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Part 20: Mission 6 (Setsuko) - Prologue

Setsuko Route Chapter 6 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z, Aliens invaded! A little punk kid got his own robot, and our heroes were going to be arrested for saving a city from aliens. So now we're on the run.

Current Top Aces
1. Kouji
2. Denzel
3. Toby
4. Maria
5. Duke Fleed

Kouji and Denzel are tied, yet it seems the game gives priority to newer kills on the Top Ace list, which is why Setsuko's been bumped out even though she has the same number as Duke Fleed. He just got his kills more recently

I give the Zambo Ace a point of HP, Armor, and Accuracy, and we're off to actually do the next mission!

As out-there as it seems, Heizaemon and Ichitaro believe the Glory Star's and Dizer Team's story - it's hard to doubt it after seeing our robots, though "some of us managed it." Kappei blurts out that he can't even believe he had to go have a robot fight in the legacy of his ancestors, but Heizaemon shushes him.

Well, can we at least get filled in on the Gaizock? Heizaemon is still looking into them himself, so he doesn't have much to say. How about the Beal I and Zambo Ace? That, Heizaemon simply cannot reveal. Kappei, Kouji, and Maria are all miffed, but Duke says it's okay. He has faith in whatever the old man's reasons are. He sees something fierce in those aged eyes, something that belies a truth that goes much deeper than it appears.

As for the Glory Star, we're probably stuck here. Denzel predicts that if the local army captured us now, the Virgolas would be confiscated at best, and at worst, put to work for their own ends. Ichitaro says he's probably more right than he knows; there was a war between the Naturals and Coordinators two years ago (as we know), and some of them want another round. The family repeats the backstory about the enhanced Coordinators and the unaugmented Naturals and the strife that sprung from their inequality. The Naturals put the Coordinators, who they hated and feared, away in a space colony, PLANT, under their control. But the Coordinators formed their own military, known as ZAFT, and violence broke out from both sides. That explains why both ZAFT and the Alliance's first question was whether we're Naturals or Coordinators.

The war only ended with the deaths of the most powerful extremists on both sides and the signing of the Junius Accords - but that wasn't enough to change things for good. Not as long as humans still fear and hate things they don't understand. Much like us, right? We had the misfortune to arrive just as both sides were preparing for war to return. They're trying to see if they can use us to get the upper hand, and it's likely that the others, the ones we left up in space, are getting that treatment from ZAFT even now. But, Denzel points out, won't the Alliance make that play with the alien supertech that is the Beal and Zambo?

Suddenly, Heizaemon says we must be exhausted, and he has a room we can rest in. He assures us he won't turn us into the military; above all else, he wants to see us returned to our home world. We don't really have much room to argue.

Ichi and Kappei both feel like he should have asked us to help defeat the Gaizock, but Heizaemon knows the very important reason the Jin family, not "Visitors," have to be the one to carry out this war. Gaizock destroyed the world of their ancestors, the planet Beal - yes, all of them are distantly descended from aliens! The ancestors, the Bealians, escaped to Earth when the Gaizock razed their planet and settled as Earthlings, leaving their legacy as a way for their descendants to wage war against Gaizock when it returned. "So we have to fight to avenge our ancestors?" says Kappei.

"No. We must fight to keep Earth from meeting the same end as Beal."

But, continues Heizaemon, the enemies of the Jin family are not Gaizock alone. "We may have to fight against our world itself. That is the Jin family's fate. We cannot ask an outsider to bear it."

Well, that's turned Kappei around. He's totally going to beat up all the ancestors' enemies all by himself! That's not quite true either; Heizaemon orders Ichitaro to get in touch with their relatives, the Kamies and the Kamikitas. The Alliance is in pursuit; they must move quickly...

And we must also move to this super nice hotel, where a certain rich man is throwing a party. Everyone who's everyone is here; for instance, Joseph Copeland (left), President of the Atlantic Federation, and William Fitzgerald (right), who is supposed to be the President of something but in this game is just a chair member, though still no one to trifle with. They share company with politicians, generals, CEOs, basically anybody important -

And their host's masked aide, Raven. You must excuse the mask; his employer insists he wear it at all times, though he won't say what for. The master will be out shortly; our powerful friends exposit that despite being a technology giant, the man is a hermit who lives out in an estate in the center of a lake.

Lord Djibril and his men have also been trying to find out about our gracious host, but their digging has revealed nothing about his history or background. Could he know about their group? Gibril thinks not; Copeland they're in cahoots with, but Fitzgerald, for instance, has nothing to do with them, so that's not why they're gathered here. He simply invited them as the men of status they appear to be, and that bill fits most of their little conspiracy. That said, there's a squad of mobile suits stationed outside and waiting for orders - just in case.

While they're together, they may as well share notes on what's been going on in space. The main reason for this conversation is for them to reveal that they're classifying the extraterrestrial ship up there as an "étranger," according to the data in Tsukikage's report. The Phantom Pain have also reported on their own "Visitors from another world," also étrangers - in that case, that they've been taken in by ZAFT. It seems they've confirmed many "étranger" entities, but that was the first time they've come over with weapons. His associates are distressed that they fell into the hands of ZAFT. But there's good news - Neo Roanoke has made contact with the étrangers who were fighting that ship (the Titans, to clarify) and secured their cooperation in exchange for protection. The elderly one still wishes they'd captured the étrangers from Suruga Bay.

However, something has been destroying intelligence satellites for some days now, likely the Coordinators. But this may be an opportunity. They know of something going on in South America, and the opposition within the Alliance may use it to contact the Coordinators, but the current chaos would be a good cloak to move in on it. "It must be us in control of the path to the heavens," says Gibril.

In the suspiciously ship-like back halls of the hotel (don't worry about it), a young girl is caught skulking around. Her clothes mark her as a guest at the party, so what's she doing back here? The girl says quiet.

But this blonde woman (whose name is actually Beauty) steps in for her; she has business with Reika, an ICPO agent. She introduces herself as "the beautiful assistant of that big shot you're looking for," and the silent girl can't help it: "Who the hell introduces themselves as beautiful?" Unfortunately, that reveals she's clearly a boy.

Whoops! He yells that he's here for Ayaka, throws a flashbang and vanishes, leaving behind his wig and silicon breasts.

Anyway, that just leaves Reika and Beauty, and Reika still knows who she's after - "The Storm," another incredibly rich, incredibly mysterious power that appeared out of nowhere a year ago. Beauty insists Reika shall not pass, and they're about to have a fight over it...

but Beauty gets a call from the Storm himself - "targeted by the ICPO, and my beloved sweetie. And he's curious about you, I think." Reika's in luck - she's going to meet the man himself.

Meanwhile, a bunch of girls are watching Eiji Shigure run around. Mizuki, the tits, says he looks really good as a girl. Runa, the normal-ish one, thinks he looks like an idiot.

Eina, the maid, is sent off to to inform Cookie, who we'll meet eventually, but FYI, she's the combat maid (actually, most of them are going to be maids).

Just then, Runa realizes which room Eiji's found his way into.

I have no idea how Eiji dresses up that well, but he finds a lone boy named Toga, who is fascinated by Eiji: "You're like me. I knew it. Other boys are real."

He tries to get a look at Eiji's clothes; Eiji lashes out, but Toga dodges easily. Dammit! Eiji tries to hit him over and over, but Toga just giggles, evades each one, and asks what Eiji's name is.

"I'm looking for Ayaka!" snarls Eiji. Toga seems to recognize the name.

Back at the party, Klein Sandman finally shows his face and says he has something very important to tell everyone gathered here: "The Earth is in grave danger."

That's a lot to swallow, but Sandman has evidence: footage of that satellite being destroyed. He claims it was attacked by an enemy from outer space. Everyone at the party still refuses to believe him, including Copeland, and they shout that he's wasted their time -

and just then, Copeland gets a call. Something's falling from the outer atmosphere, and it's headed straight for Tokyo! Sandman evenly says the enemy is moving in on Tokyo because it's where all these powerful citizens of Earth are gathered - and that he has joined forces with his friend to stand up to this enemy. But he needs all the might of this planet to join together to stand a chance. That's why he's gathered them here today, to ask for their cooperation. Gibril wonders, again, if he's looking at them specifically.

Fitzgerald asks how Sandman knows about these enemies. Sandman names them for him: Zeravire.

And then the first attack hits...