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Part 200: Mission 51 - Separation - Part 1

Chapter 51

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z:

Dance Party!

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 182 Kills
2. Amuro - 131 Kills
3. Talia - 124 Kills
4. Shinn - 120 Kills
5. Quattro - 118 Kills

I pick up a Strategy Manual and a Thruster Module. The Thruster Module because we're going into Space, and Walker Machines and Overmen do terribly in space.

Fatman and Elchi have become available as Walker Machine pilots. Annoyingly enough, you can't put them back in the Iron Gear though. Which means it kind of becomes bad with only Kotsett.

The Walker Galia is a bulky Real Robot that's expected to take a hit or two to bring up Jiron's Prevail. As such, I think it's the best fit for the Mark of the Brave part I got. It gives +25 Mobility, +25 Hit Rate, +25 Crit Rate, and +200 Armor.

The ν gets a Solar Panel.

The Hyper Jammer is a part that gives a mech the Double Image ability. When the pilot hits 130 Will the mech will have a 30% chance of automatically dodging an attack, unless the opponent has cast Strike. I put one on the Big O simply becauise the idea is hilarious to me. Boss gets the other for, again, comedy.

The SUMO gets a Linear Seat.

Since this isn't that great a part anyways, Sara gets the Hypnosis System to help bring her up to her Overskill slightly faster.

Fatman picks up Backup Attack.

Garrod gets +5 Melee, +13 Range, and +5 Evade.

Roybea learns Backup Attack too.

Talia learns Focused Attack.

Kei learns B Save, since he chews through ammo like nobody's business.

Katz learns Predict. Plus Tetsuya gets another +10 Melee.

Boss maxes out his SP-Up. Kamille gets +6 to Melee and Range.

Marin learns Will Limit Break. Roger gets +8 to Range.

Hayato and Benkei both learn Will Limit Break as well.

Setsuko gets +2 Melee, +3 Range. Birin and Maria Maria get Level 8 SP-Up.

Another +10 to Kouji's Melee. Toga's another step closer to maxing out Prevail. And, finally, Michiru and Adette get some more SP.

I can't beleive I forgot to upgrade the second Re-GZ for so long.

And there. Every single mech I'm actually using now has four bars of upgrades in their relevant stat. And, I think that's enough for the quadmate mechs! Any more money I invest in my units will just be for the leaders.

Location: Pacific Ocean – Trinity City

Tsukikage informs Teral that ZEUTH has just left to space after minimal resupplies and Toshiya left his regards.
Kouzuki’s a bit surprised that they all came and went without even saying hello but Quinstein figures that’s an indication that they're prepared to die on this mission if need be and didn’t want the others to notice it. Considering that the enemies include the Logos lunar base and the Skull Moon Alliance, that's not entirely out of the question.
They also hope to find some clue to saving the world from the collapse by figuring out what happened at the end of the Black History via the information inside D.O.M.E.. Michi sees from Teral and Aphrodia’s faces that they’ve a lot on their minds but Jane, whispering, figures it’s understandable considering ZEUTH is off to fight their compatriots.

Tsukikage has deliberately not told ZEUTH of the "future" fight between Earth and the Eldar, believing that the Earth's future can be steered in another direction: considering the effects of preventing Operation Earth Flood, Quinstein has it that this world is already a parallel universe to the one Teral is from.
Aphrodia still has difficulty wrapping her head around the fact that S-1 used to be Earth and that she’s among those responsible for leading it to its dreadful state in the future. Michi tries consoling her that ZEUTH stopped that from happening and Quinstein thinks our efforts can also avoid the Trinity Energy-powered invasion of other planets.

Teral can certainly believe it, considering our righteous spirit, and that’s why he wants to put a stop to the war against the Eldar. He asks Aphrodia of what she’ll do now that she knows how pointless the Earth/S-1 conflict is, but she worries that her people STILL need a new home.
Tsukikage says there's still ample time for her to deliberate, and tells them both he intends to notify the Skull Moon Alliance about the Earth's (past) future. He’s willing to free Teral and Aphrodia if they can relay this information, and Quinstein is counting on them to convey the message of rationality to their respective peoples.
Quinstein believes Aphrodia has learned from Marin that nothing good comes out of fighting others out of hate and that she know understands that he’s battling for something much more important now.
Teral tells Aphrodia that they lost not because of power, but because of the strength of the human heart. Besides, she's still got something that Teral can never have again, and he asks her to not turn her back on it.

A startled-looking Fudou then bursts in, looking for ZEUTH and finding out quickly that he's slightly too late. He's learned that there's a wolf among their flock of sheep, one which is imperiling the whole team.
Seems like Löwen wasn’t the only one…

Brunom says: YOU, being unable to reach us anywhere in a heartbeat? I refuse to believe that…You’ve been jumping across dimensions since the start of the game, damn it!

Location: Lunar Surface – REQUIEM, Control Room.

: It’s been far too long, my dear Lord Djibril.
: Scirocco…you impudent worm! How dare you show your face in front of me!
: You want to attack me, don’t you? I’d suggest you compose yourself, though.
: Make the wrong move and you’ll quickly find your body sprayed across the room.
: Frost Brothers…! You were spying for these rebels?!
: Please, enough of this tantrum. You’re the leader of Logos, are you not?
: And you’ve done an admirable job, exhausting Orb and causing severe damage to the Plants.
: You…you let us be just to use us?!
: Indeed. Olba and I were sent over to keep you moving according to plan.
: You’re the remnants of that deceptive Sage Council; your crimes demanded you do at least that much as “atonement”.
: But fret not - I haven’t come here to eliminate you gentlemen. Why, depending on what you do now, I could have it in me to grant you a certain measure of status.
: What…?!
: I want you to continue leading your troops against and suppress the Aprillius Allied Army.
: ...
: Dewey’s Ageha Project is estimated to cause extensive damage to Earth itself. It could even render the planet uninhabitable.
: The Ageha Project demands that much sacrifice…?!
: But it also provides a fine opportunity to free those human souls bound by gravity.
: And that’s why you need to secure the Space Colonies?
: You’re a quick learner. Very good.
: We need to have both the Moon and the Colonies under our grasp as insurance against such an event.
: …Fine. If it’ll allow me to strike against Durandal and his Coordinators, I’ll endure the shame of capitulating to you.
: A wise decision. And it seems Durandal’s personally leading the troops headed towards the Moon.
: I’d like you and Col. Bask to take the fight to them.
: …As you wish. We were planning on doing so anyway.
: Victory will come quickly once Durandal’s defeated. Whatever troops remain will have no choice but to surrender face REQUIEM’s might.
: There’s still time before Zaft’s arrival. Sarah, please escort these two gentlemen back to their rooms.
: Certainly…this way, please.
: (Just you wait, Scirocco…after I’ve crushed the Plants and Axis, you’re next…)
t: (You’re making a big mistake if you think I’ll be saddled like Bloodman…!)

*Djibril and Bask leave.*

: …Fools. There’s no future for either of you.
: Very well done, sir.
: You as well, Shagia Frost. Now, what’s the status on your control over this facility and its generator?
: We managed to gain initial access using Tifa Adill, so it shouldn’t be long before we’ve full control.
: And REQUIEM will be capable of firing continuously once that’s achieved. Do so quickly.
: Understood.
: And what about your other mission, the investigation on the Black History?
: All that information is locked behind a seal we were unable to remove with just Tifa.
: So, indeed, we’ll require a Soreil – a descendant of D.O.M.E.’s creators...
: Then…?
: I believe society should be led by a woman from here on out.
: And now that we’re at risk of losing Earth, Diana Soreil would be the best suited person for the job.
: …
: I’ll see if I can’t invite her over in the interest of removing D.O.M.E.’s seal.
: Meanwhile, your mission is to get this facility fully under our control ASAP.
: Roger.
: (The arrogance of this self-proclaimed Newtype…it’s intolerable.)
: (Control yourself, Olba. Our revenge will begin soon enough.)
: (Yes…our revenge against the one who twisted our destiny, those who scorned us as failures and the world itself…)

Location: Shoal Zone

The ZEUTH pilots digest the reports about the REQUIEM attack and the fact that they were able to produce the energy required for such a high power beam tells Harry that they’ve managed to control D.O.M.E.
Witz is pissed as he said they wouldn’t be able to do that but quickly calms down as Garrod sulks – he figures they must’ve done something to Tifa in order to use the facility and Jamil already has a feeling that they used some mind control for it.
Toshiya then wants to get over to the moon right now, get Tifa back and trash REQUIEM but Duke reminds him that, not just Logos, the Skull Moon Alliance is also lying in wait over there, so they could blindside us if we just charged in without thinking.

Of course, Eiji protests that they could ready another REQUIEM shot if we give them the time and that’s why, Duke says, we’re going to first destroy the relay station that they used to guide the beam to its target. It’ll stop any further blasts on the Plants and Shinn’s already relieved.
That’s only a temporary solution, though, as Emma explains that the AEUG has discovered that there are several relay stations available – even if we destroy one, they need only reposition and make their beam make a few more “hops” before reaching its target again.
In the end, the only way to truly stop this is to destroy REQUIEM itself and this all needs to be wrapped up FAST: that aurora showing up in space indicates the growing distortion of the dimensional walls and the approach of the dimensional collapse.
Faye’s a bit daunted at the problems we need to fix but Alex is certain we’ll think of something, especially after beating the demons and the OverDevil. Touga agrees, as ZEUTH exists precisely to do this.

Elchi is a bit disappointed that the blackness of space isn't really black at the moment but she won’t return to Earth, determined to do her part as a Walker Machine pilot. Shinn’s a bit unsure if those are usable in space but Astonaige and Kid assured them that they'll only need a few mods and they’re already hard at work (slapping Thruster Modules on everything).
One might even imagine that this versatility was by design, the Innocent forecasting the day when they might have to head back into space. Indeed, Jiron's confident that they can operate anywhere, powered by their pilots’ guts.
Shinn doesn’t think machines work like that but, regardless, Elchi says she’s not here solely as a pilot: Arthur has ordered her to be his observer for whatever’s the truth behind the Black History…she says but Birin and Maria hadn’t heard anything about that and figured Elchi gave herself the job.
Maybe she just didn’t want to stay away from Jiron and he’s all for that idea. The Freeden’s Sara also joined us in here, determined to keep working side-by-side with Jamil.
Jamil merely thanks her for the help and, nearby, Enil sees that those two are moving nowhere fast – Roybea’s relieved to see that, of course. He doesn’t come clean when asked but, inwardly, Kei’s rooting for him.

: …
: Something wrong, Rey? The briefing for the relay station attack’ll be starting soon.
: Shinn, Lunamaria…you two will also need to steel yourselves soon.
: “Steel ourselves”?
: Now that the main Zaft army’s on the move, it’s certain they’ll be recalling us.
: Then, we’ll…
: ZEUTH’s already stopped cooperating with Zaft. It won’t be long before we have to go our separate ways.
.png[/img]: That’s…
: Don’t forget, Shinn: we’re soldiers of Zaft.
: …I know…

Chapter 51 – Separation

Henken's AEUG forces are getting smacked around pretty bad, though he tells his men to hold on for just a bit more – Gady, the Alexandria’s captain, sees that the AEUG’s strength has diminished much after breaking their alliance with Zaft.
Yazan sniffs that this is a total waste of his new Hambrabi, earning him a reprimand from Reccoa for not taking their mission to defend the station seriously. Ramsus tells her she's not in any position to talk after Scirocco gave her a new mech as well, and Dunkel figures she’s just worried for her ex AEUG friends.
Reccoa doesn’t appreciate their sass but Jerid tells them to cut the chatter as more units are incoming. Is it Zaft or the Archangel, Yazan wonders…

No, it’s ZEUTH and we’re just who Henken was waiting for (Yazan’s giddy to see us up in space at last). The Zeta’s been equipped with some new gadgets and Kamille tells Fa that the unit’s running fine.
Emma’s worried about Henken but he’s still in one piece, his job merely being t o distract the enemy – now that that’s done, Bright requests he pull back with his men and he does so.

We finally get a good look at the relay station and wrecking it is going to be the opening act for our lunar operations but that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy: Tetsuya sees a large number of troops up ahead and, more importantly, those aren’t Logos units. Amuro wonders if the Federation Army took Logos in while we weren’t looking.

Garrod tells them to think about it later as they’re still defending the station which means they gotta go. Reccoa’s finally facing against ZEUTH in the battlefield and it doesn’t take long for Kamille’s Newtype powers to start flaring up.
He chalks it up as a headache but Quattro knows what’s up: “He felt it, too…? This sensation…she’s in that group.”, he thinks. The Titans are moving in and Jerid, as always, is very happy to have another chance of settling the score with us.
Shinn’s also deep in thought but doesn’t answer when Kamille asks if something’s wrong. Lunamaria quickly tells him he can’t worry about that right now and Rey adds that they need focus on destroying the station right now lest it endanger the Plants again.
The best Shinn can do is just snap an approval.

This is a straightforward stage, there are enemies. We have to defeat them, in six turns if we want the Battle Mastery.

Turn 1

Gainer, Duke, Jiron, and Tetsuya head down this way.

Everybody else begins moving forward!

Hitting that Gaplant got Pala to Level 7 Prevail.

Then Setsuko blows this squad up.

Double crit to take this one out.

Shinn's turn.

And then he just barely survives.

Everybody's moved, so it's time to end the turn.

Turn 2

Team Corner moves forward a bit too.

This levels Gainer up and he picks up his final Spirit Command.[/i]

* Courage(65) - Casts Accel, Valor, Invincible, Strike, Spirit, and Fury.

So, I don't really see much point for this. King Gainer's Overheat Ignores Size and isn't an ALL anyways. And he has Soul. This final command is basically there as a reference to King Gainer Over.

Kei, Olson, and Atena are another trio of characters with special lines in their Tri-Attack.

Moving the Battleships and Shinn's SEED triggers.
I can't beleive I haven't gotten a video of this yet.

Big O's PLA attack actually kind of sucks, leaving the job to be left for Amuro.

I then halve these two ships HP.

Go Marin!

On that note, time to end the turn.

Getter Dragon being sniped by enemies is an annoyingly recurring theme.

Turn 3

Now then, to handle this.

SECRET ALERT: Have either Kamille, Emma, Fa, or Quattro fight Reccoa. Then have either Kamille or Fa Convince Reccoa.

: Reccoa…! That's you in that Mobile Suit, right?
: So you noticed me, Kamille.
: Ms. Reccoa…!
: We thought we'd lost you at Gibraltar! Why are you with the Titans?!
: Now's not the time to tell that story...
: But here's what I can tell you: I did not belong in ZEUTH!
: But you belong in the Titans?!
: Not with the Titans – with him!
: “Him”? You mean… Paptimus Scirocco?!
: Back off, Kamille…! She’s our enemy now!
: !
: Lt. Quattro! Reccoa left precisely because you—
: Forget it, Kamille! He’s right – I’m your enemy!
: And I'll fight you if the man who needs me wants me to!
: That's... that's ridiculous!

Time to use the power of words!

: Stand down, Reccoa! Why do we have to fight?!
: You wouldn't understand... a man would never understand!
: You think you're going to convince me like that?!
: I don’t need comprehension from an enemy like you!
: Reccoa Londe! You’re really been taken in by Scirocco?!

And here's Fa's version.

: Ms. Reccoa, why are you doing this?!
: You’ve grown strong, Fa. You should understand what I'm fighting for.
: There's someone you love in the Titans?!
: He... Scirocco makes me feel needed...!
: He filled the void that I felt within me during my entire time on the Argama! He gave me a place to belong!
: You should understand, Fa! I'm a woman!
: Ms. Reccoa…

Gainer just missed him at a 96% Hit rate.

I have enough Luck casters that it's pretty easy now to use them for big units like these enemy batttleships, and thus I got an extra 5400 credits for each ship kill.

Thank you Luna.

Jun gets another level of Prevail out of it.

And so Dizer Full Power starts.

With that, the annoying barriers are gone!

Go Kouji!

Good job there Joesph, Katz.[/i]

Pala detects more Mobile Suits coming over but it’s not Fed reinforcements – it’s a bunch of Space Revolutionaries. Bright wonders if they’re here to destroy the station as well but Lancerow gives the order and they start shooting everyone.
Talia contacts them and asks them to stop firing as we’re after the same thing here. He answers back, IDing himself as Lancerow Dawell and that immediately startles Jamil.
When Garrod asks, he says it’s someone whom he fought against several times in the way 15 years ago – in other words, it’s Jamil’s old rival. Lancerow tells Talia that ZEUTH is on his target list as well, and advises her to get lost if she doesn't want to get fired upon herself.
Shinn asks what part of “we’re here to destroy the station, too” he doesn’t understand but Quattro sees that the guy’s sticking to his orders, so trying to argue with him won’t do anything. Lancerow knows both Zaidel and Durandal regard ZEUTH as dangerous, and figures they're trying to take us out before we become too much of a problem.
It looks to be another pincer attack that ZEUTH can't elude but something ELSE is coming over right now.

: Look, Darling! It’s the Archangel!
: So they also came to space…
: Allies of ZEUTH, we’ll support you.
: That’s…!
: The real Lacus Clyne…right?
: Are you trying to pay us back for Orb?
: No, we’re here to fight and sever the roots of war from this world.
: You’re after the same thing, so we want to help.
: That’s some fine talk after everything you’ve done…! Do you have any idea of how much harm your selfish antics caused?!
: …
: We’re not saying that it’s all your fault… but we still can’t just go “OK!” and forget about everything.
: …
: We don’t need help from you people! Get out of our face!
: The Argama and Minerva crew are really mad…
: Yeah, at the Archangel and, especially, the Freedom guy.
: I heard both ships suffered some not-insignificant adversity thanks to them.
: Everyone, listen to us! Kira and the others are--!
: Athrun Zala…! Is your fault that Meyrin--!
: Stop, sis!
: Meyrin! You’re on the Eternal?!
: I am! There’s no need for us to fight each other!
: …All units, cooperate with the Orb troops and intercept the Federation and Revolutionary forces.
: Lt. Quattro…!
: We’re going to need them if we’re going to make it through this. (Brunom says: We absolutely do NOT! Renton’s right there! Doc Replies: Ah but I didn't deploy Renton. :smug)
: That said, their goals are still uncertain so don’t let your guard down.
: You…
: There isn’t anything we can do if you choose to think of us that way.
: That said, we cannot simply sit and watch from the sidelines as war spreads throughout the world…!
: We’re here, along with Cagalli’s ideals, in order to put a stop to that.
: Athrun…
: Let’s go, Kira…! Even if they don’t believe us, we’ll go on with our struggles!
: …
: Shinn…
: Don’t worry about them right now, Shinn. Just focus on the enemy in front.
: (I don’t know…what am I supposed to do…?!)

So, Player and enemy reinforcements! Boy it's a good thing I decided to send out a small group to the lower part of the map huh?

Oh yeah, Meyrin is now a subpilot for the Eternal. Kind of pointless, as Lacus and Waltfeld already give it everything it needs. Oh yeah, she learned Guard(35) between leaving and coming back.

And Lacus is hilariously loaded with support Spirits. Bless(60), Cheer(40), Mercy(10), Daunt(40) and freaking
Wish(65) Heck, she's too loaded. There's little reason to cast Bless or Cheer when it's more economical to use Wish. Would have been better to make Cheer cheaper, take off Bless, and give her some defensive Spirit Command or maybe Strike.

I have to be careful with the Eternal. It's unupgraded and fairly fragile for a Battleship, and it's dropped right where it's tempting to throw it at swarms of enemies. This will lead to a game over.

So Kira and Lacus aren't jumping into that mess quite yet.

And so I end my turn.

Kamille blowing up a squaddie gets Roybea Valor(40)

: I've got you in my sights, Kamille!
: Jerid! Have the Titans sunk to using weapons of mass destruction?!
: The war's up to Scirocco! All that's on my mind is getting through you and moving on!
: Don't you see what's going on?! Well, I'm not about to give a boost to a pathetic man like you!

: Lt. Quattro! If I take you out, the AEUG's power will collapse!
: Is that what you want? Or what the man controlling you wants?
: And what's wrong with fighting for someone else's goals?!
: It'll lead you to your death.
: That's the last thing I want to hear from a man who could only see soldiers instead of people, Char Aznable!

That fight triggered the Psycho-Frame.

: Jerid told me about you, kid! So you're Kamille Bidan?
: I know him... we had to fight him near Gibraltar!
: You're my best target yet! You'd be wasted on a numbskull like Jerid!
: You’re just another idiot waging war for yourself!
: So the Titans have lost all their principles and goals, and now they're just a pack of warmongers?!
Seriously this video, I'm amazed Kamille survived. And this was at 22% hit rate too. And this isn't the first time Yazan's laughed at my dodge chances, the past times Kamille didn't make it.

On that miraculous note, I'll have the second half Monday!