are still frozen to this day from the ordeal, the so-called OverFreeze effect.
Renton begs her tell us of a way to rescue Gainer and the others but she doesn’t think it’s possible – back in the Agate Crystal, Martina realized that Gainer’s OverSense had surpassed Cynthia’s and the OverDevil seeks just such people. No one expected all that training he did to backfire like this, that’s for sure.
Martina and Kids are astonished to learn that he strengthened his Sense via Over Battles but, despite it not being the norm, Renton insists Gainer took it very seriously. Even Holland, who thought the kid as just another twerp, was forced to admit that he’s way more than that.
He dedicated himself to forge his mind in the game in order to apply it in reality.
Martina ponders how the times have changed and Rand adds that Gainer’s a way tougher kid than he appears – “Or, rather, a tough MAN! (HEAT SMILE!)”. Martina hopes their assessment is true.

Jamil ponders, however, that while Gainer is a captive of the OverDevil, it doesn’t seem like his mind was 100% under the thing’s control.
Pierre asks if he’s implying that Gainer really meant what he said but Apollo figures, in a way, most of what Gainer said was true. Silvia demands to know if he actually thinks that Sara was just using him but that’s not exactly what Apollo meant.
Chil and Setsuko don’t understand what he’s getting at, so Kei and Mel spell it out for everyone: Gainer is in love with her but Sara always kept this matter up in the air, sending mixed messages.
Gainer’s tirade was just him complaining to her about that - in short, it was a something of a lover’s spat.

As Rand and Garrod know, Gainer’s always been the type to think and worry too much and that low self-esteem provided an avenue for the OverDevil to exploit.
Then, Ana figures, we’ll need to touch the innermost depths of his heart in order to bring him back to normal but the problem is that Sara would’ve been the best suited person to pull that off… Well, if we can’t do it with love then Jiron figures the power of friendship is the next best thing!
And if that doesn’t work, Chil wonders? Then Gain has his rifle at the ready.
He’s the one who first dragged Gainer into the Exodus, so it’s his responsibility – then it falls on Rand and the others to make sure it doesn’t get to that point. Shinn and the others who’d went on patrol signal back right then, having found the OverDevil’s location.

: Alright, time for the showdown!
: Psych yourselves up, people! We’re gonna rescue Gainer, Sara and Gauli, no matter what!
: Lemme handle this in Sara’s place today! You guys ready to rock?!
: ZEUTH! Hip, hip, hurray!

: Apollo…
: What is it, Rena? Need something?
: Sirius will come…in this next battle.
: What?!

Mission 50 (ZEUTH Route) - A Human's Heart, An Angel's Dream

Our people approach and Asuham eagerly welcomes us: “I’ll crush you before freezing the world over!!”. Still, he does praise Gain for not running away.
Gain isn’t interested in flattery and demands Asuham bring Gainer and the others over. He scoffs at us still wanting to see our ex-friends but Garrod says they ARE our friends, even now.
Asuham is slightly amused at our “beautiful friendship” but says not even the hearts of people can resist being frozen by the OverDevil.

He sets out to prove it by deploying Gainer along with a frozen Sara and Gauli, who vow to carry out “Master Gainer” and “Lady Cynthia’s” command.
Toshiya wonders if our voices will even reach them in their state and Tetsuya suggests we focus on immobilizing them first. Cynthia isn’t amused that we’re trying to take away the people that are so very important to her but Gainer assures her that we, too, will be their friends soon enough.

: Alright, Gainer…! I’m coming to deal with you myself!
: That’s exactly what I want, Gain. Now I’ll finally pay you back for everything!
: Apollo…are we really going to fight Gainer and the others…?
: Damn straight! Imma make ‘em listen even if I gotta kick their ass some!
: That’s fine and all but why wasn’t I allowed to launch?!
: Shush! You just sit there and watch! Here we go, Jun, Tsugumi!
: R-right!
: Should we begin, Gainer?
: Go, OverDevil. Overfreeze it all and turn this world into a beautiful winter wonderland.

Mission Objective: OverDevil shot down.
Mission Failure: Any allied battleship, Gain or Apollo shot down.
Skill Point: Destroy all other enemies before the OverDevil itself.

The skill point is hidden but, screw it, that’s what it is. You don’t have a time limit but this fight is pretty much a battle of attrition (even more so than the last one).
The good thing is that, unlike our previous fight, the OverDevil is waaaaay far back which means we won’t need to worry about it until it’s time to engage. Success in here means managing all your resources to make sure you have enough gas left to down the OverDevil after clearing everything else (I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that our enemies won’t be limited to just these guys).
The mass produced Black Dominators are surprisingly bulky, so just take your time and focus fire the things down.

Let’s check the named enemies:

Hola now has his new Gear Gear landship which is, as you can see, a copy of the Iron Gear (complete with a Potan Cannon MAPW). Unlike us, however, he didn’t have the foresight to equip it with an A-Adaptor which means his ship won’t do much against flying units
The extra size difference and boosted Prevail means he’s at his bulkiest but, overall, it’s the same fight we’ve been having throughout the game.
Timp, in his Brockary, is as dangerous as ever and should be removed ASAP to eliminate the risk of him doubling anyone for a big chunk of HP.
Oh, and Greta’s around here somewhere.

Jinba (Sara Kodama)
Pilot Skills:
OverSkill: Cast Strike at the start of every turn

Sara’s the least dangerous of the named Overmen users, compounded by the fact that she’s not very good in the air which means her numbers will take a hit but that OverSkill will cover it somewhat once activated. Her support defense could be an annoyance but that’s it.
The Jinba’s best weapon is its TRI attack which she can’t use because she’s flying solo.

Golem (Hughes Gauli)
Pilot Skills:
OverSkill: Armor +300

Well…SOMEBODY’s been holding out on me! You could’ve been a kickass sub-leader if you had those skills on at all times, Gauli!
But, yeah, Evil Ninja Gauli’s is actually quite deadly with that skill combo and you should do your best to stay far away from him. Like Sara, he’s not good in the air but Perfection will more than make up for that.
Oh, and his leader bonus is still +30% crit which pretty much guarantees everything he does will have that extra damage once Perfection triggers.
The lack of Prevail and low HP means he’s a real glass cannon, though.

Same Asuham as ever, only with the Dominator’s Double Image OverSkill demanding you use Strike to get reliable hit chances.
His combo of high Prevail, Photon Mat and leader bonus (+20% hit rate, -20% damage taken) will make him much more durable than before, mind, so ready your barrier piercing attacks.
At the very least he can’t use his TRI attack because his squad’s set in Center formation. FYI: his squaddies are also packing Dominators.

Gainer Black (Gainer Sanga)
Pilot Skills:
Squad Leader Bonus: Evasion Rate +20%

What the hell is up with that skill list, Gainer? The OverDevil needs to learn to play because that’s some crap selection!
Frozen Gainer’s isn’t really difficult: no OverSkill, no survivability features outside of his barrier (which we can easily bypass with anyone that’s half competent) and only one attack that, while it carries the “morale down” debuff, isn’t TOO powerful or accurate…mind, it’ll still do good damage on your Reals.
High OverSense and the leader bonus will make him somewhat dodgy but that’s only enough to set him over Sara in terms of danger.
Seeing one of my most reliable Reals misused like this grinds my gears big time and I’ve a feeling Gauli switched their skill lists before deployment.

OverDevil (Cynthia Lane)
Pilot Skills:
Cynthia’s Squad Leader Bonus: Evasion Rate +20%, Critical Rate +20%

Despite what Kids would have you believe, the OverDevil + Cynthia team actually makes things easier than our previous fight. The loss of Prevail and Focused Attack really hamper the thing and while Attack Again could be troublesome, she’ll prioritize Overfreeze which, as an ALL attack, can’t be followed up on.
Since the OverDevil’s way far back in the battleground, you won’t even need to worry about its MAPW and OverSkill until it is go time.
As I mentioned before, the whole point of this skill point is to set a battle of attrition against everything that could well drain your SP and EN before you go after the OverDevil but, if you manage things nicely, you’ll be fine.

Off we go, then!

Yooo! Rand gets a lucky crit and that S-Adaptor bumps his damage into the oneshot zone!
Renton and Gain take the squaddies.

Banjou moves to shave 6000 HPs off this Promeus, which is easy pickings for Kei.

Touga doesn’t need help, though.
And just to rub it in, even the Sol Gravion’s “Vulcan”-equivalent has a dynamic kill.

Everyone is moving closer.

Enemy Phase!

Touga gets jumped by three walker machines, who pay with about 70% of their health.

This Breaker wants revenge for his mates.

Elsewhere, having lost their leader to Touga’s attack, the squaddies kamikaze against Roger.

Roybea learns Valor from that.

A bunch of other units snipe away at Rand and Tetsuya, who just tank the damage. Finally, one of the two Emperor Custom landships trades blows with Touga.

Gainer, Sara and Gauli are coming over.

Player Phase!

Let’s do this now to maximize our advantage.

: Come on, Sara! Who's gonna slap the sense back into Gainer?!
: I'll put out enough heat to thaw you right back up!
: Stifling...

Attacking a named King Gainer character triggers the plot.

Federation troops show up soon, led by the Chimera. Rand sees “glasses guy” leading them and Schlan takes the time to correct him (though he figures it matters not if he forgot his name).
Quattro doesn’t think they’re here to help and while Schlan does concede that the OverDevil’s a major problem, so are we – thus, this is a good chance to kill two birds with one stone.
Glenn and the MP Aquarions are here too, and, while Reika pouts, Olson wonders why there are Chiram Devices accompanying them. The answer is Henry is out to get revenge for Robert’s death and cares not for the fact that the Chiram have allied themselves with us.

Kei raises the point that killing the Singularities would screw up the dimensional repair but Henry’s content on leaving the dimensional collapse issue for the Ageha Project. Hell, he doesn’t care about the collapse one way or another, so long as he gets to destroy us.
Idiots like him, prioritizing personal grudges over the world itself are exactly the kind of people responsible for spreading war so far and Shinn isn’t happy.
Such is the nature of humans, a voice says – an unforgivable sin in itself.

Apollo recognizes Sirius’ voice as he commands the sinners to experience a small fraction of his kind’s pain. We’re quickly taken by a warp to a space between dimensions.
Sirius and Moroha emerge, causing Corin to panic at the sight of Fallen Angels; Sirius himself is piloting a Cherubim made to resemble Aquarion Mars (Cherubim Mars).
He tells Silvia that she, too, should realize the ugliness of these humans who continue to try and kill each other, to transform even their kin into weapons like Glenn, when their very world is headed towards destruction.
Ryouma protests that Sirius can’t turn his back on all of mankind over the actions of a few of them but, rather than listen, Sirius gets pissy that Ryouma would speak his name so callously. “The one who stands her is not the Sirius d’Alicia whom you knew. I am an Angel and I’ve awakened to my past life of one hundred million, two thousand years ago.”, he yells.

The fact that he says 100002000 years and not 12000 strikes Loran as odd but Sirius ignores him and takes to Gainer’s exposed dark side as proof of how corrupt humans are. Furthermore, he points to the millions who’ve just died out in space over our race’s strife.
We haven’t gotten the memo on Logos’ new weapon, so Schlan informs us of the attack and the destroyed Plant colonies. Shinn and Luna are livid and, thus, Sirius says humans have no right to keep on living.

Regardless, Moroha says this is an enclosed space, isolated from our world and, to make things worse, Marin detects that, like before, it is quickly contracting.
Everyone inside will die once it does and Asuham isn’t amused that the Angels would use such tricks to eliminate their dreaded OverDevil. Still, Gainer figures this isn’t such a bad trade as the world’s headed for its destruction via the dimensional collapse anyway.
Julie’s run the numbers and we’ve about 3 minutes before everyone dies and Moroha says this place will be our grave, though it’s nothing compared to the millions of years of torture the Fallen Angels have endured.

So now we got all three sides to contend with and Apollo suggests we gang on Sirius and Moroha to, hopefully, find a way out of here. Ryouma’s a bit hesitant but Apollo tells him that there are only Fallen Angels there and Elchi agrees as we can’t just die in a place like this.
Rand and Setsuko try appealing to Schlan for a cease-fire until we’ve escaped but he refuses, as this is also an acceptable way of eliminating us and, thus not a bad way to go for him.
Rand and Setsuko are appalled at his disregard for his own life but Amuro figures that’s what enables him to be so cruel to other people. Holland yells at everyone to stop wasting time on that guy and focus on the Angels.
Sirius sighs at the corrupt, foolish humans but offers to dispatch us as one final kindness for his former companions.