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Part 198: Mission 50 - A Human's Heart, An Angel's Dream - Part 2

I advise against wasting your resources attacking any named character from King Gainer or Schlan because they’ll just recover and keep going. Mind you, that does not mean we should rush the angels as, with the terrain now being tagged as Space, all Walker Machines and Overmen are hit with a severe penalty.
Of course, I took measures to equip all those units of mine with Thruster Modules and A-Adaptors to cover that deficiency! So, let’s make good use of the terrain and go Breaker-huntin’ for the next two turns.

Cherubim Mars (Fallen Angel Sirius)
Pilot Skills:
Sirius Squad Leader Bonus: Counterattacking damage +20%

Sirius is pretty much a slightly weaker Moroha, with poorer everything in exchange for a bit more weapon power. His counterattacks are very likely to get a crit due to his high Skill, so exercise caution when going for the kill as an unprotected hit could still hurt a lot.
Said high Skill stat might also enable him to surprise you with parries but, otherwise, treat him as you treat any other named Angel.

One last thing before we move on:

Ending Point Alert!
You’ll LOSE an Ending Point if you destroy Glenn’s Aquarion Alpha so just ignore him.

Terrain advantages or not, a little bit of Confuse spam helps when we’re surrounded on all sides.

Let’s just get rid of Timp now before anything else.

And there goes about 10k HP.

As his Prevail triggers, we sloooowly inch away at him with Apollo, Touga and Banjou.

Can you pull this off with some Valor, Jiron?

: Ahh, this nervous feelin'... I oughta get into a Walker Machine more often.
: Cut out your excuses, Timp! They got sick of you failing all the time and took away your landship, isn’t that right?!
: And whose fault do you think that was, huh?!
: Yours, every single time! What you did isn't worth all the money in the world!
: The biggest outlaw on Zora's tellin' me off?
: Sorry, Timp! I don't have time for you today!
: We're cutting a path straight to the Overdevil, and we'll trample right over you if you're in our way!
No, of course not…I’ve clearly forgotten who exactly I was dealing with here.

Fine, Renton further weakens him and Tetsuya nabs the kill.

760 fucking damage but we got him.

Timp figures this is the end of that and moves to run off amidst this mess. He’s still immortal, so he hopes to see Jiron again somewhere.
Chil wonders if Jiron won’t try going after but no – like the guy said, they’re bound to run into each other again: “You better not get dropped by anyone else until then, Timp. I’m the one who’s going to take you down”, he thinks.

Might as well deal with these less-than-bulky feds for some easy morale. Following a TRI from Kappei, Toshiya takes down a trio of Nikicks.
Henry’s actually pretty close, to Marin opens fire.

Follow it up, Amuro.

There go his squaddies.

And there goes him.

Henry refuses to allow the Singularities to keep on living and promises come back – whatever happens to the world, he WILL kill them!
Atena can’t believe he’d fight for a personal vendetta with everything that’s going on and Olson knows it’ll be difficult to pull off the dimensional repair while people like him are around.

I’d previously cast Spirit with Apollo, so these kills bumped him over 130 morale.

The Moon’s out on this stage, so Garrod needs to get working on building morale.

Triple kill!

Camille and Ryouma each pick a weak Doran to go.

Following an assist from Talho, this one’ll go to Talia.

Easy pickings.

Enemy Phase!

Toshiya and Apollo get attacked by, respectively, three Dorans and an Ishkick group, and a single Doran squad. No kills.

This weak Promeus goes after Gain and I figure he didn’t need to use Black Southern Cross to cover 2992 HP.

Turns out I didn’t account for the fact that these Breakers have Prevail (also, SPACE FLAMETHROWERS).
Moving along, Gain chips away at two Emperor Customs and Camille fails to finish off a weakened Galapagos.

The Feds and Angels are on their own team but that doesn’t stop them from being affected by Confuse. A whole lot of misses happen when they try attacking each other.

Tetsuya gets jumped by a Galapagos but, more importantly, Greta.

It’s not often you see a Mazinger dodging.

Rand and Sara are still trading blows but Gainer gets in range to attack Tetsuya.

My Gainer would never whiff an attack…I’ll see if I can’t grab a video where that connects.

Oh, the Chimera’s now fielding mass-produced versions of their command mooks. I forgot to take a closer look at them but, really, just repeat that I said about the Chaos Anguis and make it a bit worse (no skills, MAPW or debuffs).
The big snake weapon was still necessary, though.

The Feds spend more time trying to kill steal my Breaker money than attacking me. They manage to down a couple of mooks.

Oh, hey! Moroha’s lending a hand weakening Hola (he even does it twice)!

: The Tree of Life is soon to be pollinated...
: Surrender your lives to me, wingless! That is the only value to your existence!
Why does his cannon sparkle when mine doesn’t?!

Sirius is headed towards Aquarion and, on the way, decides to kill steal.

: I once called you my comrades... but if you're blind to your own ignorance, you have no place in the new world!
: I can offer you at least this small mercy... of dying at the edge of my sword!

Only he’s too much of a loser to actually connect.

How about now?

: You really gonna do this, Sirius?
: It's not only you I hunt. It's all the foolish wingless that crawl across the Earth!
: Brother... do you really want to destroy the world?
: Worry not, Silvia. The world is not to be destroyed... but reborn!
: A beautiful new world, given life by the pollinization of the Tree of Life!
: You can't just sacrifice all these peoples' lives for your stupid rebirth!
: Here we come, Sirius! If you're really a Fallen Angel now, I ain't pullin' this punch!
Apollo attacking: “If you ain’t coming back, then I’m dragging you back, Sirius!”
Sirius taking little damage: “Such is the Aquarion’s might…? It appears it was greatly overestimated…”

Player Phase!

There may be a point where I consider this to be cheap but, nope, not yet.

Marin tears through these Chiram and Elchi finishes off the leader.
Talho does what Sirius could not and kills that weak Doran.

Let’s start working on these Emperors since they’re so close.
Welp, the universe is going to crap right now, folks. Big O just dodged something without Alert!

Quattro and Apollo also tear through Greta’s HP.

Wanted to have Duke pick a support from Gain but I needed him to start moving closer to Moroha as we’ll be jumping him next turn.

Ah, well. Garrod swings over and finishes the Emperor.

As Rey chews through Greta’s squaddies with a TRI, Amuro gets things started on another Emperor.

Shinn with Gain’s support fell juuuuust short of finishing it off, so the job falls on Ryouma.

Only one of these left!

Good, good.

Renton starts moving towards Schlan and his MP mooks to do what he does best. Along the way, he finishes off a weakened Galapagos.

No need to let him grab all kills, though.

Urgh, just barely missed it…
Fine. Rand’s coming this way, so he takes the leader.

Banjou shaves off another chunk of Greta’s HP and that should be enough.

And I had something weird happen here…
Apparently Touga REALLY wanted to use the Super Gravity Sword here because he outright ignored my changing his second attack to the Spiral Crusher Punch in order to conserve EN.
I left the menu fiddling in the video to show you that it’s ソルグラヴィトンSCパンチ written in there and that I’m not crazy!
Mind you, the punch probably wouldn’t have killed Greta but that’s beside the point – my people are disregarding my commands!!

Regardless, Jiron had stuff to say to her:

: You sure about this, Greta? If all our hearts get frozen, there won't be any love anywhere!
: That's awful!
: I know! So stop fighting and--
: No way! Your tricks aren't going to work on me!
: I'll find a new love after I pay you back! Brace yourselves!
: Well, I'm glad someone's still got fire in them with the Overdevil right there!

Greta is frustrated at her defeat and Elchi suggests she just call it quits – she’s too old for the Breaker lifestyle.
Greta doesn’t appreciate her saying it like that but admits that she has a point…maybe it’s time to retire and go open up a nice bar somewhere. That sounds like the perfect job for her, Renton thinks, and Greta sets off, wishing for all these kids to grow into fine men.
Jiron is quite happy at the old lady setting out to make a new life for her and all Rand can hope is that he never sees “Big Mama” staring at him across a cold one someday.

Enemy Phase!

Gain draws the ire of three mooks and she shoots them both down. Nearby, Rand is also jumped by two groups and their dead leaders quickly regret it.

This triggers Gain’s OverSkill.
Gauli and Sara go on to attack Kei and Touga, respectively. Thankfully, Gauli’s morale gains are crap, so he hasn’t activated Perfection.

Gainer has reached Gain.

: So here we are...
: That's right. With your defeat, I'll finally repay that debt I've had since Wulgusk.
: You sure like to fuss over petty things, don't you? But no one like that’s going to drop me!
: You think you can win? I'm afraid you're in for a taste of harsh reality, my dear Gain!
: A taste of utter failure!

Gainer attacking Gain: “You were always making fun of me!!”
Gain attacking: “Can you hear my voice?!” (This is a line from “Can you feel my soul?”’s lyrics)
Gainer taking little damage: “Even Gain’s shots are useless against me.”

These nice Nikicks decide to play ball and gun for Quattro and his strong TRI attack.
All other Feds, however, go on to steal a whole bunch of Breaker money!

Hey, attacking Marin is pretty good for me.

And he does it twice, so that’s about 10k damage on him.

Same goes for Sirius but Aquarion isn’t built like a brick like Baldios, so it hurts more…

Player Phase!

Time to bring Barney, the purple angel, down so Apollo and Kappei get to work.

Been saving a lot of SP on Kouji, so this is a good time to pop a Valor.


And Kouji maxes out Prevail as his prize!

Touga and Banjou get him down into the red but not before Matthew manages to eat a 15% hit and shot down.

Go and kick his ass, Roger!

: Filthy wingless! Do not underestimate the might of the Warrior Angel!

: You’d still oppose us, ZEUTH? You cannot face away from the ugliness of humans!
: Damn it, Sirius!
: !

*Glenn moves closer to Sirius.*

: Glenn…you pitiful man. At the very least I shall sever your life painlessly.
: Stop it, Sirius, Glenn! Why do you two need to fight?!
: Reika…
: Sirius… If it’s my fault that you became a Fallen Angel then I’ll accept any punishment to make up for it!
: So, please, stop!!
: Ahahaha! Oh, enough of this farce!
: Gainer!
: We should all just die here and be done with it! There’s absolutely no point in our battles or in that world!
: Shut up, Gainer! We ain’t gonna listen to someone who’s got their heart all frozen up!
: Hmhm…he may be under the OverDevil’s control but he already sees reality for what it is.
: Just look at Glenn! No beings who’d perform such atrocities have a right to welcome the new world!
: No! You’re wrong!!
: Glenn, listen to me!!
: …
: !

: Reika’s cries…got through to him…
: Huh…
: Rei…ka…
: Glenn! You’re back?!
: It’s like I was having a nightmare. Sorry for putting you through that.
: Oh, Glenn!
: Impudent wingless!!

: Urgh!
: Glenn!
: Reika…! I’ll fight to keep you safe, even if it takes my life!!

: R-Release me, wingless!!
: My unit doesn’t have much energy left in it…but it can do THIS!
: He’s going to self-destruct?!
: Stop, Glenn! If you do that, you’ll—
: Reika…I leave the future of the world…to you and your allies!
: Uurgh! The likes of you can’t—RAAAAAAAARGH!!

: Glenn…you’ve laid down your life for her…
: That’s right, Sirius! …Rather, Fallen Angel!

: Tsugumi…
: Glenn’s heart never gave in to that evil power! Do you know why?!
: That’s…
: Tsugumi’s heart-rate is increasing, aura power’s into the red line!
: The beat of a passionate heart…
: Glenn’s feelings – his feelings towards Reika – overwhelmed the evil power!
: And I feel the same way about her!
: What is she ranting about?!
: Just shut up and listen, Gainer! This is Tsugumi’s own big declaration of love!
: This is the power of emotions… I can feel it wafting through the Trapar…
: Amazing…the Aquarion’s is overflowing with power…with love!
: You go, Tsugumi!
: Get it all off your chest!
: I’ll convert her aura into energy!
: You always stood firm, no matter how difficult things got… I love you, Reika
: Tsugumi…
: And everyone in ZEUTH, too.
: Tsugumi!
: Rrrgh! What’s this obnoxious pulsation?!
: It’s…
: There are no limits to love!

: Do it, Tsugumi!!
“I love humanity, with all the painful and sad things about it!”

Ending Point Alert!

Total Ending Points: 14

: We’re back in normal space!
: Tsugumi’s yell tore open the dimensional walls!
: I…did it…
: Tsugumi…
: Thank you.
: Alright, you leave the rest to us! Tag out, Jun!
: Right!

*Aquarion moves into the Iron Gear to switch pilots.*

: The “power of emotions”?! Nonsense! Something like that is useless before the OverDevil’s OverFreeze!

*All generic Breakers retreat.*

: Huh?! Where are you going?!
: They also realized that they couldn’t go on with such a battle.
: I think Tsugumi and Glenn’s heartfelt cries freed their hearts from their awe towards the OverDevil!
: There’s still one left, though!
: We gotta get outta here, too, bro! I can’t do this anymore!
: S-shut up, we already missed our chance to bail! We’re gonna keep going until the end – like MEN!
: You’re gonna regret being this stubborn, Mr. droopy eyes!
: Ooorgh! Gaaaaaaah!
: Cpt. Gauli’s acting all weird!
: Maybe Tsugumi’s show also affected him?!
: Pull yourself together, Gauli! You didn’t actually forget a great woman like me, did you?!
: !
: Hughes Gauli! I know you’re a stronger man than that if you managed to win Adette’s heart!

: Come back to me, Gauli!

: Cpt. Gauli!
: Don’t worry! That was a Yapan Ninpo escape technique!
: Haha! You got your head back together, Gauli?
: It’s because of Adette. Her voice melted the ice enveloping me.
: I knew I wasn’t wrong about you!
: Ah..aah…
: Sara! You’re the only one who can melt Gainer’s ice!
: Now it’s your turn to whack him upside the head with your feelings and bail him out!
: I’ll…Master Gainer’s…
: Not “Master”! Just Gainer!
: He might be a boring guy but it’s still our Gainer Sanga! The same guy who’s always doing everything he can for you!
: Gainer…!


: Gainer!!
: You good to go, Sara Kodama?
: Aye, aye! I’m going to get him back to us!
: There’s a lot of ice in his heart, mind. You’ll have to bust it all in one shot.
: Roger! If he won’t listen to my words, then I’ll slap him until he does!

*Gain and Sara join up.*

: Brünhild’s arm! Now’s the time for us to get some payback from the OverDevil!
: Sara…! I knew it, you—
: You won’t confuse me with those words anymore, OverDevil! Get off his head and let Gainer go!
: Sara…! If you’re going to abandon us, then we’ll freeze you solid and smash you into bits!

Someone who IS on Cynthia’s side is Kids, though, who shows up with the Siberian Stooges, begging for her and the OverDevil to accept him.
He yells that he needs this power capable of “purifying” this world whole and he’s willing to sacrifice anything for it. Asuham is amused to see that Kids is the same as he and Ana quickly realizes that the president was also enthralled by the OverDevil’s might.
Still, Kids is appreciative of Kejinan, Enge and Jaboli’s continuous service and promotes them to, respectively, President, Vice-President and chief of the company’s main branch.

: Sorry, Mr. President… but I’m not interested anymore.
: The Siberian Railroad’s already finished.
: What?!
: We’ve opened our eyes, Ex-Boss!
: Who gives a damn about the Siberian Rail when the world’s turning into a giant popsicle?!
: Grrr! How can you not be in awe before the OverDevil?!
: If you’re on that thing’s side, though, then I’m taking this chance to pay you back for all those years of abuse!

Adette is proud to change her opinion on these three after this display of spirit and the Aquarion returns right then, Apollo pointing out the resilience of humanity to Sirius.
Humans don’t give up on their hopes and dreams and it’s this that gives them – the people whom he abandoned - their strength. Sirius is annoyed now and decides to strike them down to show how futureless we all are.

: Guys, let's go and give Gainer a piece of our minds!
: Right on! I got one super-hot punch with his name written on it!
: Aye, aye! Time to break that ice into teeny, tiny pieces!
: I won’t hold back, bro!
: We’re doing this out of love, so don’t hold us to it!
: In that case, buddy or not, Imma wreck him big time!
: And after we rescue Gainer, OverDevil, you’re next!
: Sara…!
: This time you’re going to listen to my declaration of love, Gainer!

I didn’t get a chance to do it but Adette does have words for Evil Gauli:

: Hold on, Gauli! I'll melt the ice around your heart...
: With my burning hot passion!

We’ll deal with Sirius next because, first, he’s right there and I’m sick of letting him take potshots at me and, second…

Ending Point Alert!
You also LOSE an ending point if he’s still alive when the mission ends.

This is also a good chance to show off his Angel-ified Star Blade.
…and then I noticed that I forgot to protect them. Still, it’s a good example of my warning towards his high crit chance combined with that counterattacking damage bonus.

Quattro pops a valor and blasts him with a Mega Bazooka Launcher. Nearby, Talia also takes a potshot at him.

Gotta teach this kid a lesson in teamwork, Ryouma.

Didn’t even need to use valor for that.

Apollo’s got Pierre with him who’s my backup Skill battery, so the Infinite Double-Attack Works are back online!

: How d’ya like them apples, Sirius! We’ve got ya!
: Do you still not realize the true depths of my strength…?!

: Rgh…! He’s regenerating!
: He’s awakened that ability as a Fallen Angel?!
: Please stop, brother!
: Silvia! What are you doing outside the ship?!
: Ah, my dear sister…I’m coming for you.

*Sirius runs over to Silvia, way deeper into the map.

: !
: Now, Silvia…come to my side.
: …
: Don’t, Silvia!
: Apollo…!
: Sirius, why are you hurting Silvia so?! You’re the one who needs to come with us!
: Are you actually suggesting that I lower myself to the level of you disgusting humans?!
: Sirius…!
: Silvia… we are brother and sister, the only ones in this world who share this blood…
: With your wing and mine, there’s nothing we cannot do.
: Then she really does have a wing?!
: What of it?! Why does it matter if you were born as a human or as a Fallen Angel?!
: Apollo…!
: Fudou told us…
: “No one would need dreams if their fate was determined by their birth! It is by seizing your dreams that you surpass it! That’s what it means to be human – and to dream!”, ya hear me?!
: Peoples’ lives aren’t defined by their origin...
: He’s right! We can get along with everyone, even Coralians and people from different worlds!
: You, too, should know this, Sirius!
: Guys…
: Do not lend your ear to their nonsense! Take my hand, Silvia!
: And we’ll fly towards the distant skies above!
: Would ya really like to fly around, looking down on people?! Is that all ya wanna do?!
: Hmph…amusing to hear you ask if “that’s all”… tell me, what can you, a wingless who cannot even fly, actually do?
: What I can do is seize MY dream of protecting this world!
: Hahahahaha! I never expected you to be this much of a fool, Apollo!
: A beast like you, seizing his dreams? What a joke.
: !
: Now, Silvia…come to me…
: I understand now… This hand of mine doesn’t exist to hold onto yours…
: !
: It’s to tie me with who’s truly important!!

*Aquarion moves over to where Silvia is.*

Akino's always great.

: Get in, Silvia!
: OK!
: You will never fly…are you certain of this?
: I am, even if I’ve to crawl about the earth!
: This pain…the pain of my beloved sister not comprehending me…
: Sirius...!
: I’ll sever it at its root!
: Lend me your strength, guys! So that we, brothers, may understand each other again!
: To arms, Silvia!

: A fine technique, Silvia...
: Brother…
: I shan’t forget this pain. ZEUTH will fall by my hand and, then, I’ll bring you to Atlandia.
: Until that moment, farewell.

: …
: Are you alright, Silvia…?
: Thank you, Apollo…I am.
: Because I’m with ZEUTH …
: ...Alright. Why don’t you head back and just watch me fight for today?
: Imma tear that OverDevil a new one and give Sirius an eyeful of the power of humans!